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on April 22, 2017
>>> SUMMARY <<<
I am sometimes a picky, critical person. I research products carefully before I purchase. I love this coffee machine/pot, and would certainly recommend it to my friends or family. It reliably and easily makes good coffee, and it does it for a decent price. I will probably buy this pot or a very similar pot to replace it some day. Coming from me, that’s a pretty strong endorsement.

I have thoroughly reviewed many aspects of the machine below.

This Mr. Coffee is a reasonably good looking coffee machine, combining stainless steel with black and clear plastic. The machine (with carafe in its nesting place) is about 14.5” high X 9.5” wide X 11” deep. The space required to use it [without moving it] is larger though, because of the carafe, reservoir, and filter/grounds basket. The carafe handle sticks out about 2” beyond the base (making the full depth from back of machine to front of carafe handle about 13”); to remove the water reservoir and the coffee basket, one needs about 8” of extra space — I have an 18” wide space on my counter between the paper tower dispenser and the wall, and it is just barely enough room to remove/replace the water reservoir and coffee basket without having to move the machine. Because the coffee basket is so high on the machine, our toaster fits snugly between the coffee machine and wall, so there’s no wasted space!

The water reservoir is removable and holds enough water for 10 “cups” of coffee. Most people recognize that the concept of cups has been ridiculously misrepresented by the coffee machine companies. For this particular machine, 10 cups (max fill on the reservoir) is about 46oz (of brewed coffee). The reservoir itself is about 50oz, the carafe can hold about 48, but due to losses during brewing, (steam, soaking into the grounds/filter, etc) a full pot is about 46oz.

I appreciate that the water reservoir is removable. I find it much easier to fill than previous coffee machines that have the reservoir built in to the machine (this is especially useful for machines that will be placed under other cabinetry).

It is very easy to fill the reservoir, add the coffee filter and coffee, and set up the clock and delay timer. I’ve been using Melitta Super Premium coffee filters (8-12 cup) and they’ve been working great.

One of the important aspects of a coffee machine is the performance data. I attempted to quantify several aspects of the machine/use.

> Brew Temperature
A full pot of coffee measures about 177F just after completing the brewing process, and drops about 5.4F/hr. This means after seven hours the coffee in the carafe is still at 139F, still an acceptable temperature for my coffee (I realize this is not necessarily good enough for everyone, but it’s perfectly fine for me!). And because there is no hot plate (just a well insulated thermal carafe), the coffee tastes just as good seven hours later (no burned coffee!).

> Brew Time
The first drop falls at about 30s, the last drop falls at about 7m. If you’re extremely impatient or addicted, the first 10oz is done in about 100s and the brew pause feature allows you to pour off your fix without spilling much more than a drop.

> Pour Time
The thermal carafe design is great for keeping coffee warm without requiring additional energy input and without burning your coffee, but there is a trade-off: a restriction on the pour spout. It’s not the end of the world, but it reduces flow rate, meaning you must be patient when pouring. The pot empties at about 1.25oz/s, so the whole pot will be empty in about a minute. But for those of you who are eager to get your first 10oz of the day, waiting 12 seconds to get from the carafe to your cup can feel like an eternity. Take a deep breath; relax. It’s OK.

> Costs Overview
Trying to account for every piece of the puzzle, I came in at just under $1/pot. Pretty good! So coffee from this machine will cost about $0.021/oz; compare this to a 20oz Starbucks coffee ($2.35, or $0.117/oz). If you use this machine to replace only one cup of Starbucks coffee per week, it will pay for itself after one year ($0.99/pot/week * 52 weeks + $71/machine = $122 = $2.35/ Starbucks 20oz * 52 weeks). If you use it to replace one cup of Starbucks per weekday, it will pay for itself in about 11 weeks and you’ll save $284 in the first year. If you and a friend are each using a full pot (46oz) to replace two every-weekday Starbucks coffees, you’ll save over $500 in the first year.

