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on April 10, 2012
Edit: this was a great drive a year ago for <$180, but its been superseded by a number of drives for much less money. I've picked up several drives like the Intel 530, Seagate 600 and others in the <$130 range. Mushkin needs to drop the price on this drive about $30 and warm over the content a little. The controller is still good but there are better, and nand has also changed a bit in the last year.

Solid state disk drives have 4 defining characteristics. Its interface with the computer which limits what speeds it can attain in the real world, the type of controller chip used in the SSD, the type of memory or 'nand' and the firmware. The firmware is software that is loaded onto the SSD and used by the controller chip to manage the storage device.

This particular drive can use "Sata III" which allows for properly equipped computers to send data at up to 6Gb/s. If your computer uses Sata II or Sata I (it'd be pretty old to be the latter), you top out at 3 and 1.5Gb/s respectively.

Only the very fastest tiers of solid state drives can saturate more than Sata II, and you'd have to be doing some serious stuff on a sustained basis to make good use of the 6Gb/s, so for most purposes it suffices to say that this drive will throw more data at your computer than it can reasonably handle.

The controller is a Sanforce 2200 series. This is a very powerful and advanced controller, but its suffered from being released early by many eager SSD providers putting it on the market before the firmware had all of the problems worked out. As a result a number of drives with these controllers lost customer data and crashed systems. The current firmware release, just dropped a short time ago by many manufacturers, seems to have all of these problems worked out. There are a few products that suffer from manufacturing issues that affect reliability, but this is not one of them.

As far as type of memory, there is 'toggle nand', synchronous and asynchronous, with varying speed tiers within type. Toggle is fastest in general, then sync, then async. But some fast sync drives can approach toggle speeds and some async drives can approach sync speeds.

Firmware is the crucial element. Well tested and researched firmware means reliability and performance. Many of the more popular drives go through dozens of firmware revisions every year, most bringing reliability and performance improvements.

According to Toms Hardware SSD hierarchy chart, this is a tier 1 drive with toggle nand, the fast 2200 series sandforce controller and pretty reliable firmware. This is one of the 2-3 fastest drives on the market and with the current firmware it may be the fastest. It offers excellent performance at a reasonable price point on sale recently with excellent reliability. And like all recent SSD's, it offers silence, no moving parts, and ridiculously fast random access to your data. Put it in an older computer and it feels like its gotten faster and newer. Put it in a new computer and it'll fly. Your statup, shutdown, program load and general usage will seem as much as twice as fast. Even opening a browser with 15 tabs takes me half as much time with an SSD as a hard drive.
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on July 16, 2012
I am very impressed with this SSD. It is fast and value for money. I tested it using PerformanceTest 7.0 and here are the results. I bought it for $199.99 on June 21, 2012. It costs $248.92 as of 13 Aug, 2012. WTF.

--PerformanceTest 7.0 --
Sequential Read: 453.4 MBytes/Sec
Sequential Write: 300 MBytes/Sec
Random Seek + RW: 434.9 MBytes/Sec

Disk Mark: 4297.4

(Sorry for the underscore, Amazon dont keep the formatting. Written review and preview do not have the same format.)

-- ATTO Disk Benchmark --
Transfer Size(KB)---Write(MB/Sec)---Read(MB/Sec)

Amazing speed. Value for money. 240GB is enough for my programs and games. Very satisfied.
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on January 23, 2013
So, first off, i will mention that this drive is indeed very fast! Windows Experience Index for windows 7 was 7.9, bumped up to 8.1 on windows 8. In my build with an FX-series processor, i can install drivers and updates super fast. Took an hour to upgrade my laptop, took ten minutes on this thing. Like i said, ridiculously fast with a fair amount of storage.

So, one problem i have had with this drive, is every so often the drive will disappear from my computer. Isn't read in the BIOS or in windows. Only happened a couple times, but all i had to do was reset the BIOS and it came right back. Its happened three times since i purchased it about 8-9 months ago. Kind of a pain to figure out, but really easy once i figured out what to do, so if you have a similar problem, just reset the BIOS and it may come right back. (PS. this happened once when the drive was in my laptop and the last two in my desktop so i know its not the motherboard going weird.)

