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on July 1, 2014
I purchased this device to save money on renting the provided cable box. I needed to buy a new WiFi router anyways and wasn't even aware that this product (WiFi modem) was available. After doing some research I was a bit sceptical to what performance I could expect.

This device did not dissapoint. I pay for "standard" with TWC which is 15mbps. I heard tales that wireless modems are notorious for slowing connection and not providing optimum range. Well for home use at 15mb I get my full connection speed. I have the unit tucked away in an entertainment console and I get full strength WiFi upstairs on the opposite side of the house. Very pleased with the product and would recommend its use for anyone with a cable internet connection.
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on August 11, 2012
I purchased this a full year ago and therefore I feel like I've had a thorough experience to share with you guys.

Quick summary:

- Modem worked great at first
- Started to have intermittent problems with connection, to where either the modem or the connection would turn off 5-10 times randomly daily, requiring a reboot
- Later found out that Firmware updates (software for the modem) are recommended to keep the modem running well (detailed info below)
- I have difficulty watching videos or anything that requires a constant internet connection. It's pretty annoying.

I feel like the SBG6580 worked well for 8-10 months but then LOTS of problems started. Now, the tricky thing is you can't really tell if it's your modem, the cable provider or what. I will make it clear that I use Mediacom as an ISP and they do NOT support this modem. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CABLE COMPANY SUPPORTS THE MODEM BEFORE BUYING THIS. I didn't and just thought, "OH, quality cable modem from a quality company, this should last me a few years, at least a year..." wrong. So I spend a lot of time trying to understand all this cable modem mumbo jumbo and here's some of the stuff I learned:

You can sign into your router to see some diagnostic reports + information by doing the following (unless someone changed your default password/username):

2. Type in the IP address for the modem
3. Type in the default Username; admin.
4. Type in the default Password; motorola.

This is useful to see the firmware or software installed and also other useful info, mac addresses, power and download/upload speeds.

So after looking at tons of forum postings and googling a lot, I found out that my Firmware on this modem was from 2010 (this review is late 2012). I found one person who listed the Firmware releases for this modem to be as follows:

SBG6580- was released by Motorola back in 2010. Since then came out in June 2010, in July 2010, in September 2010, 05-6 in December 2010, in June 2011. The number of fixes in the release notes since SBG6580- are extensive.

Now, I mention this because what happens is ONLY cable companys are allowed to update the firmware to your modem, it's against the law (or FCC rules?) for consumers to update their own software for the modems. Here's the tricky part, your cable company (mediacom, comcast, or whoever) may NOT support your modem and therefore force you to use the OLD and BUGGY software for your modem. The reasoning? Who knows. They said they haven't had time to test the software or whatever at mediacom... BUT NOT INITIALLY. Initially they told me to go and buy a new modem! No joke. They just said my modem must be failing and that my firmware was the "most current" on the phone... even on their website they mentioned that this is the "most up to date" - false... it's the most current one they decided to use. Google your cable company and SBG6580 to see if others are having issues.

This is pretty frustrating because I almost unnecessarily purchased another cable modem + router OR another gateway (combo) device. And it appears I may need to anyway because Mediacom has chosen to not support this modem.

Moral of the story: Call your cable internet provider and try to ensure that cable modem you purchase is supported or on their list of modems. If not, it's kind of like being stuck on a 3 year old version of windows while updates are released with you being unable to update. Your cable company (or at least mediacom) will not offer any help, they will just say that the connection works great on their end but it's all your fault after that (even if they are using 2 year old software for your modem).

EDIT: I don't want to lead people astray or scare people, my cable company is trying to tell me that it's NOT a firmware problem... well, there were able to make SOME improvements by fiddling around with splitters and cables outside. YET, my problem still remains with this intermittent turning on and off (this is with the modem plugged into the land line/ethernet cable). I hope this review inspires you to call your cable modem provider and see what modems are supported, I think this makes things easier. I'm just hoping you all don't do like I did and just think that it's a quality modem/quality company, everything works... because apparently it depends on your provider.

