Customer Reviews: Mount-It! Premium Universal Heavy-Duty Tilt Tilting Wall Mount Bracket For Samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG, Panasonic, LCD, LED Or Plasma Flat Screen TVs Sizes 42" To 70" (42 Inch - 70 Inch), Many up To 75" - 15 Degree Tilt Mechanism Up and Down, Max VESA 850x450 mm, 220 lbs Capacity, Integrated Bubble Level
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on December 18, 2013
I am NOT the most handy person, but I'm also not the least. I'd say I'm a regular Joe. So I decided to forego my TV retailer's $100 installation and do it myself. I visited two different stores to examine and play with displays and read about 50 different reviews online for mounts, so I feel qualified for this write-up. I originally wanted a "full motion" mount that could extend and pivot sideways, but every review I read had bad comments about sagging/instability, so I stuck with the simple tilt. I had just bought a brand new Vizio flatscreen that I saved up MONTHS for and it was far from cheap, so more than anything I wanted a mount that protected my investment.

And I got it. This thing is solid as a rock; I bet it could hold me (180 lbs) if I hung on it. Installation took longer than I wanted (about an hour), but only because it was my 1st ever TV mounting, I was nervous, and I had to make a couple trips to Home Depot down the block to get things I didn't realize I'd need. So, in that spirit, here is some advice/hints for you.

1) FIND THE STUDS. If you don't know how, ask someone who does. I asked the guys at the Home Depot and they set me straight. My studs were 19" apart (regular is 16") because I mounted over a fireplace so they were irregular. You will 100% most definitely want to do this.

2) - It comes with a level! When drilling into wood paneling like I was, you want to get it right the 1st time, because you can't just spackle and re-paint bare wood. You have to be 1 and done, and the built-in level was really helpful for this.

3) - You need a power-drill, 3/16" bit, and a socket wrench. Drill is for pilot holes for the lag bolts, and socket wrench is to save you a lot of time and effort with the lag bolts. The lag bolts (bolts that go into the studs) are huge, and it takes some serious effort to get those puppies in - a good thing, but I did it with a small monkey-wrench and it was time consuming and tiring. When I go to remove, I will use a socket wrench.

4) - It comes with a ton of hardware you won't use. But that's a good thing, too - different TVs take different hardware to mount, so they cover all their bases. Handy.

Now my TV is up and looking great, and I have 0 concern about its sturdiness. Seriously, when installed correctly, this thing is no joke.

Overall - extremely sturdy mount, but be prepared with everything you need before starting the install to save a lot of time.

Hope this helps you, Amazonians!
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on March 19, 2013
I recently bought a 55" LG and needed a wall mount for it. A friend of mine told me to check out Amazon as the prices for the mounts were way better than store bought. After doing some research, I ended up deciding on the Mount-It! Universal because it would fit my TV, the price was great and the back plate was one peice (I saw quite a few with a 2 piece back plate and both had to be leveled and mounted seperately ; looked like a hassle). I did see the one review that mentioned it was difficult to reach the knobs to adjust the tilt, but that wasn't a concern of mine because once I have it up, I don't see the need to ever have to tilt it on a regular basis.

Ordered the mount, it was delivered very quickly and it was very simple to mount on the wall. The only thing I did was replace the lag bolts as all of my friends with large flat screens recommended that. Cheap to buy 6, so why not take some advice that multiple people gave me? Found the studs, drilled the pilot holes and cranked the lag bolts in. a long level helped me get it straight. Brackets were very easy to install on the back of the TV. Lifting the TV up off it's original swivel base was probably the hardest part of it all. And that wasn't really that difficult. Top of the brackets fit right onto the mount, the locking screws underneath were easy to tighten and I could reach the knobs to loosen them to get the right angle I wanted and then tighten again. Locking screws were a little tighter fit to get to than the knobs (only because it was less than an inch from the wall), but those are locked and I don't ever have to deal with them unless I take the TV down, which I don't plan on anytime soon. Cables fit with no problem in the back without any angled adapters. I had tilted the TV up as much as it would go and I could see the connections with no issues. Once it was all plugged in, I tilted it forward, locked the knobs and moved my entertainment center back against the wall.

I would definitely recommend this mount to anyone as it was affordable, well built, easy to install and is rock solid when installed properly.
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on April 23, 2013
Didn't see the need to spend $150 for a mount, so started reading the reviews on Amazon and decided on this product at a great price. Arrived within 2 days of ordering; got it out of the box, on the wall, attached the TV all in less than 30 minutes. The built-in level worked great and there were enough holes in the bracket to allow attachment to 3 studs. I mounted a 55 inch Samsung smart TV and the only thing I had to purchase separately were the mounting screws for the TV. The ones that came with the bracket were too long without the spacers and too short with the spacers. A quick trip to Home Depot to get the right size screw and I was on my way. Very happy with this product and highly recommend it.
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on April 2, 2015
The only reason I gave this item 4 stars is that the bolts supplied for the back of the tv were too short or too long for my 60" Samsung Smart Tv
So just like the review I read a short trip to Home Depot and about 4 dollars did the trick
The quality of this product is solid.
Would buy it again
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on February 20, 2014
The installation is fairly simple. The main notes you have to keep in mind are; the instructions say to anchor it into three studs each spaced 16" apart. That's fine except the metal bracket isn't long enough to do that. I used two and it seems perfectly fine. You must screw into studs though, so you need a stud finder.

