Customer Reviews: Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer BVMC-KG6-001, 40-Ounce, Black
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I've been using a Keurig coffee maker for 3 or 4 years. It's just about the most convenient way to brew a fresh cup of coffee. It's never burnt tasting like coffee that's been sitting in a heated coffee pot for hours and it's always fresh.

Mr Coffee has take the K-cup and made their own brewer around the Keurig technology. This is a simple to operate brewer that lacks some of the features that the Keurig brewer has, but really this lacks little in the coffee making department.

This brewer has a 40 ounce water reservoir with a nice handle built-in. The handle helps you to take the reservoir off the machine and to help you guide it back on the base. There is also a removable lid on the reservoir. I usually leave the reservoir on the machine and refill it by pouring water into it from the top. If you are worried about spiling water all over the place doing that, then it's also easy to remove the reservoir and fill it while it's sitting on the counter.

Mr. Coffee recommend you use bottled or filtered water but not distilled or reverse osmosis water (which removes important minerals that can add an important taste quality to the water). I use tap water but using tap water carries some risk of having the machine eventually get clogged up with mineral deposits. You can run vinegar through the machine every few months if you think that could be a problem.

When you turn the machine on the first time, a pump pulls water into the heating tank inside the unit. This takes a few minutes for it to reach temperature. After the first cup is brewed, the next cup will be ready to brew much more quickly.

The controls are relatively simple. There is an on/off/brew button. Below the on/off button is an LED light that indicates the machine is pre-heating. Once pre-heating has occurred, that light goes off and a light goes on around the on/button to indicate that you may now brew a cup of coffee. Below that are 3 -LEDs indicating brew size: either 6, 8 or 10 ounces. Brew size is selected by pushing button directly below the LED indicator lights.

Normally the mahine will stay on indefinitely unless you turn it off. However there is a "hidden" setting that will turn the brewer off after 2 hours of inactivity and that is set by simultaneously pressing the brew size button and the on/off button for about 5 seconds.

Another nice feature is the "inside-the-machine" power cord storage area. I do need to point out that the power cord length is pretty stingy at only 25" long. I can see where that might be a problem in some areas where you might be thinking of placing this.

I really enjoy the convenience of having freshly brewed coffee at a moments notice. It is my impression that the coffee from the Mr. Coffee brewer is a little hotter than the coffee from my Keurig brewer, though it's close. And if you don't wish to have the ongoing expense of buying K-cups, there is a solution for that too... you can get something called the "My K-Cup" Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter that allows you to use your own coffee in a reuseable coffee filter. It's a real money saver. There are other options too that some people prefer, like the ekobrew Ekobrew Cup, Refillable Cup for Keurig K-cup Brewers, Brown, 1-Count

It's not quite perfect though. The cycle time between your ability to make the next cup of coffee is longer than with my Keurig. It takes about 30-40 seconds to brew a cup of coffee and then about a minute or so before you can begin to brew the next cup. Overall responsiveness of the brew button leaves something to be desired as sometimes when I press it, nothing happens.

I really like the ease of operation and appearance of the Mr. Coffee single cup coffee maker. It gets a lot of use in my house.
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I have purchased 12 Keurigs since they first came out and have been largely pleased with them but accepted that they only seem to last a couple of years (yes I turn them off when not in use and only use filtered water). So when the Keurig at the shop kitchen went out, I jumped at the chance to try out the cheaper and higher rated Mr. Coffee.

Despite what some others have reported, ours brewed a very hot, tasty cup of coffee quickly. The brewing process is much quieter than the Keurig, it completely heated the water before it began brewing, and it brewed more quickly than the Keurig.

I've seen reviews that faulted this pot because it turns off automatically after four hours but it does so to save energy and lengthen brewer life. Consumer Reports checked out brew temperature on multiple pots and found it to meet industry guidelines of 195 degrees.

