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on February 1, 2010
I am evaluating My Fitness Coach 2...the screen shots on this site are not the same as my game?? initial reaction was "urgh!! waste of money!"...(I love Wii Fit Plus!)..however, after a couple of weeks, I have adapted the program in MFC to go along with my workout with the Wii FP.
Pros:** There are different workouts, after a round of squats (which are no place to be found in the WFP) legs and rear were sore for days. This tells me those areas are not getting the "mean" workout I was looking for with the WFP.
**The challenge sections are very challenging, to me this is good.
**You can set different profiles to target different workouts ie: tummy, arms, legs, OR yoga/pilates OR weight loss. Therefore, depending on the day, you merely click on the workout you favor.
**It moves faster from exercise to exercise without all the chatter of the WFP
Cons: **The trainers can be a little annoying (funny how these people we do not even know can annoy us?)
**There is no countdown clock, I like to know how long I have worked out ..on the screen like my fit bank in WFP (I know I can look at my watch, but I love my fit bank in the WFP and am spoiled by it)
**At times, I do not feel I am doing enough reps in a particular exercise, that is ..I just get started and we are moving to something else
**I am not sure how great it really picks up the balance board and remote? I can be doing exactly as instructed and it will tell me otherwise..frustrating.
I cant yet speak on the meals and nutrition section as I did not really purchase it for those features.
Summary: It is not as good as the WFP, however, I have adapted a few decent routines to go along with my WFP and feel I am actually targeting more areas (ie: legs/rear). Would I recommend spending the additional money on it? hmmm...I think I am glad I did, as it is giving me a bit more variety..I have been using the WFP for almost 40 days and am/was really ready for few changes..
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on January 10, 2010
I've updated my review after a 2nd workout - see below.

I am fairly new to Wii exercising, and had read so many great reviews on My Fitness Coach (the original). I decided to hold out for the 2nd version to get the latest and greatest. I put the game into the console for the first time yesterday, and was very pleased to find there were 25 DIFFERENT "goals" within the set-up menu for my profile. I figured this was going to be super-sophisticated and give me exactly what I needed. I set up my profile with my two goals of "Weight Loss" and "Heart Health", thinking I'd get a lot of heart-pounding cardio with a little bit of toning. The workout began, with no indication of how long it was going to be. It gave me a fancy, dazzling graphical list of the exercises, where each one flipped over (animated) named the exercise plus the number of reps or duration (such as 3-minutes). But nowhere could I tell how long the full workout was - unless I could mentally add up each exercise as it flipped by, and guess how long 12-reps of something would take.

Anyhow, the workout consisted of ten exercises. Two of them were push-up based, one twisted into alternating T-stands after each push-up; and the other had me lift alternate legs after each push-up. If I had put "Upper Body Strength" into my profile as a goal, I could understand the selection of these exercises as a full 1/5 of the 10 exercises given to me; but certainly wasn't expecting them in my "Weight Loss" and "Heart Health" routine. I couldn not even finish them because the balance board was not registering my movements properly, and the game kept asking me if I was "having trouble". Finally, it gave me the option to skip these exercises, so I got to actually DO eight of the ten exercises in my routine. The routine itself (minus all the tutorials) was probably only 20 minutes long. It was definitely not anything that would make me think I would either lose weight doing it, or improve the health of my heart. Perhaps, if I could stick with the game, the workouts would improve. But for my limited exercise time, I doubt I will waste time trying.

The other frustrating things were the extremely LONG time it took to score my performance after each exercise. I had to wait while flashing bars and various percentages and scores counted their way up to my overal performance level on that one exercise. Eventually, the evaluation screen rewarded me w/ a certain score (like 89%) and a certain color medal (like Silver or Gold). Sure, I could skip that section by pressing the A-button, but it was another distraction I didn't need when trying to "exercise" rather than be "mesmerized" by the graphics. It seemed like it was geared towards providing instant feedback, but instead it just broke the flow of the workout. They could have just as effectively put all of this information at the end of the workout if you were curious about your "timing" or "effort" or "balance" on one specific exercise.

Then, my virtual trainer offered me the same "encouragement" phrases over and over and over again. "Way to go", "You're looking strong on this one", "Keep it up", "You make this look easy". There were also occasional helpful tips thrown in like "Try to hold your arms steady when you lift your leg", which made me think the programming had some degree of sophistication to match the comments w/ the exercises; however most of the chatter was inane and repetitive. Then at the end of EACH exercise, I got a camera shot of the trainer raising his thumb up and saying what a great job I'd done; but his LIPS didn't move! He just stood in front of the camera and smiled, while his voice said I was doing so well. That was really weird, since the trainers look almost like living actors, and you'd think they could have at least had their mouth move to speak these words of praise.

