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on March 24, 2014
This was a replacement for one I had ruined. Or so I thought. Had soaked my original one in milk, cleaned it out but no go. So I ordered this second one. I really like this phone. For the price, it does more than what I need, is inexpensive and allows me to NOT sign a two year contract. I pay a third of what my apple loving friends pay and see no benefit to having their phones.The few apps I really need are much better for this phone and are free at that and in fact, those high priced phones and contracts are a definite drawback in my mind, I will explain in a minute.

As for durability? Let's look at the one I soaked in a bag of milk. I had opened it up, washed it out, sprayed it with contact cleaner and dried it. No go,,, dead, so I bought the new one. Lo and behold, a week later, I kept hearing a chirping and wondering where the hell it was coming from. Traced the noise to the counter where the original phone had been tossed and sure enough, there it was, telling me the battery was low. I charged it, popped the sim back in and voila, it works. So to say I am impressed with this phone is an understatement. Now of course all the techie snobs will tell you to buy the latest, greatest (and super expensive) phone and sign up for one of those outrageously priced two year super contracts. But if you want a dependable, inexpensive, no contract phone, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this one.

I mentioned above there is a big advantage to this phone and a month by month plan. Consider the original phone was only three weeks old when I thought I had ruined it. Financially, I was only out the $200 cost of the phone as there was no contract to fulfill. Now consider the superphone you get for "free" with it's two year contract that goes with it. If you ruined that one after three weeks you would have had to shell out another $500-800 to purchase another phone or be left paying the remaining 21 months left on the contract with no phone to use. Or you could pay the exorbitant early termination fee. Maybe you paid extra for a "warranty" against such accidents as I had? That's probably costing you as much as the Motorolla G over the life of your contract. No matter what choices you made, or how you do the math, you would pay far, far more for a "free" phone and contract over this phone and a month to month account. Your choice. Join the mass of sheep and pay through the nose or follow the path less travelled. Techie snobs need not apply (or reply)

As a followup, I just switched carriers after four months, no early termination fees, and saved another $15/month, unlimited text, data, calling. Again no contract.
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on December 27, 2013
great voice
great screen
great speed using apps
great battery usage time
gorilla glass
global use
99% pure andoid experience
$200 price tag
TMobile installed a new sim for free - it took 2 minutes.

7 mbps 3G versus 21 mbps LTE *yawn* - this could be slower (2G) in some TMo markets
2.4 GHz wifi only - no 5GHz *yawn*

note: buy a decent case - the plastic back needs love in case of a drop. It upgraded to KitKat 4.4.2 within minutes of turning it on.
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on July 15, 2015
I had the Moto G 1st Gen 16gb for almost two years now. I bought it when it was a deal at (2 years is probably a long time for a phone already, but I'm not a person that like to upgrade my techs as it roll out.) In the recent months it started failing on me.
Let me start with the Pros:
- I'm a heavy gamer (Candy Crush, Simpsons Tapped Out, Flintstones Bring Back Bedrock etc.) I have about 45 game apps, runs smoothly multi-tasking.
- Mediocre camera; takes a while to snap a picture and save it. Make sure you hold still for 3-5 seconds before moving.
- Disabled a lot of their bloatware to save space. With about 100 apps installed, I still have roughly 7gb of free space left.
- Have not experienced any problem with phone calls. It's clear. The speaker/volume are great.
- The keyboard for texting, most of the time it will load up perfectly when it detect I need to type. On rare occasions the keyboard wouldn't pop-up automatically, but it's ok, I just close the app and do it again.

- Before I bought the wall charger I thought the phone 'died' when the battery drained out and wouldn't charge up again when I charge through the USB that came with the phone. Learned that I need a higher volt power output to get it working. Fixed that.
- After a year and a half, things start falling apart. It soft-bricked on me 3x. Searched the solution, tried to fix it. It worked again, but the problem continued to occur.
- Until yesterday it died again. This time it's not soft-bricked, so I can't just factory reset it using the power & volume button. Usually when the battery drained and you press the power button the LED light would flash 3x to let you know it's out of battery. Now I only get 1 flash when I plug it in the wall charger. It's a sign telling me it detected that it is plugged in the USB. I let it sit for a while, but noticed nothing happened. It doesn't charge anymore. Found a video online, about removing the mounted battery and charging the device, but I have yet to try the method. For now, I don't have the equipment to unscrew the battery cover. Will update when I try this method.
- If you are going to buy this, just make sure you never let the battery drain. It usually goes down to 14% and give a warning. I assume there are still 14% left, but it really means it will die in 1-5 minutes depending on what app I'm using.

