Customer Reviews: Muscletech Cell-Tech HARDCORE Pro Series Fruit Punch 6.6 Lbs
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on December 9, 2011
I have taken many creatine supplements, but nothing has increased my muscle size and strength anywhere close to CellTech. You have to follow the directions and take it for at least 8 weeks, so get the 6.6 pounder, or two. You will see muscle mass gains within 2-4 weeks and size increases that will blow your mind! Must cycle off it for 2 weeks after every 8-12 cycle for best results. I gained 1 pound of lean muscle per week, for 6 weeks straight, and have been on the CellTech bandwagon since. Be sure to get at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight daily as well to support the extreme muscle growth you will endure while on this, and drink plenty of have to force hydrate while on creatine or you will undermine the body's water storage, 8-10 glasses per day should be enough.
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on November 8, 2014
Taste like ass.

There is no other way to say it. The best way to make this is to follow the directions and just slam it.

I did notice the normal things from creatine - muscle definition, slightly increase in feeling hot, but overall - i dunno, it was alright. For the price and the size it is a good trade off.

My major, major, MAJOR complaint is the taste. It actually BURNS my throat when i drank it.
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on October 4, 2012
Anybody notice most of the (positive) reviewers here only write reviews on muscletech products???? fishy right? lol

Anyway... I'm writing this review coming from using this creatine over the last 9 years (since 2004). I've been lifting on and off with as much as 2 years in breaks in between at times due to the nature of my work.

It's the one creatine I come back to from time to time, I'll admit, because it's the only one you'll see available on base at the exchange (didn't have the onbase GNC)

Well I finally got fully off of it about a couple months ago.

Back to 2004, I don't know what "strong is" or what I "should" be lifting for my height/weight etc. Pretty much NEWB. I weighed at 125lbs @ 5'8 and my max bench was 160lbs for 1 rep. I wanna make this clear too, it was on a ship (destroyer) so we didn't have flat benches, we had to use a smith machine (the 45lb bar on guided rails) just so we don't kill ourselves when hitting rough seas.

By the end of 7 months non stop working out (that's all we could do) I pushed my max up to 285lbs for 1 rep. My weight ONLY increased to 130lbs (wtf right??) I didn't know if it was the celltech or the protein I was using (N'Large2 10 lb bucket) or the hmb's (no name brand 2 bottles). Those were the only supplements I was using. I didn't know if that was strong for my weight or what, I did it pretty easily I thought. -one thing I'll add, I took celltech the ENTIRE time. I didn't "cycle" off of it.. I was destined to get bigger I thought I would go 'all out' on my body... and on my pocket too.

Forward to 2005 about a year later I get the urge to workout again. I buy celltech and this time I got nitrotech. I can only withstand nitrotech for about two weeks and completely stop taking it. As a matter of fact, that was the LAST time I took nitrotech. I didn't like how it tastes (coming from N'Large which tasted like nestle quick) and it made me sh*t throughout the day. I just took celltech and no protein or anything else.

I worked out for 3 months straight and put up 265 on the barbell this time (NO smith machine). I was eating more aggressively too though and I peaked out at 175lbs in weight. I contribute the drastic weight gain to heavy drinking and I think that's what jacked up my metabolism. It wasn't belly weight either just fyi. I did this all while I was in school out of state and when I got back home all my family and friends were like wtf?!? lol. I didn't workout again until about 1 1/2 years later.

Forward to 2007, get back on the urge to lift again. Picked up this new thing thing from muscletech called anator p70 (had to look that up right now) worst crap ever tasted in my life. Put up with it for a month. Didn't notice JACK. No strength, no gains, etc. By the way my weight was down to 160lb at this point. What'd I do? Picked up a big tub of good ole Celltech. Oh and btw I actually bought THREE bottles of that p70 crap and ended up leaving it at work and just forgot about it. Think I paid $60 each for a bottle.

So I took Celltech steadily again for about 3 months. Got my weight to about 170lb again I believe and I was repping 215 7 reps for 3 sets. Never did max because I worked out alone and I hate asking people for spots unless they're my friends or whatever. -Ill add I also started to use MRI No2 which is a nitric oxide. No protein, again. Lazy to make shakes also it didn't help I only had 1 shaker.

Forward to 2009. Took 2 years off. I'm weighing at 170lbs. This is not muscle at all. I'll say I was pretty round around the edges. Whatever. Pick up celltech at the exchange (base) I read about this new badassss nitric oxide called naNOX9 ALSO BY muscletech (see how their advertising is steadily working on me? lol). Worked out for 2 months then stopped due to my f'd up worksched. That, and since I was working in Japan, I lived the nightlife lol. forward 1 year later...

