Customer Reviews: Mountain Boy Sledworks Ultimate Flyer 52-Inch Sled
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on February 25, 2011
Just recieved the Mountain Boy 52" sled for a special event. Should have listened to the reviews here. The packaging from Amazon was so poor that the sled arrived broken. But I decided to fix. Then discovered tthat like many others have said beware the center pivot screw. It had already rattled apart in shipping. Still not willing to give in I took the sled apart and repaired the center screw. Then when it came time to assemble the steering arm discovered that two of the three needed screws were missing. Thought, OK I'm a machinist and can deal with this. Checked the threads and discovered they were metric. Went to hardware store and purchased the correct replacement screws. Then discovered that the holes had been drilled in the incorrect place and needed to drill new screw holes in the steering arm. So now I have a sled with a broken side rail and three extra drilled holes in the steering arm. Tomorrow going sledding and we'll see what else can go wrong. When Mountain Boy says that this sled is designed to be passed from one generation to another they mean as long as it is hanging on a wall as a decoration!!!!
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on January 5, 2013
I received the sled and immediately found out the handle holes don't line up. The instructions invite me to drill new ones if this happens. What?! They knowingly accept this defect? What else? I'm handy and have the tools, but am not going to bite. This junk is going back at their expense.
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on December 2, 2007
I've tried several kinds of reclining sleds, but this one is my hands-down favorite. For one thing, it can take a spill or two and not get damaged. It's varnished, not painted, so you can see the wood grain. The birch rails are a nice touch, too. It's super stable, and turns very nicely, which is good, because this thing is FAST! Loads of fun - when we go sledding, this is the sled that everbody wants to use.
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on January 28, 2011
The top steering portion came off on the first day of use. The screw is exposed and we can hear the rattling under the plastic cover that presumably is the nut. Very disappointing for an expensive sled. Will definitely return this product.
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on December 13, 2011
I recommend you do NOT do business with this company. I bought the sled for my son for Christams. I was thrilled to see they even included a screwdriver so that one can easily put the handle in. That's until I found the thing was not prooperly drilled. The holes simply don't line up. I guess this is a problem. They include a note telling you to go ahead and drill your own holes. Next time, I'll provide the screwdriver if they properly drill the handle. You can imagine how much fun it's going to be to ship this thing back.
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on March 12, 2012
The sled looks really cool on the pictures but they are a little deceiving. The craftsmanship of the product was subpar and had many flaws including: Finger prints in the lacquer finish, the bolt holes in the handle didn't even come close to lining up with the corresponding holes in the sled, and many of the metal spacers for the side rail were loose. The design of the bottom plastic sliding surface was also too deep and would have dug into soft snow too much and created issues. I also ordered the Mountain Boy Slalom sled which has a much better design but also had some of the same craftsmanship flaws. I am keeping the Slalom sled and returning this one. I wanted a higher end product and was willing to spend the money to get the Mountain Boy name and reputation but was a little disappointed in the overall quality of the product. Too bad too because this could be such a great product with better quality control and design.
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on December 27, 2010
The sled we got for Christmas lasted two runs. Then the front part fell off and something started rattling inside the plastic cover under the front section. Disassembly showed that it was a washer and the nut that held steering section to the bolt. You can see the head of the bolt on top of the rear section. The nut and washer are under the plastic cover.
The nut is a stop nut with a nylon insert to hold it place once it is tightened. However, the nylon insert never engaged with the bolt. There was no thread cut into it. Further analysis showed that it could never have engaged because the section of the bolt that stuck out of the board was too short by at least 1/8". It is not clear why that section was too short, either the bolt is too short by design or the head is not countersunk properly.
The steering section of this sled is fairly heavy and if it comes loose unexpectedly, it can cause serious injury to anyone riding the sled. My friends and I were lucky, but I recommend that any owner of this sled check the nut. If the nylon ring does not fully engage with the bolt, send the sled back or demand a longer bolt.