Two Year Addendum: The pot is still working great. A recent CR review knocked this brewer because of the time it takes to brew the first cup. Kind of sad that that's a criteria when we are talking about seconds. I replaced one of my ailing Keurigs with another Keurig model that looked the same as the one I was using but it was noticeably different. I got it for half the retail price at Sam's Club Auctions and less than this Mr. Coffee is selling for. Everything that was metal on the original was now plastic. The plastic water reservoir had been redesigned such that it was harder for me to slide it in place and the plastic was thinner so that I couldn't easily carry it with one hand when it was full of water. I'd rather have paid more for the Mr. Coffee.
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on June 23, 2013
After burning through two fairly high priced Keurig k-cup brewers, I looked around for a replacement by a different brand. "Mr. Coffee" has been around a long time and because they have established licensing for Keurig k-cup brewing and have marketed this model brewer at a much more reasonable price, I decided to try their product. I'm glad I did. Both Keurig products failed at the stage where hot water is to be pumped through the k-cup...they just failed to pump. (I use only filtered soft water in my brewers.) This unit has a pump for that stage of the brew cycle that sounds far more substantial than those in the previous Keurig product. It hasn't yet stood the test of time, but as of now I am extremely happy with the choice. The only complaint is with implementation of the loading mechanism: it feels flimsy when opened to remove/insert a k-cup. Also the water reservoir has lower capacity than the previous brewers I've owned. Otherwise I'm very happy with the brewer and would recommend it to friends without hesitation.
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on June 27, 2013
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7-6-16 Update:
Downgraded to one star. The second one just died. 2.5 years. My Jura is going strong and MUCH cheaper to operate. This machine is used 3 times/day at most, and no more than 4 days/week. It just died. Does nothing.

12-23-13 Update:
The machine has been working fine. Still not the greatest Keurig brewer, but good enough. The footprint is smaller than the one I have at home, which is perfect for my office. It still has a bit of a drip after, but it is only 4-5 drops. Enough to be annoying, but as I said, customer service was AWESOME, and for me that counts for a lot! 4.5 stars.

7-19-13 Update:
So a couple of days after I set this up and started using it, it could have been leaking the whole time and I did not notice it, because it was from the bottom and going behind it. A quick call to the company had me speaking to a very nice rep who informed me that there was something wrong with the machine. He emailed me an invoice a few minutes later and the next day emaailed me a UPS return label and another invoice saying that a new one shipped. I got the new one the day after UPS picked up the broken one! Now that's fast!!! I'm starting all over an will add to this review in a week to report on the new machine. I will state that the dripping at the end is just a couple of drops and totally acceptable. As for customer service, you couldn't ask for better. If this holds up, I will bump it to 5 stars. Give me a week or so to really put it through its paces.

Original Review:

I got this to use in my office, and remembering my old Mr. Coffee from (ehem) a long time ago, I had high expectations. Well, I was not disappointed. Set up is really simple. Fill up the reservoir (40 ounces) to the Max. line (be aware that there is still a lot of room for water, and I almost went past the line). Then attach the overflow tray. Plug it in. You are ready (the first time it takes a longer to prime, but afterwards it's pretty fast). Let it run through a cycle with just water to clean everything out. Then with the samples that come with this you are ready for your first cup. Like the other companies, the Mr. Coffee makes a cup fast. I like the Dunkin Donuts and Starbux (neither of which are included as samples).

You have three brewing choices, 6, 8 or 10 ounces. The water/coffee is hot. Water does not come out in a full stream. It has one stream, and then another stream that dribbles a bit. Also, another con is that you get a couple of drops of residual drip, which makes me wonder if this is normal for the machine, or just mine. My other machines (different brands) do not do this. Removing the reservoir requires a bit of effort, and at first I was afraid of breaking it. I also tried to fill it by just opening the top but I must have moved something and caused a lot of water to leak out (note to self, directions are there for a reason). With that said, the instruction book is great, as is the quick set-up guide. I think it is very nice of them to use a nice sized font that is legible without a magnifying glass! The auto off timer is nice, and can shut itself off after 2 hours.

This is easily a 4.5 star product. If not for the two little things I mentioned, I would have given it 5 stars.
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on February 10, 2014
Our Mr Coffee arrived as a replacement for our 4 year old Keurig. Right out of the box we noticed the 'Mr Coffee' etched logo was upside down. It wasn't a label so we couldn't fix it and we were going to have to live with it as is. It was definitely going to be a conversation starter!

Next and final problem was the coffee maker never stopped. By that I mean as we were brewing hot water to cleanse the unit; it never came out of brew mode. It would run out of water; we would fill it up and it would continue to brew. We tried everything, unplugging the unit; waiting 5 minutes and plugging it back in; Changing the cup size; Manually turning the unit off and on it simply didn't matter. It would just continually brew water! Even with top top raised.

Good thing we were paying attention otherwise we would have had hot water all over the place.

Too bad..we were hoping a name like Mr Coffee would be a somewhat quality product. Our advise is to stay away.
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on January 10, 2016
This unit is very good if you know how to fix it. It was leaking water on the counter after a year the pump that sense the water back to the holding tank gets week so the water runs down the in side wall. I analyzed it and all you have to do is turn the spout at a 45 degrees and it won't run down the back wall.
review image
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on July 13, 2014
We have been using this for the past 7 months, brewing several times a week. It does a good job brewing coffee and we have enjoyed the K-cup universe of varieties that it unlocks. However, after several months, we started to notice that the counter around Mr. Coffee was wet. After some investigation, we discovered that the pump will sometimes recycle the water back into the reservoir through a clear rubber nozzle at the top of the reservoir. The water drips out slowly sometimes and runs behind the reservoir and the coffee maker housing (this is a design engineering problem that Mr. Coffee needs to fix), causing it to pool under the removable reservoir container and eventually overflow onto the counter. To fix this, you need to do two things:

1) Never remove the reservoir. Just remove the lid and add water. This actually works better for us due to our counter height and it was difficult to remove anyway. This didn't fix our problem but we noticed we could keep the gap tighter to prevent some of the leaking. The real fix is #2.

