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on May 11, 2011
I bought this books three years ago, and two days ago got the kindle version to reread. I would highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys a modern twist on a classic story.

Darcy is a highly intelligent, guarded, closed off sort of guy who's been burned in the past. Elizabeth is a highly intelligent, down to earth, likable character that is guarded due to a past trauma. From the moment these two characters meet, sparks fly! Both are immensely attracted to each other, and Darcy unknowingly insults her two times alone during the first meeting. What I liked about this present day Elizabeth was that she took it all in stride.

Darcy and Elizabeth are both guarded when it comes to romantic relationships, he basically uses an escort service (which was the weirdest part of the book in my opinion, lol) and she simply can't get past the first date with any man. As the sparks fly, they decide to be just friends and soon let down their guards and truly connect. They both are feeling the attraction and lust, and still remain friends, BFFs to be exact.

*Spoiler Alert* Darcy leaves on a mysterious trip and realizes that he is in love with Elizabeth and must make it home to tell her. She freaks out and acknowledges what she already knows, which is that she is in love with him as well. Once Darcy returns they finally admit their feelings and become a real couple. I love that you build up to this point, and you get to stay with them on their journey as they get engaged, spend their first Christmas together, and battle their fears together.

UPDATE - 11/15/14
I still stand by my above review. As we get older, tastes change, and I am happy to say that this is still one of my favorite modern re-telling of P&P. I love that it's unique and different, but still keeps certain traits of both characters. I still recommend this book :)
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on December 15, 2011
I absolutely fell in love with this book. It has everything a girl could ask for. I recommend this to anyone who loves Pride and Prejudice. It made me laugh, made my heart race, and it felt like I was there in the book. It's one of the best books I've read this year.
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on November 2, 2009
To truly enjoy Austen re-tellings - especially those with modern settings - requires tremendous bravery on the author's part and complete suspension of disbelief on the reader's. While Ms. Oakland boldly updates "Pride & Prejudice," the vanilla sex is completely undermined by creepy and disproportionately brutal scenes of violence, most of a sexual and/or stalker-y nature. Ew.
I *really* wanted to like this version, but between the amateurish footnoting of well-known songs and expressions; bizarre re-imagining of Mrs. Bennet; and ridiculous sub-plot involving intelligence agencies and drug lords, I couldn't give in. [To be sure, I could easily overlook that Tom Cruise was the only American in a movie full of British Nazis.]
Also, it's fun to see characters share names from other JA books but not if they're so underdeveloped that I can't tell them apart.
Doesn't come close to these much better books, here ranked on the smut spectrum: "The Trials of the Honorable F. Darcy" [high], "Impulse & Initiative: What if Mr. Darcy had set out to win Elizabeth's heart?" [medium], and Pamela Aiden's delightful "Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman" trilogy [low].
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 14, 2009
I love Jane Austen and enjoy retellings, updates and even satire of the characters I so enjoy. I thought aspects of this novel were quite clever, but all-in-all I'd say this failed both as a pastiche of Austen's masterwork and as a novel in and of itself.

This is the tale of the British billionaire Fitzwilliam Darcy and the woman he meets in Manhattan, his sister Georgiana's mentor, musical prodigy and professor Elizabeth Bennett. In general I enjoyed the updated personae of P&P characters (as well as several from other Austen novels, though these are just name-dropped, not fleshed out at all), but a few were rather bizarre; in particular Mrs. Bennett, who is not just an obnoxious busybody here, but a sociopath who offers her daughter up to her boyfriend to be raped! That, and South American drug dealers and kidnap plots send this novel out of the reach of rational readers, but it is the "normal" situations and writing that I found most objectionable, dear reader. The sex is fairly juvenile, adult in nature but awkward and implausible, as well as sometimes downright obnoxious. We are told several times that Darcy's trousers tighten uncomfortably when he sees Elizabeth, and there is a running joke about his needing to buy bigger containers of personal lubricant. Yuk. We're also treated to not one, not two, but even more masturbatory episodes by both principles, bodily fluids and all. Again, yuk. This type of material has been handled by more talented writers, and to greater effect.

Another reviewer mentioned the odd footnotes. Yes. What a strange choice, dozens of footnotes -- telling us what multiple sclerosis is, Casablanca, a district attorney, a taser, the dimensions of a fencing match area, the Twilight Zone, the Mile High Club -- the oddest assortment of definitions and info, as if it will be read by aliens. There are also a few text messages written out. It's a bit of a mess, with no clear image of the audience. Elizabeth calls Darcy "Baby", and she does it way too much. And the term "spunky" is actually used. ouch.

On the positive side, the friendship between Darcy and Elizabeth is nice, and the updates of most characters are clever and interesting. There seems to be a writer here, buried under awkward and juvenile devices, but where was the editor? At nearly 400 pages this was a tough slog and I cannot recommend it to those who love Austen. On its own merits, apart from being a P&P homage, it is more successful, but not really worth the effort.
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on February 15, 2010
My BFF is just an OK read. Characters are NOT realistic and the story moves along much too slowly.
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on July 20, 2009
When it comes to reading Jane Austen Fanfiction I have always preferred to stay with stories written in the Regency period as they allow me to go back in time with the beloved characters, so naturally I have a hard time when it comes to those written in modern days. When a friend recommended My BFF I was delightfully surprised to find a well written modernized version of Pride and Prejudice that I found unique and entertaining. I loved this story from the very beginning and it has quickly become one of my favorites.

Ms. Oakland has brought to life the pride and prejudice of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett in this tell of friendship and love. While there is an immediate attraction and unexplained spark from their first meeting, Darcy and Elizabeth must first learn to be friends before either can admit the love that is so evident to everyone around them. One aspect that endured me to this story, unlike many others, is that the story isn't focused on their constant finding fault with each other but more on the friendship of mutual respect and understanding. This is a story full of fun, laughter, tears of joy and sadness all with underlying with true love. On a funny note, since reading this story I haven't been able to read any tabloids without laughing and wondering the real truth.

I have not found any other stories written by Ms. Oakland so I can only hope this is the first of many she plans to write.
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on December 8, 2009
This is a really brilliant book 'My Best Friend Forever' I loved this story and found I could not put it down. I liked the idea of Elizabeth being a child star at first then developing and taking over her own career as a lecturer helping young people to become good musicans.

I really liked the end bit when Caroline Bingley saves Elizabeth's life by killing Billy Ray Collins with Darcy's Sword. I also liked the idea that Jane and Bingley eloped for a change as it showed they both had a backbone.

This is such a brilliant book that I have started to read it a second time.
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on August 4, 2009
This is not a really deep book. It takes a lot of liberty from the original story BUT its good. I read it in about a day by the pool, got a nice tan AND a good little love story at the same time. As far as modern takes on the Darcy/Elizabeth love story goes it isn't my favorite BUT its high in the list because the author really got the tongue and cheek banter between the two down. If you can't get enough P&P then this is worth the read...if its your first, start somewhere else and get hooked for you come to this one.
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on July 29, 2009
I enjoyed the author's version of the storyline taken in to a modern theme. It was interesting to see other JA character names used, and their present day occupation. I liked the friendship before the romance, with just enough "interesting" parts thrown in without making it a "trashy romance". I am planning on re-reading it soon.
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on July 16, 2009
I loved this book! It was so much fun to follow Elizabeth and Darcy around, and to see how hard they tried not to admit they were in love. It is hard to believe this is Ms. Oakland's first book to be published. She writes as a well seasoned author would. I hope we will soon see more stories by this writer.
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