Recracked open the celltech, dumped the naNOx9 and bought NO2 again (MRI), still no protein), muscletechs advertising works on me and I buy the TRIPLE FURY PACK of Gakic, Leukic, and Creakic) I forget what Leukic does, but gakic is pure caffeine, and the creakic is creatine in a pill form. I eventually dump the leukic due to cost and also the creakic, I was taking celltech anyway I dont need a pill of more creatine.

Just stuck to Gakic, celltech, and the NO2. Within 7 months of lifting, I hit 275lb max on bench for 1 rep. Shoulders I was pressing 205lbs for 10 reps on the barbell, 50 lb dumbell curls x10. And my greatest achievement (LOL) was I was doing front dumbell raises with a 50lb for 3 sets x10 reps. I know it's ridiculous to do that much weight and actually very dangerous not to mention, ineffective but whatever I wanted to see how high I could go. I was doing this @ 160lbs. -at present the highest I've ever done was 45lb only for 8 reps total.

Forward to 2011. Buy the same stuff again, gakic, no2, celltech, and Finally I get some protein. Not 1, but TWO different kinds. Syntha-6, and Hydrowhey (by optimum). Within 5 months (2012), I surpass my max benchpress to 295lbs for 2 reps EAZY. (I tried 305 next and failed). I was able to hit 225 on incline for 7 reps (touching chest) and decline I was repping 265 for 7 reps, 3 sets. -one thing I'll mention is at this point I swapped my NO2 to Nitrox2 (by Scifit) The nitrox combined with the gakic made me like the hulk, no BS. You can't find Nitrox2 anymore either. I dunno, one of the ingredients is roids or something lol cause that's what it feels like.

I take a good 4 months break from lifting. School stress, vacation, job hunting, and I decide screw it, I'm getting off this celltech crap, I wanna try something new so I bought MUSCLETECH'S CreaCore. Go ahead and read the add on their website. SOUNDS GOOD TO ME RIGHT?? Over twice the sevings too?? -and its cheaper?? Wow! Anyway, I've been on CreaCore for about 2 months now (still on gakic, nitrox2, syntha6, and hydrowhey). After two months of lifting, I'm thinking I should be progressing good or close to being caught up to where I was before right? Nope. Yesterday on bench I tried lifting 255 lbs (I was repping x10 for my last set before) I was only able to push out 3 reps. 4th rep I couldn't even take off my chest. Good thing for spotters.. Incline, barely repped 175 for TWO sets, elbows just to 90 degree angle, not to my chest.

So it finally hit me tonight. Why the hell am I so weak, I'm progressing so slow, am I just getting old? Downhill from here?? Its the da*n celltech all along! It's the only thing I left out! It doesn't do anything for my weight and I didn't look any more "buff" when taking it, but it sure as hell gave me some massive gains in strength. That's all I gotta say. The whole time I was taking it to get bigger in size, never to get an increase in strength.

Anyway, just ordered two bottles of it. Getting it on Oct 7th. I will def update to back up my theory..

Just realized a lot of wall of text is irrelevant lol, but to sum it up: For me Celltech gave me STRENGTH. So don't think of it as just a weight gainer (from it's water retention). It'll definitely increase your weight lifting in all workouts. Sorry, still have energy and just hyped about getting into celltech again lol.
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on December 17, 2011
Bought this thinking it wouldnt be much good turned out to be pretty good creatine. I bought the orange as i thought it would be better in the morning to taste. Much cheapr then gnc i get all my work out stuff on amazon cant beat the $$$$$$.....JOhn from nh
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on June 16, 2012
This works great I've been using it on and off for a few years now. I always gain an average of 5-10 lbs per cycle and I use for 2-3 months and maintain about half the buscle and stregth I build. I just recommend drinking alot of water with it. You won't have a choice because you'll be thirsty if you don't so feed you body whenever your thirsty.
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on December 27, 2012
Almost instant weight gain (3-5 lbs) and increased stamina without the upset stomach caused by other drinks. I highly recommend it!
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on September 26, 2012
a question that you can send to Venezuela? because I need to know to make the purchase because here in Venezuela is very expensive
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on December 9, 2012
Uno de los mejores de muscletech sin lugar a dudas con este producto e llegado a mejorar considerablemente la masa muscular limpia
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on November 10, 2012
Very good was really satisfied with the product
This is my third time ordering it and gain a lot of muscle
Thank you :)
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on May 24, 2012
Great results, but the product contains too much sugar. So if you watching your sugar level, this product is not for you.
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