Customer Reviews: Music Box
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on October 14, 2003
This album is Mariah's bestseller, for good reason. It contains two of her biggest hits, the pop perfection of "Dreamlover" and the inspiring lyrics of "Hero". It also includes her beautiful remake of "Without You" as well as the inspiring "Anytime You Need A Friend". Then there are the beautiful album tracks, such as the title track and "Just To Hold You Once Again". This album also contains Mariah's last (as far as I know) collaborations with Clivilles and Cole. These tracks ("Now That I Know", "I've Been Thinking About You")have a House-type feel and prove Mariah's versatility. This album is listenable from beginning to end, with no slow spots. If possible, one should try to order the version with "Everything Fades Away" as a bonus track. That track is worth it's weight in gold. This masterpiece is a must for any Mariah collection.
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on February 10, 2000
I have been listening to Mariah Carey almost since her debut in 1990 but it was after listening to Music Box that I became a dedicated Mariah Fan. That conviction was further strengthened after she came out with Daydream and Butterfly even though all 3 albums show a gradual progression from Pop/Soft Rock to R&B/Hip Hop. My favorite tracks from this album as follows: 1. Hero (just listen to the lyrics and you will start crying) 2. All I've Ever Wanted (if you have ever really loved someone you may realize how much significance this song has) 3. Music Box (Beautiful Melody !) 4. Just To Hold You Once Again 5. Anytime You Need A Friend 6. Dreamlover (Rocked Fall 1993 with this radio superhit!) 7. Now That I Know (Get ready to dance!) 8. Never Forget You 9. Thinking Of You 10. Without You
Ever single song, you can just listen over and over and over again. Some of them actually grew on me. This is simply an absolute must-have for any fan of pop music.
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on July 21, 2006
After the success of Mariah Carey and Emotions, Music Box saw the day of light in 1993, venturing on to become Mariah's best selling album worldwide. Music Box spawned some of Mariah's biggest hits; Without You, Dreamlover and Hero while also providing Mariah Carey with massive popularity within Europe.

As the upbeat and bubbly Dreamlover was released to introduce people to Music Box, it landed Mariah a no. 1 position on the single chart in America. The song has a r'n'b sound to it, perhaps indicating that Mariah already knew in what direction she wanted her music to steer towards. Dreamlover is one of my favorite songs and it was this particularly song, which got me interested in Mariah's music. The power-ballad Hero is a favorite among many, its uplifting lyrics are a tad corny and childish for my liling. Yet I have never been a big Hero fan; however it must have had somewhat of an impact as it managed to reach no. 1 in America. Anytime You Need A Friend is clearly one of the best offerings on Music Box. Its gospel-like features and the choir assisting Mariah work perfectly together. The title-track is not all that interesting. In fact, many of the non-released songs are blend and forgettable. As the case with Mariah's Emotions album, Music Box also suffers from a weak ending of the album. Songs such as Just To Hold You Once Again, I've Been Thinking About You, All I've Ever Wanted and Everything Fades are nice songs; however I tend to skip them. Sure, they are listenable - yet I cannot remember what they sound like until I actually hear them for myself.

Now That I Know and Never Forget You are enjoyable songs. Now That I Know distinguishes itself from the rest of the songs on the album. Its fast pace and contagious beat makes the song a welcoming offering. Never Forget You is a Babyface production - just think Madonna's Take A Bow, TLC's Red Light Special and Diggin On You as well as Toni Braxton's Breathe Again - which, in my opinion, are far superior songs that Never Forget You. Despite the corny lyrics, the slowly mid-tempo Never Forget You is not all bad. I still enjoy listening to it despite its flaws. Without You is probably Mariah's biggest hit in Europe, landing Miss Carey her first UK no.1. It is a powerful ballad, which surely displays Mariah Carey's ability to take a cover version and make it her own.

I do not consider Music Box among Mariah Carey's best albums, yet it is certainly not among her worst. The singles are definitely the highlights on the album: Dreamlover, Hero, Anytime You Need A Friend and Without You. They are the reasons for buying the album. However, there are too many dull and average ballads. Buy a Mariah Carey greatest hits, if you are a newcomer to her music. However, Music Box is a nice record to have among your other Carey albums.