Im still giving it five stars because it works quick and great, with minor setbacks. I definitely recommend getting one if you have the money. 60 bucks cheaper than when i bought it which is awesome!

*Updated* - 3/14/13 - So, in the last couple weeks the drive finally wouldnt keep itself together for longer than 24 hrs. I called up Mushkin to see what they could do and they just told me to send it in and theyd replace it. Sent it in at a personal cost of 8 bucks(not bad at all-wish it was free). Once it arrived, they shipped the new drive out to me and had it to me in less that 10 days. Very effective and was very easy. Their customer support was very good, although i did get the same guy on the phone three times in a row so i dont think theyre all that big. Anyways, I gave it a five star review before and its still five star now.

*Updated* - 11/2/13 - Eight months later, still running like a champ.
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on January 7, 2013
Let me start off by saying I'm not a tech-savvy individual. Although I put together my custom rig on my own, it was pretty much a color-coded, connect the dots kind of thing. If you played with Legos as a kid, you can build your own custom rig.

With that said, I'm not going to throw out too many numbers out there comparing this SSD and another. This goes out to anyone thinking whether it's worth it to upgrade from a large capacity, traditional spinning disc to a smaller hard drive with non-moving parts: DO IT. Windows and programs boot and start up fast; boot time for windows takes mere seconds to go from the BIOS screen to seeing your desktop unfold in front of you, and virtually no lag when you open a program. System shut down also takes seconds, and computer temp doesn't feel as hot as it used to when I was running a 5400rpm disc.

The smaller capacity doesn't hinder me at all. In fact, I'm more aware of the programs and other things I put in there than when I was working with the 1TB HDD (I live a cluttered life). If need be, you can always have a separate HDD handy to store large media files such as video, music, photos, or some programs, or better yet, have two SDDs in your setup. You don't even have to defragment the drive; no movable disc = nothing do defrag.

All-in-all, this SDD did everything I read it would do. It made my custom rig faster than I thought it could ever do. Although it does come with a 3.5" bracket, you don't really need it if you don't have much space. You can basically just tape it on the side of your case and it would run just fine. It seems to have a brushed metal housing sturdy enough to withhold certain abuse, but you probably won't (or won't be able to do) that with a custom rig anyway. I chose to opt out cloning my hard drive and just did a fresh Windows install. Just set aside an afternoon/evening to reinstall/transfer everything from your HDD.

I'm very happy with this purchase. Great value + great product = me -> ^.^
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on May 1, 2013
I have a few different computers running Mushkin Chronos and Chronos deluxe for a long time now without one issue. They are excellent stable drives and I always recommend them to anyone. I have 2 of these drives in 2 different computers and the 120 GB version in 2 other computers (well one is also in my main computer so it has the 240 and an 120 gb drive plus some WD Voliraptor drives) and I have had NO issues. Other than accidentally deleting a file off the SSD and well when you do that it is GONE forever being it is not like a traditional HDD that even when you delete a file you can get it back easily normally.

One BIG thing is if you buy one of the SSDs from anyone is to make sure you are using the current firmware as it fixes issues that may have been there when they were first released.

I have also used 4 of these drives in a Windows Server 2008 R2 with active directory for one company without any issues (other than having to modify the mounting system on the server to accept the non standard drive in the hot swappable bays. That computer has been running without issue for more than a couple years so that was back when these drives were a lot more expensive. That is running RAID 10 so the data is safe. (it has other 10K enterprise grade HDD for more data storage as well also with RAID 10). Though that is using the 120 GB versions not the 240.

SO I am 100% sure that these work Excellent. Just make sure that the cables cannot loosen up on you as I had that happen about 1 month after installing it on my main computer and I was like AHH the drive died.. Until I checked and found the SATA cable loose. (Zip tied into place now)

If I could change anything is to have a better SATA mounting on the SSD so it holds the cable better like the normal HDDs do.

P.S. I have also used around 8 different OCZ SSD and ended up replacing them with the Mushkin SSDs on more than a few computers because of the OCZ drives failing even with updated firmware so I steer clear of them with a 200 ft pole. Normally the OCZ drives would fail to boot or turn on after a couple months of operation. Had one that only worked for around a week then died. This was a few years ago so maybe they have better quality now but it killed it for me using their brand of SSD.
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on January 15, 2014
Pros: Fast. This SSD replaced the HDD in my laptop, dramatically boosting the boot speed and general speed of the laptop. I was pleased with the performance of this hard drive, right up until it failed. Mushkin was fast in replacing the drive and customer service was good.