I've read on forums or reviews here to buy cable connectors that hook into the jack to speed up the signal or something (apparently motorolla has one for $60), Crazy. I'm not paying $60 to boost a signal... Kepp it simple guys, my recommendation is at the end of this edit.

I've also heard that it's possible that having the GATEWAY as opposed to just the modem and a separate wireless system could be a reason for these problems (I thought this would save me $ but it seems like others are having problems too). The thing is, I've had 4 techs out to my house at different times and NO ONE knows what's going on. Never realized this could be so complicated... I think the REAL best option is to ask them what modems they sell (for example, my provider sold some cisco products) and then buy the ones they sell from Amazon or whoever. That way you know you're getting something they actually consistently try to work with and update. GOOD LUCK.
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on April 30, 2011
Sorry for the Dyslexia - This review is on the Motorola SBG 6580 SURFboard eXtreme Wireless Cable Gateway - during my video I used an imcorrect model number :(

BIG PLUS to this unit: You do not have to buy a seperate WIRELESS N ROUTER which saves about $100 or so additional cost. Some have said they bought the lesser Motorola unit and then bought an extra Wireless N router. This seems like an unneccessary expense to me.

Things to know:

This modem will ONLY work for CABLE-delivered Internet such as Comcast Xfinity (tm) and some other ISP's using CABLE Internet signals. It will NOT work on AT&T UVerse network (because UVerse uses a hyped-up DSL technology)

1. Unbox unit
2. Connect AC Power Adapter to wall (recommend plugging into UPS power supply)- plug the other end into the back of this router.
3. Connect COAX cable from ISP wall plate to your modem. This is the same hexagonal cable connector type as used to connect to CABLE TV.
4. Grab the included cat 5e ETHERNET CABLE (looks similar to a telephone cable) and plug one end into your laptop or PC and one end into one of the 4 ethernet jacks on the back of the unit.
5. If you don't have an ETHERNET jack on your laptop or PC you'll be going wireless - run the included INSTALLATION CD and follow the directions.
6. Open your webrowser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc) and type in the modem address then enter your username-- admin and password-- motorola and hit login button.
7. You'll be looking at a web-based SETUP SCREEN with TABS from left to right.
8. Click on FIREWALL tab, locate the IP FLOOD DETECTION checkbox and UNTICK IT (remove the checkmark) then click on the APPLY button.
9. Pick up phone and call your ISP. From the box that shipped with your device - read the ISP the model number (SBG 6580) and the __HTC MAC ADDRESS__ ID number (the MAC ID varies from one unit to another and is printed on the bottom of your modem itself as well as the shipping box. The HTC Mac Address is the FIRST of the two listed Mac addresses, the second one is the GATEWAY address.
10. Be sure your isp offers DOCSIS 3.0 SIGNAL or you will not reap the max speed from this device.

About the accompanying video:

about 4 minutes of hands-on demo with this device including real world speed test from the Internet. Remember to go to FIREWALL settings and un-tick IP FLOOD DETECTION - if you don't you will not get max performance. Otherwise simple to set up and blazingly fast. Note: Hard-wired (ethernet) is always going to be much faster than wireless. This proved true on my network, 30.77 mbps download speed realized (hard wired) vs 10 mbps Wireless. Overall I'm extremely happy - no negatives at all. A Must-Have piece of equipment. Important: Your ISP needs to provide good quality signal and use DOCSIS 3.0 technology to achieve the higher speeds (30 and above) mentioned in this review. Don't blame this equipment if you have a bad ISP connection you won't get the performance. My ISP is Comcast. Fiber optic is a lot faster than UVERSE IMHO.