I spent a lot of time after the workout trying to find some what to turn OFF those inane words of encouragement and just keep the helpful tips, but there is no way I could find in the menu to do that. All I found was a way to adjust the trainer's voice volume. And that took me a while to figure out, due to the style and layout of the menus.

The menus in My Fitness Coach 2 are flashy and exciting - lots of eye-candy. They are Apple Computer/I-Pod Touch-like in form - lots of flipping square images and zooming graphics. But it's slow to navigate and wasn't intuitive to remember how to find an express workout, etc. The extra workouts provided are OK, but still repetitive each time you do them; so the boredom factor will set in quickly, I'm afraid.

All together, this was the biggest disappointment of all the Wii exercise games I have purchased so far (EA Sports Active, EA SA More Workouts, WiiFit Plus, Biggest Loser, Gold's Cardio). I will be trading "My Fitness Coach 2" to GameStop and will replace it with the original "My Fitness Coach" game to get all the features I had hoped this one would improve upon. In this case, I think a downgrade to the old game will actually be an upgrade in quality of exercising.

Update: My 2nd attempt confirmed my opinions above. As mentioned above, I purchased the original MFC, and I absolutely LOVE it - what a difference between the original and the so-called sequel! I never got around to taking MFC-2 to GameStop, so after a week of loving my workouts w/ Maya in MFC-1, I decided to keep an open mind and give MFC-2 another try. Again, despite my two goals of "Heart Health" and "Weight Loss" MFC-2 gave me more of those idiotic push-ups that don't register. Again, those push-ups were in 2 out of the 10 exercises I was given (20% of my "Heart Health" workout??? Really????), and again I ended up having to wait until the game figured out that I wanted to skip them and try to move on.

This time, I even tried a different training, hoping he would give me the goofy thumbs-up w/ no lip-movement at the end of each exercise - nope; just as annyoing and fake as the other guy. Half-way through this workout I turned it off, stuck it back in the package and I'm going to GameStop. I've got to get rid of the $30 mistake before everyone figures out it's pathetic and there's no remaining trade-value to be found. Luckily the next person who tries my game disc will pay less for it than I did.

UbiSoft, please try again. I'll be willing to buy MFC-3 AFTER I read a bunch of reviews to make sure it's an improvement; definitely over MFC-2 and maybe even over the nearly-perfect MFC-1!
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on November 19, 2010
If you are new to working out or have been out of a routine for awhile, say 15 years or more, then you may want to consider this game. For someone like me who starts and stops exercise routines multiple times a year, this game is a complete waste of money. When I start a workout, I like to do that to the end. I do not like to stop for more time than a specific exercise to get rated and praised. Praise from a video game sound is just as hollow as getting a certificate in class for best teeth.

Then there are the menus. Sure it is nice to have ideas of healthy meals. Just try to cook them though. There is no way to print the menus and I really don't like the idea of having to drag the television and Wii setup to the kitchen. As for finding old recipes that you liked, good luck.

If you can do fast walk for over 20 minutes, It is just not worth the money.
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on August 28, 2012
I was in love with the first game so I thought the second would be the perfect next step. I have never been more wrong.

I'm not a particularly fit or active person and I still find that these workouts are simple and boring. My set workouts don't even take 10 minutes, and I can't find a way to extend the workout duration. That <10 minutes even includes extra time while the game forces you to watch your "trainer" display terribly cheesy facial expressions and encouraging gestures. After EVERY exercise. Rather than encouraging me to keep working out, it frequently encourages me to pick a different method of exercising.

This was a huge disappointment. It might as well have been marketed under a different title completely, because it was barely comparable to the first at all, let alone being a satisfying upgrade.
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on March 16, 2010
I have to agree with everyone's bad reviews on the exercises and trainers. It is hard to look at the screen during some of the exercises to get the timing down... the trainers are obnoxious... etc.

But the nutrition section is even worse! I was hoping to get some recipe ideas, but the recipes are all written using British English and British measurements! How should I know how high to put the oven on when it tells me gas 5, gas mark 3, or gives the temperature in Celsius? The ingredients and instructions are also in British English, so without using the internet to translate you can't even follow most of them. If you view the credits, you will see that it was produced in the UK.

