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on November 4, 2016
My check engine light had been on for a couple of years for the catalytic converter on my 2003 Toyota Sienna. I would clear the code and it would usually turn back on in a day or two. The vehicle seemed to drive fine to me. Every time I thought about fixing the problem I would lose interest because the estimates were around $1000 for a catalytic converter and I was told there were 3 of them in the vehicle. Someone suggested I give this product a try. I was pretty skeptical but decided for $20 I would give it a try. I added the bottle with about 4 gallons of gas left in the tank and drove it about 15 miles as instructed. I then filled the tank and drove it about another 50 miles over the course of a week. The engine light was still on so I cleared the codes and now the check engine light has been off for a month. I only used one bottle but if the check engine light comes back on again I probably would try a second bottle because it seems to have done something positive.

I know some people have said it did not work for them and it probably won't work for everyone but I wonder how many of these people followed the instructions and how many of them cleared the check engine light after applying the product. I don't think the check engine light will turn off in most vehicles until the code has manually been cleared.

Of course a few days after posting this the check engine light came back on. I probably will try another bottle.
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on December 31, 2016
I was surprised but it did fix my Honda Pilot catalytic converter. I followed the directions EXACTLY! Reset the error code for the converter and it has been six months without a relapse. At the very least it is worth a try.
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on February 12, 2017
Had a car sitting for over 2 years. It was a 2000 Jeep Cherokee sport. I needed to get registration to sell it, but it didn't pass smog check. I was told I needed to drive it for a few hundred miles before it would pass, just because it was sitting. Well the car wasn't registered. I had just under 1/4 tank and added this. and drove until empty, then filled again with about 2 gallons to try to flush it out. After that I drove until nearly empty again and refilled my gas full and smogged it again. Only about 25 miles driven and 4 days and my car went from failing to passing smog. I've also used it in another vehicle that was getting the egg smell form the exhaust, that is in indication of a bad cat converter. I used this as directed (just drove in higher rpm/lower gears). While using the product, the eggy smell became more pungent, but afterwards I haven't smelled it since. I really recommend this product for a variety of uses, from passing smog to regular maintenance.
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on October 16, 2015
Here is the deal. If your Catalytic converter is just dirty and has not been damaged then this will work for you. It is very nice product to keep fuel system efficient and clean. However, if your catalytic converter is broken or damaged then don't waste your money. Mine was dirty and the check engine light came on and i used it twice and the check engine light has gone away. So it worked for me. I will keep using it every 3 months. My car runs very smoothly after using this product.
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on August 26, 2016
So here's the thing... I am not sure whether it worked or not, but it got me to pass the NY state emissions test so there's that...

I reset my code for a bad catalytic converter so the check engine light would go off, put this in my fuel tank and drove around for about 40 miles. I have a stick shift so I was driving with high RPMS ~5000 in third gear. After having less than a few gallons left in my tank (as well as receiving a speeding ticket smh) I refueled by car with premium gas and took it to inspection. It passed, and less than 10 minutes later when I pulled into my house, the light turned back on, I kid you not. So.. I don't know. I am just happy I have one more year of no expensive repair. BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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on December 4, 2016
This is my story. My Honda Odyssey EX-L 2005 (85K miles, first owner, bought new, all regular maintenance) all of sudden had a CEL light on 11/22/2016. It threw a code of P0420 pointing at catalyst system efficiency below threshold (bank 1). Based on my research, there are too many things that can cause this code. However, if it comes to the catalytic convertor or oxygen sensor replacement, the expense could be too high. So, I decided to take care of it myself before I go to Honda dealer or other mechanics. I first changed the engine oil at Walmart, just regular Quake 5w20 oil. Besides, I asked the technician at Walmart to add a bottle of Lucas (heavy duty Oil stabilizer, white bottle) as well because the engine seems to burn a bit oil over time. I also filled the gas tank up (regular 87 gas) and added a bottle of Heet (red bottle, Heet Fuel Line Antifreeze, Water Remover and Fuel Injector Cleaner) into the gas tank to remove water and hopefully to clean the fuel injector. Then I cleared the code myself and started driving the vehicle locally. After driving about 135 miles, the engine light was on again and had the same single P0420 code. At the time, the Cataclean I ordered from Amazon arrived so I want to give it a shot.

At this weekend (12/03/2016), I already drove the car for about 190 miles since I filled the gas full. I poured the whole Cataclean into the gas tank, which had a bit less than a quarter tank of gas. Then I drove on to highway. As some reviewers suggested, when there were no cars close to me, I stepped on the gas pedal hard (almost 'floored' it) to get RPM to 5K. When the RPM reached 5k, the speed of the car was about 85 miles on highway and then RPM immediately fell back below 4k and 3k itself. I released the gas pedal to slower the car. (If you do that as well, do be careful. Nobody wants to get a speed ticket on high way, right?). I did the same cycle for about 5 times on highway: slowing down to about 60 miles/hr -- flooring gas pedal to reach 5k RPM (speed over 80 mile/hr) -- releasing gas pedal to let the car slow down. After driving about 30 miles, I stopped in front of a mall to shop a while. About 15 minutes later I came back to the car and started it. You know what, the engine light was off, on its own!

I drove another 40 plus miles after that and stopped at a gas station to add some fuel. I just added 6 gallons of regular 87 gas. As I do not plan to add premium gas in the future, I did not want to do it now as some reviewers suggested. With 6 gallons of fuel, I drove more than 120 miles before I filled the gas tank again. That 6 gallons of gas gave me about 21-22 miles/gallon gas mileage, which was about right for Honda Odyssey. The engine light is still off (after driving 170 miles).

I felt the car was getting more power after adding the cataclean. The acceleration was smooth and more powerful. I did not observe any black smoke (or any kind of smoke) from the tailpipe when I floored the gas pedal. The car did not have any driving issue or noise or anything. I did not expect it worked so well when I did not see any smoke or anything coming out of the tailpipe. But obviously it helped clean the catalytic convertors or oxygen sensors or whatever that threw the P0420 code. I am not sure how long the code will be off and I will post a follow-up comment in the future. Again, the car has been maintained regularly for oil change, transmission flush, and I added sea foam to gas, oil gasket, and even brake air intake lines once every other year. However, the car was driven mostly local in the past 4-5 years. I can tell you, its RPM never reached 5K in the past 5 years. What causes the P0420 code? I do not know. But obviously the Cataclean did help at this time. Spending $16-20 on the Cataclean before you touch the expensive oxygen sensors or catalytic convertors could be a good investment. I plan to buy another bottle in case the code comes back again. Good luck to you DIY maintenance.
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on February 22, 2017
Item did not work but was given full refund. For satisfaction issues.
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on February 5, 2017
I followed the instructions. Absolutely no results.
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on February 25, 2017
Did not work. Followed instructions to the tee
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on May 5, 2017
First I clear the check engine light myself, but it came with P0420 after about 150 miles. 200 miles later I tried again, but did not clear the code. Needless to say, I still have the P0420 code. I difference on the first bottle though, I honestly do believe this product did some clean, but not enough.
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