> Cost Details
My cost analysis (to come up with $0.99/pot) included coffee filters, coffee grounds, electricity, water, and the water filter discs, based on whatever I paid for these things (or to order replacements). By far the biggest expense was coffee ($0.93; I purchased 126 1.5-2oz bags of coffee — perfect for a full pot — from for $115, which included shipping). The coffee filters, filter discs, and electricity needed to brew a full pot (0.14kWh) are each about $0.02. I used tap water, which, on a per pot basis, is essentially free ($0.0016/pot)

> Sounds
I roughly characterized the sounds made by the machine using my cell phone. The percolating noises were about the same as a quiet conversation. The [4 kHz] beep to signal the end of the brew cycle is about 10-15 dB above the percolation noises. Not too loud, but if you’re trying to maintain a perfectly serene household, it may bother you.

1. Some other reviewers suggested that they needed to use two filters or more coffee to get the right brew, but that hasn’t been an issue for me. I’ve been using two filters anyway, because I prefer my coffee quite strong, but I’ve tried it with one filter and it produced a good cup of coffee.
2. Some other reviewers have told tales of spilled coffee or clogged machines — this hasn’t been an issue for me (well, not often anyway; see below). Before I prep the coffee to brew, I shake the carafe and/or open, empty, and rinse the carafe to be sure it is empty.
3. Some other reviewers have mentioned a harsh and thick plastic smell that it took a long time to subdue. I agree that there was a plastic smell, and I took care to brew full pots of water, vinegar, water, coffee, water through the machine (in my garage) before bringing it into my house and using it for the first pot. But I think that might have been overkill. Some people will probably not notice any plastic flavor on their first pot, and some people will probably complain of plastic flavor incessantly; for me it has only produced delicious coffee.

1. I wish I could turn off the beeps at brew completion and two hours after brew completion. They’re not very loud, but I find them unnecessary and would rather do without them.
2. A pot fullness indicator. I understand the desire to keep the stainless carafe well sealed — introducing a window into the side of the carafe would greatly compromise carafe mechanical integrity, ability to retain heat, and aesthetic. But perhaps this feature could be implemented in another way to at least provide some indication of what’s in the pot without having to pick it up, shake it, take off the top and look inside, etc. (maybe a force sensor underneath that compares the weight of the carafe vs that of an empty carafe, and uses the difference to calculate the amount of fluid in the carafe and display that on a digital meter on the side of the machine?).
3. An automatic shut-off with a full pot! I read about a few mishaps others had, and lied to myself that I would never have the problem of leaving something in the pot and accidentally overfilling it. But one day I forgot to check the pot to make sure it was empty before starting a brew. And it overflowed. And it was 100% my fault. But it sure would be nice if the pot could somehow sense that the pot was nearing over-flow, and automatically stop/pause the brew. Perhaps a good feature to combine with the pot fullness indicator discussed above?
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on September 13, 2015
I read the reviews on this and many other coffee makers before ordering, so I was prepared for some of the things other reviewers didn't like. When the product was first plugged in, the control panel didn't respond. We looked it up and used the "unplug for 20 minutes and plug back in" method which fixed the problem. We've had it two weeks and it functions perfectly. I love that you fill the reservoir from the faucet rather than trying to pour water from the carafe into the top. As stated by others, the thermos carafe keeps the coffee hot for several hours without a warming plate. We don't use the water filter and it works fine. This might seem obvious, but the directions don't specify that you do still need coffee filters.
This product would get five stars from me except for the extremely strong plastic smell coming out of the box, from all components, including the carafe. We ran at least a dozen brew cycles with water and finally used the recommended vinegar cleaning method, extending the soaking time to several hours, and then running three more brew cycles with water and letting the components dry in the sun before brewing our first pot of coffee. I could still taste a bit of the plastic the first couple of mornings but that has finally worn off. Great design if you are looking for a thermos carafe, just don't expect to brew a pot straight out of the box,
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on September 20, 2016
Avoid this unit! I purchased in April of 2016 and as of 9/14/16, it's nothing more than a paperweight. I followed the maintenance procedures as outlined in the manual, i.e. replacing the filter disc monthly and running the cleaning cycle with 6 cups of vinegar after 90 brews.

