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on January 3, 2017
I'd bought OTC thumb stabilizers which helped, but this one worked so much better that after a few weeks of use, the troublesome tendon actually improved and stayed that way. All it needed was firmer stability in order to heal, I guess. To think that I let it stay aggravated for over a year when I used cheaper, and less effective, stabilizers makes me feel foolish.
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on October 31, 2016
I developed trigger thumb and worked hard for a month to rest it as much as possible, while regularly applying cold and heat as recommended, and saw no improvement. I am not yet recovered, but 3 nights of wearing this plus on and off during the day and I can bend my thumb slightly without terrible pain. I will definitely continue using this, and hop for a full recovery.
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on September 10, 2017
I was waking up with horrible pain in my hand a couple of times a night. I was even sleeping on an ice pack and that wasn't helping much. I would literally have to get up and walk around to wake my hands up and get relief. I have RA and lots of swelling from that. It has also caused me to have Carpal Tunnel. I'm not lying when I say that the first night I used this brace, I didn't get up. My other brace that I've worn for a couple years doesn't have a thumb stabilizer and I guess that is the diff. This has been my nighttime brace since I purchased last October.
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on October 11, 2014
Great product! I have trigger thumb and this helped me immensely. I would wake up at night with my thumb snapped into the most painful position before I got these thumb stabilizers. I can sleep in it without any numbness and wake up with less pain. Having two in the pack is great because you can wash one while wearing the other. I threw mine in the washer on warm and dried it hanging up (no dryer) and it came out like new. Very pleased with this product.
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on September 2, 2017
Thought I had carpal tunnel, and that was the cause of very sore thumbs. Recently had xrays done for Physical Therapy and it tuns out I have thumb bone both hands.

These braces (I have two) have been a big help. Yes it's frustrating that I can't just grab something, but I don't miss the pain that went with that action. We haven't decided on a course of action yet but the braces make it doable in the mean time.
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on June 8, 2014
Pulled or sprained something in the first joint (where the thumb connects to the hand). I couldn't squeeze anything (weak) and it hurt to try. I would hurt my thumb putting my hand in my pocket or catching it on things. You will find when your thumb hurts it will get caught on things. I bought this for support and it worked fine for that. I was largely healed after about 3 weeks and was careful after that. I had no fit issues. I have another Mueller stabilizer for the wrist on the other hand which I injured playing tennis. It worked also though it is uncomfortable because it is too tight in the crotch between the thumb and index finger. This thumb stabilizer was not uncomfortable. It adjusts easily and over a wide range. I am a 5'10" male with small hands. I would opt for the next larger size if you think your hands may be too big. The velcro allows you to take up slack if it is oversized but you can't do much about the fit if the stabilizer is too small.
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on September 24, 2014
I think this had a learning curve. When I first tried it on I didn't really like it. I thought it was itchy and uncomfortable and not what I wanted. I was wrong though. Once I figure out how to fit it on better it did work for it's purpose.

I need to keep my thumb in one place. I'm right handed but apparently that means my left hand does everything and I had pain in my wrist and thumb. I'd continuously injure myself by doing everything with my left hand and it was not getting better. So, this really helps me stabilize that.

I let the thumb holder sit a little higher up on my thumb to insure I don't move around and it keeps my wrist in one spot. At first I had it sitting down as low as possible and the entire thing was cutting into my hand. So, I'm glad I figured that one out. I'm glad I got this because I don't think I'd feel as good as I do now without it.
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on October 18, 2016
Fit's very well. Also provides very good support and good pressure for joints it's intended for. Material is made out of nice fabric and it seems sturdy enough to last a while.

On another note, I've never had shipping issues with Amazon Prime before but this particular order took four days to get to me instead of the normal two days. Not a huge deal if it wasn't for my thumb that was in pain, otherwise I would have just gone to the local store to buy a brace. Not the fault of the product itself though.
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on March 8, 2016
Thumb -- This provides pretty solid thumb support. I can move it a bit, but about the same as I could in my larger doctor provided thumb spica brace (this was my "upgrade" from a longer more rigid brace that included a metal wrist support as well three wraps half way up my forearm).

Wrist -- The wrist support is there but it is on the mild end. I can move my wrist a bit, but I won't end up overusing it since it limits the range of motion of my wrist (i can move my wrist more but when I do I feel that I am pushing on the brace). Having some wrist support is important with thumb sprains because the ligaments that are sprained go all the way up the forearm, so part of the healing process involves stabilizing the wrist. If I were going to be lifting lots of things I might want more wrist support, but for normal activities this is sufficient to keep me from straining my ligaments unintentionally.

Comfort -- There is an uncomfortable seam right between the thumb/forefinger, so I intentionally move the brace up a bit towards my fingertips to keep that from irritating the webbing between my finger, and find that positioning pretty comfortable. As a result of the shift, the brace comes up to near my knuckles and most of my palm is covered (I have small hands). With it shifted up a bit the thumb stays seem to be exactly right, so this might be where the brace should be on my small hands anyway. I can't say whether the seam would be irritating if I had a large hand, but other than the potential seam discomfort the rest of the brace does seem like it would adjust well for larger and even smaller hands. I'm tempted to cut off part of the brace that covers my palm, (it feels like it comes up further than necessary), but I'll probably leave it as is. It's more comfortable than my large brace was. Decently breathable, though my palm does get warm in it. I can wear it all day (office job environment). Fits exactly the same on my left and right hand. It seems well made, and is easy enough to take off and on at whim.

Perspective -- I needed something that would keep me from using my thumb/wrist too much and prevent me from doing something to jar my thumb since that can lead to a sharp pain and slow down my healing progress (i have skier's thumb). I also wanted something less cumbersome, the large brace felt like overkill since my sprain has improved over the past few weeks. I couldn't find anything in local stores that had both thumb and wrist support, and I wasn't quite ready for one of those mild support neoprene supportive gloves. This suits my needs. It probably would not have been sufficient immediately after I hurt my thumb since it does allow more wrist motion than both my ace bandage wrap and my larger brace, but it would have been a nice option for low risk times when I was inclined to (and did) take off my large brace which led to me jarring my thumb a few times. Since I need to wear a brace for 6 weeks, I'm much happier wearing this for the second half of my recovery.

As a side note, I did get a neo support glove as well, which is comfortable and does provide some support, but allows a larger range of motion. I plan on using that once I no longer need a brace. I tried wearing them together and that does add some support to this brace while keeping the configuration low profile and flexible when compared to just having a larger brace (though it might be challenging or hurt to put on the neo glove if your thumb sprain hasn't healed some).
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on June 29, 2016
I have purchased 2 different braces for the arthritis in my thumb and this one gives me more support and stability. It has become my favorite.
The thumb portion is taller than on some other braces and gives your thumb less mobility to bend, just what I needed. The straps are holding up well after using for a month and sleeping with it on.
May buy another one for use at work.
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