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on January 14, 2015
Bolts snapped right off and my TV almost fell off my wall! The mount itself seems high quality but the bolts they include are cheap low quality metal. After about three months all of the sudden one of the bolts ripped apart and fell out of my wall. Entire TV lurched forward and almost fell. After taking my tv and mount off wall noticed another bolt had the same issue, broke right where the threads meet the smooth part of the bolt.

Took it to home depot and they said the old bolt (which they called a grade 5 or something) was too cheap to hold the weight. They sold me solid stainless steel bolts which were only a buck each and told me it would never happen again.

One star because your cheap bolts put my whole TV at risk, not to mention my family's safety!!
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on January 15, 2010
This product is good and delivers exactly what is advertised. I rate it 5 stars.

I purchased this after reviewing perhaps 50 other units. It seems most products don't include enough information to make an informed decision, so I felt like I was taking a gamble with whichever unit I chose. My primary criteria was to find something strong enough that would not sag with a 52" LCD flatscreen, would have enough adjustments to make itself sit level, and would be able to pull out from the bookshelf space where it would be mounted.

The unit is well constructed. There is no excessive play, the parts are all strong, and the machining done with nice quality. The back of the unit is ~19 inches across and fit my 16" studs nicely, and because of the location of the studs, the mounted part is offset from center about 5". This has caused no problems and the tv sits horizontal with zero sag. The up-down tilt knobs provide small flexibility to correct side-to-side tilt, of maybe 1 or 2 degrees, and of course they also allow the screen to be tilted up or down 15 degees as stated in the specs. The pins (hinges) which allow articulation of the arms have chromed bolts and are a tight fit - in fact are quite stiff. I think this is good, as it was sloppy play that I was concerned about, and this certainly is not a problem.

The instruction manual was super simple, well illustrated, and on good quality glossy paper. Literally, 1, 2 and 3. I only wish other products were so good in this regard.

This product will work as advertised and I recommend it as an excellent value. I ordered 12 products simultaneously from different venders, and this arrived first, 2 days early.
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on January 7, 2014
Got this Mount to use in a wall-to-wall cabinet. Took me about an hour to install the mount and another hour to get the TV and the cables hooked up. The mount is very heavy and it's a good thing! Marked the mounting spots and pre-drilled the holes, but after mounting, found out that it isn't perfectly level! Then, realized it's not a big deal as the TV mount plate can be tilted left/right to adjust for a perfectly level TV! Couple of weeks after installation, I had to hook up a HTPC to the TV and it was so easy to pull the TV to swing out and get full access to the back, get all the cabling done and push it back! For the price I paid ($70), it's a great value.
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on December 7, 2014
It did not work on 24 inch studs. The main piece is only 19 inches. "Mount It" would not take it back because it was not Prime. They fought with Amazon and I was left with paying the cash to send it back for shipping and lose a restocking fee or keep it and sell it. This part had nothing to do with the item, but I want to let you know to measure your studs first then purchase. It was a nice heavy product and had all parts. But the ad lied when it said it worked on 24 in studs.
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on March 17, 2015
I feel that this review needs to be split into two different items. Item one would be the Mounting Bracket itself and the other would be the lag screws that it ships with.

Mount 5 Stars

The unit itself I couldn’t be happier with. It articulates well and moves free enough in all directions. I have had it mounted for almost two months without any problems, inspecting the bracket every week. I would recommend you tighten the 4 screws on the plate though that controls rotation on the X-axis before you mount the TV though. If you have a heavier TV you may find it doesn't want to stay level if you don’t. I guess they give you this option in case you don’t mount the wall side of the bracket level enough.

Screws 0 Stars

It is clear that the company tried to cut expenses with the screws that it ships with. They don’t even have any markings that would tell you what they are rated for. Even with drilling the pilot hole to spec I had a bolt head snap while tightening into the wall before a load was ever applied to the mount. This was by hand with a 3/8 drive ratchet wrench, not any high impact power tools. Bottom line is don’t trust the stock screws with your expensive TV, and anything expensive that will be under that TV. Count on spending another 10 bucks at a hardware store if you buy this mount.

Though I love the mount I have to give this an overall 1 star due to the bolts. Had that bolt not broken while I was tightening It my TV would very likely be on the floor by now. Other reviews here have had that happen.
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on August 15, 2017
I had a hard time finding a wall mount that would fit our TV. We have a 46 inch flatscreen that we purchased several years ago, and apparently it has an odd VESA pattern - I had no idea what a VESA pattern was, or that there were several of them, until I went to buy a mount for my TV. I figured I just had to buy one that would fit a 46 inch TV, and that was it. Nope! I'd ordered one from another site that was supposed to fit a 46 inch TV, but it didn't work - the mounting brackets were too close together and didn't expand far enough out to fit our TV. After some measuring and searching around to find one that was full-motion, would support or TV's VESA pattern and not cost a fortune, I found this one. It's overkill for our TV to be sure - this thing is HEAVY! It weighs as much as, if not more than, our television does. It's incredibly sturdy, though, and the full-motion feature is smooth.

