Muriel's Wedding

7.21 h 45 min1995X-RayR
In this perfect marriage of feel-good comedy and heartfelt-drama, a shy daydreamer finds the courage to leave on a tropical vacation, where she meets a wacky new friend, changes her name, and turns her world upside down, all to an ABBA soundtrack.
P.J. Hogan
Toni ColletteRachel GriffithsBill Hunter
English [CC]
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4.7 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

Clay EverettReviewed in the United States on March 29, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Do NOT watch unless you understand REAL life...not meant for those who like "Glossy" films
Verified purchase
A wonderful film about friendship and life. It has some wonderful life lessons in it. I read one review on here saying it was depressing and not good for her "girls "...I guess if you like Hollywood glossy films this isn't good. It has an actual story and you HAVE to listen and follow.
It is hysterical if you get the humor, but also depressing in parts because it is about LIFE, real life, not hollywood glossy 90210 crap.
I watch this every few years just to smile and be grateful for how far Ive come as a woman.
Also great SOUNDTRACK, but again, I think most of the reviews on here only know ABBA's one song, so they might not appreciate the music either.
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Jeffrey SReviewed in the United States on January 25, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
It's an amazing adventure of a young woman finding herself in life, love, an friendship.
Verified purchase
This has to be my all-time favorite movie. Muriel is an overweight, unemployed young woman who still lives at home in "Porpoise Spit" Australia. She wants so much to belong to a group and is constantly berated by a group of snobby girls. Her father does nothing but blow his own horn about how he is the greatest thing in politics and schemes to get everything he can by abusing his job in public service. Her mother is a beaten down doormat who is trapped in a loveless marriage.
Muriel decides to steal money from her father and go on the vacation of a lifetime. It's a timeless commentary on what it's like to find one's own way in life. The movie will bring laughter, tears, and love for this young woman who comes of age and into her own. It's sure to be a classic for many years to come.
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SylviaReviewed in the United States on September 2, 2015
5.0 out of 5 stars
Confidence and self-respect
Verified purchase
Excellent movie/plot especially with Toni Collete in the starring role! The plot centers around Muriel who is striving for respect and recognition from her peers and especially her family. Her father is a dolt that embarrasses his family every chance he gets by telling their shortcomings to business and political people. For me, I would have walked out on him, I would not have stayed and listened to all that. Muriel strives to receive that recognition and respect from her peers, but like her father, they put her down at every moment and treat her disrespectfully. She still goes on and on her holiday trip, finally meets up with a true friend who really tries to understand what she thinks and feels. Muriel herself does grow up finally and becomes the responsible person she really is, and you can see she finally does respect herself enough to get away from her abusive father (emotional abuse), and live her life by herself with her roommate. A coming of age plot for emotionally abused persons that shows that you can pull yourself out of that situation and give yourself the confidence and self-respect that you deserve.
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Martha Ann KennedyReviewed in the United States on September 1, 2016
4.0 out of 5 stars
Reviewing the Reviews...
Verified purchase
Dear People from the Future: Don't watch this movie. Don't review this movie. It's a world you never knew. An English speaking country which speaks a dialect you might not be able to understand with -- get this! -- different slang and everything! Back in these days no one had an iPhone or anything like that. People had to go rent videos at the video store and watch them at home! OMG! Sometimes the videos were on TAPE. This is a coming-of-age film from a different age. Why don't you just wait until it's remade in some strangely sanitized retro version in 10 years?

As for the movie, I liked it the first time I saw it, rented from Blockbuster, sometime in the early 2000s... Entertaining approach to some hard ethical questions.
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Pamela Ann WalshReviewed in the United States on August 25, 2013
5.0 out of 5 stars
"Muriel's Wedding" is the Majority of Girls thinking, when you are NOT the Popular Snob in School, Family or Work
Verified purchase
"Muriel's Wedding" is the Majority of Girls thinking, when you are NOT the Popular Snob in School, Family or Work. Oh, but there is payback for those, who think they are better than everyone else. When you come out behind that shy timid girl and have grown into a beautiful butterfly that attracts men like bears to honey. I was like Muriel when I was 14 and oh the first class reunion, the night clubs that I was the one to know to get into, and the boys, who thought they were too good for me. Payback can be fun and that is just what I did, they asked me to dance and I had a guy far better in looks, manners and personality, so I said, "No thanks I am with someone". To every wall flower and shy timid girl there is a day you will turn into that butterfly and enjoy it, as long as you can. You see you always were someone and now they know it, as well as you do. You are the dancing queen the one, who makes all of them jealous. Be proud of who you have become, because you are a special person and never forget it my friends. Toni Collette, as Muriel the bride was great, she played the girl, who was shy and timid and wants to be like the popular girls, who do not want her hanging around with them. While Muriel goes on a vacation she meets a old high school friend named Rhonda, played by Rachel Griffiths, Bill Hunter is Muriel's Father Bill a critic of every single person in the family from his wife, to all 6 children and shows how he is having a fling with another woman. The ending is great and the story fits 80% of the women in our world, who have not become that butterfly, who spreads her wings and takes off for better places. Muriel does and finds herself to become the person she was meant to be and tells her father that "NO, I am not going to come back home and take care of your children, you take care of them I am going back to Sydney!" She does so bringing Rhonda with her and that is how the movie ends. It is a Great Comedy, Wonderful singing by Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths doing an ABBA number and dancing to the music as they sing on stage.

