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on January 30, 2016
We love this sound system and have used it religiously since my now 4 year old was 1. We literally only went through two of these the first 2 years of her life and now I have just purchased my 4th one in the last 2 months (we now have 3 kids in 2 rooms and each room has one). Whatever they changed, please go back! The machine was solid and amazing a few years ago and the most recent 2 boxes I bought in December just now are starting to have issues. The first one had the Voice Activation button on the back, we usually always set it to OFF but even with it set to OFF, it STILL would turn on with voice activation. With 3 little kids running into each other's rooms, it would ALWAYS get set off when they were running around playing. There's a little work around we did, we let it kick the projector and sounds on and than if you hit the Sound button & turn the sounds off (leaving the projector going), than it won't voice activate to turn on the sounds. Quite frustrating for sure, but our only other option was to unplug it every time we wanted it off. It came out of the box not working correctly and now it doesn't even work at all.

The second box was having issues with the speaker yesterday. It's hard to explain but it starts off being pretty loud & than after some time, the speaker goes muffled. I keep my kid's sound boxes up almost all the way and once it goes muffled, it's quieter than the quietest setting. FRUSTRATING! I loved this box because it was the ONLY one I could find that has continuous white noise going without being on a timer. If there's another one that offers a white noise option without a shut off timer, I'd love to know because sadly, I'm starting to look for additional alternatives to this sound box. My husband and I both sleep with a fan going so we are a "white noise" kind of family and it makes it REALLY costly to keep having to buy these boxes when they have issues a month later. I imagine some may say that it's due to continuous use, but my first 2 sound boxes literally lasted a year on their own so I don't know what decisions the company has been making regarding these but they need some serious testing before they keep selling them!

It's a real big bummer when I got on here to review and realized that I'm not an anomaly either, I'm definitely speaking out along with the others who have had issues too.
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on March 14, 2017
This is the second projector I've used from this company. The first was given as a gift four years ago. We used this item on a nightly basis and it has helped settle our rowdy children to sleep many a night. After the motor eventually died four years later, I purchased another for my most recent baby, however the quality seems to have declined. The projector skips more frequently and the image is much blurrier as well. I sent my first order back thinking that the one I received was defective, however, the replacement was the same. I'm guessing the manufacturer is not producing these as well as they used to. Still, for what it's worth, I still like it and continue to find it helps my babies rest so that I can too.
Update: this item stopped working just when I needed it the most. My now 5 month old is waking through the night and yet this machine won't keep the projector on at all. It cuts off at 20 seconds. A piece of junk. Do not purchase!
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on March 30, 2017
For being a sound machine with a projector, it's not very good at either. The sound is very muffled and almost sounds like a blown speaker. The projector looks like it's out of focus and the images don't move smoothly but jump.

The worst part is the button for the nightlight glows. I'm not talking about the nightlight itself but just the button to turn the nightlight on. And I don't mean just a subtle glow. It puts out a lot of light; more light than the actual nightlight does. We've had to place a stuffed animal in front of it to block the light so my son would go to sleep.

