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As much of a news junkie as I am, I knew nothing about the events related in the story. But I was hooked with the first sentence, and I raced through the book to find out if the murderers had been found and brought to trial. Thanks to one police detective who didn't buy a witness's story, the shocking truth was revealed about one of the most heinous and bizarre crimes in recent US history. Author Peter Ross Range has written a superb true crime story about events that happened on March 11, 2011 in an upscale yoga apparel boutique in Bethesda, Maryland, a city not known for violent crimes. It's a brief but thorough look at the facts of the case, including the investigation, trial, and sentencing of the killer.

One of the most appalling revelations was that two employees in the Apple computer store next door actually heard the screams of the two women in the boutique, yet failed to call the police. (That reminded me of the murder of Kitty Genovese in New York City in 1964, a crime that shocked the nation for its brutality, but is remembered most for the neighbors who saw her being repeatedly stabbed, but didn't want to get involved.)

Kudos to the author for a remarkable and very suspenseful piece of journalistic writing.
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on August 27, 2013
Oddly, I knew nothing of this heinous and disturbing murder previous to coming across this account. It is odd given the extent to which I absorb news and given how news, especially this type, is reported. The story intrigues on many levels; motive, victim, assailant, theories, and social commentary, yet with so much going on, the author still manages a tight and engrossing account.

A Lululemon Athletica store seems the least likely scene of an extremely violent crime. This place that sells "clothing that makes you feel righteous just walking around" is meant to convey serenity and self improvement. I was amazed to find that many of its employees are driven women possessing impressive post graduate degrees. Thirty year old Jayna was about to obtain two Masters degrees in administration and communications. Incredibly, she had written a paper on how to respond to a crisis for Lululemon as part of her studies. Jayna hoped to make a career with the company and move to Vancouver. Her life is juxtaposed with a fellow employee whose life appeared similar but was much darker.

The story includes a shadowy indictment of both Lululemon and Apple. It hints at a false idolatry paid to these two businesses by consumers who buy into their promises of enriched lives. Lululemon is criticized for vacuousness and Apple is accused of lacking social responsibility while two of their employees get a worse treatment. It is amazing that a pair of yoga pants, one woman's bluntness and another's rage produced such a horrible event. This was a fine read but could have been longer to deal with such complex issues. Another book is due out this fall on the murder.
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on April 1, 2017
I picked the p this book out of curiosity. I could not put it down. It held my interest and I finished it within a few hours. Very disturbing that someone who was a star athlete could turn into a killer over shoplifting. I feel sorrow for the family who lost their daughter to a pair of expensive yoga pants.
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on November 8, 2013
This short story gave me the chills - having lived in the DC metro area for close to 10 years and who returns to the area (Bethesda specifically) regularly, I had no knowledge that this crime took place - in fact, I was just in this store over the summer. What is probably one if not the most safe neighborhood in the area surrounding DC, it's chilling that something so heinous could take place while the Apple idiots stood on their side of the wall and listened, doing nothing to prevent or avert this tragedy.

I also can't help but wonder: would we have heard more of this case if the perpetrator had been white and the victim black? Also, this incident could easily have been avoided if the company did not rehire this individual after stealing from another of their stores - did fear of a discrimination lawsuit provide another opportunity for this very sick woman to vent her rage?

Excellent true crime account of an incredibly disturbing incident that probably could and should have been avoided. Shame on both Apple and Lululemon executives for their poor choices that clearly led to the death of a very promising young woman.
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on November 10, 2014
The story of a small-town well-off neighborhood who thrives on Apple, pumpkin spice lattes, designer bags all in their Lululemon yoga apparel would last expect to hear a nightmare of a murder story occurring in their beloved local yoga store.

Gripping from start to finish, I surprisingly read this entire story in one sitting. Range is able to captivate our interests right from the get-go with his insanely lush descriptions of place and setting; his innate eye for details of characters and personalities; extensive research and findings from police, family and friends; and detailed accounts of shifting perspectives throughout the story as more and more information is learned by the community.

This has been one of my favorite reads in recent times, as I find that any happy-go-lucky reader will take up an interest in this story. He carefully chooses what information to tell and tells us sufficient information throughout; he even tugs on our heart strings as we grow attached--and grow to know--the individuals in the story. This story brings up great commentary on suburbia lifestyle, as well. Lovely read.
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on September 3, 2013
Have you seen that network show that runs on Friday nights? It takes a true life murder mystery and stretches it out ad nauseum, lots of repeated facts to fill the two hours, told in a very serious yet storytelling tone of voice, and then they spring the surprise twist on you?

This book is written in that format. Sad but true story of a young woman with bright prospects, wastefully and tragically murdered for the slightest of reasons.

Reasonably well written, interesting story, but I kind of felt like I was rubbernecking a bad accident and couldn't turn away. It felt "wrong" to have someone's life and demise dished out as entertainment, and sold for a few bucks. But that's just me. I have daughters and friends that age, so maybe that's why it left a bad taste.

BTW, if you are a yoga afficianado, as am I, be prepared to be kind of sloughed off as some kind of irrelevant airhead who's concerned more with the fashion label on their bum than the quality of their practice.
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on July 25, 2013
The book was well written and kept my attention in a dramatic fashion. I already knew about this story from my local paper the Washington Post. This local story was shocking and still continues to shock. The senseless violence and the unbelievable duration has boggled my mind. It shows you that you never know what monsters may be living inside of someone. One lesson learned is that if you believe there is trouble brewing next door or within ear-shot don't hesitate to reach out to the authorities for action. Doing nothing is not acceptable.
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on August 10, 2013
As a true crime fan who actively follows cases and stories, I always struggle with reading true crime books as it's difficult to learn anything new that I haven't already seen or heard on a TV show or on the internet. However, this book sheds new light on the people involved in this story and the actual events of the night. For those already familiar with this case, you'll still be satisfied with this book as new details are revealed. The perpetrator's criminal background and the exchange between the perpetrator and her brother at the police station are two scenes that really stood out to me. If your not familiar with this story but like mysteries in general you'll like the way the story unfolds and how the last person you expect to be involved is.
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on July 6, 2013
I don't read a lot of mysteries or "true crime" stories, generally preferring history and biography, but a friend suggested I would find Murder in the Yoga Store gripping--and he was right. Peter Ross Range has reconstructed the night of a horrible murder of one young woman by another with such precision that the reader feels like a silent observer in the room. Although the outcome is known by anyone familiar with the story, Range builds suspense and curiosity by letting the untold details slip slowly into the narrative, showing how the police figured out whodunit, revealing the background that couldn't be told in court and offering the best answer yet to the question, "Why?" A masterful job by a master craftsman.
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on April 16, 2017
Fast paced. Couldn't put it down. I wish I could have a Jayna in my life. She sounds like a great source of inspiration and drive, someone who tells it like it is. It's too bad her bright light was extinguished so soon.
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