Customer Reviews: Munchkin Silicone Spoons, Colors May Vary, 2 Count
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on March 11, 2013
I thought these spoons would be perfect, especially considering the rave reviews. Not so much! After using the spoons for about a week and not realizing why my baby was crying, both the myself and the babysitter inspected the spoons. It turns out that the mold that create the spoons must have a top and bottom half causing a rough edge where the two parts meet. This is certainly noticeable once you either touch the spoon edge or run the spoon across you own lips. This thing is ROUGH! No wonder my precious little baby's lips would turn red while feeding (and having the exxcess food removed with the tip of the spoon) and she would start crying.
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on September 27, 2013
I bought these spoons for my 7 month old after reading the good reviews. However, he started fussing after a few feeds with this spoon and after 2 days, he stopped wanting to eat at all. I inspected the spoon carefully and found that the edges are not smooth at all. They are rough and uneven, and when you run them over your own skin you can feel how uncomfortable it is. I can't believe they do this mistake on a baby spoon! This is definitely not going near my baby again.
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on August 22, 2011
These spoons are overall excellent. Buy them! Read the other 4 reviews here, they are dead-on correct. The spoons are great for starting your baby on solids. They are smooth 1-piece BPA free silicone which reduces food buildup and makes them super easy to clean (they have no sections where two different surfaces meet where bacteria or food residue can build up - like the metal spoons you can buy that have their tips dipped in plastic).

Two small down-sides that prevented me from giving the spoons a 5 star rating (I might as well be open about these flaws, but don't let these sway your purchase decision, I just wanted people to be aware):
the spoons stain easily (they do not smell and performance is unaffected), the staining is purely cosmetic. We have fed our son sweet potatoes (orange), green beans, carrots, and winter squash, the tip of the spoon has turned orangey instead of clear.
The other small down-side is that they are handle heavy, and in the matching silicone bowls that are available (hard to find but are out there) the spoon will easily tip over the rim.

There are matching silicone bowls that go with these spoons out there also, they're not that easy to find, we bought ours at some big box chain store.
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on December 1, 2013
I purchased these to start to feed my twin boys 'solids' along with the Beaba first stage soft silicone spoons, these are slightly thinner and soft, my boys love to grab and chew on them. I prefer the slightly thinner and narrower shape but these munchkins do have a slight mold line around them, though my boys don't seem bothered by it. Good spoons, if you're on a budget, they'll be fine, but if you have the extra, I'd say go with the Beaba to eliminate any possible discomfort from the mold line that the munchkins have.
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on February 5, 2016
These are by far my favorite spoons for beginning eaters. My daughter was ready to eat solids before I was prepared. We received some spoons from the baby shower, but they had metal or hard tips. Those just did not work for her. They were too hard on her tender gums. These spoons have the softest tips, but still enough of a scoop for the food. All other spoons seem to have too rigid of a tip. We would give my daughter one to chew on while we used another to feed her. My son has done great with them as well! Some spoons are good for certain ages, but this one would work from beginning till you are ready to move on. They are also comfortable to hold while feeding the baby.
review image review image review image
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on September 1, 2011
I originally got some other silicone spoons for feeding (as a gift) that really disappointed me when they melted in the top rack of the dishwasher. I liked that they had a silicone/rubbery spoon "head", though, as some of the other baby spoons are hard spoons covered in some kind of rubbery coating or else hard/inflexible plastic. These are gentle on my daughter's irritated gums (which are irritated from teething).
I found these to be perfect and very easy to use with one exception, and this is just really an annoying thing to me but may not be to someone else: when I go to put the spoon down in the bowl, the spoon is so long-handled that they often either tip a light-weight bowl over or the spoon itself tips and falls out of the bowl if the bowl is too small. This means that I have to get a lid or napkin to rest the spoon on when I need to set it down between bites. This is a small irritation and one that doesn't detract from the overall big picture, but just wanted to mention it as I deducted one star due to that factor.
Other than that, they are great to use and seem to be soft enough but not too soft as she gets the food in her mouth with much less of a mess. I gave her one to try on her own (sans food, as she's only 7 months old), and she gagged herself multiple times because the spoon is very long, so I'll give her the melted ones from the other brand that are shorter as she didn't gag herself with these. Yes, you can enter the "gag me with a spoon" valley girl joke here. LOL.
Dishwasher safe (I have only tried top-rack washing, though) and cute, too. I ordered two packages and both came pink and green, by the way. So you can't pick your colors. Since I have a girl, this didn't matter to me (and wouldn't even if I had a boy) but some people are very pink=girl, blue=boy, so I thought I'd mention that as well.
All in all, a good purchase and I'm happy with them for the most part.
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on September 19, 2015
The soft tip makes it easy for baby to bite down without risk of injury and the long handle helps make it easier for me to feed him. Plus they are adorable, top of spoon as cute little heart on it and the handle has the word LOVE on it. Thought this was a cute addition to these spoons.
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on April 24, 2015
My daughter loves to play with these spoons and the silicone helps her keep her grip. The spoon size is right for feeding her and curved enough to keep the food from sloshing out from navigating around swinging arms.
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on January 25, 2016
These are definitely my go-to spoons. Anyone who has fed a baby knows that at some point they're going to try to grab the spoon from you and start chewing on it. I'm a bit wary of plastic, not to mention it's hard on the baby's gums, so I bought these along with one other one from a different brand to try.

1 star off because they stain. Any kind of carrots, squash, tomato-base, etc. the areas that were clear are now orange and will not wash out. If I figure out a way to bleach them back to clear (thinking some peroxide might do the trick) I will come back and update. This does not affect the functionality of it, they're just not "pretty." Also thinking that's the nature of silicone, but if so, don't make baby spoons that are clear silicone knowing that certain foods will stain it. Might drive the OCD moms bonkers.

If your baby has outgrown them, do not toss them! Use as a spatula to get the last bit of jelly out of the jar, or get every last bit of your favorite chocolate hazelnut spread that so many of us secretly eat by the spoon.
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on February 19, 2015
I purchased these spoons without reading the reviews. Some reviewers claimed that the spoons had sharp edges on the sides of the spoon and that it was hurting the baby to eat. Spoons should never be made in a way that they could cut the sensitive sides of the lips. I returned these spoons as soon as I opened the box and bought these Sweet Baby Carrot Baby Spoons, 100% medical grade silicone, 5 star reviews, spoons instead.
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