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on November 9, 2014
Not sure if my unit was defective or I was expecting too much out of this radio. I fully understand what people are talking about the actual range this radio operates in different conditions/terrains. My issue was with its inconsistency in performance. From the same point to point locations where I tested it, sometimes it worked good and other times not at all. Worst case scenario that I experienced was a line of sight with varied distances. Occasionally the radio wouldn't receive any communications until multiple attempts. It is simply not reliable.

I think the radio hits a right price point with good features (flashlight, AA battery option, and NOAA emergency channels) but due to its inconsistent performance I had to return it. Since it was not shipped directly from Amazon, I had to pay the return shipping fee myself and possibly restocking fee as well. I should probably be more careful when I order from Amazon next time.
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on August 19, 2014
I bought a set of these some years ago, and have been quite happy with them. As most people will tell you- they're not going to get anywhere near 27 miles unless you're out in the middle of the salt flats or something. We're lucky to get maybe 1/4 mile in our home area. I can't really fault the product, though, since I knew the limitations going in. The ONLY problem I've had is that one of the belt clips broke, but that's not a big deal for me (plus you can buy packs of them easily, though they're not Moto-branded.)
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on April 28, 2017
These worked out great, we used them to caravan our cars to the Lonestar Roundup Car show in Austin, Texas. Battery life is great on these, the best part are the privacy codes and volume knob. Being able to actually "turn" these on and off is great, instead of having to push button on/off.
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on July 29, 2017
Easy to use. I got one set it was defective. I received a replacement and second one got messed up as well. Poor quality. Don't be fooled Wittgenstein 27 miles range. This is if both people are at the top of two mountains with not obstacles in between. I could hardly get connection over 1 mile away. Very disappointed.
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on September 15, 2014
This must be my 5th pair of Motorola Talk-Abouts. I've had them since the 90's.
Eventually, either from, continuous use, being dropped or from taking on too much dirt or dust -
they become intermittent and need replacing.

This pair works as described. I don't need it for great distances and can't speak to
how far a range it will work. But, I can say that for my work purposes they are perfect.
Speaking from one building to another within a half mile range has presented no problems.
(Like with any transmissions - it also depends on how much brick and steel are between you and the other radio)

With a good transmission the mic and speaker are very clear without distortion.

The only problem I've had with the Motorolas in the past has been - because we wear them
on a lanyard was we are working - the top rotary knob that controls the volume, rolls against
your body as you work and inadvertently turn the volume down. We've had to put tape on the
knob in the past to keep it from turning. This model allows you to set a volume level in the menu
and avoid that situation.

I use them with batteries that work provide most of the time - but I do like the rechargeable batteries
that are provided for when I use them for family trips and such. Both work as well as the other.
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on May 18, 2016
We bought these Oct. 2015 as replacements for our old Moto wakies. Only used them, or tried to, once before winter set in. (We only use them when pulling the Airstream.) They only worked from time to time. The Push-To-Talk button is not particularly intuitive, but you can get used to it. Come to find out, one of the units was defective. Upon calling Moto Customer Support we got good help, and a promise of repair or replacement when we sent them in. The replacement pair arrived today. They are a different model, an upgrade to the T400 series at no charge. Other than the inability to charge the T400s in a cradle, it appears we are good to go. Time will tell.
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on January 9, 2014
I've had a few different pairs of two way radios, and these are among the nicer ones I've had. Granted, I don't pay hundreds for them - I don't need anything that good, but for under $50, I don't see how you'll do much better. Now of course, the "27-mile" thing is complete crap. Through solid thick woods, you'll get about a mile of good communication. The more open space you have, the farther that range increases. Seems solidly built, and i've found the battery life is pretty good, decent features, volume is good and sound is pretty clear. and The weather alert feature is also kinda neat. Also have a little flashlight on them. Just be careful to keep the red talk button fully / firmly pressed down while speaking. It can be kind of easy to unknowingly let up on the talk button too much and interupt your message without really realizing it (my kids tend to do that) but it's fine if you're paying attention). For $40, I like these.
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on September 30, 2014
These walkie talkies are great! I had mixed feelings about ordering them because of the negative reviews but I'm glad I gave them chance. I moved from Virginia 7 hours away and we took two cars up to West Virginia. Instead of constantly calling my family in the other car on cells phones, I wanted something simple, especially since we went through a lot of mountains and sometimes cell reception was horrible. These walkie talkies were great the entire time, some people complained about the mile radius not being good but I didn't experience any problems, my family was lost and we were separated by at least 5 miles through moderate traffic and we were able to communicate through the walkie talkie with no problem.

Like I said we were going 7 hours away but the trip actually took about 9 hours because we stopped a few times. The battery lasted the entire time, once we reached our destination we still had one bar left, and we used it constantly throughout the trip. If you need these for traveling purposes I would definitely recommend!
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on November 8, 2013
This is a very good walkie talkie. Despite some lesser review, most are not product issue but lack of knowledge. All two way radios will have channels of 15 GMRS and 7 FRS, GMRS will require FCC license but for kids playing I have not had radio cop coming after me. Even with 7 FRS channels with 121 privacy code this gives you 847 combination and with limited users I have not had any issues in past 20 years. Yes, 27 mile range is bit misleading as that is max it can put out on a flat surface with nothing blocking. Expect 2 miles - 4 miles on flat forest and 1 mile in city. This doesn't have separate Weather channel but using + button to scan weather channel and it works great, plus emergency flash light works well and passable. it will serve group operating near camp ground, theme park, cruise boats, etc. If you are trakking in many different area then you will need to get a professional grade using GMRS that can get truly over 10 miles but then you will cough over $200 for a pair.
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on May 19, 2013
Our organization purchased these radios for our annual fundraiser. We had attractions scattered throughout our park and needed the radios to coordinate parking, traffic flow and cash needs, etc. All are within a mile of each other, but are on uneven terrain with woodlots and buildings in between.

Pros: The radios worked very well for our use. The directions were fairly clear although hard to find where to 'start' with programing. They were easy to set up and easy for a mixed group of people of limited competence in technology to use.

The attraction that was to be the farthest away had to cancel so range wasn't really tested, but the radios sent and received good signals even from inside the main building to outside. Depending on where one was inside the building, the transmission might be a bit garbled, but if the person spoke slowly, they could be understood.
We used half with rechargeable batteries and half with AAs and both worked well for the entire 4 hours of the event.

Cons: The little rubber cover to the mini USB port does not fit properly and often dangled below it with a tendency to catch on things. I suspect it will accidentally be broken or ripped out sooner or later. The current manual implies that all users must get an FCC license. It should be made clear in the directions that for UHF radios of less than 3 watts, it is NOT necessary to get license.

These radios met our expectations and we would recommend them for any use that did not spread them too far apart.
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