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on October 13, 2013
I, like a number of others, had the problem where the hose did not seem to allow propane through it (or at least no more than to keep the pilot light lit). I confirmed it was not the heater by using a 1 lb can which heated just fine. I also have two 20 lb tanks on my cargo trailer, and neither one would keep the heater lit other than the pilot light.
This made me think that the 20lb end was not going in far enough to engage the valve on the tank.
However, after doing about 1 hour of research, I found a factoid on the propane check valve, which is required on all propane tanks after 1998.
According to this article (just search for "reset propane check valve"), what happens is if you have a high-pressure line hooked up to the propane tank and just "quickly" open the valve on the tank, the check valve will "burst" (open) and gas will not be allowed through the tank into the line. (I think the tank thinks there is nothing connected to it, so the valve shuts off the gas)
Once this happens, you need to "reset" the valve:
a. Turn off the valve on the tank, leaving it connected to the heater/grill, etc.
b. Disconnect the hose from the propane tank, but not the appliance.
c. Turn on the appliance (or leave it running before step a), and let the pilot light or burner stay lit until it extinguishes (This will purge the remaining gas from the hose.
e. Hook the propane tank back up, ensuring the valve is closed.
f. With the hose now hooked up to both the appliance and the tank, SLOWLY open the propane valve a 1/4 turn, and you should hear the hose pressurize. This has told the tank that there is something hooked to it, and the check valve did not engage.
g. Once you hear the hose pressurize, you can open the valve on the propane tank all the way.

Following these steps (simplified below), I was able to use the suspect hose on both propane tanks. I am a little perturbed that the manufacture of this hose does not tell you these cautionary notes, as the hose is solely used for bulk tank to throwaway can appliances. I wonder how many others have thrown away this hose because they too, did not know about the check valve? I have placed a sign on the Little Buddy Heater with the simple steps so I never have this problem again...

Here are the steps above summarized:
a. Turn off the propane tank with the appliance running and the hose disconnected from the tank so it burns all the propane in the hose.
b. Turn off the appliance. Connect the hose back to the (closed) tank valve
c. Crank the LP valve 1/4 turn with hose completely connected, listen for the hose pressurizing.
d. Slowly open rest of way. Appliance should light now.
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on December 22, 2013
I have bought about 60 of these hoses from Amazon and 100’s from other dealers, and have had zero problems. It is absolutely an excellent hose. For those of you who are leaving one star because you can't get gas to go through the hose, it is not the hose causing this. It is the safety check valve inside your tank. All new tanks now have a safety check valve inside the tank inside the main shutoff valve. If there is ever a large break in a gas line, and a large amount of gas is escaping, this check valve will close, preventing gas from escaping. When you first pressurize this hose, that initial rush of gas into the hose can trip the check valve inside the tank, preventing gas from further exiting the tank. To solve the problem, close the main tank valve. Allow the hose to depressurize by using whatever gas is in the hose. Then, open the main tank valve again very slowly so gas can fill the hose slowly. If you hear a “click” at the tank shut off valve, you’ve tripped the check valve again. Depressurize again and open the shut off valve slower next time. Once the hose is pressurized, open the tank valve all the way. The small amount of gas that you will use for appliances will not trip the safety valve inside the tank. Your appliance should work properly.

For those of you who are leaving low feedback scores because the ends of the hose are not correct for what you’re working on, is that really a fault of the hose? Not really understanding that. My suggestion is to ask first if you are unsure. There is plenty of info on this hose all over the internet. It is sold by many dealers. So you don’t need to make the mistake of buying it incorrectly and then blaming the hose for not having the ends you needed. Hate to see an excellent product like this degraded because of a consumer mistake.
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on February 1, 2012
This is the hose you need to hook up your Buddy heater to a larger (20 lbs) propane tank.

This hose is all you need. You don't need anything else. You don't need a regulator. However, adding a fuel filter wouldn't be a bad idea.

Both ends of this hose are suggested to be hand-tightened. Fine. However, I couldn't get mine to pass gas. The fitting going into the heater needed another 1/8" of turn at which point the gas flowed freely. Apparently the fitting is quite sensitive. This required a wrench as I had tightened it as much as possible, by hand. You may, or may not, need to do this.

The hose itself is of good quality, and so are the brass fittings. Nevertheless, the hose needs protection from abrasion and assorted abuse. As a reminder, recall that the fitting going into the propane tank must be turned counter-clock-wise to tighten, as opposed to normal threading which is turned clock-wise to tighten. Finally, remember to turn off the gas at the propane tank, and letting the heater burn off the gas in the line, so as not to turn the Plasticizer in the hose into gunk, which would clog up your heater.

(There is another hose, without the Plasticizer being sold by Mr Heater, but of course, having no Plasticizer, that hose will be stiff as heck.)
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on June 22, 2014
I use a Mr Heater in my shop in the winter as adjunct heat, to cut down on bills. I wanted to run it off a propane tank rather than those small camping bottles. I considered getting an adapter to recharge the small bottles but that seemed a bit involved (the bottles needed to be cooled before filling to hold more...along with facing East and chanting, to hear some tell it) I didn't want a propane tank in the shop with me so an extension hose was the answer. I ran the hose through the garage door with a 4" marine access port (the same one I use to run welding cables outside for anything that won't fit in the shop) and it worked very well this winter.
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on April 6, 2015
Even though this isn't the hose I was wanting to buy originally ( I wanted the hose that didn't need a filter to use it ), I do like having it. It worked great the first and only time I had a chance to use it. Its very long (12') which is great for keeping the heater away from the tank. The only thing I don't like about it is its so stiff it made it difficult to straighten it out without it wanting to coil back up. The only other thing I didn't like is I had to buy a separate filter to use with it. Hence, I actually wanted the hose that didn't need a filter to use cause I didn't want to have to spend x amount of dollars more to buy one. With all that said, the hose is great quality and if cared for should last a long time to come. I have it packed away in its original packaging till next winder when I may need to use it again with my mr heater buddy heater.
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on January 10, 2016
 It's good hose; works well. I've connected it to both my Buddy heater and my Bernzomatic propane torch Bernzomatic TS8000 - High Intensity Trigger Start Torch. Both worked great. I don't like to buy the small 1 lb propane tanks - they are a rip off. Buy this hose and use the 20 lb tanks (unless you need to be portable).

I think other folks have explained the safety check valve well. Real easy, just open the valve on your 20 lb tank very slowly, once pressurized you can open it all the way.

What else can I say, it's a hose!
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on October 13, 2016
Don't see how we did without this Hose so long. Using 20# Cylinders instead of 1# Bottles now. The Big Buddy Mr Heater now runs on low over 2 days continuously where the 1# Bottles would only last a few hours. Well worth the difference in cost and convenience. The Hose is attached to the Mr Heater Fuel Filter with the Tank-End directly attached to the 20# Cylinder POL Fitting Valve (Left-Hand Threads).
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on November 29, 2017
The hose itself is perfect. I rated it at 3 stars because the hand tightening nut slips off the nut and is very easy for the brass nut to slip completely through the hand tightening nut thus risking loosing it without notice. Wish it had the typical hand tightening nut on it.
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on January 11, 2017
This is a must have for any camping enthusiast who enjoys extended says in the great outdoors. I have a camp stove, grill and big buddy heater that I run with this accessory hose. Works perfect with all of these application and beats having to switch the 1lb propane cylinders over and over again. Very good quality hose and very worth the money. I'd buy again for sure!
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on March 18, 2015
I like that this hose is longer as I was nervous the first time I used a propane bottle in my house, but thanks to the long hose I am now not without heat when the power goes off.
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