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on February 12, 2016
Chelsea Handler is hilarious. And so is her book. Each chapter tells the story of an adventure in Chrlsea's life. The woman is sarcastic, authentic, funny - I would love to hang out with her. Just seems like she would be your absolute ride or die amiga. Highly recommend this book. Watched her new series on Netflix right after I finished reading it - that was hilarious too. Can't go wrong, do yourself a favor and buy this for yourself or for anyone who enjoys snarky tales.
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on July 29, 2015
Funny while also pretty disturbing in quite a few areas, I found this to be enjoyable light reading. Good for beach, pool, soaking in the bath. Buy the less-expensive used copy (it's one of those books you don't really re-read) and then pass it to a girlfriend with a similar sense of humor. It definitely helps if you already enjoy Chelsea Handler's type of comedy, otherwise you probably won't like this book much.

The writing is just like one gal-pal talking to another, Chelsea doesn't take herself (or anyone) too seriously which is quite refreshing. Very candid about sex and sexual situations but not vulgar enough to make a woman of the modern world blush.
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on February 11, 2017
OMG I just about lost it reading this book! Honestly it was so funny, I had to stop myself from laughing out loud on the subway so people didn’t think I was a lunatic. I love Chelsea’s humor. At least in book form. I don’t think her TV shows have been remotely funny. In fact, I often think she’s an annoying B. But in writing form? HILARIOUS!

Chelsea wrote this book way before Broad City, Amy Schumer, and Issa Rae. She was one of the first to capitalize on the raunchy funny female thing.

Having said that, I didn’t find anything here to be particularly graphic. I don’t get people who are like "I’m not prudish at all but I didn’t like this book." If you found this book to be too much, you're probs on the prudish side. There’s more sex on network TV. We’re in a post-SATC era folks. I mean the girls of Broad City talk about pegging for God’s sake. If sex isn’t your thing, this isn’t the book for you.
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Hilarity from beginning to end. I read it on a single round-trip coast-to-coast airline journey, putting it down only to tear open those tiny bags of peanuts. Chelsea Handler's self effacing stories of her sexual curiosity and adventures will not be appropriate for children in most traditional American families. But I didn't have any kids tagging along on this trip so what the heck? If you don't mind frank language, it's a hoot!
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on January 28, 2014
Yes another insightful, soul searching (if you can call fighting a hangover from the night before) philosophical (if you can count "I'm never going to drink again") account of her early love-life from the undisputed Queen of Night time TV. She's an original and most of her experiences in this arena are hysterically funny. She's self deprecating and has a good laugh doing it, unlike a lot of male comedians out there...she has no giant ego, just a refreshing, original sense of humor along with a dose of barbs....well that wouldn't be Chelsea Handler if she were sweet....She's fabulous and I loved the book.
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on February 25, 2017
Chelsea Handler does it again with raunchy humor and great stories for a good chuckle at her life experiences. She is a blunt person that just puts it out there. I enjoyed this book.
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on January 26, 2009
For the most part, My Horizontal Life was a fun read. Not laugh-out-loud funny, at least for me, but funny all the same. Chelsea Handler wrote this book as if she were telling a story at a party. It's relaxed, almost without shame, and somewhat unrealistic at times, which all make the book very charming and interesting.

My major complaint about this book, though, is that some of Handler's accounts aren't one-night stands at all. Some of them are casual or drunken encounters that blossomed into relationships or flings. Only a few of them were truly one-night stands. Occasionally, there wasn't even sex involved. I actually bought the book to read specifically about the one-night stands and received story after story about Chelsea Handler's colorful sex life, relationship history, and drug use instead. Yes, I still enjoyed it, but be aware that the title is misleading.

What I liked: that the book wasn't just a collection of scattered essays, that a few of the chapters had a direction, a purpose, and, toward the end, an awakening.
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on May 22, 2016
Chelsea Handler is definitely funny and I love the stories, most of them. My only issue is I have serious doubts to, not the stories themselves, but to the thought process she claims she went through at the time. Towards the end she gets a bit more realistic but I think she can be FOS at times. Still, it's a great book for women.
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on September 22, 2017
A few stories are quite funny, but after a while, I felt more pity than humor in reading about so many one night stands and shallow - downright dishonest - meetings. I stopped reading it about halfway in; I simply lost interest.
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on June 12, 2009
I love Chelsea Handler's show. She's funny, and there are usually equally funny comedians guest-starring.

Her sense of humor didn't translate into the book. I can't remember laughing once, or even smiling. As for the book being about one-night stands, she seemed fairly conservative about what she included - which is at odds with her typical style - and while the title suggests a lot of sleeping around, most of the sexual encounters she detailed didn't end with intercourse. I'm not saying I expected a play-by-play or anything, but her life has hardly been horizontal.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, the book makes for a semi-interesting memoir, but it isn't about a series of one-night stands. And in my opinion, it isn't funny.
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