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on October 27, 2012
Ordered the heater back in May of 2012. A licensed plumber (certified in propane) installed the 16 feet of propane line. My jaw dropped when I got his bill: $400.05 -- did he really need to include that nickel? The heater cost me $179.95 and I see that it is now going for $239.95. You might want to purchase it off season.

I hooked up the heater to a 15 gallon propane tank and connected the line to the tank using a Mr. Heater 5-Feet Propane Hose/Regulator Assembly. It says right on the regulator, "LOW PRESSURE." ***BE SURE YOUR REGULATOR CAN DELIVER LOW PRESSURE (i.e., it may be a hose rated for high pressure that you can turn down, but you need to run low pressure into the heater or it can damage it. I didn't want to take that chance of any faulty guesswork, so I purchased the hose that had the words "LOW PRESSURE" stamped right on the regulator).

11/07/2012 -- EDIT: I wish I had seen this before I bought the other hose hookup. I would have purchased it: Red Dragon SL-1C Low Pressure Propane Hook Up Kit With 10-Foot Hose. Just copy and paste it into the search bar and see what you think.

The instructions tell you to put the control knob on "Pilot" and then press it down (push on it straight down, toward the floor) and hold it for 30 seconds if this is the first time you're using it. Boy, were they ever wrong. First of all, it depends on how long your line is from the tank. My 16 foot run took about 3 minutes to get gas to the pilot light! So, be patient and don't do what I did -- wasted some of my AA battery by clicking the igniter constantly for about 30 seconds before I realized what was happening. Just keep holding that big knob down in the Pilot position and then try the igniter every 15 seconds or so until it flames. Once that flame starts, they say to continue depressing the knob for another 30 seconds. Well, that's a bunch of bull crap. You can take your hand off after 6 seconds. Count 'em. The flame will not blow out the pilot once 6 seconds have ticked by.

Our house is 1,727 sq ft. We keep all three bedroom doors, the guest bathroom door and the laundry room door, closed. I'm guessing we're heating around 1,100 sq ft with the heater.

Here are some statistics you might find interesting...

A gallon of propane weighs approximately 4.2 lbs.
A gallon of propane has a burn rate of approximately 100,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hour. This means that if you run your heater continuously (30,000 BTUs) you will be consuming propane at a rate of about 1/3 gallon per hour. At 33,000 BTUs, your heater would be right at the1 gallon per hour approximation. I am guessing that my 15 gallon propane tank could therefore run for about 50 hours (because I'm only burning 30K and not 33K). The shorter the time you have your heater on, the longer you'll go between refills of your propane tank. (What's HUD spelled backwards?)

Since I don't want to do the math to calculate how long I can go (in theory) between refills by running my heater for 6 minutes on after each 50 minutes off (see my experiment below), 14 times per day, I went ahead and wrote the date of the last fill on the tank itself. When it becomes empty, I will have my answer and I'll let you know. I started with an empty tank and it took on 14.4 gallons of propane when I filled it at the local station. By the way -- I paid $2.99 per gallon! It is much cheaper at other locations, but I was too excited to wait.

Here are some results from a runtime experiment I've conducted:

Cycle #1:
Outdoor temperature: 55.6 F
Indoor temperature: 68.4 F
Time heater not burning: 56 min 46 sec
Time heater burning: 5 minutes 50 seconds

Cycle #2:
Outdoor temperature: 56.8 F
Indoor temperature: 68.5 F
Time heater not burning: 44 min 3 sec
Time heater burning: 5 min 54 sec

Cycle #3:
Outdoor temperature: 56.8 F
Indoor temperature: 68.5 F
Time heater not burning: 51 min 39 sec
Time heater burning: 5 min 32 sec

On the large heat control knob, there are small raised dots. There is a dot right at the "1" and then four more dots is where the "2" is. To achieve these runtime intervals (i.e., on/off times), I have set the dial to one dot past the "1" and this is where we achieve our 68 degrees (with temps in the 50s outdoors).