Cons: Failed after 9 months. Laptop wouldn't boot past the BIOS. Plugged the SSD into my desktop computers, neither of which would recognize the drive. It was dead. Had to pay shipping to return the failed drive. Replacement Mushkin drive also failed. Samsung only for me from here on out.

Additional: I have a Samsung 840 Pro which I like better. The Samsung comes with it's own cloning software, and additional software which takes care of all of the little tweaks needed to optimize a computer for a SSD.
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on November 15, 2012
(Originally gave it 3 stars)I am on my 3rd solid state drive, as the first 2 failed. For the third, I dealt directly with Mushkin. They were nice enough, but I had to pay for shipping to return the 2nd bad drive. I can say that for the short time this did work (about 2 hours), it was screamimg FAST! I spoke with the company direct, and will have them walk me through the install process in case there is some little trick to make these work. My biggest problem is the amount of time I have spent installing, uninstalling, calling, dropping off and picking up this hard drive. I am a small business owner (insurance agent) and time spent focused on this hard drive is time not spent on my business. Did I mention the 2nd failure occured on a brand new CPU? I went and bought one assuming the old one was the problem. Also, you might need a tranquilizer or two on hand if you have to install more than one of these with your phones ringing and an inability to help your own customers because you are being your own tech. I really want this to work. I am giving this a 3 star rating, one star for each hard drive.........

UPDATE: Third times a charm. Screaming fast. Not even a hiccup! I don't think I can go back to a harddrive. I am glad I made it through the two failures to finally succeed. As a by-product I now no longer need expensive Techs to charge me money for what I can better do myself. I have the fastest internet surfing computer of anyone I know, I am an Insurance Broker and work primarily online. This is the best fastest way to function. I love it! And as a result I can service my customers much better by getting them faster results.
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on January 11, 2014
The first unit I got would work sporadically, and often hang my computer as it would get stuck completing some operation. I contacted their support and they helped me get a replacement unit, but the replacement didn't fare much better. It seemed to work fine for a while, before starting to flake out again, and finally gave up and died completely. I'm currently trying to get a refund but I fear that they will insist on only sending out replacements.

Beware of this one: not only will it waste your money, but it will waste your time.
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on December 20, 2012
When I got this SSD, it already had the latest firmware at the time. Worked perfectly with Windows 7 right out of the box and has ever since.

I am extremely happy that I have moved to an SSD for my primary drive. I use a 2 TB 7200 rpm drive for storage, my User profile, and apps/games that I don't care about loading speed. Boot times, shutdown times, Photoshop, etc... are fast with this SSD.

I have been using this drive for about 7 months. Love it.

UPDATE: I have now had this drive for about 13 months. My system is on 24/7 and gets a lot of use. It had been working flawlessly and fast. No issues at all. I just wanted to come back and say how happy I am with this drive. I plan to add an SSD to my laptop and move the HDD to the 2nd bay. I am not sure how much I want to pay for that project. But I am seriously considering getting this same drive to put in my laptop. It's been perfect in my desktop which will continue to get more use than my laptop.

UPDATE 2: I have upgraded to a 500 GB SSD and still use this Mushkin one in another system with Windows 10. Over 3 years old and works as great as always.
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on September 11, 2013
I bought this in April 2012 for about $1 per gig and have had no issues with it. ~30 seconds or less boot time in Windows 8. Most noticeable upgrade I have made when considering basic use. It was the best performance/price combo at that time and it seems like it still is. Though Mushkin doesn't seem to have the presence of other brands, this drive gives them a top spot in SSD manufacturers. This drive should serve me well for some time to come, but when the higher capacities become more widely available I will know which manufacturer to check out first.

Specs: i7 920 @ 4 GHz w/ Hyper 212+ cooler, eVGA SLI FTW3, 8 GB RAM, 2x 580GTX, Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240 GB, 2x 1 TB Samsung drives, 1000W CM PSU
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