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on January 23, 2012
I love reading about legendary fights but I find it intolerable not to see the fight I have read about, listened to experts explain the story and just get a few seconds of footage from other documentaries which this is not. This collection is brilliant. You get to see the post fight extensive interviews and that to me is priceless. The reason that I searched for this DVD is the Liston/Clay fight. I have read so much about this fight I was so upset to learn that FYE, Blockbuster and everywhere I looked did not have this entire fight until I learned of Amazon therefore I am writing this review after repeatedly watching the fight for the last 3 years almost daily.

Round one Liston could not do much except for a shot to the chest-one punch for the entire round. Round 2 was the same but Liston could not land anything. Round 3 Ali (Clay at the time) hurt Liston and Ali was head hunting. O.K. In any clinch, Liston did what he could but he was just wasting energy. So for the 1st 3 rounds Ali was head hunting as he always did and Liston was going for the body and hoping that the head would come down, he tried a few head shots but it was not effective. In round 4 Liston abandons his body attack and goes head hunting, but the punches were not normal, it was as if he were adamantly trying to simply touch Ali's face (Obviously to smear mono sodium or KO skin melding cream in the eye's of Ali) . Liston could not land any punishing blows to Ali's head the 3 previous rounds but if he could barley touch Ali's eyes his objective would be accomplished and he was not shy about blatantly trying. Round five-The so called bind round is the most awesome proof that Liston was trying to blind Ali mainly because he again abandoned his body attack believing he would knock out Muhammad Ali. During round 5 Ali's eyes cleared and if you slow down the disc, with 56 seconds left in the round Ali takes his left and as light as day smears his glove on Liston's bloated face for most of the rest of the round and you can see him telling Liston something while he is paying Liston back for the K.O solution which is slang for the anti cut cream that was soon afterwords banned. You have to give credit to Liston for coming out for the 6th round which was essentially a bruised and blinded Liston (from Ali's facial smearing the previous round)trying to retain some pride, but bullies get what they give in Ali's world. I have never read of the facial smearing that Muhammad Ali gave to Sonny Liston for the last 56 seconds of round 5 and I have researched this fight but it is here on this video with almost 15 minutes of post fight footage that is not in any documentary I have seen.

The "Rumble in the Jungle" can be found on other video's. The two points I will make are that in George Foreman's auto biography "By George" he suggests that he was drugged and I believe him. I have never seen a fighter with such glassy eyes from just being tired. O.K.-He didn't train. He relaxed in air conditioning while Muhammad Ali acclimated himself to harsh heat but even in "The Thriller in Manila" both fighters were tired and the only time I have seen glassy eyes like Foreman had for over the last 3 rounds is when a knock out punch is administered. The second observation was that the commentary which was provided by David Frost, Jim Brown and Joe Frazier was interesting since Joe Frazier had just lost his title to Foreman and was verbally bitter towards Ali. Also David Frost was just stating the obvious while Jim Brown was right on the money telling his team mates that Muhammad Ali was smart to go to the ropes while Frazier couldn't make up his mind. The post fight interview contained footage that I have never seen and I have the fight from an E.S.P.N. release that does not contain Ali lecturing his fans never to bet against him. It is very interesting that after I gave such a review that vendors are asking obscene amounts of money. You can find this footage very easily now so do not pay more than $5-$10. !
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on October 30, 2017
Buy this Dvd of the Greatest.
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on June 26, 2015
It was great to watch Muhammad Ali fight Sunny Liston, George Foreman, Smokin Joe Frazier. I haven't seen these fights since I was little. Ali's technique was smooth and elegant, and the other fighters were just tough guys. Ali was a great fighter but so was these other fighters. I enjoyed watching these fights now as much as when I was sitting with my Dad.
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on July 5, 2004
"Muhammad Ali, the greatest collection"
This has lots of boxing.
The whole fight with original microphone.
a) 1964 Clay vs Liston [THE WHOLE FIGHT]
b) 1974 Ali vs Foreman "Rumble in the Jungle" [THE WHOLE FIGHT]
c) 1975 Ali vs Frazier "Thilla in Manila" [THE WHOLE FIGHT]
Just highlights of some fights: [JUST THE HIGHLIGHTS]
a) 1960 Olympics Z. Pietrzykowski of Poland
b) 1960 Turnney Hunsinger
c) 1962 Archie Moore
d) 1964 Sonny Liston
e) 1965 Sonny Liston rematch
f) 1966 Cleveland Williams
g) 1967 Zorra Folley
h) trouble with the draft board
i) 1970 Occar Bonavena
j) 1971 Joe Frazier
k) 1973 Ken Norton
l) 1973 Ken Norton rematch
m) 1974 Joe Frazier rematch
n) 1974 George Foreman [Rumble in the Jungle]
o) 1975 Joe Frazier [Thrilla in Manilla]
p) 1978 Leon Spinks
q) 1978 Leon Spinks rematch
r) 1980 Larry Holmes
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on December 2, 2013
But from this seller. I received my product in the condition as described which was great. Here's the best part. I received my DVD with an invoice and on the invoice was a personal HAND WRITTEN letter of appreciation from this family for choosing them and finished with GOD BLESS at the end. Will check with them first for all future DVD purchases
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on September 29, 2015
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on June 22, 2016
The DVD is a great piece of history of Muhammad Ali. My family,friends,and I loved it. Igive 5 stars and recommend to everyone to buy it.
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on July 16, 2016
not what I expected
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on March 20, 2015
great quality, as advertised, some somewhat interesting special features too. not truly the "greatest collectoin" without the Fight of the Century though (ali v frazier 1971 at the Garden).
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on January 29, 2017
The best in my collection.
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