I know it had been through a lot. Having used it for over 1.5 years, maybe it's time for me to get a new one, but I won't purchase Motorola again. The phone is great if you use it for simple things and not a heavy gamer.
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on April 25, 2014
I bought the 16GB Global Unlocked Moto G about four months ago ($200 from Amazon). So far, I really like this phone -- if it dies tomorrow, I will order another one. Here's why.

First, it is a completely clean Android phone. No extra shells, no goofy interfaces, just plain Android. The Google Play store has apps for everything I need, or want. And every app I have tried works. (Disclaimer -- I don't use/buy/have a ton of apps, but have yet to find one that did not work.) I like the flexibility of the Android OS, compared to Apple iOS (my previous phone was an iPhone 4s, which served me well.)

Second, the phone is totally "factory" unlocked. This allows me to choose the carrier that I want, without contract, and change when I want. In the US, I use ATT; since the phone is unlocked, there is no contract required. And it is global -- I recently took it with me to Europe (Netherlands, Italy, and Austria.) In Austria, for example, I stopped at a small bookstore. For 10 euros ($14) I could buy a SIM card with 1GB data, 1000 minutes, 1000 texts, good for 30 days. After installing the SIM and activating it online, the phone came up and worked perfectly. This flexibility is great, and saves a lot of money compared to using a US carrier's global services.

Physically, it is nice and solid. I like the size -- fits in most pockets, but the display is significantly bigger than the iPhone 4s. The display is very, very sharp. I can read it in sunlight when needed -- and the colors are true and bright. The case is smooth, almost slick, so I added a plastic/rubber case after a week. The buttons are small, but nicely placed. Battery life is as good as the iPhone 4s was. I have no complaints about the camera, but I do carry a small digital camera when I know I will be taking a lot of pictures.

The only downside is that there is nothing quite like iTunes available for Android, and it took a lot for me to adapt.

Thanks for reading! Again, I really like this phone!
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on January 7, 2015
Got this for my wife along with Otterbox commuter case. She loves the phone and its features. It has most of the capability of a $600-$800 smartphone for only $180. Whats not to like about that? The mostly pure Android OS is nicer than all the bloatware the other more expensive phones are larded up with too. Dual sim, replaceable battery, 5 inch screen would make it even better and I would be willing to pay more for those.
One big attraction for this model was the 16GB internal storage. Many of these low budget smartphone makers are paring it down to 8GB which leaves only 5GB available after the space taken by the OS. Some of them further handicapp you by splitting that 5GB into phone storage and internal storage of which only 1 or 2 GB is actually available to put apps, music, photos, data etc. Yes, some of these phones have an SD card slot but newer versions of Android block you from putting many of these on the card. The phone makers appear to be clueless about this. The 16GB in this phone should be enough for more basic users who are the most likely buyers of this kind of budget device. Overall, we are pretty pleased.
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on December 27, 2013
As other reviewers have noted, this phone is very good and a great buy. Have been using the global GSM version on T-Mobile in Washington, DC, and 3G speeds are very good (8+ Mbps down, 2.4 up; the area has been refarmed to 1900).

Compared it to a Moto X for a few days. It's not exactly a fair comparison given the large price difference, but thought it might be helpful to some. The Moto X is a bit faster when browsing and scrolling--it's noticeable. What is more noticeable is that the Moto X's display has better contrast--whites are much whiter and blacks are blacker. That said, the Moto G's display is sharp and doesn't look bad, except when compared to a top-end phone. I found the Moto G easier to use one-handed b/c of the slightly smaller screen, and more comfortable to hold, because of slightly greater thickness around the edges. Returned the Moto X and kept the Moto G.

I had a curious problem after the Kit Kat update: the icon for answering calls didn't display when a call came in, making it impossible to answer calls! Called Motorola Customer Care, who tried everything. In the end, a factory reset did the trick. Apparently, some part of Kit Kat did not install properly the first time around.

All in all, I am very happy with the phone.
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on February 15, 2014
I read and watched a lot of reviews of this little device and they encouraged me to buy it. When I received the Moto G I instantly got kitkat upgrade. I rooted and freezed some apps and processes and is smoother than butter, no lags or stutters whatsoever. It's even smoother than my previous galaxy s4 (broke it's display and couldn't afford another one)

Awesome 5 MPX camera with HDR mode plus a front facing camera for video calls.

Stylish design, not the usual boring brick. plus you can change the back color.

the Snapdragon 400 processor and Adreno 305 graphics chip run every game I throw at them. Asphalt 8, Minion Rush, GT Racing 2, FIFA 14, all of them run super smooth and with great graphics. They can also handle 10 bit encoded 720p videos with stylished fonts with MX Player.

