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on January 14, 2011
Ok, so I was initially dismayed thati couldn't use this when just home from hospital with c-section and preemie twins... but I tried it again when I was healed some and so glad I did! I am now 7 weeks into this and have a system down. Its hard in the beginning (nursing twins) but it does get easier. I considered quitting countless times in early days but wanted that good immunity passed along to my small babies.

So, back to pillow- well I am typing this review as I nurse- those of you that already have your infants home know that alone is amazing (getting your hands free). I use it on the couch, in a recliner, and favorite spot is propped up in bed. That is where sleep-saving comes in, I can stay comfy and warm and not become fully conscious (I have changing station in my room- using first child's crib so I hav room to lay them both down- with baskets of quick use clothes and diaper changing necessities all there to the sides of crib.) I have my twins co-sleeping and I sit up at night, put pillow on, grab one baby and then the other. I currently use a baby blanket under their heads to help get them situated. I even have changed one diaper while other nurses (already getting too big for that though). I am not a small woman and it works for me, for those concerned about that. Oh! And you can prop baby on tummy and burp if needed. The pocket is great for my cell phone which is my life (internet, email, kindle books, and audible audiobooks all in one phone- worth EVERY penny during this time you spend so much time tied to babies.)

Here are some things I've found work for me to nurse twins and survive. Couch not recliner.. got a cheap nursing stool for feet and can use seat next to me to lay baby(ies) down briefly to get situated. Recliner too hard to fold up and stand up with 2 sleeping infants you don't wish to wake. Nursery glider: I Personally don't fit with the pillow (not width! But depth-wise is akward). Ok, I mentioned the smart phone- must have if you can. If not, pack a little basket with a handle you can tote around with some entertainment. Make sure you have a giant drink ready before sitting to nurse unless you have help handy. I use the mug from the hospital. I fill it with crystal light and have a water bottle handy. I have also been seen putting the pillow on and walking to get babies so I can sit and get them both situated. Looks funny but works, same thing when going to lay sleeping babies down. Use clip to release pillow, not the loud velcro. There is more I've learned but not for here!

Conclusion- can not live without this thing!
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on June 18, 2015
I love this product! It has made breastfeed so much easier and comfortable. I tried the Boppy and another same style nursing pillow, both did not work for me. I read a review where if you were "short", under 5'4" it wouldn't work. Here are my stats I'm a plus size momma-barely 5'2", 200 lbs (post-pregnancy) and I normally wear a size 40DD bra (this is pre-pregnancy).
My son is at the perfect height for nursing and he can even fall asleep on it when he's done. I'm currently writing this while he sleeps on it (I'm wearing it if course) and both my hands are free :) I know this is marketed for twins but, I feel it's perfect for just one. I looked at the single baby model but, I feel it limits you. With this model you have the option of using different positions. And it also gives you arm rests if you are using the cradle or cross-cradle positions.
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on March 16, 2015
I do not have twins, I bought this because the boppy brand pillow I have is too small. I am medium size and find that I have to constantly pull the boppy toward me during nursing as it doesn't fit well around my waist and it is not big enough of a pillow for football hold. I love the fact that it buckles around me so it doesn't move. The groove in the pillow prevents my baby from rolling out of place. I now keep the boppy in my car and breastfeed using my Brest friend pillow exclusively at home. The my Brest friend pillow is too bulky for use in the car.
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on June 13, 2013
This pillow is the most important item I have for my kids. I spent 8-10 hours a day in this thing for several months. It makes tandem breastfeeding feasible and (reasonably) easy.
There are a couple of quirks/flaws. As many reviews have mentioned, the back support isn't good. I just stick a couch pillow behind my back.
I find the twins heads aren't quite high enough, so I have little round bolster pillows I put under their heads.
Mine are old enough now (almost 6 months, adjusted age) that they are rolling, and trying their hardest to roll right off the pillow. This is one of the reasons I nurse on the couch. I wish it came with a little strap, like a changing pad has, to keep them on.

Also, the photo is wrong -- there is only a pocket on one side, not on both.

