Customer Reviews: The Mummy Trilogy (The Mummy/ The Mummy Returns/ The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor)
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This review is for the Blue Ray collection. Picture: Pristine. Sound: Great. Movies: I & II - Grand Entertainment. Universal successfully resuscitated it's venerable monster genre and transformed it into bigtime Tentpole event movies and produced two very good action adventure rides to take with the kids. III - Phoned in. Brendan collects huge paycheck and goes home. Rachel wisely stays away in the first place. Kid being groomed to carry on - the poor man's Shia (and I didn't think much of him either). Jet Li - stony and morose. Story is flat. Use of China as a backdrop - secondary and poorly executed (nothing new or breathtaking here). This truly is the sin - we're actually IN China for heaven's sake and there is no grand vista, no expansive shots to dazzle us with the landscape. In watching the nightclub scenes I kept expecting Kate Capshaw to step out and start singing - it's that derivative. Everything else is CGI. No overall quality to raise it to the level of the other two. But the kids will like the ride none-the-less...and yet...Worth the upgrade? YES - for the first two alone.
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on February 14, 2014
I already had all 3 Mummy movies on DVD. I bought them on Blu-ray for the extra detail and high def picture and crystal clear improved sound quality you only get with Blu-ray. I was not disappointed and if you are a fan of the Mummy movies I recommend you try them on Blu-ray.
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on December 30, 2010
This set appears to have been intended for sale in Europe - one of the ratings labels on the cover appears to be for the Irish Film Censor's Office. Being that I live in the US and was aware of the regional coding issues present with a lot of DVDs, I was a little nervous about buying this. I read up online about region coding on Blu-Rays and apparently it's used a lot less than in the DVD era and one source indicated that Universal doesn't region code their Blu-Rays at all.

I decided to try this set out due to the price difference between this version and the US labeled one. I use a PS3 for a Blu-Ray player and the discs work perfectly. I have a TON of language choices - I'll only use one, but that may be helpful to others out there. Other than that, absolutely no difference as far as the movie content and special features.

I'm glad I took the gamble.
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on January 17, 2009
I love the Mummy movies. A trilogy box set was long as they don't make a fourth. After watching ' The Mummy; Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. they better not. The action was great in the aforementioned movie, the chemistry was not as good, and some of the acting weak....but hey it was still fun. If you love the Mummy movies and don't have them all, this is a great deal for the price.
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on September 2, 2013
You get The Mummy Trilogy on 3 discs in this set (The Mummy, The Mummy Returns and Tomb of the Dragon Emperor). All three films star Brendan Fraser but the original is the strongest by far. This trilogy is so much fun because it has a Raiders of the Lost Ark feel. Overall, the picture quality is great and the audio is even better. The real problem is that there is roughly 3 hours of total bonus content but they are fairly bland and mostly identical to the DVD supplements. The franchise really needs a decent 3-hour making of documentary. The DVD Trilogy was a 4 star release at the time but more is expected for Blu-ray. These are 4 star films in a 2 star package. Fans who already own the DVD or Blu-ray stand-alone releases may not want to purchase this package.
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on June 17, 2014
My fascination with Egypt has made me always like these movies. The blu ray case is cheap plastic as usual so I had to replace the case (but that is so normal to me I have blank dvd, ps3, xbox 360, and blu ray cases). These cases are a bit more expensive to replace since it is a 3 disc case, but if you are building your collection you might as well buy blank cases because whether I go to the store and buy them or order online I get a LOT of broken cases. Back to the movies though because many dont care about the cases. The blu ray transfer was great. surround sound and big screen HD are both fantastic.
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on October 11, 2015
I bought this set for the first two films-that were better in my memory than they were now. I still enjoyed watching these films very much and am satisfied with my purchase. I just recently watched some of the original universal pictures mummy films and I think that these pay those a nice tribute. Overall, these are good films if you are interested some good old action packed films with a side of mystique.
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on May 2, 2016
This is for the DVD collection:

#1: This movie puts the original Universal Mummy to shame. It's been turned into a swashbuckling, live action flick with enough one-liners and derring-do to satisfy all. Not one character in this movie is found wanting, from the mummy himself, who's portrayed as sexy for a change as well as being very much included in the action, to the mercenary and cowardly Beni are well-cast and brilliantly played. Great special effects, some lovely desert scenery, and a great deal of hairs-breadth escapes make this a rousing adventure tale instead of a "horror" movie, which is exactly what it should've been all along.

#2: This sequel, while not quite reaching the pinnacle of the first, is still pretty good. It all boils down to the usual theme. The Mummy is being resurrected and he's still trying to reanimate his beloved also. The only way to stop him is by resurrecting another creature, the Scorpion King, a long-dead warrior who is presumably the only one who can defeat Imhotep because he has Anubis God of the Underworld on his side. The Rock as the scorpion king is onscreen only briefly, prepping for his own movie later and his appearances at the end are animated. More's the pity.

#3: The title of this movie is misleading. It isn't really part of the Mummy franchise but is capitalizing on that title. To have it included here, the entire collection should've been called "The Adventures of Rick O'Connell." While it is another rousing adventure, half of the original cast is missing. and this story focuses a good deal on the son's adventures when his parents get involved in an adventure in China. Along with the rise of the terracotta warriors placed in the tomb, everything's thrown in except the kitchen sink... Still, it's a good film...if you keep it separate from the original two.

This collection was viewed from a purchased DVD and no remuneration was involved in the writing of this review.
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on April 22, 2013
I did not think I was going to like the first one when it first came out, but boy was i wrong. It was excellent, I was wrong about Brendon Fraser, he was actually good in the leading role. The action was amazing, at the time it was cutting edge graphics. The story was typical bad guys chasing the good guys over lost fortune. However, it was well written & quite enjoyable. The second movie was also good & was one of the first movies that the ROCK was in. He pulled it off as the Scorpion King. Brendon Fraser returned and also was excellent yet again in the sequel. The last movie had Jet Li as the Emperor who had a curse put on him & again Brendon Fraser goes head to head against the evil bad guy. Bottom Line, this is a buy, buy it, buy it, you will watch it again & again
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on March 30, 2016
I love the 1st and 2nd Mummy Movies, which is why I bought this set. The 3rd (which I hadn't seen until I purchased the trilogy) was, in my opinion, the weakest of the 3, but all-in-all I am very satisfied with my purchase.
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