Something you should also know, and I had to find this out from experience. I thought that the low setting would set the flame lower and on the high setting, the flames would be larger. Not so. The dial is merely a thermostat. The flames are pretty much full whether the heater is on LOW or on HIGH. I did notice a little more flame at the very top end of the dial, but it's not much. To control the temperature in the house, therefore, all you need to do is select a spot on the dial and leave it there.

We keep our house at 68 degrees and dress warmer if we get a little chilly. But I am here to tell you, you'll burn a lot more propane if you keep your house just 2 degrees warmer and to us, it's just not worth it. We "wear" our 2 degrees and it doesn't cost us a penny more.

Here's something else -- the pilot runs while the flame is off. BUT -- when you are not going to be running the heater, just turn the whole thing off, including the fan.

The fan is rather wimpy, but adequate. I think it moves more air than we might think, but if you want more "wind," you might want to augment it with a small electric fan.

CARBON MONOXIDE CAN KILL YOU! -- Having researched many opinions about vent free heaters running inside a home, I decided to go out and purchase a CO (carbon monoxide) detector with alarm. I have a model that includes a digital display of actual levels of Carbon Monoxide and it displays the reading in parts per million. The very first sign of CO poisoning is a frontal headache. Go read all you care to about CO poisoning and what symptoms are brought about by what levels of toxicity (you never want it above 70ppm and you definitely need to leave the house if it ever gets up to 100ppm, but my device detects zero Carbon Monoxide. I have placed the device atop a set of shelves about 30 inches, nearly directly above, the heater. That said, we still have plenty of ventilation in our manufactured home (bathroom fans pull air into the enclosure through vents in our window design) and the heater does come with a low oxygen shut-down safety feature. Which I don't trust. Which is why I bought the CO detector/alarm unit.

Obviously, it is still a warm Autumn with mild outdoor temperatures. But that's all gonna change soon. We bought this heater in preparation for the power outages we'll face when the big Pacific Northwest storms start pounding us.

I am giving the Mr Heater Model #VF30KBLUELP 30,000 BTU Vent Free Propane Heater 5 stars. Wimpy fan or not, this is a kick-butt alternative to any dependence on electric furnaces when the power goes out. And I think it can also hold its own as a primary heat source in any area with adequate ventilation (along with a CO detection device, just to be on the safe side).

Hope this review helped.
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on February 26, 2015
This vent-less heater rocks! It comes with floor or wall mounting hardware. Can be hooked up to pipe for LP gas or used with a regulator for propane tank use. This company sells out of this model early every year.

Vent-less means you can use it inside a house, garage or building without venting. However, you will still need to have an small exchange of fresh air on a limited basis because because flames consume oxygen and put out carbon dioxide. I suggest paying attention to the owners manual and calling Mr. Heater if you have any questions. They have excellent customer support!
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on December 25, 2010
I have used several different types of this kind of stove in different locations. Currently have an all electric house with a pellet stove. Found a really nice like new 50 gallon upright propane tank at a yard sale that I'm using right now.

This is not a good do it yourself project for a home owner. These things require a real installation from someone trained and qualified. Once I got the tank, it needed a regulator, a POL, two pieces of flex (one outdoor, one indoor) a ball shut off valve, some schedule 80 black iron pipe to go through the wall with a lot of other pipe parts and a sediment trap.

THEN once everything is set up, it REQUIRES a real leak test and a gas check before it's put into service.

Once all that was installed correctly and completely tested out? It worked great. Probably took over half an hour to get gas to the pilot light though. Which is normal, air gets in there and it has to be purged out while the thing is attempting to get lit up.

Settings on the control go from 1 - 5. Have not had it beyond the '1' mark yet. 3 bedroom, two bath house getting into the 20's at night, mid 30's during the day I used 10 gallons of propane the first week.

Can't hear it come on and off as it cycles through it's thermostat. Fan has an automatic setting so it doesn't have to run all the time, either.

Big plus with this one for me was that it comes with the legs and fan. Isn't as much fun to watch as my old vent free fireplace but it sure does get the job done for heating this house and is probably less than half what the stupid pellet stove was costing me. With NO hassle. And the propane company will come out and fill the tank the day after I call if it starts getting low.