2) You need to extend the nozzle so that the dripping water falls into the reservoir and not behind it. I used the clear tubing (e.g. ice maker water fill line) and cut a 3/4" piece and fitted it inside the clear rubber nozzle. This allows the dripping to fall directly into the reservoir. This fixed our problem. However, it means that you cannot remove the reservoir without removing the tubing extension.

I suspect Mr. Coffee will correct this problem in future version, but if you ended up with one of these that wet the counter, there is a workaround that will help you continue to enjoy your investment.
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on December 25, 2013
Would not work out of the box. It just keeps flashing "add water", and the "troubleshooting" suggestion is to keep adding water, which it clearly has. Going Back. Looking at the other recent reviews, this seems to be a problem with the unit.....
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on July 23, 2013
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This makes a nice hot cup of coffee. Perfect!

I love the large reservoir as the last thing I want to play with in the morning is getting water into the coffee machine. The water lasts me for several cups before I need to refill it.

The machine fits well under my counter and doesn't take up a lot of space. My sister has a different machine and hers is HUGE! Hers is a bit more fancy (and costly) but honestly, I don't think the extra cost is worth it. This one costs much less and is a breeze to work. The coffee tastes wonderful.

These machines really make the morning coffee time so much easier.

- No mess and this can be used half asleep. So easy...
- Very quick brewing
- Perfect for the household who doesn't want to brew a big pot of coffee. Hot and fresh coffee for each cup!
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on December 18, 2013
We had been using a small single-serve maker that uses the Senseo pods, which we love as well. The problem is if you need them on the spur of the moment, they aren't easily attainable. Local markets do stock them, but in very small quantities. Anyhow, we waited as long as we could to join the Keurig bandwagon since according to reviews, these machines are very unreliable and expensive.

I knew my wife was very interested because of the ease of use and all the different flavored coffees in ALL of the stores. I saw the price of this machine on Amazon and thought why not. It's reasonably priced so if it breaks in 6 months, at least we scratched the Keurig itch. So far we have no complaints.

I really enjoy the 40oz. water reservoir. With the Senseo we had to pour measured water in each time. I love being able to pop a k-cup in and just hit a button and have a cup of great coffee a minute later.

Some basic overall points:

1) If you are like me and need your coffee steaming hot (hate lukewarm coffee and tea), what I've found is that the coffee produced is hot enough if you're drinking it without cream or milk. If you do add those things then you will likely need to nuke the coffee for 30 seconds or so to make up for the cold creamer.

2)There is no off switch. The machine keeps water at a constant temperature. Obviously, if this concerns you electricity wise you can unplug the machine when not in use and it doesn't take long for the machine to heat the water.

NOTE: Here's an odd tip. If you do unplug the machine as I do, when you go to make a cup make sure you plug the machine in and turn it on first before loading the K-cup. If you try to grab a k-cup and load it before plugging machine in then it won't begin to brew when you hit the start button. You then have to open the cup holder and close it again before brewing.

3) Very easy machine to use. This isn't one of those Keurig machines with the blue screen with all the options. On this one you have a button to pick size of cup you want (6 oz, 8 oz, etc) and the start button which turns machine on when it has been unplugged and begins the brew cycle.

4) If you care about such things, it's an impressive looking machine on your counter top. I also have the spinning chrome k-cup holder that holds 30 or so cups in it sitting right next to the machine on the granite counter top and it's like having a coffee house in your kitchen. This is a very solid looking machine with a decent sized footprint. Again, I'm coming from a small senseo single serve pod machine so maybe that's why this one stands out as so large and bulky to me.

5) One final tip. If for some reason the machine doesn't spit any coffee out once you've started the brewing process, check the bottom of the k-cup. On one of mine the hole punched on the bottom of the cup ended up not being large enough and I guess the pressure of the backup forced the machine to stop the brewing. That's only happened once to us so far.

At the end of the day I'd recommend this machine. It's reasonably priced, has performed well so far, fits any size cup, easy to use, etc. Based on reviews for these type of machines and how often they break down, I'd be happy to get a year out of this one based on the price. We shall see.
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