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on July 5, 2015
Sold by Santa Monica Wireless for $64.99 as new, it isn’t. The Motorola RAZR V3 arrived with a battery and wall charger. The picture in this ad does not match the RAZR I received. The front and battery covers are void of the Motorola Signature Emblem. Both covers are crudely painted with a matte black finish. The battery cover did not fit properly. After inserting a battery, its sides were exposed. Having owned an Original RAZR, I know this phone inside and out.

The obvious discrepancies led to a more rigorous inspection. Soiled lint in the wrist strap eyelet confirmed my suspension that this unit was used, at best; it is factory refurbished. The phone had a plastic skin as though it was new, but the main screen has the hint of a blemish that hadn’t been thoroughly polished out.

Using a RAZR that was purchased off eBay as a ‘Parts Phone’, I replaced the front and battery covers. Now it looks like what is portrayed in the Amazon advertisement. The inside of the phone showed more evidence of an ‘Other Than New’ phone. Front cover screws were slightly corroded and chip shields have marks that are indicative of a TP (testpoint) procedure.

On the bright side, the phone works flawlessly, but I sincerely feel I didn’t get what I paid for, and paid too much.

Best regards,
Nat Ray
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on July 19, 2012
I needed a business phone, and got floating through my noggin the best phone I have ever owned. This thing just WILL NOT DIE. Fell out of my pocket on my bike. gets nailed by a pickup going 30, gets scattered down 100 yards of asphalt. Put it all back together (just the battery case popped off) and it was fine. Slipped and banged my lip really hard on a counter corner *** do not read if you have a weak stomach *** bad enough that I needed sixteen stitches. I get on the phone with my mom to have Her come take me to the hospital (still in high school back when I had this) bleeding rather profusely into the toilet. phone slips through my bloody fingers into the toilet. I snatch it out after a couple seconds of frustrated cursing. Not only did it still work, the damn thing hadn't even dropped the call and I was still getting crystal clear reception. ***End nasty part*** even when I was getting frustrated with an ex, and hurled the phone across the room when she text dumped me, it broke in half. Screen came clean off. I called her, clicked the speaker phone button, and it still. frickin. worked. And thats besides the dozens of other drops onto hard surfaces that would leave a modern phone in splinters. This is the phone I would take into any situation, anytime, anywhere. You know in the movies where like a cell phone stops a bullet? THIS, is that cell phone. It lasted me nearly 6 years, and when I traded it in for a new phone (smart phone takeover and all) I buried my old one back at my parents place like a pet. Most indestructible thing I've ever had. That nokia phone that people joke is like as strong as Thors hammer? The unstoppable force? That phone hitting this one would end the universe, for this is the immovable object. The kind folks at ATT reactivated this one, and guess what? Its still compatible with EVERYTHING. Bluetooth, internet, everything short of 3g the thing STILL DOES.
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on November 13, 2008
Well, I've had my V3 Razr for about 2 years. In that time, it's been unusually trouble free. Okay, once or twice, it has freaked out with a whitescreen but I attribute this to heavy use and some cheap aftermarket batteries.

The good: Yes, it's sleek and pretty. It's well built. It's packs away in a vestpocket. The range beats most other phones in my area--I get more bars than anybody I know in concrete buildings and I actually live in one.

It has the features I need: bluetooth, speaker phone, conference call, etc. And a few features I don't need: camera--I'm a very small investor and I'm not Steven Spielberg. Still, I keep a foto of my family as a background screen--it's a nice touch.

At 95 bucks, you can't top the price for this kind of quality. I paid $250 for my current V3 Razr when I bought it overseas. And I'm buying a second phone as backup and to take advantage of the commonality of all the accessories I now have. Plus, my wife is eying my current Razr rather hungrily and she'll probably wrench it from me before too long, anyway.

The bad: Battery life is only fair; I get a full day in my home office with 3+ hours of calls and most of those bluetoothed for handsfree action. But you have to expect to recharge nightly. Even moderate use of an hour or so necessitates a nightly recharge. I can live with this. I just can't afford to have my phone fail on an important call. So I charge it daily. Often, it's on the recharger at work while I use my bluetooth headset. This works for me. It's always ready to go when I am.