We contacted UbiSoft, and they looked at their disk and the recipes were the same for them, so it is not like there is another version. The game was only tested in the UK, not in the US. We asked about a patch and were told that most people who use this type of a game do not have their Wii online (we don't), so there was probably nothing they could do, though it will be brought up to management. The game should not have been distributed without testing. The tech guy was puzzled by this but offered no solution.

This was not a satisfactory response, in my opinion. A refund or replacement offer would have been nice, instead of just "oops". No more UbiSoft games for us! --Laura
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on February 23, 2010
My wife and I had the original MFC and when we saw MFC2 we were excited thinking they took the old one and added some new things... WRONG! I can barely get warmed up doing the workout programs and the constant stopping between workouts is just annoying. The best part of the first MFC was the fact it was a cardio workout so you actually were burning more calories and toning because you were going at it full force with short rests towards the end. The MFC2 game is nothing more the Wii fit with out the balance games and added nutrition information that is readily available online. If you played the original like my wife and I stay away from this game. You will be extremely disappointed and just wasting money. Since you have a balance board you'd have Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus and so you already have what this game offers for quality of work out.

To end on a positive the graphics were extremely improved from the first.
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on October 24, 2010
When I saw that there was a second "My Fitness coach" I was so excited. I love the first version and so figured they had improved on an already good thing. What a complete waste of my money! The exercises are easy, the workout time is very limited...mine are 10 minutes each. There are not near the number of options, and the nutrition section is a joke, just a bunch of recipes you can find online or in a way of tracking what you are eating, or ways to track your calorie/carb intake. The biggest let down is the exercise routine itself. There is no way you will ever get any cardio benefit from the way it is set up. You do an exercise, then they make you wait through a bunch of irrelevant garbage before you can go on to the next loose whatever increase in heart rate you may have gained; unless it is elevated in frustration. Plus the workouts are so very short. Just can't say too much bad about this program...hope not too many people get duped as I did....I really wish I could get my money back. Buy the first one, it is the best program I have found!
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on October 19, 2010
First time writing a review and I thought I should so people won't waste their money on this one..

After reading all review I decided to risk it and bought it anyway. Well, it is my second week of training only but I am not really trilled about it.

- There is no way to find out how much time you actually spend training - no time indication.
- No way to customize your workouts unless you change your goal
- I did not get much of flexibility exercises however it was my secondary goal.
- The board doesn't register push ups properly no matter how hard I try.
- I was looking forward to use stability ball or other equipment - no chance, there is no option
- Workout is too short - I would say about 15 min no longer. If you try challenges part - then maybe 25-30 min in total.

- Nice interface
- You can choose no meat, fish in nutrition part and it will give you vegetarian recipes. I didn't use any of the recipes so it was not useful for me. I am not a person who will read recipes and then cook it following your TV screen.
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on January 6, 2010
I was so excited about the new My Fitness Coach 2, and braved snowy roads to purchase mine today. What a huge dissapointment! First of all, I paid almost $30 for it at Walmart, so I really had high expectations. I got home, read the instruction manual and created my profile, easy enough, a few questions and weight. (It does incorporate the Wii balance board). I did my first *workout*, it only took about 15 minutes and included 8 super easy excercizes. Never even broke a sweat or breathed hard! There is alot of lag time between excersizes, you take a look at your progess, feedback, etc. Each of the excersizes used the Wii remote and some incorporated the balance board. The pace was so slow, the number excersizes and reps so few, I think only those who hadnt got off of the couch in years would be challenged. Im a 52 year old, overweight female, only excersize occasionally, and My Fitness Coach 2 was a total breeze. I have used the original My Fitness Coach for a year now, and it is far superior. My Fitness Coach 2 does contain a nutrition section, that I did look at, but didnt see anything I didnt already know.

Update: After six workouts nothing has changed. Even though I have consistently scored between 85-95% I am still doing the same 8 excersizes. One workout still takes around 20 minutes and is over before you are even warmed up. One positive thing is I have discovered that pushing the A button moves you through all the fluff between each excersize a little faster. Still havent found anyway to control the time or quality of your workout.
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on January 26, 2010
The first one was perfect in that you could incorporate fitness equipment you had on hand. This one used the Wii Fit Board...I like that...and the Wii remote to track your progress. Sometimes you swear you are doing it right, and it doesn't pick it up. There is no other way to change the difficulty level other than start a new profile. I like the addition of live people as the trainers, but I wish the instructions were a bit more detailed for each excercise. I like it, but don't love it. They should have worked on it a bit more and made it more like the original but updated. I'd save my cash and get EA Fit or Wii Fit Plus. The shopping list/meal planner and the fact it weighs you are a definite plus, but not enough to make it worth the [...].
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