2 years of free 65 GB cloud storage.

Gorgeous 720p HD screen protected by Gorilla Glass 3, you cant see pixels, has almost perfect RGB gammit, meaning it has very accurate color reproduction. it has a great touch sensitivity too. Oh and the display technology is not TFT as Amazon states, it's IPS which is even better!

The battery is phenomenal. I've got up to 6 hours of screen time! You can easily get one or two days of battery before running out of juice if you don't have your phone stuck to your face all day like me.

The speakers (both back and call speakers)are extremely loud and have very clear sound.

It has USB OTG. I can connect my Moto G to my Pendrive and micro sd card with a USB OTG adapter, I can even use a keyboard and mouse!

The nano coating on its internal chips repel water if your Moto G happens to get wet. Rain, your drink spilled on it, dropped it in the toilet? no problem!
DISCLAIMER: It's not waterproof, just plash resistant so don't do anything stupid like sinking it in your bathtub or recording video in a pool. If you want a water resistant phone, go and buy a Xperia Z1.

It has everything I want on a smartphone for under 200 bucks! It's a phone without compromises whatsoever. If you're thinking of buying it, don't. just BUY IT ALREADY

Since this device don't support micro SD slot don't bother buying the 8 GB model, it only has 5 GB free for you to use. Spend the extra 20 bucks and get the 16 GB model which has 13 GB of usable storage.
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on August 11, 2015
I had a Samsung Galaxy S4 that I had so many issues with batteries needing to be replaced and freezing screens to poor battery life that I needed to get rid of the phone ASAP. I went on the Motorola website and did lengthy reviews on you tube researching battery life, durability, etc. That I was sold. Right off the bat the phone feels way more durable and Premium compared to some flagship phones out there. The screen size is excellent. I can go a FULL DAY without charging. The other day I didn't charge it at night and still had 30% battery life when I woke up the next day. The phone is fast, responsive and I get a better signal with WiFi than on my S4. I love the interchangeable back covers and the sound is excellent with my headphones and the Bluetooth works impeccably in my car. I also travel to New Zealand and Australia to visit family so the convenience of having an unlocked phone is an amazing thing to have. I use Straight Talk in Hawaii and the phone signals are outstanding. Get this phone!
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on July 16, 2014
This is a very good smartphone. The operating system is set up a bit differently from the Samsung Galaxy, so it took a while for me to get used to the selection buttons and settings. My Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone charger (output 5 volts and 2 amps) worked very well charging the non-removable battery. In fact, my Kindle charger would have worked as well. My Galaxy S4 Mini headset worked fine with the Moto G. My Note II headset probably would work as well. I mention these items because the Moto G only comes with a USB cable; no charger/converter and no headset which was not a problem for me.

I really appreciated the way Amazon packaged this order with another order in a very compact recyclable package and shipped it by U.S. Postal Service. I wish more sellers would stop using UPS because of their very erratic delivery times for my street.

Update: I have used the Moto G 16 GB GSM smartphone for about a month, and I much prefer it to the Samsung S4 Mini GSM smartphone that I bought a month earlier. The Moto G is much better in all aspects to the Samsung S4 Mini, and is a lot cheaper. I wish Google would have been more patient with the slow Motorola smartphone sales in the US market when they were first introduced the product. I would certainly purchase another Motorola smartphone in the future. The non-removable battery in the Moto G performs well. You just need to shut off the battery killers like Google sync and automatic app updates to extend the time between battery charging.
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on July 2, 2015
This was a great phone, for about 6 months. I have had this phone for about a year, and it has fulfilled all my needs. But after I had had it for a short time, it started lagging. A couple times, it just froze. (when it does this, just hold down the power and volume down buttons for about 10-20 seconds. it resets it.) The fact that I had to start to reset it at least once a week, however, started getting really frustrating. Don't get me wrong, it has all the necessities. The camera is decent, it can call, text, and go on the internet. But here are these little things about it that get really annoying. It heats up super easily. even without the case, it gets so hot I could burn my hand. It takes forever to turn on. Sometimes it starts lagging, so i have to turn it off or reset it and it takes 5 minutes, more or less, to turn back on. Sometimes the battery just runs out. It can be on 90%, and then when I check it an hour later, it's completely dead. There are times when it takes forever to send text messages. I text someone, and sometimes they don't get it until the next day. When you're in a group chat, sometimes you get these weird messages from individual members in the group that you have to download, except the people didn't send it to you, the phone itself did. This phone is great, for a short time. If you plan on having it for more than a year and you're a person that uses your phone constantly, I wouldn't reccomend it .
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