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on August 23, 2016
Actually made by Anchor Brands in India, not sure where the "euro" part comes in. I used this as a case holder so I can remove snug case backs, but it is described as a movement holder. That claim is beyond the scope of this review.

Pros: Very well made for the money. Pins appear to be nylon, soft but rigid, perfect for the application. Watches can be rotated 90 degrees and pin placement can be adjusted so your watch will better fit the tool if necessary. Notched at the bottom for placement in a bench vise for really stubborn case backs.

Cons: Aluminum tool frame can scratch the watch if care is not taken. Pins are not snug in the holes, so they can fall out and get lost. Nylon pin shape could be tapered at the shoulder which would hold watch in tool more securely under torque. Pins could be taller to better accommodate thick watches. Tool cannot handle watch cases much larger than 42 or 43 mm in diameter.

Overall a good value on a tool for periodic use. The cons are somewhat nit-picky, but prevent the EuroTool from getting a perfect 5 stars. It will work well for the vast majority of watch sizes.
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on April 3, 2013
I picked this one because it didn't look as plasticky as some of the others, and also, I have a small wrist, so most of my watches are under 40mm in diameter. Some seller has a model that's made for bigger watches, but it costs 3-4x as much as this one.

I bought this as an affordable way to remove the tight, screw-in case backs for those cases when I cannot hold it tightly enough with the palm of my off hand. This one does the trick.

The construction is very good, it does not have that "Chinese feeling" at all. (of course, that can change at a moment's notice, but it is true as of this writing! ;) ) It is well-machined and there is a spring provided on the threads to keep things tight. Sometimes though, I still have to unscrew the clamp, then pull the blocks apart. That's not a functional issue though, so I highly recommend this tool.

It will work on smaller watches, down to ladies sizes, and up to what is now considered midsize men's watches.
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on December 27, 2015
It is PLASTIC not aluminum as advertised. Costs twice as much as other plastic holders. Also, it is NOT RETURNABLE- I guess because it comes with California Prop 65 warning about containing hazardous chemicals that can cause cancer and birth defects :-). Nice scam!

Update: I asked customer service why this item is listed is non-returnable and they didn't really answer, other than to reiterate that the item is non-returnable. They did however issue a credit for the amount of purchase and told me to dispose of the item as I thought best! :-) Thank you amazon!
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on May 2, 2016
This was just what I needed (along with this vise: SE 8436MVC 3" Universal Table Vise) in order to open up the back of my Casio Edifice watch, which has a 44mm diameter case. I already had purchased one of those pocket crab tools, but the case on that Casio was screwed on extra tight and I just couldn't hold it properly with one hand and get enough power behind the tool. I had to move the pins on the movement holder to their outer-most holes, but the watch fit right in and was held tightly without marring the case. The holder, in turn, was held securely in the rubberized jaws of the vise, which itself was just clamped to my counter top. Not as involved as it may sound, and it was amazing how easy the case opened up using all the correct tools. The movement holder is well made, like the vise and the crab tool, and I may just go into business changing watch batteries!
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on July 13, 2014
I started off replacing batteries on my watches using a "SE 25 Piece Deluxe Watch Battery and Band Tool Set", it was cheap and did the job, but you get what you pay for. I since then purchased this movement holder and a "Lg Master Case Opener - CWR-600.00" and what a difference it makes. The LG case opener with this Movement Holder together makes battery replacements a very simple job. I now do friends watches and buy watch batteries in 10 packs. I do not regret buying the cheap set as it was a start of a learning experience to work on changing batteries and adjusting watch bands, but as time went on, the limitations of using cheap non precision tools shows itself. If doing just a few battery changes, the cheap tools are worth it, but if doing several, there is less frustration in using a good tool for the job.
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on March 21, 2014
This will be a very useful holding device. I may use it for watch cases but I also do work with a lot of other small assemblies where this will be handy. I found it well made and adaptable.

HOWEVER, the edges of the two main metal blocks are not like what appears in the picture I saw for it. Each and every edge of the blocks is sharp enough, or nearly so, that you could shave with it. At least it feels that way. . .or felt that way until I took all those sharp corners off and then buffed the corners with a fine rotary wire brush. Now I have a better toll that I'm not afraid will cut me.
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on March 27, 2014
This movement holder is exactly what I needed to hold my Wenger Swiss Military wrist watch tightly enough so I could put the considerable force needed to unscrew the back. It's made mostly of aluminum, with nylon pins and a plastic tightening knob. Two things I might caution others about: 1) Any watch much bigger than mine might not fit between the nylon pins, and 2) the pins definitely are affected by gravity-- try not to turn this upside down or you might need to order another holder.
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on July 10, 2011
The quality of this watch/movement holder is very good. It is made of aluminium and seems like it is a product that will last a lifetime.

The only gripe about this watch/movement holder is that it seems to be on the small side even though it holds my larger diameter watches which are around 45mm (Citizen Nighthawk and Seiko Monster). I would say anything larger than 47mm you will need a larger holder.
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on February 8, 2013
First this is a quality product. The problem I have is it is to small for most men watches. Amazon should put in the description the size watch cases it will work with. Will not fit standard Invicta mens watch cases. For small mens or ladies watches it works fine. I am keeping the product because it will come in handy for smaller watches in the future but dose not work for me at the moment so I am giving it 2 stars for the poor description 4 for quality so an average of 3 stars.
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on November 5, 2016
Sometimes when you look at a tool, you look for the defects. This one is just fine, works smoothly. Maybe the swiss tools would be better, but for 8.50, this will suit me fine, until I machine one myself.
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