After filling the reservoir, coffee basket and hitting the brew button, the unit began to buzz incessantly. Unplugging and resetting does nothing. Google mrcoffee buzzing noise repairs and the first video that pops up is of a guy smashing several of these units.

I emailed Jarden's Consumer Solutions and get some lame email response 5 days later that maybe I'm filling the reservoir incorrectly or misaligned the coffee basket. I'm awaiting a response to my follow up email stating I would not run the cleaning cycle again, but rather want this unit replaced or repaired.
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on July 5, 2017
After spending many weeks researching and reviewing options to trade in our Keurig for a regular drip coffee maker we decided to give this one a try. I read many reviews that had negative remarks about leaking, and other brew problems. Originally those reviews steered me away but on a whim I decided to try it anyways. I AM SO GLAD WE DID. The only issue we had (which will be with any new coffee maker) is that our first few brews had a plastic-y taste. After about 7 or 8 brew cycles of vinegar the taste was gone! We use this coffee maker religiously every morning and for many hours after the coffee is still steaming when poured. Once the coffee has finished a brew cycle the machine will beep to alert you, with that said I advise waiting a minute or two after to make sure the coffee has stopped dripping completely. I made the mistake once of grabbing the pot the second the beep went off and scorched my hand with coffee drips in the process. The pre-set function is easy to use, the design is sleek and visually appealing and best yet we are saving a BOATLOAD on coffee now that we are not buying k-cups. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!
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on January 19, 2017
I've had this coffee maker a few months. At first the thermos worked to keep the coffee a good temperature for over 3 hours. Now the coffee is luke warm in about 60 minutes. I have never placed the thermos in the dishwasher or abused it in any way and I've always cleaned the pot as directed. I am not sure how the thermos diminished. It sucks, now cups from last half of the pot always go in the microwave. If you put THERMAL as your selling point, you ought to make sure that feature last more than 2 months.
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on November 23, 2016
My first three pots were very weak, and I was getting ready to return this. Then read some comments which noted the same problem, and one suggested removing the water filter pad (the Mr. Coffee water filtration system) which sits over the ground coffee basket. Did so and now it works just fine. I am having a had time understanding why this should make a difference. However, my tap water is fine and I would not spend the money to replace that filter on a monthly basis as the manufacturer recommends, so I can live with this.
But, when I called the manufacturer for help resolving the problem they did not offer any solutions. Lucky I came across this on my own.

Update: discovered that the weak coffee was because the filter pad was not sufficiently permeable, so the water flowed over it and down the sides of the basket. Mr. Coffee sent me a replacement filter and it was a much darker color than the one shipped with the coffee maker, and it works fine. I suspect that soaking the filter pad before first use would improve performance.

UPDATE December 2017: the LED display became dimmer over time, to the point where it was barely legible even with the kitchen lights turned off. Called support and was advised to unplug it for a few minutes, and also to press and hold brew button; neither resulted in fix. At this point, I was a few days outside of the 1 year warranty, yet Mr. Coffee a/k/a Jarden replaced the entire unit. Kudos to them for great support.