Below is the link that every girl and woman should watch on a Friday or Saturday and thank yourselves for finding, who you really are:

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James HillerReviewed in the United States on June 1, 2005
5.0 out of 5 stars
"You're Terrible Muriel"....
Verified purchase
But fortunately, this movie is far from! An impressive cast, wonderful story, and even more catchy soundtrack will leave you humming for weeks afterwards. Muriel's Wedding is a tour de force of wonderful filmmaking at its best.

Muriel's Wedding tells the tale of Muriel Heslop, an appropriate name for a girl without much of an identity. At the beginning of the movie, Muriel is a put upon girl with a bleak future and an even more bleak present. She attends the wedding of a "friend" of hers in a stolen dress, which sets up Muriel's life as a series of lies she tells to make herself into something. One lie begets another, and soon, Mariel is off to Syndey with new gal pal Rhonda. Muriel struggles to find herself amidst the lies she tells and the real life for which she yearns, thus the story. This film is most unpredictable, and full of wonderful nuanced surprises that totally make sense to the story.

Toni Collette deserves a standing ovation for her performance of Muriel. This was the first movie that I ever saw her in, and who knew the range of talent she possess. Just watch this movie, and then Sixth Sense, The Hours, and Connie and Carla, and see the range she covers. It should only be a matter of time before people realize her immense and total talent. Just watch Toni walking down the aisle as Muriel; her total, goofy joy is palpable... amazing stuff.

Also appearing is the wonderful and solid Rachel Griffiths as her friend Rhonda. Together, they turn in a tour de force performance to help hapless Muriel find herself.

Much must be said for director PJ Hogan's handling of this material. Given to a lesser director, the script may have gotten out of hand with its numerous twists and turns. Hogan trusts his actors and the stories, and allows them to show through. Also, the film is visually brilliant. Muriel's lip sync of the ABBA song in itself is a scene right from another Australian import "Priscilla Queen of the Desert".

Not to mention the music. ABBA songs feature prominently throughout the movie, and actually allow for the story of the movie to progress wonderfully. It has been said that profits from Muriel's Wedding allowed for the creation of another ABBA delight, the musical "Mamma Mia". If that's true, what another wonderful gift from this movie.

It seemed in the 1990's, Australian performed a wonderful trifecta of movies that blew away American audiences: Muriel's Wedding, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and Strictly Ballroom. Muriel's Wedding may be the lesser known of the three, but it is equally as strong. If you want a funny, funny movie, with wonderful acting, and a dash of drama thrown in, plan to attend Muriel's Wedding soon!
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EriKaReviewed in the United States on November 5, 2001
4.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
I thought this was a very strange film the first time I saw it. I was not even sure I understood the brand of humour being employed. Australian film, Australian humour maybe. Subsequent viewings made me appreciate the film much more. Much of what happened just was not funny and was not meant to be. The story is about Muriel (played by Toni Collette, a virtual unknown in America until her turn as Haley Joel Osment's mother in The Sixth Sense), a misfit, who has few friends, a weird personality, an obsession with Abba, and she only dreams of falling in love... or maybe not even love but of marriage. She has problems in her dysfunctional family. She wants to find a way out. Muriel meets a friend (played by an always excellent Rachel Griffiths). The two of them always have fun together, always partying and getting into all kinds of trouble. At some point, though, Griffiths's character becomes ill, and this changes the dynamic of their friendship. Muriel is still very much on the prowl for love, and she answers a personal ad. A South African national needs to marry an Australian national in order to stay in the country and compete in Australia. Muriel agrees to do it, and because the swimmer is so handsome and popular, she too gains all kinds of meaningless popularity. However, during the course of these festivities, more family problems arise (including the not so happy ending of her mom committing suicide), and Muriel discovers a few things about herself and about who her real friends are.
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Charles M. CornellReviewed in the United States on May 11, 2001
4.0 out of 5 stars
Great fun! Revived my appreciation of ABBA!
Verified purchase
Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths both shine in this tale of the unpopular, dumpy Muriel who dreams of being a bride. Collette captures all the insecurities of the character, and plays her as flawed but sympathetic. Griffiths almost steals the show as Muriel's long-lost high school buddy who sets her on a fast track to a new life away from her catty hometown friends. The ABBA soundtrack is great - particularly the scene with "Waterloo" when Muriel and Rhonda enter the talent contest. Priceless! This comes right on top of Rhonda telling the bitchy friends where they can go ("I'd sooner swallow razorblades than have a drink with you! And by the way, I'm not alone. I'm with Muriel.") Anyone who has ever felt like an outcast and wanted to stand up to the 'popular snobs' will cheer this scene as a triumph! The whole movie is about overcoming adversity, finding yourself, and celebrating your differences. Some accuse 'Muriel' of being a downer, and it has its serious moments, but the final message is a positive one. Well worth watching, renting, or buying!
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