Couple of the wood stove die hard neighbors are coming around to check this out. Can imagine it won't be too long before they have one of these, too!

It probably took a little over 2 1/2 hours to install.

The shipping on this was a real treat, too. Came right away in perfect shape. Sure don't have any complaints on this one!
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on December 3, 2012
fired up and ran great , right off . . .efficiency plus . . .a week into use i thought i had a problem . . .losing the pilot . . .after reading the trouble shooting guide - it was the advisory to look at the windows and see if there was a build up of moisture . . .
VOILA . . .the oxygen sensor . . .i had tightened my area so much that the heater was using more oxygen than could be replaced . . .i made some vent adjustments and Mr. Heater is running steady again. . .i'm heating an area that's approx 15ftx30ft
and moving the thermostat above the No1 setting gets the temp over 75F - in windy 30F conditions . . .i will probably buy a 20K unit for use next winter . . .
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on January 3, 2014
The shipping was quick, faster than I expected for regular shipment. All arrived intact. Set up was easy when you have the fittings which you can find in normal local stores. I had mine connected to main gas line and on stand. Since I live off-the-grid, I decided to go with stand alone instead wall mounted because of previous reviews of the wall above can be warm if blower is not used. 30,000 BTU is more than I need for the space of 500sf, but it turns on less often and definitely keeping the place warm and toasty in the night chills. Others mentioned bad smell....I did not notice, even at first. Lastly, there was caution of using this at high attitudes. I live at about 5700 ft, and the pilot works fine. Did not need special fixtures. This turns out to be a huge luxury....wonder why I didn't get this sooner.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 16, 2018
I like that it fired right up and warms my garage up nicely. What I didn't like was it didn't come with a LP regulator or the correct adapters. I had to go to the hardware store to get what I needed.
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on November 27, 2013
I am basing my rating on the NG version of the Mr. Heater. I was sent this heater by mistake and the return couldn't have gone better. Amazon handled it quickly and my account was credited faster than it ever has been with any other online vender. The product is good as well. The NG version I ended up purchasing was easy to install and works fine. I live in western NY and winters get pretty cold here. I have only tried it twice and I know I need to insulate my garage for this heater to work effectively. The fan is a little under powered but it does push the heat out into the room. It only took a few minutes to "burn off" any residue from the factory so I really didn't notice the smell but then again it was in my garage. I used the wall mount option and it has a low profile and does not heat items near it, very safe unit.
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on October 27, 2012
We bought this heater for our den and it does an amazing job! Our den is actually an addition (21'x27' w/ 9' ceiling) and protrudes from the back of the original house. As such, it is subjected to strong, cold winds during the winter months. We bought an Edenpure Gen 3 which did absolutely no good (BTW, the edenpure is really not much good for anything larger than a bathroom). We are using a 100# LP fuel tank purchased from Home Depot as our fuel supply. We are using it with the included feet so at the end of the season we can store it and the tank. The thermostat and fan, while in the auto position, work as expected. I installed the heater myself with little difficulty. We would encourage anyone considering this product to purchase the external regulator at the same time as we had some difficulty finding one. We were, however, able to find one at Tractor Supply for about $15. We cannot say enough about how pleased we are with this product.
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on November 24, 2017
I use this in my garage. It will set off the CO2 detector after a while.
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on December 28, 2012
This heater turned an unheated workshop into a very pleasant workroom. The fan is kind of useless. You will get better results with a small table or box fan. The most difficult part was getting assembling all the parts necessary to operate the heater. You will need a hose, regulator, pipe compound and 3/8 male/male coupler plus the tools to connect them. The local ACE Hardware had everything. The first unit I received quickly developed a leak in the control valve when the unit was set to just run the pilot. Amazon is in the process of replacing it. A second unit I bought is working without problems.

STRONG RECOMMENDATION: Read and understand the setup and operation instructions. They can be a bit confusing and lack some important bits of information (like how the battery for the igniter is inserted in the igniter button). But as a supplemental source of heat or a heat source for an unheated room this heater works extremely well.
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