A note about <heirloom> quality (I do not know if the manufacturer claims this or just reviewers):
Having the threaded section of a bolt pass through anything as a pivot pin causes excessive wear and disqualifies the item as heirloom. It will last at best one busy season. The correct bolt type to use is a shoulder bolt, but the mountain boys may be too cheap for that.
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on December 21, 2014
For the expense, I really expected a bit more. The concept is a good one - it will float on soft snow over grass like a (steer-less) toboggan, but you get to steer, which is nice. I expect it will also track on harder packed stuff (over asphalt), but we haven't had a chance to try that yet. There were just a couple of issues with the design:

1 - as many had commented (and I purchased knowing), the holes drilled on the handle (attaching it is the only "assembly" step you need to complete) don't line up with the holes in the sled. The handle is a relatively narrow shape, so I assumed that meant it had warped after being manufactured, and I could install two screws and bend it to line the holes up and install the third (that's even what the instructions say to do). The problem is, the holes are misaligned along the LENGTH of the handle - that's not from warping of the wood, that's from misalignment of the manufacturing equipment (so you're pretty much guaranteed to have this issue on every single unit they ship). The instructions say you should just drill the holes bigger, but the holes are misaligned enough that you'd have to drill them out so much that the screw heads would pull through before you got them aligned. I used a round file to turn the holes into slots, which eventually worked. Problem solved, but a problem I never really should have had to solve (especially for the money I spent).

2 - The height of the sled above the ground doesn't seem to be as great as a steel-runner sled. As we bounced over a few small rises and depressions on the hill, the nose of the sled tended to dig into the ground below the snow from time to time, scooping up loads of dirt. I suppose that might not have been as big an issue if we were on hard-packed snow, but the whole reason I got this was to use on the grassy hill by our school, where the snow will likely never be "packed".

3 - A steel-runner sled has a default position of "straight ahead", until you steer it otherwise. The steering head on this model pretty much flops around any-which-way. The result is, if you take a running "belly flop" to get a fast start, the steering head is more likely to be pointing to one side or the other instead of straight ahead when you hit the ground, which sends you tumbling off the front as the sled carves out from underneath you. You might be able to compensate for this by pinning the ropes with your hands when you grip the sides of the sled, but I didn't get a chance to experiment and test that. My guess is it will steer to the side as you're trying to get your hands from the sides to the steering handle after you've mounted the sled. We'll have to see about that the next time it snows.

I waffled on giving it 4 stars. It's still a great idea - especially if your primary sledding location is grass instead of street/sidewalk - at least you can ride over fresh/soft snow and steer it (instead of aiming at the top and praying you miss obstacles on the way down, like you would with a non-steerable sled). If your primary sledding location is a hard-packed street type surface, then stick with the better steel runner designs and you'll be much happier.
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on January 13, 2008
We used our new Mountain Boy Ultimate 52" on our Christmas trip (2007) to Estes Park, CO. On the third trip down a hard-packed hill, our sled stopped dead with my husband on it. Looking underneath we discovered both black plastic pieces had chunks broken off and missing and cracks running from the broken sections. This occurred without striking anything with a measurable impact. It was irreparably damaged. Boy were we disappointed! Later, upon further inspection, we also discovered the middle plank of the long (lower) section cracked almost up to the pivot point. That seemed even worse than the broken undercarriage since the wood on the sled is so beautifully finished.
We contacted Mountain Boy Sleds in Silverton, CO upon our return home (to Houston) and sent them pictures of the damaged sled. Brice Hoskin,of Mountain Boy, handled the matter quickly and better than we could have hoped. Thank you, Brice.
Pros: It is the most beautiful sled I've ever seen. (We're going to hang it on the wall as a display.)
Travels at a good speed. Faster and longer distance than most other sleds.
Turns okay.
Great customer service. They care about your sledding experience.
Cons: It's heavy. Parents will be toting that thing up the hill for the kids after most every run.
The Flexible Flyer had greater speed (but we only got to use the MB on three runs, so this might not be totally fair.)
Our sled didn't turn as smoothly as we expected, but that could be that it needed time to loosen up.

I still don't have a lot of confidence in the black, plastic undercarriage and really prefer the runners like those on a Flexi-Flyer, but we bought what we bought. MB offers sleds with the metal runners if you prefer that style. If you want a beautifully crafted sled that performs on par with the Flexible Flyer, then buy this sled.
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on January 1, 2009
We received this sled for Christmas and just took it out for its maiden voyage today. WOW, is it fast! We had to drag our feet at times to slow down. It took a few runs to get used to and was mostly ridden by an adult and child together. Keep in mind, you need to make sure you have some weight in front to steer -- but it is very easy to steer if you keep this in mind. I am back on Amazon tonight to order the pad now. We were slipping off too easily and I think this will help. We highly recommend this beautiful, functional, fast sled to every family! I should also mention that my husband liked all the attention we got for having the coolest sled on the hill!
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