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on June 17, 2016
Seems to work well with comcast. At first I didn't know this was not supported by comcast and when self activate failed and I called up they (eventually) came back saying 'oh, the technician came back saying SB6180 is unsupported. You'll have to get another modem.' Well, crap!

Did a bit of research reading the reviews and found out it works if you just claim its a SB6141. I also read comcast engineers on dslreports will help you activate one of these. So I made a posting about it, and they refused to help saying its not supported and trying to activate it as an SB6141 is not possible. Blah. So A couple days later I called up again and just claimed its an SB6141 and it does indeed work.

Only thing is in the logs it says its refusing the firmware update from comcast because its in the wrong format:

2016-06-16 17:22:27 4-Error SW upgrade Failed after download - Incompatible SW file

Does this matter? Who knows. My modem currently has:

Software Version: SB6180-

Either way, works and performance is just as good as the old xfinity modem.
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on July 21, 2015
Stop paying Time Warner a rental fee and get one of these. Its literally plug and play. You take the TWC modem out, plug this one in and call them - you'll have to tell them its a Motorola Surfboard SB6141 though otherwise they will tell you that it won't work. It will pay for itself. It works great, I've haven't had a single problem with it so far - never even had to reset it.

- great price
- works with Time Warner
- you can stop paying modem rental fees

- its refurbished (mine looked used, but it works perfectly fine)
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on September 6, 2016
Right out of the box, I ran into nonstop issues with this modem. Some online research (outside of Amazon) confirms that I am by far not the only person to experience this.

The modem will work fine for a period of time, initially a couple of hours. After that, the speed will drop to almost zero on the upload and download. Packet loss becomes a problem, too (20-30% loss), but this does not even come close to accounting for the overall drop in speed. One test (I had to run it several times before it would even complete) showed that the modem was downloading at 0.15 Mbps!

Unplugging the modem and plugging it back in solved the problem for a short time, but the modem would almost immediately run into the same problem unless it remained unplugged for several hours. After leaving it unplugged overnight, I again got an hour or two of reliable speed out of it. After that, the same thing happened, again and again.

I returned this product to the seller for a refund, and got a Netgear modem. I have had no issues with it.
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Forever I have had the Motorolla Surfboard cable modem. I thought that a modem was a modem. I was wrong. The surfboard was supposed to have decent download speeds, but I was never able to get the speed that I was paying for from my cable provider.

I was reading some reviews and most providers had my modem listed as "end of life". Well that was enough for me to jump ship and get into next gen modem tech. Looked around and saw some staggering high prices for the DOCSIS 3.0 modems. It was pretty confusing. Then I read one guys review on used and refurb modems that said these things almost never go bad and last forever.
Well thats pretty much true. My old one was probably 13 years old and still kicking. So I found a used one here on Amazon from a third party seller for forty bucks delivered.

I could not believe the difference out of the box. The speeds went from 12 to 15 Mbps to 28 Mbps and eventually settled a few days later at what I was paying for 25 Mbps. I had even had the ISP people come out to see why I was not getting the paid for speed and they never once mentioned DOCSIS 3.0, they just said it was standard for my area.

(interesting side note, I called after hours to complain about speed a couple of years ago and got "Bob" in india. Told Bob that my speed was slow, 5Mbps, and he made some adjustments that kicked up the speed. He asked if it improved, in an experiment I said no. He kicked up the speed again and it went to over 100 Mbps. That was in the day of 15 Mbps max speed. I then told him yes it was over 100 Mbps and he freaked as he turned it back down apologizing and saying that should not have happened, Yeah we knew all along they were throttling back our speeds.)

Be sure and check your providers list of approved modems to see if this one is on the list and go for it. It looks like there are three different model numbers with all basically the same internals. Some have different firmware, but this guy will get it done for you, and not cost a ton.

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on September 15, 2015
I used to pay TimeWarnerCable for more than two years for using their modem. But finally, I decided enough is enough. I bought a used piece of this item and it is working just great. Although this exact model is not listed under the compatible modems of TimeWarner, but I did not have any problem registering it, I just called them and gave them the MAC address and it was registered successfully.
I have the standard package with TimeWarner, the download speed was 15 MB before. They have upgraded their services recently and now my subscription supports up to 50 MB download rate. This modem is compatible with the new speed and I get actually around 50 MB of download bandwidth.
I would like also to mention that I had hard time to have it running the first time. I had a problem when I tried to connect it to my wireless router. It was working fine when it is connected directly to my laptop via the wire. However, the router did not recognize the modem at first or the other way around. I kept power cycling until it worked at last.