***UPDATED 4/11/2012: Comcast and Motorola have teemed up to release an important FIRMWARE UPDATE! In reading recent forum discussions about this product, I discovered a 'problem' where the modem required hard-power off (unplug power and reconnect power) at random, and on a DAILY BASIS. I myself began to experience this unpleasant phenomenon, and it wasn't until I called Comcast Support and asked to have the modem "re-provisioned" (by Comcast over the telephone) that this nagging issue finally resolved itself - via a FIRMWARE UPDATE. I went from 3.0.x.x. firmware to and once again, life was "good" and rock-solid high speed Internet a reality. Download speeds tested at 38 mpbs and 5mbps upload, heap plenty fast, Keemo Sabe. If you have problems with your modem losing connectivity, I strongly recommend you call your ISP Provider and request tech support 're-set' or 're-provision' the modem. You might get lucky and get the new firmware - you CANNOT get it from Motorola. Motorola will refer you back to your ISP. Hope this helps I wouldn't want any other equipment than this!

***UPDATED 6/12/2013: Comcast, in response to pressure by AT&T, has increased their Internet speeds 'across the board' for all tiers of Internet service. What this means to you is that if you (like me) are a Comcast BLAST customer, you may experience unheard-of speed. I ran speed tests this morning as was stunned to see I am getting 55.47 MBps download and 10.69 MBs upload. This equates to 6.93 Megabytes per second download. Now that is FAST! You could download 416MB in just ONE minute! That is incredible. Also, Comcast has been pushing a lot of firmware updates out to the device, which now is rock solid and requires no maintenance or resets. Finally, new customers are reporting that they don't have to do anything more than screw the coax cable (from Comcast) onto the back of the device, plug the unit into A/C power, and then either connect via hardwire (plug your ethernet cables into the back of this unit) or wirelessly. See the side of the device for your specific WiFi WEP code which you must type into your wireless devices to gain access to your device.

While I previously felt this was a wonderful unit - I now am totally convinced of it, and have the ongoing reliability to prove it. I fly for a virtual airline, and rock solid Internet communications is vital during flight ops. This equipment is as reliable as you could ever wish for.

UPDATE 7/4/2013 - a close family friend got tired of paying "RENT" to Comcast for their Internet Modem, and elected to purchase this unit (albeit from B**T **Y Big Box Retailer in lieu of Amazon. I highly recommend Amazon over Big Box stores - much friendlier about returns - no restocking fee! no arguments! Friend reports this unit is now 100% plug and play - no longer need to go into configuration and turn off any settings. Friend completely satisfied - did not have to call Comcast at all.
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on March 18, 2017
I have Time Warner cable--or I guess Spectrum now because they were bought out. My internet bill was $35-41/month when I was renting their equipment. I bought this, returned theirs, and now my bill is $14/month!!!! Huge savings!!

It's simple to install. You just unplug the old, plug in the new, call your provider and they'll ask for the serial numbers and PRESTO!! Took less than 5 mins. Oh and ask them how you change your password and Wi-Fi name. There are some pretty great WiFi names... Google it.
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on April 18, 2017
We didn't want to rent one from the cable company so we purchased this ARRIS SURFboard SBG6580 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem/...Motorola in December 2014 going on three years and still working great.
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on July 27, 2015
When I plug my computer into this device and do a speed test with Comcast I get download speeds of 80-90+ MBPS. When I turn on the router, this drops to anywhere between 1 and 30 MBPS. Clearly my speed issues are with this device and not Comcast. If I turn the router to the higher speeds, nothing can connect to it. Not the PS3, xBox, or my laptops. This makes the faster speed useless. Googling ways to increase the speed, I find I may need a firmware update; however, there is no way for me to do it. I have to go through Comcast. I find other such bad reviews all around. In short, This thing sucks, I would not get it. Find a different brand.
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on June 17, 2015
Coverage is much better than my Cisco E2500, am able to speed test over WiFi at 50M,
A fine router/modem IF it is behaving itself.
On my phone typing this, I see the wifi icon cut out and back in after a minute and nothing is even using it at the moment.
The event log shows all kinds of things that I don't know what it means, and signal levels that look out of whack. Reset it and they look good, for a while.
It is pretty annoying to have the firmware controlled by ISP, you can't update or roll back on your own.
It even has issues on hardwired things, drops from games, trouble giving up bandwidth if someone else is sucking up too much.
I should have just got the standard modem, and a good router, but I don't think the wifi part is the issue. I think this one has software issues that you can't update, and ISPs will only do very little updating.
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on February 3, 2014
I recently moved to an apartment and had to get internet through Comcast. Because of the hustle and bustle of the move, I did not care about what kind of router I received, and being a cable customer before, I opted to just use the router that they provide the customer. While visually impressive, the Comcast wireless cable router that was provided me was very slow.

