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on July 18, 2016
I work in law, and the way attorneys quote this movie, you would think it was essential viewing in law school. That being said, this truly is a great flick that shows that even if you have no idea what you're doing, sometimes with an equal mixture of luck and the desire to do the right thing, you too can be victorious. And Marisa Tomei's performance is just off the charts - truly amazing. It's easy to see why Vinny would be attracted to someone like her because she's pretty, she's no-nonsense, and she knows her stuff when it comes to cars!
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on February 9, 2017
A classic 90's movie. I enjoyed this movie as a kid. Wish movies these days were this funny. Timeless classic, that i have on dvd but wanted the blu ray version. Usually if a movie is one of my favorites I'll get the blu ray version. This is one of the few lawyer comedies that I can think of and the only one I would consider to be funny. Joe Pesci, Marissa Tomei and the rest of the cast are spot on, every scene is so perfect and funny. A city boy lawyer trying to defend city boys in a small southern town. Joe Pesci plays a lawyer trying to defend his cousin and friend from murder charges while trying to earn the respect of stern by the book southern judge, who is just aching to throw Vinny in jail for every not by the book screw up. Little does every around Vinny (joe pesci) know, he isn't a seasoned lawyer and learns as he goes with the help of his girlfriend played marrisa tomei. I highly recommend this for a good laugh. One of the grestest comedies in my opinion.
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on February 7, 2017
This is one movie that is destined t be a "classic". It transcends time with its "fish out of the pond" theme; does it very well and with lots of humor. There is a bit of bad language but that is probably going to be overlooked nowadays. (Old fat dad here). Spot on performance by Fred Gwynne as The Judge (he was the guy who played Herman Munster in the '60's show), Joe Pesci won an Oscar - I think- for his performance as a NY shady-licensed attorney and the Queen of the movie, the person who really stole the show, was Marissa Tomei with her crisp, clever, and perfect character as Joe's NY car-aficionado girlfriend! What a great 90 minutes! Well Spent! Grab a Coke and a Smile, and have a blast with this movie!!
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on April 27, 2016
This is a fun movie about two naive college kids who get arrested and thrown in jail for murder because of a communication error. One of the boys hires his cousin to defend them (hence the name of the movie), and this cousin is a brash, inexperienced attorney. Vinny fits certain stereotypes which lead to some comical circumstances surrounding attire, attitude, and accent. Marisa Tomei plays his fiancé and she is street smart, wise, and adorable.

The movie is really well cast, and enjoyable. It's not cerebral by any stretch, but I've seen it more times than I can remember and always get a good laugh out of it.
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on December 30, 2015
One of my favorites. I watched this with my oldest son (11 years old) and there is a lot of cursing so FYI to parents who aren't fond of the bad language. I warned my kiddo before we started the movie that the language was there but that we don't need to use it and he's always been good about that concept. We both loved the movie. The humor is just hilarious as you see two cultures (New York vs. South) clash. I also like that neither side looks bad, just different. My favorite actress is Vinny's fiancé. When she talks about the deer, I couldn't stop laughing. This is going to be one of those movies that I watch when I'm sick or down just to get a good laugh in. Watch it, you won't be disappointed!
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on February 10, 2015
There are some great movies that qualify for funniest of all time; but I maintan that My Cousin Vinny wins the award. It provides excellent short term relief of depression too. Seriously. I'm a psychologist and hospitalized patients love watching it during free time. It is so uniformly popular with people who in distress that some even call it "My Cousin Vinny Group Therapy." I just find it personally impossible to feel down or upset AND watch this movie at the same time. It may appeal slightly more to New Yawkahs who understand that saying "I killed the clerk?" is not the same as saying "I killed the clerk." New Yawkahs also know exactly what two yoots are as well as the importance of having good Chinese food available, preferably 7 days a week and by delivery.
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on June 19, 2017
They don't make them like that anymore! This comedy has it all - smart and FUNNY scrip/dialogue (actually, laugh out loud kind of funny!), fantastic cast/acting from the main characters to the last bystander, a chain of unfortunate and unexpected events that contribute to the humor, plus good moral and uplifting core (the fight for the innocent and the victory of the underdog). It does not have the depressing cynicism and disgusting dirty sex content that seems to be mandatory for a comedic genre these days. You'll be remembering scenes from this movie for years to come that will make you chuckle again and again. So many phrases and gestures from this movie are being mimicked today as reference points ("two yutes", "my biological clock is ticking", "I wore this ridiculous thing..for YOU!"...). I am a bit surprised that so much attention in reviews is paid to Marisa Tomei's performance - not that it was not great but for me it was really an amazing team effort - it would not work to this extent if it was not literally every single actor on the scene doing a fantastic job and playing off of each other. One of my favorite scenes is the first encounter with the thug at the "Pool & Chicken" - it's not just Joe Pesci and Marisa and the thug but the whole bar of people who participate in this scene and make it really work. So, bravo, bravo! And let's not forget the script writer and the director - their best work, hands down!
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on June 28, 2016
The movie and acting as a whole deserve even higher than a 5! The acting is supberb by all players! Its no wonder Morissa Tormei won and Oscar for her role! But frankly, Pesci could have too! Very well written and played out.The chemistry between Judge Fred Gwen and Pesci is super! Even the minor characters were extremely believable. I personally deplore the use of the FBomb which is very frequent in this film, however I understand that it part of the realism this movie portrays so very well! I saw the movie years ago on Cable TV and fell in love with the edited for TV version. That version runs only one and a half hrs and this DVD version runs 2 full hours. I must say for myself, a somewhat prudish old church lady, the full version with the foul language, did not distract me as much I'd expected it to, as the excellent acting and engrossing story held me captivated to the end! So this DVD version is not approriate for children because of the language. Im glad i gave it a try as the edited version is only avaikable on Blue Tooth or Blue Ray, whatever it is....
This is truly great entertainment that holds its own even with the passing of time Classic!
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on May 5, 2017
Very funny. So many subtle things I had not noticed before. "Are you sure?" "so I bought dis ridiculous ting...for you" "Is that all? No! There's more".
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on June 7, 2016
This is a really fun movie. Not deep, not meaningful, just fun. Pesci is on top form as the put-upon New York lawyer, the scenes he shares with the late, great Fred Gwynn absolutely zing. Marisa Tomei (though maybe not fully oscar worthy) is also a joy to watch. The plot, though simple, is structurally perfect, the tone is super light, and the humour is gentle- even with the barrage of F-bombs. My only issue is the somewhat unfortunate use of a characters' speech-impediment as a source of yuks. Still, given what's around today, it's fantastic to see what a well written and performed comedy looks like.
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