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on February 15, 2013
Why would a coffee lover give such a high rating to a cheap Mr. Coffee?

a) Doesn't drip at all when you remove the carafe. You'll never hear the annoying drop of water or coffee splashing and burning on the bottom, even if you remove the carafe quickly. Excellent design when it comes to functionality - won't drip at all while serving either.

b) Makes quite decent coffee - excellent for its price.

c) The thermal carafe is an excellent idea, it will never "burn" the coffee (always fresh and hot), but it's also difficult to clean without some special tool, and you'll notice discoloration at its bottom after a few months.

But why doesn't it matter?

d) Because this is my third one - I know it will stop working after about one year of use - and it's cheap, you'll buy another one. During all that time though, it'll make quite good coffee twice a day.
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on December 13, 2011
I bought Mr. Coffee 8-cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker a few months ago because for the 5th or 6th time I had broken my glass decanter and knew it was time to spend a little extra on a thermal decanter--at least I can't break it! Plus, nowadays, it's difficult and not worth the money to replace a glass decanter. Although, when I did break my glass decanter, Mr. Coffee sent me a free one, though it did not fit my coffeemaker, but I thought their customer service was good. I am soooooo glad I finally bought a thermal coffeemaker/decanter. This one is one of the most reasonably priced. Regarding some issues brought up by other reviewers, the lid to the decanter takes a couple tries to get just right, but it's not that big a deal. I'm type "A", always rushing around, and I have no problem twisting on the lid (though I get it crooked sometimes) while tending to the kids, dog, etc., so you will get the hang of it. Furthermore, when I am ready to pour the coffee, I loosen the lid about half-way so the coffee will pour more quickly (no, I can not wait the extra seconds to pour!) so if you are like me, always rushing, just twist the lid to loosen it and the coffee comes out quickly enough. Finally, I worried at first that my coffee would not be hot enough, and I was NOT going to fill the decanter with hot water and WAIT 5 minutes before brewing my coffee--waste of time and water! So, I do NOT put hot water in the decanter first as is suggested in the instructions, and my coffee is brewed perfectly steaming hot! So much so that I add a cube of frozen cream to it, and it's perfect! Also, the coffee stays hot for a while--a couple hours. I have no problem with the temperature at all. Maybe after 4 hours, I would have to microwave the coffee a few seconds, but 2 or 3 hours, no problem. The smaller capacity is no problem either--makes plenty of coffee for my morning and afternoon fix, and enough for visitors too. I am very happy that I bought this coffee maker!
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on April 6, 2012
I used to have a fancier version of this coffee maker which retails now for about $80, and when I needed to replace it I decided to go with this one. I'm pretty much the only coffee drinker at this point with the exception of an occasional guest so I just needed something simple. At this price point, it is a great coffeemaker.

For those of you unfamiliar with THERMAL coffeemakers, they do NOT have a hotplate, nor do they need one. Also, DO NOT attempt to place the thermal carafe on a hot plate (or any hot surface such as a stovetop) or you will bust the vacuum seal and ruin the thermos like my dad did with the one I gave him for Christmas.

If you've ever owned a regular thermos, you know that prior to filling the thermos you should prime it by filling it with hot water - this will heat up the inside of the thermos and once the hot coffee from the coffeemaker drips in it will stay hot as long as you keep the lid sealed shut. Even the company warns you about it - First thing I saw when I opened the box is a bright flyer telling you to prime the carafe.

If you want a coffeemaker with a hot plate that you don't have to prime and don't want to take the extra few seconds to pour slowly and seal the top again, then this is not the coffeemaker for you. If you don't mind taking the extra time to do these things then you will be in for a nice hot cup of coffee that stays hot in carafe for a few hours without "cooking" the coffee.
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on October 9, 2012
I first bought this coffeemaker in 2007. It was perfect. The materials were great and the design was thoughtful.
Well, I didn't clean it often enough and with the controls being electronic instead of mechanical, one day it decided it wasn't going to make coffee anymore [my fault, totally]. So in 2010 I bought the same model without a second thought and boy was I disappointed. It was completely re-designed by some idiot in engineering and the quality of the materials went from great to terrible. The grade of plastics were changed so everything feels cheap. The water reservoir lid was re-designed so now when you lift the lid, [no matter how long you wait after brewing], it leaks all over the counter and I'm not exaggerating. The carafe plastics were changed and now the lid binds trying to close or open it and takes quite a bit of strength.
I've owned plenty carafe-style makers, because there is no heating coils to overheat or forget to turn off ;{. So the quality of this coffeemaker has nothing to do with laziness, ignorance, or failing to read the instructions. They re-designed it for profit and it is now a terrible product.
This is the most negative review I've written in 6 years [and I don't like writing them].
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on July 14, 2011
When I set out to get a coffee pot for the upstairs in my home (so that if I wanted coffee before my husband did and because I can't easily navigate stairs), I thought I wanted an upscale "one cup" type model. I would have my first cup by myself when I arise earlier and join him for a second when he got up. Hmmm.
For one thing, my husband likes scalding hot coffee and I spend a good deal of time waiting for mine to cool off. This thermal coffee maker (if one heats the thermal carafe as suggested) delivers coffee at the perfect temperature for drinking (not warming one's hands or cauterizing bleeding gums <g>) and keeps it at that temperature for a decent period of time; certainly long enough for refills.

I use very good coffee which is not always available in the "one cup" version, so if I wanted to use the upscale models I would have to get the "empty" one cup, fill it freshly each day and then I would cup of coffee and no refills.