Again, it was huge, tall, bulky.. you would think it would crank out 50 mbps without breaking a sweat!! There was even a 2014 Super Bowl ad where the Mythbusters said that Xfinity's wireless routers outdid all other wireless routers on the market with speed. Two words: False Advertising. AND I was paying $8/mo. to rent the turtle!!

Enter in this challenger by Motorola. Granted, I know what you're thinking.. "Geez, this thing is kinda expensive for a wireless router.." I was saying the same thing. But I bit the bullet and ordered it. Just had it installed, called Comcast and they synced it with their servers, provided the feed, and WOW!! What a difference! Plugged in to my computer with an Ethernet cable, it was cranking out 30 mbps. Now for the real "wireless" test.. I unplugged the Ethernet, ran another Speed Test on just the wireless alone. Still pulling strong at a whopping 30 mbps with my wireless N adapter in my computer. Amazing.

Do yourself a favor: ditch the rental wireless cable router given to you by your cable provider and buy this. You will not be disappointed. Well done, Motorola. Well done, indeed.
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on October 16, 2015
After having owned an old SBG901 DOCSIS 2.0 modem for years, I knew it was time for an upgrade. The local cable company in my area started improving the speed tiers and, unfortunately, the old modem could only achieve up to 38 Mbps downstream. Since I've pretty much owned a combo modem/router for several years, I decided to go with the SBG6580.

Unfortunately, the router is a bit faulty. The reception on it tends to differ. At times, I would receive the maximum speeds and, other times, it would drop suddenly, almost all the way down to 3 Mbps. Thinking the local cable company had capped off my speeds for some odd reason, I stupidly called them and inquired about why I was receiving such a low-tier speed on the upstairs computers/wireless devices. As instructed by the technician over the phone, I was told to test this modem via an Ethernet cord. Lo and behold, I was capable of receiving the maximum speeds.

As a result, I had disabled the router portion of the modem and hooked up an older TP-LINK device that I had purchased several years prior. Seeing as how I also own a few TP-LINK USB adapters, this resolved my problem immediately.

If you're stuck in the same situation as I am and are unable to return it, then I would highly suggest investing in an entirely separate router or just purchasing a standalone modem, such as the SB6121 or SB6141 (or a Zoom cable modem if you're so inclined). Unless you live in a one-story house, then the router portion of it is practically useless. Since resolving the problem as stated in the above solution, I have came to the conclusion that owning a combo modem such as this is absolutely a waste of time, money and resources.

All in all, I'm pretty content with it as of now. Once DOCSIS 3.1 becomes the norm several years down the road, then I will purchase a standalone modem when it becomes affordable. Besides, since the next generation of 802.11ac WiFi is starting to roll around, it would be wise to purchase an entirely separate router, unless the Wireless-N portion of this modem suits your WiFi needs.
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on May 15, 2016
As a non-tech person, and a lifelong Mac/Airport devotee, this bad boy came with a learning curve. When I called customer support for Arris (the current owner of Motorola, I think?), the gent looked up the serial number I provided for my new modem, and told me that was an old rental unit, and that it was associated with Time Warner Cable. This "new" modem was so old that the 1-year warranty had already expired, and he politely requested $40 to help me navigate getting my network configured. Finding out that I'd have to pay extra to get my "recycled" modem functioning made me feel momentarily homicidal. However, through the magic of the paper clip, I reset the modem to factory standards, and the very helpful gent manning Arris customer service chats (not phones!) at Arris helped me with the rest of my configuration, at no charge. Condensed version: So far the modem works just fine for my needs — but you may need to spend a frustrating couple of hours in the squeeze between the your ISP and the folks at Arris.
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