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on December 2, 2011
Just finished installing four of these lights around my home. I am very pleased with the brightness of the light and the size of the area lighted. While they are not as bright as the ad photos might indicate, they are bright enough for me to read 8 point type in an old Bible fairly easily. Probably the best description of light is a very white with about four times the intensity of a bright full moon. (I uploaded a couple of photos to show the effectiveness of the lights.)

I mounted my lights about twelve feet off the ground and angled out a little. This makes an oval of light that is about twenty-one by thirty feet. These give me the light where I need it and a much cheaper than having an electrician wire my home for just one light.

The motion detection area exceeds the lighted area by a few degrees and is sensitive enough to detect my cat when he runs through the area, but not when he walks through. Time will tell how long these lights last and the duration of the batteries.

Wish I had discovered these lights a few years ago. The price just went up $3.50 each to $24.99, but I'd probably still buy them although with this much difference I might opt for the similar Dorcy units.

Update 10-26-2013:
The lights I originally installed are still functioning just fine. The batteries seem to last a little over a year in the units that are activated the most. Making it a habit to replace the batteries in late fall each year and I will have no worries all winter.
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on January 1, 2011
I installed this in the front yard near the front door. There's not a tremendous amount of light, such as for security purposes, but it's good for the sole purpose of making sure you don't bump into anything. The sensor seems pretty sharp, when I drive up in my car it goes off just pulling into my driveway. The install was pretty easy, but I feel like it has kind of a clumsy look or something. It's just personal preference though. I bought this one and also the Fulcrum Products Light-It 6 LED Porch Light with Motion Sensor for the back yard. I would give each the same type of review, except that I prefer the look of the Fulcrum and the install was easier.

Update March 25: It's still working, no battery changes yet. The Fulcrum light stopped working after a couple months.

Update June 10: It's still working, no battery changes yet. I'm buying another one for the backyard to replace the Fulcrum.
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on November 1, 2014
Works for awhile but... we have had these for two years. We originally purchased four, but are now down to one. Each of the three broke in the same spot: where the plastic housing connects to the base. As you will see in my photo, the plastic here is extremely thin, especially given that most of the torque loads are here. It seems sturdy enough when you first install it, but the plastic seems to degrade in the sun and after a year or so and then it takes very little accidental force to shear this off (I broke this one merely changing the battery - see photo).They work fine, but sooner or later that batteries need changing or someone will bump into them, and the poor choice of materials and poor design on the base means you will be uninstalling the pieces and sending them to the dump in just a few years.
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on May 6, 2016
I've bought a couple sets of these now after a string of neighborhood burglaries. Between my pint-sized watch dog, motion alarms, and these lights, I've been able to avoid being the target of any additional theft. I like that they're battery operated so I can mount them anywhere. The first set I've had up for over 3 years and I haven't had to change the batteries yet. Angle is easily adjustable and they're bright enough with a wide enough cone to come on with any movement around my house. And if the dogs are in and the lights come on, I know there's either a prowler or deer in my yard. I did seal the original set with a thin layer of silicone because I live in rainy Western Washington. Both those and the non-silicone set have stayed dry and all the lights function as good as when i first mounted them.
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on September 21, 2010
I rely heavily on other reviews so I endeavor to give back.

This product works as advertised. I use it to light up a fenced in corner of my yard that I store garbage cans in. It lights things up very well, more than suitable for security. I was concerned with an LED spotlight but it exceeds my expectations. The device itself is plastic as expected, and about what I expected in weight and feel. Doesnt feel like junk but not a solid peice of machinery either. Been using for several weeks and rain has not been an issue, who knows what happens over time. Also not seen the cold temps yet but I have every reason to believe there will be no issues.
Lastly the motion detecter really works...as soon as I approach the corner it pops on.

I will buy more of these....

Update coming up on 2 years and this device is still going strong and on the same batteries that were installed out of the box new. The area is not high traffic for sure but it gets used daily at least.

