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on December 7, 2009
Like my title says, Muzee is awesome. I'm one of the idiots that bought the worthless XM to go. The thing never worked. Who the heck was going to walk around with a 4" antenna thing clipped to them? Anyway, Muzee is much easier to use and has much more music. All I did was plug it into a vacant USB port, give it permission to access the net (because of my security settings), I downloaded the program when prompted, and BAM! it was playing a song by Taiwanese singing group S.H.E. I haven't quite figured everything out (it just arrived today), but I've already listened to several different stations from Taiwan, Japan (my favorite is anime music), France, Canada, and the USA. Right now I'm chair dancing to a funk/disco station from Switzerland. This joint is awesome! If I change my opinion I will edit or comment and say so, but for right now this might be the best gadget I've ever purchased and, honey, I've got a lot of sh..stuff.
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on December 13, 2009
It's not indicated in the product description that the Muzee does not work with the Mac operating system. I bought it anyway and hoped. It took some troubleshooting, but I now have it running in a virtual machine on my Mac, and it is working beautifully. I'm posting this to share the solution.

I have iMac with an Intel processor, running Snow Leopard, and Windows 7 running in a virtual machine created by Parallels. Under Windows it was as simple as plug & play, but there was a problem. The sound broke up annoyingly. I emailed Muzee support and received a prompt, personal reply addressing my problem specifically. The suggestion offered did solve the problem. I reported that and received another prompt, personal email with another suggestion. That didn't work either.

When I bought the Muzee I also bought one for my son, who is an IT guy with far more knowledge of Windows than I have. He also has a Mac, and he had gotten his Muzee to work well in a virtual machine running Windows 7 created by the free Virtualbox program. Virtualbox does not install sound drivers, so he downloaded the free Realtek ac'97 audio drivers from the Realtek website [...], and installed them in the Windows 7 virtual machine. He solved my problem by installing the Realtek ac'97 audio drivers in my computer's virtual machine. I assume that the audio drivers installed by Parallels were the source of the problem.

One more thing: The product package says "Instant access through your PC to over 13,000 radio stations worldwide!" Thinking that the Muzee works as a portal to the stations that is maintained by Muzee, I asked about this and was told that regarding the number of stations "it was labeled when the product is delivered. As time goes by, the number of collected stations increases too. And you can always have the most up-to-date stations no matter when you bought it." The Muzee website [...] now says that 20,000 thousand stations can be accessed! I received this from Muzee product support: "Currently it's announced that we have 20,000 radio stations. Some of them could be duplicates, or a station could have many different bitrate channels."

I am delighted with the Muzee. Great selection and sound, and price. One reviewer questioned why anyone would want to buy this device when you can access the same streams from the stations' individual websites. To compile links for even a fraction of those available on the Muzee could be very time consuming, not to mention finding content you want and overcoming limitations with languages. Example, one of my favorites is a classical station from China. I've gone to their website and have no clue what link streams the station. As I write this the Muzee lists over 400 classical stations. It is so easy to explore and compile a favorites list.

UPDATE: I've installed two updates of Parallels and that program's Tools. Audio performance with the Muzee was still not up to par, so I simply reinstalled the Realtek ac'97 audio drivers.
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on August 16, 2011
I bought this for a not-so-technologically-advanced chicken because she loves music more than anything in the world, and needed something simple to use at work and at home. I was impressed with it myself, and found it to be just as simple and versatile as the description would have you believe. It streams beautifully, has literally thousands of stations to choose from streaming content from around the world, and it's really simple to use. Literally plug and play, no surprises. (Requires Internet Explorer 6 or later and Windows Media Player) It records content to your hard drive with the click of a virtual button, and the sound is honestly much better than I thought it would be. I was pleasantly surprised.

There is something for everyone there, the variety is fantastic, and it saves your settings, such as favorite stations, for easy transition from one computer to another. I know there are reviews that say you can get the same thing for free by going to different sites that offer radio streams, but this can actually be easier and faster than signing up for services with emails and passwords, setting up preferences, etc. for people who are bouncing from place to place and using multiple computers. With the Muzee you set it up once (takes mere seconds!) and it's ready to go anywhere. Highly recommended for ease of use and flexibility. It's well worth the small investment. You won't regret it.
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on July 3, 2010
Before buying, I had wondered whether I really needed this item, since already I was receiving a few radio stations via the web.

