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on February 19, 2015
The bowls are really cute, but if you're buying them to prevent your toddler from sending food flying all over your floor, look elsewhere. My 12 month old can get the bowl's suction free in less than 1 second.
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on October 8, 2016
Big fat 1 star. The color are super cute, the size's are awesome, the idea is GREAT, but do they actually work?!? No! I got so sick of my daughter throwing her stuff on her high chair, thought these will help in that department. They won't even suction a tiny bit to our high chair, and it's the really common space saver high chair. Although, I will say it does suction amazing to our kitchen table, but due to her special needs, she wont be sitting at the table without a high chair for a long time. she needs that tray for support. Felt like a complete waste of money.
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on February 1, 2016
We have twins and were very excited to order these. I thought i would finally not have them throwing their bowls in the floor. But unfortunately they don't work. I have two sets i ordered and none of them stay put. The babies manage to get them off and dump them. I've tried everything to get them to stick, short of super glue, but the suction does not keep them on the trays.
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on January 3, 2014
I ordered this set because I really wanted lids for all 3 bowls. I had previously gotten a set with only 1 lid. I saw this was a little more expensive so I assumed that must be for the lids? Nope - this only came with 1 lid as well. I went back and checked the description and promised in the description was 3 lids. Lies. :-(.
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on September 8, 2015
These are just OK.

-Three pack! Because one or two are always in the sink or dishwasher
-Suction cups - help stabilize the bowl on the high chair, a non-slip feature
-Bright colors

-The suction cup doesn't always work. Like I said, it’s a non-slip feature, not a guaranteed to stay put feature. If you turn your back, your baby has likely taken control of the bowl.
-Not microwave safe (due to suction cups on the bottom)
-Three pack of bowls, yet only one lid is provided (smallest blue bowl only)

There is nothing overly impressive about these. They stay put if you're constantly putting pressure on the bowl. They keep them from sliding off the high chair (as my baby likes to take his hand and swipe whatever is in front of him off the side). But they come off pretty easily. I found that the [ASIN:B006W79MAY mOmma bowl] stays put better due to the weight (its water filled to keep the food warm), and at least at his age, he can't fling it
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on June 28, 2017
I bought these same bowls for my last child a few years ago. They were great...these are not.
They do not suction to the highchair top at all. Especially the larger bowl. When stuck down you can watch it just pick right back up completely defeating the purpose of it having a suction cup at the bottom. The smallest bowl sticks a little better but still...not great. The last set of bowls I purchased had lids. These do not. I had planned to store one in my diaper bag with cheerios to bring to restaurants and again... the no lids kind of defeats the purpose for why I brought them. The rim is exactly the same as the older ones purchased so I know they would still fit the original style lid that came with them. Maybe the company thought they were too expensive to produce the lids?
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on December 27, 2016
OMG why didn't I read the reviews when I added this to baby's 1st birthday wish list!?! They totally DO NOT stick. Total waste of time and money on these when I desperately needed strong suction power. As related by other reviews. The suction power either doesn't work at in not at all on two of our Phil and Ted's highchair tables and only for a few seconds on a flat kitchen IKEA table. So basically useless for feeding the Queen of Destruction as she has a knack for taking all feeding utensils and flinging them to high heaven. To boot...everyone said they came with a lid or three about no lid. Yup, our sealed package came back with no lid. What on earth am I supposed to use these for now? Sigh. We love this brand but this is a serious fail on their product management/quality management. Two stars for the fact that I like the brand and they are cute, if you like Elmo colors that is.
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on January 5, 2016
These bowls are GREAT! My husband and I have subscribed to BLW to move our little one to solids. With that method, our child has been eating solids since 6 months old...but typically right off his tray. Now that he's older we are moving towards using plates/bowls/utensils. As you can imagine, not only does food end up on the floor....but now so did the plates it came on. Before these bowls, though, the plates became easier catapults making the food launch even farther across the room! These bowls are a life saver! Not only does it reduce the mess, but it is also teaching him how to use his spoon and fork with more confidence! These are also easy to clean and have been used as great stacking toys in a pinch. TOTALLY would recommend these to any parents with children new to solids.
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on January 28, 2017
We have an almost 2 year old toddler who thinks that when he is done with something he should throw it on the floor. The dogs are getting fat from eating everything that ends up there. I originally bought these at a local store and loved them so much I bought more from Amazon. They stick great to the tray of his high chair. He can occasionally get the plates up but he has to really pull hard and it takes a while. Overall, they work great. They are microwave safe and have gone through dishwasher several times with no problems. Only con, and it is a little one, is that they scratch easily. If something needs to be cut up, do it before you put it on the plate. Not a big deal for us and not enough of a con to even deduct a star. Highly recommend.
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on June 25, 2015
These do not suction to anything for more than a few seconds. I wouldn't recommend trying these. They have just been frustrating and worthless except as regular bowls with lids.
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