Overall, this modem completely fulfills its purpose and it supports high download speeds. I would recommend.
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VINE VOICEon March 21, 2015
I ordered this modem to use on Comcast (near San Francisco) since it's specifically sold as a compatible modem, however the Comcast XFinity page only mentions the SB6120, SB6121, SB6141 and SB6183 and not the SB6180.
I followed user reviewer Tamer's instructions: connected the modem directly to the computer, accessed IP address to access the modem's page, clicked the "Configuration" tab and clicked the "Reset Factory Defaults" button (this is explained here:
I then called Comcast and asked them to provision my new modem, identifying it as an SB6141 as suggested by Tamer. Worked like a charm.

Recommended -- it works with Comcast in the San Fransisco South Bay.

Thanks again to user Tamer for his review and all the helpful people who left comments there.
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on August 4, 2016
I purchased this as a used device from Miakota. I have not tried it yet, but my experience with used Routers/Modems has been excellent. I'm writing a quick initial review to point out that (at least from this supplier) I received a no-name (expected) power adapter that is rated at 12V@750mA. The power requirement listed on the modem is 12V@1A (or 1000mA). I've been doing this kind of electronic design for 30+ years, and I'm pretty sure this product is going to work. The ratings are maximums, and there's generally a lot of head room built in to the number. That said, when the power supply is under-powered compared to the spec on the product itself, it means that the power supply is now going to be running closer to its max, likely running warmer, and probably having its reliability impacted in a negative way. If I can get a measurement of the power adapter output when running my network, I'll update this review.
- Rich DM
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on February 9, 2012
The modem just arrived today and I had it activated soon after. It is a top notch modem well exceeding what I expected from it. I just had it activated and did a test on The results came out a 31.85Mbps down and 4.05Mbps up. The guaranteed speeds from Cox are 18 & 4. I don't know why this modem is so hard to come by, in my opinion, it is exactly the same modem as the Motorola SBG6580 except it doesn't have the built-in wireless. I recommend this modem to anyone looking to upgrade and own their own DOCSIS 3.0 modem.
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on August 15, 2013
I was going to order the SB6141 as I had the exact same device but was paying a monthly rental fee that cost me an extra $7/month. So I was about to drop $90 on the SB6141 when I decided to do a little more research, and came across the SB6121, which despite supporting only half the over all possible bandwidth, was only $70 and still capable of over 100mbps which is twice that of my current connection. But as I dug some more I found this little gem for only $50 and it supports the same speed of the SB6141 for almost half the cost. Sure I can't even purchase anything more than a 50mbps connection, but I wanted to future proof myself, and at a cheaper price than the two most popular models, I feel like this is a dang good deal.

For those who are worried that TWC might not activate this modem as it isn't listed on their site under the "supported devices" page, don't worry, I was able to provide the mac address, swap them out and be online within 5min. No hassle at all, except I still need to turn in my rented modem. Speeds were actually a few mbps faster and clocked at 57.6mbps/5.6mbps.

The only downside apparently is if you are with COMCAST in which case DON'T buy this modem as it seems they will not register it. For Cox, Time Warner, and others, do your research first but you should be good to go. Don't fall for the overpriced models, especially the "all-in-one" models that in my experience tend to lock up more than any cheapo router I've ever used. Shipped with amazon prime, arrived in two days like always. Great all around.
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on February 21, 2014
I came to the conclusion that it was time to retire my old Motorola DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem. The main reason being that my internet speeds didn't stay constant, especially while streaming video. The other reason is that my ISP (Midcontinent) informed me that they were phasing out DOCSIS 2.0 modems and that they recommend I upgrade to DOCSIS 3.0.

After a little research I came to the conclusion that the Motorola SB6180 was the right cable modem for me. The reasons being that it's one of the cheapest DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems you can buy, and that Motorola has been making modems since the dawn of the internet. After setting it up I quickly realized I made a wise decision to upgrade.


- Very reasonably priced... One of the cheapest DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems out there.
- Internet speed stays consistent, even with multiple devices connected to your network.
- Smaller and more discreet than some of the past models.
- Runs colder to the touch than some previous models.


- It's hard to find a new one... most likely you'll have to purchase a used or refurbished one.


The positives easily outweigh the negatives. So if you're in need of a good DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem than this is a good choice.

One thing to remember... Make sure you look on your ISP's website or call them before purchasing to make sure they support the Motorola SB6180. I've heard of some companies being really fussy about which ones they support and which ones they don't.
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