For the same price Amazon still has some Homemedics brand sound machines. Much better quality. I'm returning mine and buying another Homemedics.
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on December 15, 2014
This has given me many peaceful nights that I never thought possible. We have had this machine for one year now and I can't even tell you how happy I am. We live in an old, two story, wood framed house, and the floors are very creaky. My son's room is below our guest room that my brother in law is currently renting. So we tried to find ways of at least drowning out the floor creak. We bought him the Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Soother, Waterfall (which he loves to this day), but it turns off after 5 minutes so wasn't a huge help. We tried mobiles, same problem, even other sound machines, and still the same problem. This was the first one I found that had the option to play constantly. It has a neat feature where it will turn off after 15, 30, or 45 minutes, then automatically turn on when baby wakes up, but that never worked for us. Maybe it's too far away from his crib to hear him when he cries? But with the non stop music function, we don't need it. It has several different sounds to choose from which was great because we could find the one that he enjoyed most (twinkle twinkle little star) and now it's his favorite song. The projector feature was cool, but sadly the motor has stopped working and it now just shows a picture on the ceiling. Again, not a huge deal for us. And for how much we use this thing (it's gone on vacations with us and everything) the fact that the projector motor is the only thing that has stopped working, I am impressed. I love munchkin products, I swear by them, and if/when this does finally stop working I will absolutely by another one.
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on March 27, 2017
This things has been a life savor! I purchased 1 about a year ago for my 3 year old and I have never regreted it. She wasn't sleeping through the night and would climb in our bed but since we started using this she sleeps through the night and stays in her room. When my youngest who is now 16 months started waking in the middle of the night I immediately bought another and no more issues!!! I highly recommend this night light! I've recommended it to friends who have kids with sleep issues as well. Some reviews I read stated that the projector didn't last very long but that hasn't been our experience. We've had no issues and the projector is constantly running because my kids love it so much. This thing has literally allowed me to get a consistent nights sleep.
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on April 6, 2017
We received this product from our baby registry and it lasted about 1.5 years until it broke (the volume control stayed on the highest level). It worked well until that moment so I bought another one on Amazon. I used it ONCE and the sound activation mode is perpetually on even when it's off. That means it turns on and off at the slightest sound when not needed. Pretty creepy. Returning it ASAP.
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on March 14, 2017
I have bought 3 of these projectors. The projector stopped working on them all. For the price I am not one to complain, but when I went to buy our forth one it was nearly $30. The whole design is great but it is frustrating to have to keep replacing this item. Without the projector and music, my daughter is awful to get to sleep now. My advice, pay a little more for better quality.
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on April 28, 2016
I loved this sound machine it was great for 8 months. Now it sings and turns on all on it own even when the voice activation is off. It lights up but won't project :( didn't hold up to lots of use at all.

we have taken it to a few hotel stays, a 7 night cruise ship trip, camping, and use it daily. Love the projector and the night light. the whit noise isn't bad and has really helped my kids sleep in especially in odd places while traveling,
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on December 27, 2015
At first I absolutely loved this projector for my son. We received it as a Christmas present when he was just 3 months old. The first one we had lasted almost a year. I figured it was because I constantly used it bed time nap time my son absolutely loved it so I ordered a second one without any hesitation. Not even 2 weeks after having the second one the sound button would not work and it sounded as if the speaker blew it was all static over the music and you could barely hear it. I told Amazon they of course replaced it for free 2 days later. We received our new one I pulled it out of the box it worked great. I keep it out of reach of my son because he is rough and likes to throw things. I used it for 1night and it no longer works it like the one before sounds almost as if the speaker is blown. I will be returning this one as well for a refund. I am sad to say that I am no longer trusting this projector if it brakes after such a short period of time.
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on February 8, 2016
I have purchased two of these in the past two years and I feel that is is necessary to separate my reviews.

Purchased 2013- Great product. Does exactly what it should. My daughter loves the music and projector. The nightlight is pretty useless because it emits such a small amount of light, but we have a separate nightlight, so that's not a big deal. The voice-activated feature works really well and is effective for sleep training. After over a year of use, the projector stopped spinning. It would project a picture, but the scene would not move. My daughter was extremely upset about this.

Purchased 2015- When our second child was born we decide that we needed a similar product in her nursery. I attempted to find another product that would serve the same purpose, but couldn't find anything that met all of my needs. So I reluctantly purchased another one of these. I instantly regretted it. Although it looked exactly like the one that we had purchased in 2013, the quality had obviously deteriorated in 2 years. The projector stopped working with in a week (wouldn't project at all). Then a week later, the music stopped playing. At that point, it was just a useless night light. I returned the product to Amazon and received a replacement. Same thing. So I called Munchkin, they apologized and sent a replacement. As soon as I turned on the projector, I knew that it wouldn't last. It was making an extremely loud noise, drowning out the sound of the music. Within 24 hours, the projector stopped spinning.

I really wish that Munchkin could get it together and provide a good quality product. I love this system when it does what it's meant to do.
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