Obviously this has to be screwed into the studs in the wall, which is where our only complaint comes in -- the wall mount didn't line up with our wall studs. I believe this is for studs that are 18 inches apart, but ours are 24 inches (interior wall) -- don't quote me on that, though. My husband did the installation while I wasn't home. In order to get it to work, he had to take a wooden board, paint it to match the wall color of our living room, screw the board to the studs, then hang the TV mount from the board. It looks fine, and the TV is VERY secure, but it did take some finagling to make it work for us. We ran the wires through the wall so there aren't any visible between the TV and the entertainment center below it, and it looks very nice. And, with the TV up on the wall, I don't have to worry about it falling off of a stand or anything.
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on October 11, 2016
(images are taken on 10/11/2016)
We actually ordered this back on June 22, 2013. We still have our TV up on it. We had just bought I think it is 50", TV and needed to put it up above our fireplace mantel. So my husband bought this one and it's been really good. Not one issue with it either. It was very easy to install. Our TV is not flimsy at all and we've had it up there for almost 3 1/2 years. There is full motion range so that you can angle it in a way that bests suits you. We have ours above the fireplace and slightly angled a little downward. I feel like we are in a movie theater sometimes.

The bolts work just as intended. I read a review to be careful with the bolts ( i think somebody didn't know how to read instructions or properly install) We have had no issue and like I mentioned, it's been THREE AND A HALF years and our TV is still mounted perfectly fine to the wall. Now, with that said. If you one to constantly move your TV around, well, then I could see where that might become an issue with the mounting getting loose. My advice. Once mounted, "leave it alone"

Are the instructions easy to read and follow?
Yes, we had no issues understanding and following the instructions.

Can I mount this by myself?
I would probably get someone to help you. It is a little heavy and that is a good thing, you know it's solid.

OVERALL: This TV mount is a good product and we have been very happy with our purchase.
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on December 3, 2014
The wall mounts work great and look great! My only big negative about the product is the installation screws that came with the toolkit. The screws were ridiculously difficult to use (they're about 41/2-5" long and have no grooves on top to use with screwdriver!!) How in the world would anyone use a wrench to screw a long screw into wood studs? I ran around town looking for alternative screws that were just as heavy weight/thick but with grooves to use and I found some at another store (thank God!!), otherwise I would have returned the wallmount.
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on February 11, 2015
This seems like a extremely solid mount. It's pretty heavy and seems well constructed. There's no flexing or wiggle on the arms when you extend it, which is a good thing considering it's going to be holding a fairly expensive piece of equipment.

The downside to it being so solid is it's also fairly heavy. I think it might even weigh more than my actual tv. So I would suggest at least 2 people be involved when installing it, if not 3, depending on how high up the wall it's going to be mounted.

I only had two problems with this.

1. The screws provided did not work for my tv (samsung UN65HU8550). If you have this tv and probably some of the other samsung tv's in this series, you'll need to get M8-1.25 x 25 screws. I'd suggest ordering them online since I went to both lowes and homedepot and had a hard time finding them.
2. the knob to tighten up the tilt is REALLY hard to get to once you mount the tv because you have to be able to reach behind the knob and hold onto the nut in the back in order to actually tighten it up.

Overall though I think those are fairly minor issues and I'm pretty happy with this mount.
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on April 28, 2016
The unit is strong enough for my fairly heavy TV (about 60 lbs) and fairly well built. I just don't believe that it would work for 150 lbs or more without pulling the bolts out of the wall. Maybe I'm wrong. Other details are definitely a little lacking though. I was lucky enough that the back plate fit between two 2x4s so I didn't have to mount backer supports. You may not get so lucky. That is a solvable problem though. The mount is fairly heavy so I took it apart to make it easier to install the back plate on the wall. The mount is easy enough to take apart, put difficult to put it back together on the wall again because it is fairly heavy. To avoid that step it would have been nice if they had provided a template for the backplate. But at least by taking it apart, I got it mounted in exactly the right spot and level. The mounting bolts for me did seem solid so maybe they have changed them because of other reviews. People are correct in that the built in level was not accurate. These issues were all fairly reasonable and solvable . My biggest frustration was tightening the tilt angle plastic wing nuts. With the TV on the wall the available space is just too small to get the nuts tight enough. Of course I could have taken the TV off the rack again and tightened them, but my helper was gone and I can not get the TV off and on again by myself. Plus it seems like that is something you should be able to adjust while the TV is on the wall. Anyways you may want to have two able bodied people available for that step. Now that its all up it does work well. Once you have the mount up there is the ability to fine tune things to get it level. That is a nice feature. The included hardware seemed of high quality. Good luck.
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