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on October 28, 2013
Ok, that headline above have you curious? It's like this folks, I was at a crossroads. On one hand I had a car stereo that was acting up and a bit outdated. On the other hand I needed to save money. So my choices were to buy this, or a new car stereo with BT.

My sister has one of these and she loves it. So it was on her experience that I decided to try this first.

First of all the unit is very small and compact. It fits onto your sun visor and you hardly notice it there. There are no cords or anything dangling in your way. When you first plug it in, it will talk you through the process of setting it up. Then the way this works is it listens for activity such as a door slam to decide if it is going to go active and connect. For example if I get into my van and slam the door, and then start the engine the unit hears the activity and connects. then it announces that it is connected and the remaining battery life. Then when I stop and get out of the van, and of course slam the door, it waits one minute. Then if no activity is detected, it disconnects from your cell. Now that door slam info is not published in the enclosed materials. I actually read that somewhere else and it does appear to be accurate.

Ok, I don't want to turn this into a lengthy review. So let me just say that making and receiving calls is very easy. The call quality seemed very good on both ends. You can listen to calls or music from your phone over either the built in speaker, or over your car's FM stereo. I thought the ability to connect my phones MP3 player wireless to my Van's FM stereo was one of the unit's best features. Don't get me wrong, the built in speaker works and sounds fine, it's just not on par with an auto sound system. You also get more volume with the car's stereo. battery life seems very good. My sister charges her unit only about once a month. It charges via a micro-USB so any charger will work.

The biggest annoyance of this thing is when you are working in and around your car, such as cleaning it or the kids are playing in it. you get this connecting and disconnecting tone depending on the noise level. It becomes bothersome after a while. But then I did the obvious thing...I switched it off. Just remember to switch it back on before you go for a drive

Well as I stated above, I decided to go with a new car stereo with built in BT calling and it is a choice I don't regret. I got many more features for roughly twice what this unit cost. The return process was very easy and Amazon was quick to refund my money (after deducting shipping cost) I enclosed a note to let them know this unit worked very good and it could be resold.

As an alternative to replacing your car stereo, I can highly recommend this. Like I said, my sister has one and she likes it a lot.
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on January 25, 2014
I like how this Bluetooth unit handles my hands free calls. People on the other end can hear me clearly, and I don't have to fiddle with it while driving. Nice.

There are some negatives. One of the keys does not have a good feel to it, it doesn't click well. Another problem is what I'll call connection confusion. It flawlessly handle the initial connection when you get into the car first thing in the morning. But say you go to McDonald's and you're fairly close to the car the whole time you're inside the building. Now you come out and get into the car and sometimes it connects right and sometimes it's wandered off into la la land and you have to turn it off and back on again, just to be sure you're really connected. Irritating.

Another thing. Say you've got some family phone numbers in your phone book. It may recognize one of them but not another, even though they both have very simple names. So my daughter calls and I can answer her quickly because it uses the short name for her. But my wife call and it has no clue so it rattles off the entire phone number, leaving me almost no time to tell it to pick up. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but this too is highly irritating.

Otherwise, I do like that it's effectively part of the car (visor mount) and I don't have to think about it or wear it. Unobtrusive works for me. I will no doubt stick with it until I learn of something better.
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on September 6, 2013
It feels so GOOD to be able to drive safely while communicating clearly on my Android smartphone. (Galaxy SII) Hav'nt tried texting yet but the main reason I purchased the Roadster (and two more for my daughter and son-in-law) was for safe driving and this unit satisfies that need IN SPADES! Easily one of the best purchases I have made in years. You simply cannot go wrong for the money with this device. I am somewhat perplexed with some of the negative reviews but I understand that some buyers may have different needs or criteria.