I see that others have encountered the same problem with the display. Product makes great coffee and carafe is excellent design (durable, heat retention, pours well), but is of little use at home without a functional timer. Took the old one to the office, where a timer isn't necessary. So, I still recommend this product, but if you purchase one keep an eye on the LED display, and seek warranty support if you happen to have a dud.
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on September 29, 2017
I am a happy and pleased customer. This coffee maker makes hot hot coffee! I've seen other say that it doesn't, well mine does. I followed the instructions and washed all the recommended parts before using. And I would recommend this to anyone. Now, if you want to pay $200 for your coffee pot go ahead and knock yourself out. I'm just an average Joe ( really, the pun was intended). I'm enjoying fresh hot HOT! coffee as I write this review. I don't need to go into the details of the coffee pot the manufactures writeup does that on the website. My comments are about the coffee that it produces. In my opinion, this is well worth the money spent and that's not to say it's not a good cuppa coffee cause this is a good cuppa coffee. And FYI, I have one in my "save for later" inbox in case the price drops on an Amazon warehouse item I'm going to buy it and just store in the garage. I like to have a coffee pot upstairs in the wintertime. Personal preference broaching 60my man/lady. Don't want to go up and down stairs just to get that first cup In the winter time, anyway buy the damn thing.
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on July 1, 2017
Had the 10 cup version of this pot for 3 years and loved it. Needed more capacity so decided to try this model. I was skeptical after reading so many negative reviews but ordered one anyway. The first one we received was a repaired one at a cheaper price but we returned it because the carafe lid didn't function properly (it didn't pour at all!). Looked around for other brands / models but came back to this one because it has a 12 cup thermal carafe and a removable water reservoir (basically the only coffee pot with both of those necessary features). Second time was the charm. We've been using it for about 3 months now with no problems. It brews quickly, the coffee stays very hot in the carafe for over 2 hours and still hot enough to drink for up to four. It does put out more steam than I remember our 10 cup version doing, but it is not under a cabinet in our kitchen so built up condensation is not an issue. The redesign on the carafe lid does make it pour slower than our 10 cup did and that's why I'm rating it 4 stars. The other lid worked fine so I don't understand the redesign...and the plastic "brew meter" is a worthless gimmick.
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on June 9, 2016
Arrived promptly. I really love it so far. Its pleasing to the eye, doesnt take up much counter space and can fit under the cupboards. After my last few coffee makers I really wanted one that was easy to use, maintain and clean. This one fits the bill. The removable water reservoir works great, but I can see where the small tab at the top that holds it in place may be snapped as other reviewers said, so I'm being careful with seating it each time properly. The grounds/filter holder is on the right side and it also is easy to remove, clean and use. You have the option of using a separately sold permanent filter or paper, i prefer paper.

The control panel seems to have extra buttons just to make it look smarter, like who will need to toggle on/off the light intensity of the clock display? also the clock could have been put under one button instead of having the min/hour right there for you to accidentally press as you turn on the machine. I also dont need a display to count down last brew time. but these are little quibbles and not worth mentioning really.

This is my 1st thermal coffee maker and so far im very impressed. The instructions did not mention the carafe at all, on how to maintain, use etc I managed to fumble my way thru.. In the past I kept my coffee warm by keeping the heating plate on during the day or using a microwave. My 1st cup of coffee with this machine was a full hour and half after brewing and it was still burning hot. Love that!. The coffee was rich, smooth, with no grounds, cloudiness or bitterness.

There is a strong plastic smell still in the thermal jug, I cleaned according to instructions with soap, water and ran 3 pots of water thru the machine prior but its still there. It does flavor the coffee a bit but I have hopes that it will go away promptly. Others have mentioned the loudness of the machine and it does make a bit of noise during the short 4-6 minute brew time, the alarms for signaling finish were not loud at all, just 3 chimes. I did not have dripping issues with the carafe. I have concerns about the charcoal filter remaining wet in the closed grounds compartment and getting moldy but I already know that I will not continue with the filter once the free one is gone.

i really like this maker, glad i got it. will update as time goes by on how it holds up.

its been months now and I adore this coffee maker, its very easy to use and clean. I no longer use the insert for chlorine and that makes using filters even easier. very well designed appliance
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on July 15, 2016
Has a slightly larger footprint than our previous coffeemaker. Had to rearrange our counter layout as this coffeemaker has the brew basket located on the side. Our old coffeemaker had the brew basket in the front. Also loading coffee grounds into the basket is a slight problem as the basket will not set flat on the counter for filling. It wants to tilt to one side as the water filter is on top of the basket and flips to one side and it is not removable.
That's the reason for the one star deduction.
All that aside, it makes an excellent cup of brewed coffee and the carafe keeps it hot for 4-6 hours.
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