But I can strongly recommend it, as it turned out to be a big jump forward in listening pleasure, and well worth its modest price.

It is like having a really powerful short wave radio that quickly picks up 13,000 stations - without the static. You can also focus on stations in any part of the world, or those offering a particular kind of music, e.g. jazz or classical. And there is a nice extra feature: a button on the screen which records the current program in the form of an MP3 file.

It is easy to use, with minimal installation required, and has worked perfectly.
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on January 31, 2010
I really like this easy to use Internet radio device. There seems to be a near limitless choice of what to listen to and record. It works great on my Windows 7 Pro laptop. The only reason why I did not give this a perfect score was because it would be great if the device identified the song & artist that you were listening to. If it does have that feature, I've not found the setting for it yet. It even listed the local stations here in our medium size town. A timed recording feature would be nice too so that programs could be set to record at various times. But I still love it and have a program that will do that for me if I leave the station I want running. I got my unit on "black Monday" after Thanksgiving at a great price. As of this writing, it seems to be back on sale for the same price I got it, half price. This device makes it really easy to browse and listen to thousands of stations world wide and searching for desired content is easy as well.
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on December 10, 2009
I am a low-tech girl. I don't have Sirius, or XM, or even an iPod. I have used Yahoo's Launchcast for a long time, but since they changed their formats and canned the "My Station" feature, I don't like it. I bought Muzee for myself on a whim to broaden my music listening options, and I just love it. It's simple to use and there are so many stations - you can hunt up stations by genre, region, or enter a specific search word.

If you're up on all the latest and greatest music tools and personal gadgets, maybe Muzee is not going to be a nifty thing for you. But for a simple living, technically stunted woman like me, it's really cool.
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on January 30, 2010
I purchased the Muzee for my son's Christmas present and had it sent to him in Las Vegas. He called me on the phone to thank me while plugging it in to his computer. The Musee took seconds to hook up and turn on, and he has been using it ever since! Nick loves it! Nick listens to Techno from a German station, New Age from a station in France, stations in New Zeland and Cambodia, and everywhere else in between! He likes the fact that he does not need a server open to listen to music from his computer.
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on August 20, 2010
This little internet radio works very well considering the price.

I am using it on a very powerful desktop computer on a high-speed cable system and noticed no problem getting a pure Hi fidelity signal with it on music, without any interruptions.

All features seem to work well on Windows 7 operating system.

I love short wave radio for a hobby and have a collection of expensive radio's, which is fun to try and receive a micro signal through the atmosphere from all around the world. But not one of then comes as close to perfect fidelity and clear reception as this little contraption. The world at your finger tips with a perfect signal! Not Bad.

For all those guys that say they can down load all these stations on the internet for free, well I have done that using a number of well known programs that are suppose to be free software. Only to find out I have downloaded all kinds of adware, malware, highjackers and Trogan virus. So far my anti-virus soft checker has not detected any problem on the Muzee radio system software. Of course nothing is impossible on the internet so always keep your guard up.

I think the Muzee dongle radio is pretty darn good and I recommend it.
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on July 21, 2010
I didn't know what to expect for the low price, but was very impressed. There was some confusion originally installing it on my Vista desktop machine, with a few error messages, etc, although it installed very easily on my XP laptop. But after getting it set up, it was very easy to use.

There are an amazing number of stations to choose from and an easy way to save them as favorites. I really appreciated having a history section to look back for stations previously listened to. And the record ability is great, and couldn't be simpler to use.

I also like the fact that if I move it from one computer to another, it has all my favorites and remembers which one was playing last, and even remembers the volume setting.
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on March 24, 2010
GREAT product.
This is one of those rare items, that really is so easy to use, you might think there is a catch.

The Internet radio works beautifully.
Favorites allow you to build up musical options from around the world.
It probably does not carry all of your local radio stations, but with 13,000 stations available, you will be able to enjoy many different offerings.

I liked this so much that I bought another one as a gift within a week of getting my own one.

Excellent value for money.
Be aware - it may not work with a corporate laptop, if there are certain filters built in.
Small worries.
If you enjoy listening to the radio, get one of these.
You will just be thrilled that you did.
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