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on April 21, 2013
I purchased this modem without a second thought due to the overall good reviews and the relatively low price.

The modem arrived on time, in a brown Motorola box. At first glance, everything seemed fine. The box included the modem and an Ethernet cable, both wrapped in plastic bags with the standard safety warning stickers sealing the modem bag. It also came with a safety instructions book, but oddly no manual (which should have tipped me off, now that I think back).

After taking the modem out of the bag, I noticed some scratches on the front side. I attributed this to minor damage incurred during shipment and simply shrugged it off.

I plugged the modem in, gave my ISP a call and had them activate the modem for me. Everything seemed fine... until I went to do a speedtest. I was getting about 1/6th my normal download, and oddly 3x my normal upload speed... but it felt VERY sluggish. I called the company back, they ran some diagnostics and let me know that I was showing some major packet loss, and that they would send a tech to help me resolve the issue.

Long story short, the tech came by and spent about an hour and a half trying to get my modem up and running. He did everything from reducing the number of splitters in my home to boosting my signal and could not figure out why the modem would not be working correctly. In the end, he said it could only be a modem related problem.

I did a quick search online, and sure enough I'm not the only one to have had a bad experience with the black version of this modem. As other reviewers have already stated, the black versions are sold only to cable companies and the white ones are sold by retailers. Black ones will have likely been purchased by a cable company at some point, so have a high likelihood that they were used fairly extensively as rental modems.

I returned the black version, and I went back and purchased a white version. It arrived in a completely different box with a picture of the modem on it (and a manual inside!). The white one is now sitting next to me, working flawlessly. I would actually highly recommend the WHITE version, as it tripled my upload speed and boosted my download speed a bit as well. The same can't be said about this black version, unfortunately.

Due to the number of good reviews for this product, I suppose it's one of those YMMV situations. Perhaps you'll get lucky and end up with one that was more lightly used. However, there are enough negative reviews that this can't be a coincidence.

It does irk me a bit that sellers are trying to pass this off as new. I feel "lucky" that mine never worked as I can return it and suffer no monetary loss. However, I do feel for those who bought one that broke months later and will likely not be able to return theirs.

I personally wouldn't take the risk with this black version.
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on April 5, 2013
Unfortunately, I did not see permutations review for this product before I bought this modem, but I wish I had. It would have saved me the trouble from returning it. The black version of the SB6141 is provided to ISP's for their use. The consumer version is the white model which should have the latest version of the firmware. I cannot confirm this since I don't own one. You can tell on the black SB6141 page how limited the information is, the brown box packaging, and the utilitarian steel back panel. Compare this to the white model which has the much more verbose manufacturer's description on the product page, the retail packaging, and the color-coded back panel.

The MAJOR problem with this modem is that it is loaded with the outdated firmware version from Aug 18 2011. This version is known to have a serious bug that causes it to lose connectivity constantly. My ISP, SuddenLink, would not update the firmware to the latest version because it was a customer-owned cable modem. According to the DOCSIS 3.0 standard, the ISP is the only channel for updating the firmware. If your ISP won't do it, then there is no way to update it.

Beware of this product! Check with your ISP first if they will update the firmware. If not, this product is not worth it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 28, 2013
With my old Motorola Surfboard modem, I was getting about 24mbps download and just under 5mbps upload. After upgrading to this modem, My download speed actually went down to around 20mbps but my upload speed skyrocketed to around 18mbps on average. I was somewhat disappointed with my download speed degrading a little, but I thought I'd give the modem a chance. Unfortunately, after about a week of usage,I started having problems doing anything on the internet. I did a quick speed check and observed my download speed was well below 1mbps and my upload was around 10mbps. After some troubleshooting, I noticed after leaving my modem powered off for a little while and then powering back on that my download speed would improve to almost 10mbps but then would slowly degrade over time. As a final step in my troubleshooting, I had my ISP reactivate my old modem. And guess what? I'm back to 24mbps download and just under 5mbps upload. Thankfully I have Amazon Prime and I'm still inside the window to return this defective modem.
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on January 20, 2013
It took four technicians and 60 days, but we finally determined that the Motorola SB6121 and SB6141 modems I ordered (three of them) were dropping signal and resetting every hour or two, for periods of 2-5 minutes, no matter how clean the signal strength was.

I tested every section of internal wiring, TW replaced every length of cable coming in to my house, I replaced two Motorola SB6121s with an SB6141, I bypassed my router, and nothing stopped my Internet access from dropping out for a few minutes every 30-120 minutes, day and night. Drove me crazy. TW finally put one of their modems in place, and that resolved the problem immediately. So I sent all three modems back to Amazon (great return policy!) and bought a Cisco DPC3010 (not on the TW "approved" list but the still registered the MAC address and just told me they wouldn't "support it" which doesn't mean anything since I own it) which as worked flawlessly and at consistent speeds with my RoadRunner Turbo service.

I wasted a lot of time on these Motorola modems over the last few months, but I learned an enormous amount of technical information about cable internet service. I'm grateful for that education, I suppose.
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on October 31, 2013
DO NOT BUY THIS MODEM. I experienced drop outs like the other 1 star reviewer. I did not heed his warning and now I'm stuck with this broken modem that is on firmware! I get dropouts fairly often especially at night. I just thought it was TWC but after much research it seems that the firmware in this modem is broken causing it to reset and drop signal regularly. As other reviewers noted only ISPs can upgrade this modem's firmware and as a matter of policy TWC does not upgrade user owned modems. So now I am stuck with a $80+ Modem that I bought to save money. I currently have a white one on its way and hopefully that will have he correct firmware on it.