Another major flaw with installation is, the built in level is wrong. I trusted it and marked the wall accordingly. When I was done with the install the TV was crooked. I had to drill 4 new holes in the wall and re-mount it using my own level.

Once it was up on the wall it was great. It's a no frills wall mount. Excellent for the price if you don't need your TV to change angle too much.
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on January 11, 2016
I looked for about a month for mounts and I'm glad I chose this one! I originally got the Cheetah mount and when it arrived, I must have not read the fine print but it was 2 pieces and I was not interested in 2 piece mounts. I have a cheetah mount and they used to come in one piece. This “Mount It” was the ONLY mount I could find that came in one piece so I grabbed it and I'm glad I did. One piece is a must in my opinion, the size also allowed me to hit (2) sets of studs where the Cheetah mount would have only caught one set. This is solid from top to bottom and it has the ability to add your sockets in the middle of the mount which is nice. It took me about 1 hour to install but it’s because I wanted to be SURE I was hitting studs and it was right where I wanted it. I also added some anchor screws to the holes at each end of the mount for extra safety. I hung on this mount and it’s not going anywhere.
I gave it 4 stars because the washers that came with it are very flimsy (picture) once you tighten the lag screws they bend into the mount. I was able to use 2 of my own washers on the lag screws I hadn’t installed yet but the other 2 have the washer bending which I’m sure will be fine but use your own washers. I have an LG LA7400 and the mounting screws that go on the back of the TV were also too long or too short.. I didn’t want to use spacers so I went out and got some ¾ inch screws for 55 cents each and used those instead. Most important piece of advice. After it was all mounted and looking pretty I realized there was a glare from the ceiling light RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the TV. UGH!!! Don’t make this mistake. Try to be sure you won’t get any glare. I’m hoping if I used the tilt feature you won’t see the glare. Overall great solid mount!!
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on June 10, 2015
This really wasn't bad to install at all. We got this TV mount after surfing all the different options here on Amazon and reading reviews. (Thank you reviewers!)

We didn't care that the level might be off because we have a magnetic one that could attach and hang off the middle. For the record, the level that came with the TV mount did work.

What sold this mount to us was all the mounting options. We do have 16" apart studs and were able to get this mount to line up with three of them because of the line of ovals on the top and bottom. We pre drilled holes and used the screws/hardware that came with the mount. The most difficult part was lifting the 56" TV onto the brackets. It's a two person job, no way around it. But the brackets are enough away from the wall that we could see how we were lining up. When the brackets didn't line up we just lowered the TV to the ground and slid the brackets along the attached wall mount then tightened them.

The brackets slide in a C pattern, allowing you to adjust your TV to tilt up or down. We have our TV tilted down just a tad. This adjustment is not something that should be done on the fly or every day in my opinion. It took two people to adjust the tilt safely and efficiently (without possibly ruining a bracket). The whole project took only an hour. I love having a mounted TV and never want to go back to dusting furniture around one again.
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on June 21, 2015
- Quite Sturdy and easy to Mount the TV on the frame.
- Mounted a panasonic viera 50 inch ST50 on this mount. The screws given to fit the TV were perfect fit.

- Bolts for the studs did not have groves to use a power drill, had to use an adjustable wrench (spanner)

General Tip

- cut out a cardboard of the size of the TV to check the height
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on October 15, 2014
This is a very sturdy mount, obviously capable of mounting much heavier TV's than the current crop of LED TV's. Installation is simple and straightforward and hardware is included to mount just about any TV to any wall surface. After reading several other reviewers comments about the built-in level, I used a carpenter's level instead of relying on the built in level. From that, I did determine that the built in level was slightly off, but probably not enough to bother most people.

The only problem I had was easily solved, but could be troublesome for someone without the proper tool. The vertical supports have two pins passing through each of them to allow adjustment of the viewing angle. These pins are held in place with spring "C" clips. On both of my vertical supports, one side of the bottom pin had came loose, leaving the spring clip and washer loose in the packaging. I have a spring clip plier, so fixing the problem was easy. Without the pliers, it could have been somewhat frustrating.

A potential problem for some would be the length of the vertical supports. The box and Amazon's description both state that the mount is for 32" to 60" TV's. On my 40" Sony TV, the vertical supports were the same length as the TV is tall. On a smaller set, they obviously will stick out and show at the top, bottom or both. If you are using them with a TV smaller than 40", I recommend you go to the next smaller size.
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on February 14, 2015
Best wall mount on the market, EZ directions, EZ installation, had my 70 in Vizio 4k up in minutes.
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