As for use in the real world, the Motorola Roadster utilizes noise cancelling technology (2 microphones) for its transmit function. The person on the other end of the phone conversation says the receive clarity is like a landline, perfect. As for the driver (me), the receive clarity is very, very good simply using the onboard 2" speaker in the unit itself. I like using the FM function to hear the other person on the car speakers sometimes but it is actually a little bit strange. What I mean is, although the clarity is incredible, it just seems weird to have someone talking to you from all around you (BOSE stereo system). To get an idea of what I mean, tune your Bose radio to a talk station and turn the volume up. Music is one thing, conversation with a person is another. It is novel for sure but I guess I'm set in my ways at this age (66)... Bottom line, I'm completely satisfied with the onboard speaker which is a little simpler to use because I don't need to "tune" the car radio to an unused frequency. I just leave it as is and use the steering wheel volume control to turn the radio down when I use the phone. I am definitely a happy camper with this unit in the car!!

PS. Yesterday evening I "demo'ed" the unit to one of my golfing buddies. He promptly used a smartphone and ordered two Roadsters for himself and his wife. Just sayin...
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on February 3, 2014
Needless to say this one comes in packed full of features. You can sync two phones at once which is a plus for me. There is an app you can load into your phone to brings out its full flavor of device. with the app, it will learn your contacts and state when they are calling. Otherwise, it will just call out the phone number calling. I haven't used the device for playing music on it though it does have buttons for it. People sound pretty clear on it during calls, though some words sound a bit high pitched regardless of who is calling.

I give this a 4 star due to its battery. If left ON at all times. It will disconnect and reconnect to your phone on its own. the only problem is that the battery will only last about 2 weeks or so. My last Motorola used to last 3 months. That other one wasn't as capable as this one. I plan to turn it OFF/ON to see how much longer the battery will last in that manner.

The profile is think which is nice as it doesn't stick out at much as my old one did. I am able to hit the button wearing medium sized winter gloves with no issue, so the buttons are sensitive enough for me to use the voice commands or answer a call. As a added bonus, it also comes with a car charger. Its the same type that many Android phones use to charge. So it has multiple uses for it, which is great
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on February 14, 2015
The only problem with this speaker is that it is not powerful enough. I travel in a 2013 F350 diesel work truck that is actually very quiet compared to the average work truck. I listen mostly to podcast talk shows and if I'm listening to a properly recorded audio program, then this speaker produces adequate volume and clarity. However, when the podcast show is interviewing someone via telephone or Skype, the recorded audio levels are often lower or poor quality. I know this isn't a specific problem with the speaker, but the fact is I can't increase the volume enough to compensate with the poor incoming audio.

Bottom line: If you will only be using this speaker for phone calls and listening to well recorded audio, then this little speaker will work fine. However, if your situation is similar to mine, then you'll want to look for something else more powerful.
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on October 22, 2013
I bought this as I felt uncomfortable wearing an ear piece, so I bought this and did not regret it at all. It paired up with my Iphone right away and is super clear even with the windows down. It tells you the names of the people who are calling, you have no buttons to push at all. It simply asks you to say "Answer" or "Ignore".

What I love even more is all I have to do instead of looking at my phone to make a phone call is push a button on my iphone, Siri speaks through the bluetooth and all I have to do is say what I want and it is all done though the Motorola.

The battery on this device also lasts a long time, you can leave it on all the time or turn it off and on when entering or leaving the car, but if you leave it on all the time it will automatically pair with the phone when entering the car, when not in use it goes to sleep mode to save battery. It also lets you know when the battery is going to die, which is great.

Save yourself from getting tickets, or the stress of having to look at your phone while driving, this device does it all for you... Also, if you are one of those who have an iphone or any smart phone for that matter, learn how to use the talk text feature on your phone, it will save lives by not having to remove your eyes from the road in order to text, push a button, talk your text, say send and its done. With my iphone 5 I am able to also have the texts read to me....