Overall Rating: 7/10
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on December 24, 2002
This is definitely one of my favourite Mariah albums and it was the biggest selling (over 20 million sales worldwide).
Back in 93 when this was released, Mariah was the most loved diva in the USA and she made decent ballads and dance tracks (unlike today). One warning though; if you don't like very slow tracks then stay away!
Here's my track reviews:
Dreamlover-9/10-Excellent and uplifting dance track.
Hero- 10/10- Incredible ballad with 5 star singing and thoughful lyrics.
Anytime You Need A Frind- 9/10- Gospel influenced track which is supported by an excellent melody and a brilliant sounding choir.
Music Box- 9/10- Very slow but a beautiful, spine tingling ballad.
Now That I Know- 8/10- Not a highlight but a good enough dance track.
Never Forget you- 9/10- Babyface production works very well in this upbeat ballad.
Without You- 10/10- A cover version that's actually better than the original! Very dramatic vocals but isn't that what divas do best??
Just To Hold You Once Again-9/10- Yet another haunting ballad that you'll remember over the dull efforts of "Glitter".
I've Been Thinking About You- 6/10- The least interesting track album and is reasonably boring.
All I've Ever Wanted- 8/10- Not best but still a credible ballad.
Everything Fades Away- 11/10- I don't know if this is on the US version but its absolutely amazing! Not too slow or fast, just a mid tempo ballad but it sounds so good! If you don't get it on the album download it or something!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 12, 2015
I remember obsessively listening to this album when I was in seventh and eighth grade--usually while pining for my crush-of-the-moment. Recently, I started thinking about that time in my life, for some reason. I hadn't listened to the CD (or anything by Mariah Carey, truthfully) in years, but I wondered how it held up.

The short answer....not great. There was still that pretty amazing voice, but I was somewhat surprised to realize that the music is actually really boring. It definitely falls into the easy-listening category. What else was I expecting? I don't know. But I suppose this album was never going to live up to the memory I created in my hyper-emotional twelve-year old mind.

Regardless, this is still one of those foundational CDs of the 90s. And even if it didn't age as well as I thought it was going to, I'm still giving this bad boy four stars. Thanks for the memories, Mariah.
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on May 19, 2000
Music Box, which is often overshadowed by Daydream, is Mariah Carey's best work ever. This Cd is inspirational, Happy, sad, lovely, dancy and wonderful all at the same time. Never Forget You, Hero, Dreamlover and Now That I Know are the higlights. Once I heard Hero, I knew I had to get the CD. Once I heard Never FOrget You I knew It would never leave my CD Player. These songs just leave you gasping for breathe because they are so incredible, original and well-written. It's a shame that only 10 million people have this in the US. Everyone should own one!
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HALL OF FAMEon October 10, 2003
I hadn't been too keen on the "Emotions" single and had prematurely written "sophomore slump" on her forehead. With Music Box being on power play at the retail store I worked, I was not only quick to erase those words from her forehead but found myself offering to shine her shoes as well. If her debut was a delicious chocolate truffle, Music Box was a truffle with extra maple syrup and a drop of brandy that brings the heart to a nice and sizzling warmth.
The first single and #1 hit "Dreamlover" from opening keyboards, high-pitched note, and dreamy vocals accompanied by drum-machines and synths make this more lush than "Someday" from her debut. She speaks for millions when she sings "Dreamlover come and rescue me."/...take me anywhere you want to baby now."
Three Mariah ballads in a row, especially by her and Walter Afanasieff, is like taking a bath in warm latte. Ooh, that feels soooo good! I don't know if Mariah read any Joseph Campbell before doing "Hero", but the opening words "There's a hero/if you look inside your heart" belies that inner journey. Yet I get so enveloped with this song, I keep thinking she's the one to rescue some poor slob.
"Anytime You Need A Friend" has shades of "All Alone In Love" from her debut, but it's enhanced by her usual gospelish backing chorus that includes Kelly Price. Her voice has very strong R&B stylings here. After hearing this I thought, Whitney who?
The title track begins with keys that sound like an actual music box, and is a more quieter and tender affair. Key lyrics: "You take me through the loneliness and the emptiness/And I feel alright 'cause you're by my side."
Clivilles and Cole of the C&C Music Factory get Mariah boogeying down with "Now That I Know" with the skippy percussion. It's the kind of song Taylor Dayne would've torn her hair to get--but she doesn't have the range. There's some old disco-style synths here. The other song they do for her, "I've Been Thinking About You" is the same skippy 80's Paula Abdul-style dance floor pop.
Another three ballads in a row? Stop! Oh, this is sheer bliss!
Mariah and Babyface did the music, lyrics, and backing vocals for "Never Forget You" is one of those "I'll remember you" kind of songs for a departed lover. Then comes her cover of Harry Nilsson's "Without You". While she admirably does this, I find myself siding with Heart's rendition of it on Magazine. "Just To Hold You Once Again" with its resonant organ synth and gospel choir is another "Whitney who?" song. "Even though you're not my lover/even though you're not my friend/I would give my all/to have you ehre/just to hold you once again" goes the chorus. I would give my all? But that's two albums away.
"All I Ever Wanted" which follows the second C&C song, is my favourite ballad here, as it's one loving embrace of a song, hair softly brushing against ear, cheek to cheek, slow-dancing,... it's so wonderful I can't listen to it time after time without melting.
Music Box, with its seven(!) ballads, is one of the three diamonds in the Mariah tiara (hey, that kinda rhymes). The first was of course her debut, and the third would be this album's successor, and was it a daydream come true!
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on November 5, 2012
Look, any casual or non-Mariah Carey fan wouldn't appreciate this album. The people who fall into those categories would be perturbed that not enough dance songs or up tempo songs are apart of this LP. But people have to realize that it's not always about those type of songs or sure-shot filler songs that pander to the public, but that it's about well written and produced music. Music Box was a peaceful and ethereal album that any true Mariah fan would enjoy.

