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on January 10, 2016
This unit is very good if you know how to fix it. It was leaking water on the counter after a year the pump that sense the water back to the holding tank gets week so the water runs down the in side wall. I analyzed it and all you have to do is turn the spout at a 45 degrees and it won't run down the back wall.
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on February 25, 2016
I had this product since June 2014 and really like the convenience and use, especially at the price compared to an actual Keurig. In the last month, however, it developed a leak that I didn't notice until I saw rust stains developing in the underside. Now it is a fire hazard and not safe to use; the damage is substantial as seen in the picture. My father also had the exact machine that fell to a similar occurrence. It was a really good coffee maker and I would consider buying one again...
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on July 3, 2016
I have purchased two, Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewers within the last month, one from Wal Mart and one from Amazon. Both quit working within a few days of purchasing them. Neither made more than 5-6 cups of coffee total. I used bottled water and k-cups in both so I do not believe it was due to any fault of ours. With both brewers, the pump comes on but it doesn't pull any water from the reservoir into the machine, so nothing brews. It's also not a case of us not setting them up correctly, I know that because they each brewed a few cups before they quit working. I think they are faulty machines. I don't recommend them, at all. I guess I am back to searching for a decent single-serve machine.
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VINE VOICEon May 2, 2015
After years of debating, I finally broke down and bought a Keurig coffee maker. Well, this is a Mr. Coffee coffee maker, which is a brand I have stuck with most of my adult life - and that's about 35 years of coffee drinking.

Since I only want one good cup of coffee a day, this single serve maker lets me indulge when I have my one cup.

This unit could not be simpler, but I wish the water carafe was easier to manage. It's kind of awkward feeling and I seriously hope I do not drop it and crack it or something. That worries me.

I get my one cup of hot coffee in about 30 seconds with this machine. It's hot but not too hot to begin drinking immediately. Now I am experimenting with coffees. Yes, it's more expensive than old coffee maker coffee. You are literally paying ten times the money for one tenth of the product. You are paying for the little plastic tubs the coffee comes in. For a few bucks you can invest in a plastic unit that works with your own coffee, but since I am in the honeymoon phase with my new coffeemaker, I am indulging myself and squandering hard earned money on 12 packs of single serve coffee varieties from many different brands.

I am indulging myself. This coffee maker makes me feel special. No more paper filters or coffee grounds in my cup for me. I hope this thing lasts. I hope it's not too good to be true. My husband hates it so our old coffee maker is still sitting on the kitchen counter next to this one. That's okay. We can't afford for both of us to drink expensive coffee sold in plastic shot-sized units. This is mine.

UPDATE: Bought this in April and don't even use it daily and now, in December, the pump stopped working. Good thing I kept my back-up coffee maker.
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on October 8, 2016
Lasted for 3 days, 6 cups of coffee. Warranty not honored by Mr. Coffee

Received BVMC-KG6 from Amazon on October 5 2016.
Stopped working on October 7 2016.
I called Mr. Coffees Warranty number and talked to their Service Representative.
They asked me for the number found on one of the prongs of the power plug.
It was G146, I was told that this product is over one year old so is no longer Warranted.
I discarded the original packaging that this came in as it did work the first day out of the box.
Does Amazon allow returns if the original packaging/box it came is gone?
This also came with a box of 5 Keurig Brew cups past their expiration date.
A sticker on this box has a best used date of July 25 2015.
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on December 14, 2016
The System drips a great amount of clear water all over the kitchen counter no matter what brand of coffee cups I used. Online chat customer service is very poor, the chat rep told me today (December 2016) that the system is too old ( was bought in July 2015), and that I should buy a new one.
Update Dec 24/2016 Mr Coffee sent me a new reservoir only to have a countertop full of leaked water again. Phone customer server is very poor. Very poor, unpolished, uncaring, customer reps both on the phone and on the chat line. I would NOT recommend this product as other customers have noted the leak issue . the leak issue is well known to the company, but the company (either Mr Coffee, or Keurig who is the manufacturer) is doing nothing to fix the problem. If you call to complain , do NOT wasite your time completing the survey after the call, this is only a cheap, meanigless psychological tactic
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on May 14, 2016
This is an updated review. I have owned *SEVERAL K-cup & Keurig-licensed machines over the yrs! Having purchased this unit in March of 2016, I was thrilled that at 1/3rd the price of my actual broken old former Keurig brand K-cup Machine, that *this* Mr. Coffee unit seemed to be more robust and sturdy, as well as the sound and noises that this unit made were "healthier and more robust" than my prvs Keurig and Cuisinart single-serve k-cup units. *Those* machines seemed to wheeze and work harder at the task of brewing a good cup...*now* it's the end of September, 2016 and the unit died over a month ago, refuses to push water threw to brew... and I have done *everything* the Mfr. says to do to clean and unclog the unit. kaput! I bought this thing when it was first offered at a good price... like $57 ... now I see they're asking you for circa $80... I'm not sure that *any* of these single-serve-brewer-machines, as a group, can *EVER* BE RELIABLE, the technology/design/durability factor, after well over a decade, just isn't there. In 6 months-to-maybe over two years: plan on buying a
replacement, REGARDLESS of whose unit you buy!
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on July 25, 2016
Bought this for my husband for a Fathers Day gift. I had looked at so many and initially had planned on buying the Kurig brand. After reading lots of reviews on the Kurig brand, the most common complain seemed to be that you had to buy their k-cups which are more expensive. I read where there were ways to bypass that but really didn't want to have to rig it up to work. So glad I found this one!! It was cheaper than the Kurig brand ones and it does just as good. He loves it! We have used so many different brand k-cups as well as the k-cup you can get where you add regular coffee to it. He probably uses that the most but when we had just a regular coffee maker he was always making a whole pot but only drinking a cup or 2 so a lot got wasted not to mention the time it took to brew a whole pot. Now a container of coffee last so much longer because he makes a cup at a time and he loves that he is able to brew a cup within a minute of walking out the door. He says the coffee seems much smoother. The only cup is has not fit is his Yeti so if he wants to use that he just brews in a smaller cup and pours it in the Yeti.
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on December 18, 2013
We had been using a small single-serve maker that uses the Senseo pods, which we love as well. The problem is if you need them on the spur of the moment, they aren't easily attainable. Local markets do stock them, but in very small quantities. Anyhow, we waited as long as we could to join the Keurig bandwagon since according to reviews, these machines are very unreliable and expensive.