Update November 2013: Still Great, just changed from 4 to 5 stars. I now have 4 of these around my fenced yard for both security and for my dog at night. As she wanders around the yard the lights pick her up and I think it is helpful as she is getting up in years. Also when I need to bring find her at night all I need to do is look where the light is lit. We actually play frisbee after dark and this light the way for her. I have a few mounted about 10 feet up on an Oak tree and the sensor works great, even at a 90 degree angle it picks me or my dog up. Buy without hesitation.
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on June 17, 2017
We got this to try to have a light that goes on when the neighborhood skunks prowl around so there are no surprises, no skunks yet, but the cats in the neighborhood haven't triggered it yet, so no joy there. That being said, it's been so hot out that I think small mammals aren't easily "seen" against the background heat, but human sized things like us, well it lights up instantly. Plenty bright to get the key in the lock. I'll update on the skunk detection in the fall when it's cool out. I'm also thinking of getting a couple more of the smaller, 80 lumen versions for temporary mounting when we go camping as a critter detection system, though the false triggers that all motion sensors have might be obnoxious. The last thing is that I love the way you can just mount the base and then easily attach the light once that's done, perfect design feature on that!
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on October 23, 2014
OMG these things are sooo awesome!

We are in the middle of building a house that has big, tall pine trees in the back of the yard. We have a neighbor on each side of us, but there are quite a few trees that kind of obstruct the view between the houses--as in if they were to notice something 'suspicious' going on while we weren't there.

The location of our home building is also about 15 miles outside of town, so it is not a heavily populated area and our property is VERY dark at night.

We are just about to have our slab poured next week, so that is the stage of home building we are at. There are some 'shady' characters that live across the street and in the daylight we have already had a couple instances of things disappearing or almost disappearing.

I was looking at security lights and I didn't even know that there were battery-operated motion lights on the market. It seemed in-efficient in a way, but after soooo many positive reviews, I had to take a chance on these things by Mr. Beam. I surprised my boyfriend with them and he was blown away at the brightness of them. He was stoked!

We went ahead and installed them about 10' high, out of reach of the average person and low enough for the motion sensor to be triggered/also for the light to shine on an adequate sized area.

These have really eased our mind quite a bit for once we really start constructing the house and are going to HAVE to leave materials behind at night and such. In addition to this, we bought a fake security camera with a blinking red light (on amazon of course) for under $10 to go with these lights.

Also, my boyfriend is excited to have them around for even after the house is built and wants to buy more. Our neighbor immediately asked for the product information and is also going to be buying some very soon as well.

I am pleasantly surprised and absolutely 1000% happy with these lights.
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on March 15, 2016
This light is great and works perfect for my needs. We wanted a light at our house to illuminate our carport door so that we didn't have to fumble around with the keys when we come home at night. We put this to where it will detect our car as we pull into park, and it shines directly on our door and also illuminates our storage closet door if we go outside to get something from there. The light does not activate during daytime hours until after the sun has completely gone down, even underneath our carport where it does not receive direct sunlight, so it does well detecting ambient light. I am considering buying a few more to put on other areas of our house. I have included two photos, before and after light activation to show how bright it makes our carport.
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on December 7, 2016
I really like this thing. I put it up on my patio and it does an A+++ with the motion detecting. It even picked up my cats walking around. I bought a previous one at Costco and It lasted a few months then broke and the motion sensor sucked. I ended up returning it, but this one is way better.

=It rained a bunch, no problems with it stopping working
=It's made it about a month on the batteries
=Light isn't CRAZY bright, but it's decent. If I got another one, I'd like the light to be a bit brighter but then that might drain the batteries.
=I wish this was solar powered but oh well.
=Never been a fan of D batteries. We'll see.

Overall it does what it said it was going to do, with no problems so far. I ordered a second one on the Amazon Sale to face the opposite direction.
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on March 23, 2015
Ample light for warding off intruders and to light up an otherwise very dark back yard while I bring my trash cans around to the street. Thoughtfully engineered. Easily mounted. Infinite and easily adjustable aiming. Easy access to the sealed battery compartment.

The included photo doesn't really do justice but it's the best my phone camera could do. It was taken on a pitch black night from a second story window right next to where I mounted my MB360 under the eaves. In fact, it's so far up that I was concerned about the motion sensor being able to function. Again better than expected. Starting at my back fence and walking toward it, the sensor activated the light as I approached the front of my camper, easily the full advertised 30 feet.

I considered the MB380/390 with twice the light output for twice the price but the MB330/360 made more sense to me, allowing for twice as many units for the same money. Plus, if my math is right, the three D cells that power the single LED of the MB330/360 should last 50% longer than the four D cells that power the MB380/390's two LED's.

I just installed my first one today so this is all very preliminary but I'm optimistic enough about this product that I just ordered three more. I'll see how they do in the long run and update my review if anything changes.
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