Customer Reviews: Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoon, 6 Count
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on November 7, 2008
I bought these spoons because I liked the bright colors. They looked fun and like they would capture the interest of my little man, who was just starting on solids. I also purchased the soft-tip Munchkin spoons (that are similar to the Gerber brand) and the Nuk temperature-sensitive spoons. Well, the Nuk and Munchkin spoons never get used because these spoons combine all of the best features of both. First, these spoons have a deep basin like the Nuk spoons. The padded tip spoons are so shallow that you can barely get any food on them. Second, these spoons have a soft tip. The whole basin of the spoon is actually flexible, which makes for a more comfortable eating experience for your baby. Third, the bright colors really do capture the baby's interest so they are more likely to pay attention once they get to that age where they are easily distracted. Finally, they have a longer handle than any other baby spoon I've seen so feeding is easier for the feeder. They are not temperature sensitive, but who feeds their baby without checking the temperature of the food anyway? This is one of the best products I've bought for my son! I would like to notify you that the colors I received are not the same as pictured. I received two spoons with pink basins (one with blue and one with green) and one purple spoon that is a pastel purple with yellow, so three of my six spoons are girly. Not that it really matters, just fyi.
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on November 6, 2011
(would like to give a zero if possible)

I don't write too many reviews, but I am obliged to save some of you parents from making a huge mistake. I'm a product manager and these spoons are HORRIBLE. I'm actually a little irritated as to the high reviews because I feel suckered in spending money on this. Here are all my issues:

1. The spoon is heavily weighted on the end, so if you put it in a bowl and hope it stays there, it won't. The contents of the bowl will catapult out creating a mess for you to clean.

2. The spoon handle is round. Given the issue in #1, if you place the head of the spoon on the edge of the bowl, the spoon will roll right off the bowl. The designer needs to be fired.

3. The little notch near the head of the spoon serves zero purpose. It will not sit on the edge of a bowl as the design looks like it can. If you try it, the spoon will roll off the bowl.

4. The cup of the spoon isn't tall enough on the sides, so your contents (blended solids) tend to dribble off causing more spillage.

In summary, you need to set the spoon down on a napkin or else you'll be cleaning up a messy table or worse, a messy floor and then needing to grab a clean spoon again. Trust me, I've done this at least a dozen times, both on my hardwood floors, rug and then the carpet in my living room. Who knew something as simple as a baby spoon could be so complicated.

Furthermore, they used a very soft plastic on the spoon, so within a month or two, you'll find scratches in the spoon and then shreds of plastic coming off the spoon. Compare this with the Beaba spoons, night and day difference in quality.

Poorly designed, cheaply made, and marketed the hell out of. Don't waste your money on this.
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on December 11, 2008
Everything else about this spoon I like, except the handle is heavier then the top of the spoon. So everytime you set the spoon down in a dish, it fall's out. Ususally lands on to the floor and make's a mess. Would not buy these a again.
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on July 11, 2013
These state they are made in the USA on the product details. They are made in China, the country with a long track history of putting unwanted stuff in kids things we get over here. No thanks, sending back.
review image
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on June 11, 2009
*LONG Handle is easier to grip than other popular brands
*B/C they're molded plastic in one piece, they clean EASY in dishwasher/by hand (Unlike Gerber spoons)!
*Very colorful-perfect for boys or girls
*VERY soft plastic-great for beginner to advanced eaters

Con: The ends of these spoons are heavy, so if you place them in a tall empty jar/bowl, the container will tip more times than not. Just something you've got to remember...

We've bought 3 sets of these so that our little guy has spoons at our home and his grandparents' homes. Everyone had previously purchased other brands of baby spoons (Gerber and Nuk), and remarked about how much easier to use these are! As soon as my son starts to feed himself, with utensils, we might transition to a shorter spoon, but these are perfect for our family at his current stage!
FYI: These can be found WAY cheaper at Target.
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on January 19, 2016
We have been using these spoons for just under a year now. They have held up pretty well through the dishwasher. We have bought two packs of them and I don't believe we have thrown any away. There is one that is questionable, only because I used it to make cream of wheat in a boiling kettle and it bent the tip on the spoon permanently. My fault though.

I wasn't a fan of these at first because when my baby was first starting to eat solid food, our bowls were a lot smaller. As with everyone else, the spoons were flipping out of the bowl because the handles are a bit heavier. Now that our daughter is 1 1/2, feeds herself, and eats more, we have larger bowls. With the bigger bowls, the spoons don't tip out as easily. I also didn't care for them at first because the spoon part can hold a decent amount of food for a young baby. We opted for the smaller spoon for a while. Again, now that our child is older and can eat more, these are perfect. The spoons pair great with the munchkin bowls shown in the picture.

I like that the handles are more rounded so my toddler can hold onto the handle with ease. We have two packs of these and they have done us well.
review image review image review image
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on September 21, 2010
Like another reviewer stated, the spoon handle is heavy and when rested in a dish or in a jar it tips over. From a design perspective the handle is too long and too heavy. When you are juggling the feeding of two little ones and the spoon keeps falling, flipping messy food everywhere it is super annoying. I wouldn't purchase again.
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on February 14, 2013
The repeated mess created by the spoon's spiral of doom will result in premature hair loss and inadvertent curse lessons for your baby.

Although lightweight, the spoon is very poorly designed to be handle-heavy:
1. When the spoon is leaned on a bowl rim (e.g., while wiping the baby's mouth), the spoon will promptly spin off the bowl onto the table, spraying a mess of baby food everywhere. Take a deep breath, and think of it as a preemptive strike against your baby making the first mess.
2. When the spoon is stuck under insufficiently heavy amount of food in a bowl, the spoon will catapult the food. On the bright side, you can have fun trying to trebuchet food into your baby's mouth during meals.

So, if you manage to always rest the spoon deep enough and never on its neck, this is a great spoon. If you want to NOT have to worry more about a spoon than your baby, then get the OXO Tot Feeding Spoon Set, Green instead. Although expensive in comparison (for the same price, only 2 vs 6 spoons), the Oxo spoon is perfectly balanced with a metal core. I prefer to wash a dirty Oxo spoon rather than use 1 of the 6 clean, but evil, Munchkin spoons.

FYI, I'm using bowls from Munchkin Feeding Set, 15 Pack, which I love.
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on August 31, 2011
I wish I had read the one star reviews before I bought the spoons from Amazon. the spoons will NOT work well with the dish washer. After a couple uses, the soft tip melts and can't be used any more!!! End up throwing all of them in the trash.
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on March 28, 2011
i do not understand why these get good reviews!?!? maybe because they are cheap? they are soooooo awkward and are way heavier on the handle then the tip so they constantly flip! so messy!
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