This is indeed a life saver...
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on May 31, 2014
My wife and I both use iPhones even though this unit was designed more for Android smart phones. The iPhone's work well though. I believe there may be a few more features for Android users. The unit speaker is clear and callers can hear you well. It's easy to set the unit up for use with the car radio speakers. The only downside is battery life that's not what I hoped. The unit comes with a power cord that fits in the 12V plug and a mini usb port to the unit. If you need to charge the unit you have two options. The first is to try to charge the unit by keeping it on the visor so then you have a cord hanging from the visor to the plug. Finding the sun port while the unit is on the visor is tough. The second option is to take the unit off the visor and lay it on the seat or floor to charge. The clip that attaches the unit to the visor has a lot of tension so the unit won't slip but there is going to be wear marks on the visor after awhile if you take the unit off to charge. By the way don't try either method while driving. I will have admit Motorola's customer service is excellent.
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on July 22, 2011
This is a great hands-free device, but it does take a little while to learn the commands to operate by voice. Once you memorize the commands, it is easy to text (hear and respond to an incomming text only, not send a new text) and make phone calls through this device. I am dissapointed that if you have Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), you cannot initiate a call from this device or use the voice command feature to make a phone call. You will have to use your phone to make the call and then use the Roadster to talk through. My wife has Android 2.2 (Froyo) and she can initiate phone calls from the Roadster. I just updated the MotoSpeak software two days ago on my Android 2.3 and I still cannot make calls from the Roadster. Regardless, this has been a great device and I can hear the caller clearly and vice versa. I am considering purchasing a second one for my truck, especially if they can fix the call problem with my 2.3 phone.

One year update. After 6 months of use the device became very quirky and sometimes it would work and sometimes not. Failed completely shortly thereafter. Wish I never bought this.
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on July 27, 2012
Okay, it works great now!!!

This is a great unit. I take back everything negative I may have said. The sound quality is great and it is easy to set-up and use. It was touchy at first, but once it's paired it'll stay paired: my problem was with "naming it" in my phone's bluetooth device name space. You can write anything there and it'll say whatever you type, such as, "Connected to MJ007" or whatever you care to name it. Buy it!!!

After using this for 2 months... ca-ca! Pure poop! Here's the pain: every time the battery goes low (this is the 2nd time) and it get recharged, IT LOSES ALL THE PAIRING INFORMATION, and one has to re-pair it again, but it's not easy because it DOES NOT WANT TO PAIR AGAIN!! I am not a techno-idiot, but this thing will make you feel like an idiot because it does not follow basic configuration standards. Stay away. And the problem arose after my 30-day warrenty expired. If I can I'm returning this.

My 4-year old Jabra SP700 would not pair with my latest phone, so I had to seek another speakerphone for my car, and bumped into this one here on The Zon. From its feel to its function this unit is fine. I say perhaps too good because it pairs with my phone from a long distance, say 200 ft. I left my phone in the house once and went to move the car and while in the car, in the street, it connected to my phone 25-yards away in the house! This is stuff from spy novels. The speakerphone has great clarity and all of the voice activated functions work like a charm. I don't have blue tooth radio but if I did this unit can act as a remote FM speaker too. The Motorola insignia on the face shines like a light at night, so in order to camophlage the remote clipped onto my visor, I took a black marker and blackened all of the shiny areas: out of sight, out of mind. After a month's worth of use I highly recommended this unit for hands-free talking. Sensible driving!
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on July 8, 2011
I bought this product with modest expectations, but have been pleasantly surprised after just a few days of use. Here's my take on the key features that won me over:

Design - The device itself is sleek and sturdy, yet nicely understated (I hate the cheap, shiny look of many 'plasticky' tech products out there). The speaker is a good size and I like the way it attaches to the sun visor in my car.

Quality and Ease of Use - I am pairing it with an iphone 4, and the sound is clear and crisp on both ends of the conversation. People tell me I sound 'at least as good' as through my phone directly. Out of the box, it took me about a minute to set up. Apparently, you can not use the voice-activated text feature with iphones, but I'm not particularly interested in that feature.

FM Transmitter - I was not initially looking for this feature, but was intrigued when I first read about it since my car does not have an iphone port. I was initially going to purchase the Blueant competitor but decided for the HP mainly to try out this transmitter. I was absolutely floored by the actual sound quality here and it has proven itself to be a major upside of the product. Songs on my phone now stream easily to the car speakers, with little or no background noise. Anyone else sitting in the car wouldn't be able to differentiate from a CD or radio! At one point earlier, I had actually considered upgrading the stereo in my car to get an iphone input because it was so annoying to have to keep making CD's. But now for just 50 bucks I have a solution that is better and has saved me a ton of money.

Very satisfied with this purchase!!
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