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on January 10, 2013
I have always liked Rita Mae Brown mysteries, I started with the cat mysteries and moved into the dog mysteries because I like her writing style of including the animal participation and conversations. Her mysteries always include some social commentary and this is no exception. While many pan this action, all books contain conversational filler to make them real and interesting and Rita's research on her commentary is very good. This, the second book with Baxter and Mags Jeep and King, has a double layer of mystery that was fun and interesting to read. We even get a new animal character in the deal. Dealing with the homeless, bank foreclosures, lost treasure, financial insider deals and the various personalities of the many characters, the book is well written, timely, interesting and fun. I enjoyed it and will keep reading them as fast as she writes them.
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on October 15, 2011
Rita Mae Brown's books have pleased and delighted me for many years. I have especially enjoyed her excellent older women characters who show spunk and wisdom as they meet challenges. Sadly, the level of political and societal commentary in this book has grown to the detriment of the plot and characters. I'm aware of all the sad stuff in society today. I read for entertainment and to get away from that. As a background it's fine, but when it's the primary book theme and overrides the story my interest wanes. More story and plot from these likeable and interesting Nevada characters and far less preachy commentary would vastly improve this book. The animals are cute but don't have the depth and interacftion in Rita's other books. In the next book of the series I'd love to see more full-bodied characters and interaction between them, and far less of the woes of the world.
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on October 11, 2011
I'm having a lot of trouble getting into this book, and wish I had ordered the free trial first. Perhaps if an editor had been able to work on it a little, it would have helped. It is disjointed, poorly paced, and quite frankly I think the basic premise is unrealistic. So there's this old lady, Jeep, and her friends and acquaintances who want to get the utilities turned back on in foreclosed houses that are being occupied by sympathetic (and neat) squatters. And there is a nasty political candidate lurking in the background ready to demonize said squatters, and a nasty supervisor at the utility company who fires his best team because they go against orders and turn on the power for a couple of hours. And a nice old man who gets shot at. And some dogs with college level understanding of the state of the world who are offering wise, and condescending, social comment in the background, like a Greek chorus. Perhaps it could have all come together into a coherent and interesting story, but I get the feeling that the author just didn't want to make the effort. I know Rita Mae Brown is capable of much better writing.
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on October 8, 2011
I will say at the beginning that I am a Rita Mae fan. I bought this book based on the author's name, expecting to find a good story built around animals that speak to each other while trying to understand their humans. Instead it was preachy diatribe about the banking industry and the questionable mortgages which led to the hundreds of homes being foreclosed or just abandoned. I found myself skimming the speeches to get to the story, which was pretty thin. The next book featuring these characters will be one that I check out from the library, if I bother to read it all.
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on March 25, 2014
I loved this book, but I love all Rita Mae's books. This one kept me turning the pages trying to figure out who did it. I did figure out the treasure was hidden where it was found ( in general, not the specific place). I also knew the dogs would find it first - they or the cats in the Sneaky Pie books always do. I couldn't figure out who though until it was revealed. I like the way Rita Mae developes her characters. I feel I know them, and I care about them. I also wanted to see how they solved the homeless problem. The story had a lot of levels that kept me reading.
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on June 18, 2012
I liked this novel. It's true that it includes information about foreclosures and homelessness along with the story, but I'm a news junkie and don't mind that. I really like the characters and the Nevada setting is something new and novel for me. Who do I think would enjoy this book? People who don't mind reading about current affairs, who like dogs and don't mind if they talk, people who like having a strong older female character, and people who don't mind gay characters. My only objection was the price I paid to read it on Kindle, but that shouldn't affect my review of the book.
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on November 6, 2014
This is the first dog-oriented offering from Ms. Brown for me, and I enjoyed it (almost) as much as her Mrs. Murphy series. As I no longer house dogs in my household, I have rather lost touch with their unique and loyal personalities. This book reminded me of all the marvelous dogs I have had, and (almost) made me want another dog. The cats would never allow it...but...
Anyway, I guess I'm stuck buying more of her dog books. This one was great.
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This series is really growing on me. Quite a departure from the Sneaky Pie collaborations, this book endears you to a different location and group of well formed new characters that soon has you forgetting they are only characters in a book.

Spunky 80's something, Jeep Reed is our main sleuth. She is beyond wealthy but remembers to keep in touch with the everyday person. Jeep owns a cattle spread and the book opens with her neighbor, Howie Norris being attacked on his own land. While looking into that, Jeep and Mags with their dogs find downtown Reno in trouble.

What trouble? What the entire U.S.A. is suffering from...Foreclosures. This book focuses upon individuals living marginal lives and trying to survive in foreclosed homes. Ms. Brown shows us the viewpoint of this issue (banking etc.) from all sides, using even the dogs narratives to aid us in perspectives, we may have not thought about.

There were murders, embezzlement's, high speed chases, treasure hunting, and a very thought provoking theme that had me paging through this book to see what happens. I cried, laughed, and shook my head in perplex in trying to see how I, as an individual, can help this blight in my town. To me this was a very well laid out book and an important one. I appreciate Ms. Brown sharing her opinions and the immense amount of research needed to pen this novel.
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on June 7, 2015
love everything she writes, one of my favorite writers!! does a good mystery, keeps you flipping those pages and keeps me up at night (I like to read late at night in bed)! interesting characters, great plot development, great descriptions of the areas of the country where the book takes place, thank you Rita for another great book to read!!
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on February 14, 2013
I love everything that Rita Mae Brown writes. The woman is fantastic with characters and story...Always timely and interesting and her insights into how the world around them affects the story is excellent and more important intelligent. She is not necessarily politically correct and that is fantastic...I am sick of authors who tip toe around the mess we are in here and she goes right to the problem and uses it in the story line...Fabulous character great read...
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