I knew my wife was very interested because of the ease of use and all the different flavored coffees in ALL of the stores. I saw the price of this machine on Amazon and thought why not. It's reasonably priced so if it breaks in 6 months, at least we scratched the Keurig itch. So far we have no complaints.

I really enjoy the 40oz. water reservoir. With the Senseo we had to pour measured water in each time. I love being able to pop a k-cup in and just hit a button and have a cup of great coffee a minute later.

Some basic overall points:

1) If you are like me and need your coffee steaming hot (hate lukewarm coffee and tea), what I've found is that the coffee produced is hot enough if you're drinking it without cream or milk. If you do add those things then you will likely need to nuke the coffee for 30 seconds or so to make up for the cold creamer.

2)There is no off switch. The machine keeps water at a constant temperature. Obviously, if this concerns you electricity wise you can unplug the machine when not in use and it doesn't take long for the machine to heat the water.

NOTE: Here's an odd tip. If you do unplug the machine as I do, when you go to make a cup make sure you plug the machine in and turn it on first before loading the K-cup. If you try to grab a k-cup and load it before plugging machine in then it won't begin to brew when you hit the start button. You then have to open the cup holder and close it again before brewing.

3) Very easy machine to use. This isn't one of those Keurig machines with the blue screen with all the options. On this one you have a button to pick size of cup you want (6 oz, 8 oz, etc) and the start button which turns machine on when it has been unplugged and begins the brew cycle.

4) If you care about such things, it's an impressive looking machine on your counter top. I also have the spinning chrome k-cup holder that holds 30 or so cups in it sitting right next to the machine on the granite counter top and it's like having a coffee house in your kitchen. This is a very solid looking machine with a decent sized footprint. Again, I'm coming from a small senseo single serve pod machine so maybe that's why this one stands out as so large and bulky to me.

5) One final tip. If for some reason the machine doesn't spit any coffee out once you've started the brewing process, check the bottom of the k-cup. On one of mine the hole punched on the bottom of the cup ended up not being large enough and I guess the pressure of the backup forced the machine to stop the brewing. That's only happened once to us so far.

At the end of the day I'd recommend this machine. It's reasonably priced, has performed well so far, fits any size cup, easy to use, etc. Based on reviews for these type of machines and how often they break down, I'd be happy to get a year out of this one based on the price. We shall see.
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on September 11, 2016
After reading the reviews and feeling more and more dissatisfied with my Keurig brand brewer, and the price, I thought this would be worth a try. 6 months later it's DOA, it just pumps water out the bottom. I'm waiting to hear back from Jarden - I tried the online chat which is a huge waste of time - it's buggy and kicked me off in the middle of a chat several times. A few times I would get to the #1 spot and it would say there were no agents available try again later. The agent did tell me the brewers ARE WAY OLDER THAN THE PURCHASE DATE. We will see if it's an issue for the warranty.

I'm kind of glad it's dead, I never really liked it as well as the real thing. Mostly little annoying things. Like when you buy a pair of cheap sunglasses. They work but...

It took too long to heat up, it was such a tease - it sat there looking ready to brew but as soon as I needed a cup it would have to heat which took way longer than the Keurig ever did. It has a setting to put it to sleep or something but that wasn't the problem, I tried both options.

Our coffee maker is on a side table so the cord needs to be able to reach a standard height outlet from a standard height table, it's about 2" short. Every other coffee maker we have had for 15 years can reach. This detail - saving 2" of electrical cord probably saves the company thousands, and let's them sell this model for a few bucks less. If your coffee maker is directly in front of an outlet, then no worries.

In summary
Dead after 6 months
Slow to brew (even after the water is hot)
Slow to heat
The styling is OK
The cup size selector is a thumbs down - especially for a blearry eyed sleepy person trying to get coffee
The cord is ridiculously short

I will not buy this again. If they warranty it out and send me a new one, I'll keep it as a back up.
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