In thinking about the enormous difference in price and given that we grind our own beans daily anyway, this made perfect sense and has worked wonderfully for me.

There just was no justifying the price differential; and "one cup" for me (and my special mug and travel mug) may not be "one cup" for you with your lovely bone china. In my case, "one mug" would be a better description of what I drink in the early a.m.

Yes, one does have to line up arrows on the lid appropriately. Really, all I have to note is that this works exactly as it should if one *reads the directions and follows them*. (Boring? Sorry!)
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on January 4, 2014
Ten years ago, I bought a coffee maker with a thermal carafe and it worked great. You never, ever have to worry about running out the door and having the pot boil dry or the coffee turn into syrup. We always setup the pot and turn on the timer the night before, so there's coffee ready when we get up in the morning. This is really helps since the alarm is set very early here.

This one is a disappointment because it comes with a warning: "Preheat the pot by putting hot water in before making the coffee." Really????? We find that the coffee is just on the border of being hot enough without the preheat step. The wife sometimes complains that it's not quite hot enough.

The other problem is that the pot itself gets quite hot, even though you would not expect this in a thermal carafe (the old one didn't get hot on the outside). It's arguably too hot to put on the wooden kitchen table without a potholder underneath. Kind of disappointing that the pot is hot enough to take the finish off the table, but the coffee is not quite hot enough to sip/enjoy.
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on December 11, 2012
After reading all the reviews both pro and con, we decided to buy this coffeepot. We had been using a French Press Coffee maker and liked it a lot but was somewhat inconvenient to use so we thought we would switch to an automataic with a thermal caraffe. Even though we find the coffee tasts good, there are two things that we find quite irritating and why we won't recommend it to die hard coffee drinkers. One of the biggest complaints we have is that the water does not get hot enough. Please take this complaint serious if you are contemplating buying this pot. We like our cofee hot enough to sip and enjoy which this pot doesn't do plus we also heat our coffee cups. If you are a coffee gulper and in a hurry to get out the door then this might be OK for you. But we don't like having to drink our coffee fast just so it won't get cold on us . Secondly, we have a problem with seating the lid and loosening the lid to pour. The lid is so tight to turn it takes two men and a boy to get it into position to pour. Also, it is quite difficult to seat the lid back on the pot after cleaning. We know that thermal caraffes should be tight but this one is way to tight and would be difficult for anyone who may have trouble with arthritis. In addition, once you turn the lid to pour, the coffee doesn't pour as you would normally expect but just dribbles out in a very small stream. So, would we recommend this coffee pot? NO, not to avid coffee drinkers who want easy access to a good hot cup of coffee so consider buying something that ensures hot water. We may go back to using our Fresnch Press again.
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on August 16, 2013
I bought this coffee maker in late June 2012. Honestly, I probably didn't even get a chance to try it out until July. It did make very tasty coffee that was plenty hot, without that burned taste that you get from coffee that cooks over an electric burner. Occasionally it would overflow. If the coffee filter collapsed, coffee grounds would drip down and plug the hole in the lid, and then coffee would leak everywhere. Mostly I just had to make sure that the coffee filter was pressed up against the side of the basket so the water wouldn't push it down. I think this happened only 3 or 4 times during the period that I owned it.

My biggest disappointment is that the coffee maker stopped working in August 2013. It didn't even make it 14 months. I did use it almost every day, but I expected more from a coffee maker at this price. I called Mr. Coffee to complain, and they said because it was out of their 1 year warranty period, they could only replace it for me for $35. For me, not worth it. If I am going to buy a new coffee maker, I expect it to last longer than that.
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on December 31, 2013
I purchased this coffee maker to replace my 12 year old thermal Mr. Coffee maker that I LOVED! The lid was easy to twist on and off. The coffee would stay HOT for many hours. I decided to replace it because the pot was not keeping the coffee hot as long and it was beginning to look a little rough. I wish I would have tried to replaced the pot only.

The replacement was very disappointing! Part of the name says "Thermal", but that's nearly false advertisement. Within one hour, the whole pot is luke warm at best. Trust me, this is not due to a seal problem, it is a design problem. The lid is VERY difficult to twist on and off. If you have any sort of grip issues or arthritis - PLEASE don't waste your money. Lastly, the when pouring the coffee it leaks out of the pot just under the plastic black rim. I'm sad and sick because I paid this much money for this product.
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on July 17, 2011
First thing to know is that this is the same as the glass-carafe 12-cup coffee maker, but the thermal carafe is double-walled, so less volume for coffee. Important if you have a small kitchen or limited counter space. I love it. I think the coffee is perfectly drinkable as soon as it is brewed- no waiting. On a lazy Sunday morning, I can go back to it for perfect-temperature coffee 2 hours later and it is only slightly cooler, and NOT BURNT. With my old coffee maker, I had to turn the hot plate off as soon as it finished brewing and then re-heat later cups in the microwave - never quite right. The carafe, being two layers of stainless steel, is heavier than a glass one, and the lid is tight, and the opening is narrow enough that it would be hard to clean without a baby bottle brush (we've got one of those, so not a problem for us). Also, because the carafe doesn't sit and burn on a hot plate, it needs less scrubbing than a glass carafe. I know that the more expensive brands, like Cuisinart, come with thermal carafes that have a push-button to make it a little easier, though they're no lighter. I preferred to spend less than half and get all the features I wanted, and deal with the lid, but then I am young (see comment re: baby bottles) and don't have arthritis.
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