"Hero" and "Dreamlover" got all the attention they deserved back in the day, and people to this day still love Hero as they should. Hero makes you want to achieve your goals and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

The title track, "Music Box" is priceless. That is my favorite song on the album, with beautiful double vocals by Mariah coupled with tender/peaceful background musical production. I could listen to that song anyday and when I want to feel peace. One of the best parts of the song was from the 3:12 to the 3:16 mark of the song with Mariah's charateristic high register and dreamy piano and keyboard production in the background. That song should have been a bigger hit, I love that song.

"Now That I Know" is an upbeat quintessential early 1990s production. You feel like you flashed back to 1993 when you listen to that song. Track 6 or "Never Forget You" could serve as a sentimental love song that could also easily take you back to 1993.

I don't care what anyone says, but Mariah murdered Track 7 "Without You" and I think it sounded better than the original and I mean that with no disrespect to the original artists (Badfinger) who sung the song. And the public responded by making it one of the hottest singles of 1994. To me that was one of Mariah's best songs she ever sung. I love how she drags the "I Can't Live Anymore" part for so long and doesn't want to let the note go just like a dog wouldn't want to let go of a raw T-bone steak.

Track 8, "Just to Hold You Once Again" was an underrated gem. I like the chorus in the background too.

Track 9, "I've Been Thinking About You" was another early 1990s quintessential production and a song one can still dance to in 2012. Don't front, you know doggone well you can jam to that song on the dance floor or in your car, I know I could. I have always liked at the :36 to :37 second marks, how she put emphasis on "Now, I WANT More". Meaning that she wants more than mere thoughts about a guy she knows, she wants a relationship dammit!

Track 10, "All I Ever Wanted" is my second favorite track on the album as that song is a cool way to end a great album. I don't know how many times around my house I have sung that song out loud. It's so peaceful and a quintessential Mariah ballad.

Walter Afanasieff as usual deserves credit too for the great success of this album. He and Mariah are a match made in heaven, their styles are too priceless for words.

Listening to this album sometimes makes me want to go back to fifth grade and bask in the heyday of my favorite singer of all time, Mrs. Mariah Carey.
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on July 15, 2008
1993 was a really good year. With janet. and Toni Braxton releasing their great albums. I was only 5 and starting school and meeting my best friend around this album came out. The only two songs I remember from this album were Hero and Dreamlover which were two of her biggest hits back then. The album was mostly comprised of ballads with a few dance tracks, but I didn't find this album to be boring. I find it to be a beautiful masterpiece. I love all of the songs on this album. I could relate to nearly all the songs and they have been inspiring. Music box is definitely in my top 3. so let's start out with the tracks, shall we?

1. Dreamlover-i remember watching the video where she was in the cornfields. it was a great summer song to start off the album with. 5/5

2. Hero- this song has got to be the most overrated song in Mariah's career. it comes close to Whitney's Greatest Love of All or I will always Love You. lol. but i do like how the lyrics sends out a good message. 5/5

3. Anytime You Need A Friend-I think this song is the underrated version of Hero. It's uplifting and comforting the same way as Hero. And the lyrics remind me of Janet's Lonely song from Rhythm Nation (also a great album). both songs talk about you can always rely on them whenever you need a friend. 5/5

4. Music Box- i really like how the music box is playing in the background. the melody is kind of similar to Just To Hold You Once Again. and speaking of music box, i have one myself but don't know if it still works tho. 5/5

5. Now That I Know-great dance track if you feel you feel very happy at the moment. 5/5

6. Never Forget You-this song kinda reminds me of Boys II Men's End of the Road. it was produced by babyface. i love him and his work! 5/5

7. Without You-i've never heard the original so i can't make comparisons but whatever the original sounds like, i think she did a wonderful job on this song. i could actually feel the emotions in this song. i can so relate to this song. great job, mariah! 5/5

8. Just To Hold You Once Again-i swear Mariah is psychic. it's like she really knows what people go thru. I can relate to these lyrics alot and it makes me cry. this reminds me of something to remember by madonna. both songs say even though i'm not ur lover and friend, i guess u will always be a part of me. 5/5

9. I've Been Thinking About You-i love it 5/5

10. All I Ever Wanted-yes, yes, yes, i do!!!! 5/5
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on July 28, 2014
The best song of the album is missing from the album. "Do you think of me" should really be added to the deluxe edition, along with "Everything Fades Away" and Hero (Spanish version).
Also, track 9 has what has always sounded like an editing error. Aside from that, this album is fantastic.
I truly hope there's a re-release of this with "Anytime" jazz-adlib-club remixes, live versions and the two of the most fantastic B-sides ever created. And please fix that possible editing issue once and for all. That's what I would do if I were exec producer on the record.
- Mr. M Tank
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