AMAZON PLEASE STOP THIS SELLER. The firmware is compromised and cannot be fixed due to policies if ISPs.
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on November 30, 2012
Highly recommend this unit for Time Warner customers. Recently TWC decided to start charing us a modem rental fee so I ordered this unit to replace the one TWC gave me to use before. I was able to plug it in, call customer service and give them the MAC address of the unit and be up and running in under 30 minutes. You will need this unit as it is DOCSIS 3.0 if you have the higher speeds of service, but I recommend anyone who is buying their own purchase this one to future proof your investment so you won't have to buy another if you want to upgrade speeds later.

***UPDATE February 2-13***

After fighting with Time Warner for the last 3 months over contant connection problems it turns out this modem is junk. I have been having serious issues with this modem going offline and rebooting several times a day. I have not been getting my full download speeds and the upload speeds have been 40% of what they should be. After having Time Warner out over and over and my signal here is GREAT no one thought it could be this modem. I then started reviewing popular tech forums and guess what? Everyone seems to be having the same problems with this modem. Pages and pages of people having the exact same issues with the 6141, so I looked to see what modems Time Warner is supporting now besides Motorola and picked up the ZOOM 5341J from Amazon instead and now all my problems are gone! Perfect 50 on the download every time even hitting 51 at times. Upload speeds are back to 5 and no drops or resets. Where the log on the Motorola would show tens of thousands of errors on the downstream on each channel, the zeem has had 5 correctable and 0 uncorrectable errors in the last 24 hours. The Motorola would have had over 500 by the time I rebooted and logged in to check it. After all these months of use, I can say with confidence stay away from the Motorola 6141 at lest with Time Warner!
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on October 1, 2013
Sure, this is a great modem, perhaps the best, BUT DON'T BUY IT!
Spend the extra $10 for the white one, which is the retail version.

The problem is that this company, Zumbee Inc., is selling USED modems, modems which were originally distributed to customers of ISPs such as TWC.

After installing mine yesterday, it got "kicked out" of service today because it came up in Time Warner's data as belonging to another customer (based on the MAC ID, which is like a fingerprint for modems).
Time Warner straightened it out for me no problem, but I think it's sick that I'm buying something, believing that it's new, and it turns out to be used.

Hoping Amazon will help me resolve this issue.
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on April 9, 2015
One quirk I noticed immediately: one used to be able to hot-swap devices connected directly to a CM (for example, download something on one PC, swap the ethercord to another) and the next device would connect and run (no, this isn't technically how it was supposed to be done, but it generally worked). You cannot do this with this modem.. it locks onto the MAC of the device behind it and if you change that device you have to reboot the modem. It's no reason to avoid the unit, however it made me do a double take in setting up new service (as I activated service with a PC directly to the modem, then when I put my router/gateway in the middle it was having *no* parts of a hot swap.. once I got into its admin panel it does say "max:1" when describing its downstream unit.)
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on March 24, 2014
I was using my own Motorola SB5101 modem before this and never had any problems with it. Last year, Comcast bumped my plan to 50 Mbps down and was pushing to rent their DOCSIS 3.0 modems. I decided to upgrade to this SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 modem on my own to use the max 50 Mbps bandwidth available. The mistake I made was to buy this black (OEM) version without understanding the lack of Manufacturer warranty.

For six months, the downstream bandwidth has been great and I was getting near 50 Mbps (tested with local Comcast speedtest server) most of the time. After six months, the downstream bandwidth started wavering between 0.5 Mbps and 20 Mbps (mostly less than 10). Rebooting temporarily solved the problem initially, however after few weeks even that didn't help. The upstream bandwidth consistently remained 10 Mbps. I finally got Comcast technician to visit my place and check the cables, nearby junction box etc. He didn't find any problem with the wiring. When he replaced this modem with a comcast-owned modem, the downstream bandwidth immediately increased to 50 Mbps. Switching between these two modems another time (after a week) confirmed that the bandwidth issues were caused by Motorola SB6141 modem itself. Motorola will not provide warranty for consumer-owned black SB6141 modems. The black one is supposedly for OEM/Cable-company use only.

Bottomline: If you like SB6141, buy the white model, avoid this black (OEM) model.
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on February 27, 2013
Time Warner started charging $3.95 rental on their cable modems, so I decided to splurge and buy one of our own to replace theirs. This was on their compatibility list and the other Amazon reviews helped me decide on the SB6141. It will be a long time before the savings from the rental pays for this, but I switched because I'm tired of Time Warner nickle and diming me - $0.50 for each cable box remote, $4 for a modem... I guess not the best financial choice, but definitely made me feel better!

Anyway, this was very easy to set up. I unplugged theirs and plugged in this Motorola, opened my Browser window and a message from Time Warner cable popped up giving me the phone number to call to get my device activated on their end. It took about 15 minutes on the phone with their technicians. I haven't done the speed tests yet, but it is noticeably faster. I suspect Time Warner can throttle speeds more effectively with their own device and software. But that's just a guess.

This won't work if you have digital phone service through your cable provider. I switched to Ooma VoIP (purchased the Telo through Amazon) prior to making the cable modem switch.
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