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on February 10, 2014
Why do I like these?

- Under $50
- Motorola quality -My first FRS radios were from 15 years ago - Motorola Talkabouts and they were still working until just last year when I dropped one over 7 feet to a concrete floor. Even then, I think the radio was still working... I just figured it was time for one that wasn't cracked wide open. The other one is probably still working... I loaned it to someone and forgot to get it back before moving.
- Rechargeable battery - Nice feature. It comes w/ the battery.
- Recharging stand included - It's nice to be able to drop the radio into the charger in the garage and not have to keep up with a power brick and cord
- You can listen to the radio while it is charging, a base-station mode for the home radio and perhaps leave it on for NOAA alerts when necessary.
- AA battery capabilities - You forgot the charger? You ran out of charge mid-day on a road trip? 3 AA batteries to the rescue! (You do carry a pack of AA batteries and a AA flashlight in your car's emergency kit, right? )
- Mini-USB charging? Really? You forgot the charger and your AA batteries? Use your cell phone charger to power these suckers up! Want a radio at work? Just get an extra USB cable and keep it charged while plugged into your computer. Basically, this is one less power brick and dedicated connector to remember! More electronics should use a standard like this.
NOAA weather radio built in. - You can even turn on weather alerts, so that when you have a tornado alert broadcast by NOAA, the radio will tell you (like the last time I went camping and a tornado went by 1 mile away) if you have it turned on.
plug for an external microphone and/or earpiece so you can still hear the radio w/ the top down or the windows open in the car
- All of the FRS / GMRS channels and tons of sub-channels
- 27 mile rated range... which really means 1-1.5 miles on the road, car to car, but that's plenty of power for average use.
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on April 27, 2010
We live on 23 acres and use these almost every day to stay in touch while I am in the barn, hills etc. They work fine from inside a metal building to inside the house about 500 feet away. Actually they work from anywhere on the property. I tried them from down the road about 1/2 mile away, on the other side of a hill. Could hear the paging sound but we could not understand each other. I like the LED light, it is actually bright enough to be useful at night. Battery life is good, an over night charge lasts all day and then some.
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on September 21, 2013
Bought this mainly for vacations and brought it to Bangkok recently, reception was crystal over 2km in a highly built up area, in fact, I was in a mall while my wife was traveling in their BTS train 3 stations away.

Did lots of research before deciding on this, here are the deciding factors:
1. Ergonomic design fits well in hands and pockets
2. Backlit display and LED flashlight for night time
3. Hands free operation for driving or other activities
4. Large buttons operable by gloved hands
5. FRS/GMRS with privacy codes
6. Rechargeable batteries with desktop charger and option to use AAs
7. Range - while not expecting exactly 27miles, reviews said it could manage at least 2miles which was good enough for me
8. The Motorola brand,
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on September 27, 2016
I purchased these 2 way radios to use on my VERY hilly property and get great reception from everywhere on it, we were even able to communicate miles and miles down the road ( just to test how far we could go,with no issue but a slightly harder to hear voice), not sure why any other reviewers have had any issues with being in range and getting reception (their current location at the time possibly?) I Really love that it has a flashlight button because there have been quite a few times I was fumbling around looking for something small and there is was-on my side ready to use , I also really like that you don't have to completely detatch the clip from you side when you want to talk,you just press down on a release button and the radio is able to be pulled right off,then when you're done you can click it right back on without having to re-attach things constantly-or end up leaving it laying around somewhere.Motorola is known to be one of the best brands in 2 way radios and I can see why,they are just quality.& The option to recharge or use normal batteries(in an emergency)is a huge plus.All in all I am very please with my purchase and would highly recommend.
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on April 24, 2015
I don't know if I have a defective unit, or this is how they are:

Several time the power has gone down to about 75% according to the graph, and they are about worthless. Once I left them on overnight and they couldn't pick each other up the next day. The battery graph showed ~75%.
The next time I left them off the charger for quite a while and the reception was pretty "iffy" Also the battery graph showed ~75%.
When they work, they work great.

Update: I must have received one w/ a bad battery. Now, I use my rechargeable AA batteries and they work great.
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on March 24, 2013
I use these professionally (managing track and field meets). I also use them with my son when skiing. Playing around, I've gotten about 1.5 miles range (in town). They're durable and easy to use. Snow-proof so far. I like the flashlight feature. Battery life (using the rechargeable batteries) is not great - use disposable AA's for extended adventure. I've used Motorola's for years when rock climbing. Somehow my son broke one of the belt strap connectors right away. I guess the clip is not that durable, but somehow I remember having the same plastic clip hold one on my climbing rack for countless climbs (banging away on rock and ice). Still, I threaded a cord through a slot and it's bomber now.
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on April 23, 2015
Have a set of four of these. I bought the aftermarket higher rated Mah batteries for longer run times. They last for several days on the aftermarket batteries which are compatible with the base charger. The OE rechargeable batteries only have a about a 3 to 6 hour run time. These radios have great range and reception. I have used these in highway convoys for group travel. Used in conference and events settings in towns and areas ranging from 2 thru 10 mile in distances with great reception. Have not tested the 27 mile distance yet, but anyone familiar with radio communications, knows that is a clear "Line Of Sight" no obstacles rating. I have always done well to double, triple totally exceed the radio's range rating from my actual operational needs. Example: if you need to talk to someone within a 5 mile radius, then buy 10 or 15 mile minimum rated radio. The greater the mileage rating just means there is a little more power output on the transmitter side to push the signal a little further. The stronger the better. I have found that these radios have enough push to bounce through some single window metal buildings, and still talk a couple miles away. Tough radios. The led pen light feature is great for fumbling of signaling in dark areas, and the Mini USB port on the bottom can accommodate car, wall or a reserve power-pack charger while the radio is in use, for long term reliable power and constant run time.
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on November 9, 2014
Not sure if my unit was defective or I was expecting too much out of this radio. I fully understand what people are talking about the actual range this radio operates in different conditions/terrains. My issue was with its inconsistency in performance. From the same point to point locations where I tested it, sometimes it worked good and other times not at all. Worst case scenario that I experienced was a line of sight with varied distances. Occasionally the radio wouldn't receive any communications until multiple attempts. It is simply not reliable.

I think the radio hits a right price point with good features (flashlight, AA battery option, and NOAA emergency channels) but due to its inconsistent performance I had to return it. Since it was not shipped directly from Amazon, I had to pay the return shipping fee myself and possibly restocking fee as well. I should probably be more careful when I order from Amazon next time.
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on August 19, 2014
I bought a set of these some years ago, and have been quite happy with them. As most people will tell you- they're not going to get anywhere near 27 miles unless you're out in the middle of the salt flats or something. We're lucky to get maybe 1/4 mile in our home area. I can't really fault the product, though, since I knew the limitations going in. The ONLY problem I've had is that one of the belt clips broke, but that's not a big deal for me (plus you can buy packs of them easily, though they're not Moto-branded.)
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on April 28, 2017
These worked out great, we used them to caravan our cars to the Lonestar Roundup Car show in Austin, Texas. Battery life is great on these, the best part are the privacy codes and volume knob. Being able to actually "turn" these on and off is great, instead of having to push button on/off.
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