Never the less, this is a VITAL item for any breastfeeding twin mom and I highly recommend it.
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on September 22, 2016
This pillow has saved my breastfeeding relationship with my now 1 month old. I am plus sized and it does fit me nicely, with rook to spare! Very supportive for the baby, keeps him close to me and also supportive for my back. I like the extra removable back support pillow. I can use it or move it to wear I need it. It makes the long nursing sessions much more comfortable. I'm even starting to get the hang of standing up off the couch while nursing him and being able to answer the door or grab something for my other child. The cover is washable, although I use the pillow so often that it hasn't made it into the wash since the first time I washed it! The pocket is helpful, I keep an extra shield in there.
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on February 25, 2016
After looking at all of the negative and positive reviews of this pillow, I said screw it and bought it. As any tandum nursing mama can agree, it can be difficult to keep two babies on both boobs simultaneously. After struggling with my boppy pillow and regular pillows I was fed up. Finally got this in the mail and it's the best money I've ever spent!! Makes tandum breastfeeding soooo much easier and comfortable for me and my girls. Wish I would have bought this a month ago when my girls were just born but glad to have it now!! I'm not big but not small, about a size 15, and it fits me perfect. Ignore the negative reviews on here and buy this, you will be so glad you did!!
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on August 28, 2013
I purchased this when my twins were about 6 weeks old and I wish I had known about it sooner. Even though I don't use it for every feeding (I still like the boppy for feeding one at a time), I feel like this pillow saved breastfeeding for me. Prior to having this pillow, if both babies were hungry at the same time, I would try to combine a boppy plus several throw pillows and it was nearly impossible to nurse both babies at once, plus I always needed my husband's help to get everything and everyone in place, all the while with two crying hungry newborns waiting. With this pillow, it takes a few steps, but I can easily get my twins on the pillow and nursing happily away without any extra hands. The slipcover is nice and soft, and washes well; however, to reduce number of washes, I usually keep a prefolded diaper or burp cloth on the pillow to catch little mishaps. The pocket is also a nice feature, stretchy enough to hold a cell phone, TV remote and a paperback at once.

I haven't had any problems with the foam breaking or wearing down, as some other reviewers have mentioned, even though I do grab it one-handed often. For me, the only drawback is that it takes a second to "put on" and the back rest is getting a little smooshed with time. Other than that, this is a great pillow and well worth the price.

I haven't tried it, but I have also seen that people can also use this pillow for dual bottle feedings (both babies on their backs with their heads at the front corners) and for burping.
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on February 3, 2016
Got this for my sister-in-law and I think she likes it when she's being really lazy or just when she's tired (which I don't blame her for either, I mean she had twins for crying out loud). But, both of those are rare. And there's never been two babies on it at once so the single one probably would be better.

Reasons she likes it:
-Relaxing for feeding

Doesn't like it because:
-Bigger than she needs
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VINE VOICEon November 16, 2013
This pillow is a lifesaver for nursing twins!!! I am able to nurse both of my babies at the same time without a problem.

My twins are now 9 months old and we still use the pillow several times a day. The foam has held up like new for the last nine months and that is even after regular spit-up messes getting it all wet. I wash the cover regularly and have washed the foam insert for the pillow in the sink without a problem.

Having tried other pillows (boppy, and other nursing pillows really meant for singletons) this is honestly the only pillow that I know of for nursing twins in tandem. I love the hours that I get back in my day by nursing both babies at the same time!

I do find that I need to be on a couch or sitting with my legs hanging off the bed to use it. If I sit in bed or on the floor, it pushes the babies up too high and and changes their angle so that they start to slide off the pillow. A small compromise to be able to nurse them at the same time! I also took the back piece off so that I could get in and out of the pillow easily (I didn't find that it offered any addition support). I just had to cover the exposed velcro on the cover with a microfiber washcloth (any small piece of fabric would work if it sticks to velcro), since it kept scraping up my baby's legs.
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on July 8, 2015
This was a life saver for tandem nursing our twins. I loved the pocket feature. I never used the back pillow/padding/support. It was much easier for me to use just ordinary bed/couch pillows and detach the ones that came with this pillow all together. Because of that, the velcro patch on the side of the pillow was a nuisance, but I just covered it with a scrap of fabric. Another thing I noticed was that when I'd grab the pillow with my fingers, I could feel the inside foam tearing/breaking off the pillow (and it would all fall out when I'd unzip the pillow and take the cover off to wash it)... Even through those minor flaws, this pillow was a lifesaver! I took it everywhere I went so that I could nurse my twins together. I say it's a must have for twin moms!
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