Hey, I consider 3+ hours of use to be a serious workload for any cell phone. It's really not fair to beat on your phone on a daily basis and then complain about its performance.

For the benefit of those worried about the warranty, well, I live abroad. The Razr is a very popular model. There are numerous service centers with people skilled in the repair this phone. If it's not up to snuff when you open it on day one--send it back to Amazon on their 30 day return policy.

But if it works fine, then rest assured it's no big deal to get service for it in any large city abroad or in the U.S.

I give it 4 stars for all of the above reasons. To me, the good outweighs the bad. I don't need a ton of features. Just a few that work consistently. And I have 2 years of mostly heavy but trouble-free use so far. Hey, the best endorsement I can give is the fact that I just bought another one.
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on February 4, 2009
I've already owned a Razr V3 for 21 months and this is pretty much exactly the same as the one I got from my mobile provider except for a few things. 1) the software on it is slightly different and has some AT&T specific things installed and an AT&T logo on the back, 2) the color is different (old one gray, this one black), 3) my old one felt like metal whereas this one feels like plastic. Maybe my old one just wore down the coating and this one isn't worn down yet and so the coating feels different, but it feels cheaper to me than my old one. I guess time will tell.

I had to buy a new phone when my old one's display went out and I didn't want to get locked into a 2 year contract, so got this one. Unlocked is nice. I thought about getting something fancier, but this phone works pretty well as a basic cell phone and I don't really want to be paying $40 extra a month for wireless internet right now.

All the good things about this phone involve its small size and the fact that it's a flip phone. It fits in the pocket nicely. The flip phone means your pocket doesn't call people since the buttons are closed up inside of it when it's flipped closed. My last one lasted 21 months being rubbed against other stuff in my pocket and the coating got chipped and beat up but the phone kept working. In fact it's still working, but the display went out one day when I was charging it and never came back, so I needed a new phone so I'm not dialing blind and unable to read text messages.

The bad points are that the software isn't particularly great and it's hard to find things and make it do what you want. The address book is really limited and you have to enter multiple entries for the same person if you want to put multiple numbers in for them. I can't really imagine browsing the internet or watching videos on this thing, though I guess maybe someone does it. The camera is ok, but not particularly spectacular.

It's really all about the compact size, flip-phone design, solid feel and functionality as a phone or phone and text-message only device.
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on December 17, 2012
This is a great phone, rugged, simple and well-built "flip-phone" -- just what I was looking for. It is, however, an older model and the photo and video specs are really not up to the quality of modern phones. I don't really care about taking photos and video, so that's not a problem for me. It is "new" and came in the original box, but I did have to purchase a new battery. Lithium batteries have a limited shelf life, even if they have not been used, and this one would not take or hold a charge.

After using this phone for a month, I am finding that this phone is a battery killer. Even on standby, and making no calls, it will run the battery down to nothing in about 8-10 hours. I live only a few blocks from a cell tower, and my old phone would last for days on a charge. Have purchased 2 new batteries (Motorola), charged them according directions -- with the same results. Not sure what the problem is with this phone.
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on January 26, 2009
There are plenty of reviews of the RAZR V3 on its product pages as well as this one so I'll just review this specific product- the International Version that doesn't have a warranty.

I was a little apprehensive about buying one of these without a warranty- and still am- except I did have the Amazon protection for a month.
So far (45 days), this RAZR works as well as those I've owned in the past.

I've only found two issues so far:
1. I can't hear very well on it. It's OK, but just OK. Nowhere near as good as my SLVR or Walkman.
2. There are more dropout areas and some areas where reception is weaker than my other phones.
But then, it seems like this was typical of my previous RAZRs.

All-in-all, especially considering the price, and the fact that it is unlocked makes this a pretty good deal as long as nothing goes wrong with it.
Of course, I paid less than the present price and there were no other options like there are now. For instance, Amazon is presently offering the US version RAZR in blue WITH a warranty for $5 less as well as the International SLVR L7 with no warranty, which I would have preferred if it had been available at the time, for under $75.00. (Both are listed on this page as items customers ultimately buy after viewing this item).

I hope this helps for this particular item.
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on December 5, 2009
I purchased this phone from Amazon aware that a lot of variability exists regarding the opinions of other purchasers. However, I have owned a Razr V3 phone for several years with no problems. I am very gratified that the phone I received was everything I desired. The phone worked flawlessly while I was in Europe. I also used the Modal sim card that Amazon provided free with the phone and the reception was superb with regard to my calls as well to my incoming calls.

I was particularly impressed with the high quality of the aluminum casing of this phone, much better than my domestic Razr V3, which has a plastic casing. I dropped it a couple of times with no damage or problems. It is a sturdy cell phone. While it is designed as a European cell phone, it can be set for either a 24 hour clock or the English/US 12 hour am/pm time format. The supplied battery also worked well, and I often went several days before recharging it. My phone came with an English manual and an US charging unit. All in all, an excellent international phone. I just purchased another one to replace my plastic "domestic" Razr V3 phone.
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on April 12, 2010
I bought one of these "unlocked" cell phones [Motorola RAZR, Unlocked, International Version]. They're unlocked only in the strictest sense of the word. These phones are branded - meaning they've got some carrier's logo on them - and more importantly, they've got a crippled version of the phone software.
Now, the RAZR is a very cool phone. But, it's only as good as the software that makes it actually work. The AT&T software I had would not allow you to make separate profiles, and it required you to log on to ONLY the AT&T network to get ring tones, wallpaper, etc. All fine, if you're an AT&T customer - But this completely misses the point of buying an unlocked cell phone in the first place.
I tried to fix the situation by "reflashing", i.e. putting on generic, useful software that comes with a truly "unlocked" phone (see e.g. [...]). As soon as I did that, the phone seized up, and demanded a "Subsidy Password". The phone really wasn't unlocked at all!
If you want a phone that is truly unlocked and unbranded, buy it from one of the European Amazon sites. You'll spend a little more. But you'll get what you actually want in the end.
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on July 30, 2013
No interest in finding out how exactly seller 'wmart101' get accepted by Amazon, and I should have sensed something dreadful when I saw 'China Post' is the delivery contractor, when finally got it I unwrapped the good complete plastic package shocked to see an worn out box with NO sealing or proper packaging done on it !!!
Then SIM card can't get recognized, however tried still then ended up with the screen totally blacked out !
Interesting several other stories--I can see some of the circuit board from under the outer screen! An button fell off from a side of the hinge!
I shipped this to China so the time when received it's beyond return time. Anyhow good lesson learnt that not everything POORLY made in China, this awful thing still happens elsewhere, most ironically is when I tried to escape from poor 'made in China' stuff rushing to U.S Amazon, it's even WORSE !!
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on August 14, 2014
*******PHONE IS NOT NEW*******
Note: The rating isn't for the phone itself rather than the purchase itself.
This is a very nice phone from Motorola but is discontinued and no longer available as "NEW", unless someone really had some stock that he's getting rid off (which I was hoping for).

Although I took all the steps in trying to insure this phone is "NEW" as mentioned in the description, checking online, ebay and Amazon. Checking the reviews and seller's rating. I ordered from a supposedly good rated seller.
Package arrived, didn't look exactly new but I thought you know, it's been over 9 yeas since that phone was released, I wouldn't expect the box to be in perfect condition.

The phone looked new at first sight, all manufacturer plastics are still on it but the phone squeaked when opened. Then I saw some scratches on the edges, I removed part of the plastics to discover more scratches on the cover and camera, the charger had scratches two.
The camera had that accumulated dust inside and the battery compartment had the back sticker that separates battery from internal board partially peeled away with some dust.
The phone had strange characters on the keyboard "maybe Indian", so it's not really international version as described.

That phone is definitely NOT "NEW".
Other used phones were being sold for around $20, I paid over $40 for what should be a new phone.

There are some good reviews and even more bad reviews about this specific product, but I thought selecting a good rater seller as I mentioned before, could insure getting what I ordered.
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