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on January 22, 2016
It was God who had me read this. I was going to save it on my Kindle for later. When it wouldn't go to the cloud I read it. It was the reassurance of what God told me last week. """All I need is him. """Clearly I heard this as I was searching for my phone. Last week I saw an Angel who told me """ Yes, It will be all right.""" Reading this book confirmed that God was speaking to me. My granddaughter (12) Elyssa died and went to Heaven July 31,2015. We had a special bond. I miss her with all my being. I wasn't sure how to go on without her. Now I know, what I really knew all along. She is in a better place and she wouldn't want to come back. Thank You!!!
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on July 23, 2016
WOW! This book was so good. It was the best I have ever read on this subject. Marvin J Besteman, was truly a spiritual gifted man. I felt his story as I read each chapter from beginning to end. He made me feel like I was there with him seeing all of the wonderful, glory, and beautiful gates of heaven. It will uplift your spirit as you think of your love ones who are now in Heaven. I have read many many books, this one was he best for me. I came across this book after losing my mother, last year.

I highly recommend this book.
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on January 29, 2016
One of the most real and believable accounts of heaven I have read. Makes the transition from here to there so much more tangible. I am a believer a know there is heaven. I believe Marv is there and I will see him when I get there . I'm glad God sent him back to tell others about heaven and give them encouragement. I highly recommend this book to those who need encouragement or may have lost someone they love and are having a hard time. Great and inspiring read!
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on January 1, 2014
My Journey to Heaven is such an uplifting and comforting book. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has lost a loved one. The part of the book that touched me the most was the wondrous sight of so many precious babies that the author caught a glimpse of during his spectacular time spent at Heaven's Gate.

If anyone reading this review has lost a child, please give yourself a gift--and purchase this book. I assure you that you will find comfort knowing that your baby is safely in heaven, and you will hold that child in your arms again someday. For anyone who may be thinking that this cannot be true--perhaps, because your child was aborted, PLEASE know, your baby is safe and alive in heaven. You will be reunited when your earthly mission is over.

The author, Marvin J. Besteman, saw many loved ones and friends during his journey to heaven. I love the way he describes the sights and sounds, and the many details he shares from his experience. I'm thankful he was given the chance to share what he saw and heard while there in front of the gate of heaven.

God is good. God is merciful, and His truth endures to all generations.
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on January 30, 2014
This is great look at one man's journey to heaven and what he experienced their. It is a wondrous account of heaven what Besteman saw and who he saw. It is a lot to wrap your mind around if you are not a believer. If you believe then you know that this version of heaven or something close is what it is like but you also know that words human words can not describe heaven accurately or majestically. I am so glad that Besteman came back to write this book and share his experience. You can see GODS hand directing him in the directions he is supposed to go. He was truly blessed to have this experience and to be sent back by GOD to be used as his instrument to spread the word about heaven. This book sent chills up my spine it had a huge impact on me. I would recommend this book to everyone to read it is a very important book. Spiritual and beautiful, amazing and happy and touching and very truthful. Read this book you will not be sorry.

Papa Place
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on October 28, 2016
Marv writes a very personal story which invites us to know we have a beautiful & welcoming place waiting after our earth journey, where Love is present, knowledge is immediate & vision is far better than on earth. Marv's journey changed his life & reading about his journey may change our lives. I could not put this book down. As I was finishing, I received news of a beautiful 21 year old girl who we treasure, being senselessly murdered. The timing of reading this book now seems remarkable. It happened as a result of reading Sai Baba, Man of Miracles. I am grateful for reading this book, as I feel comforted by Marv's retelling of his Spiritual Journey & his eagerness to return. O1212012 Interesting Departure Numbers.........
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on February 4, 2014
We spent July 2013 in Alabama at the Spears Family Reunion. We always come from the farthest distance- Seattle, Washington. It was sad but we found some joy in remembrances of Mama. Mama left us a letter, telling us she couldn't possible live through the loss of another child. Just 5 years prior, the baby of the family, Teresa, passed away suddenly at the age of 42 of unknown causes. On December 20, 2013, my husband's twin called to deliver the shocking news of their eldest brother's death. Raymond was out with his son, Pete, in the Bay of Pensacola. The water was choppy and knocked the boat sideways abruptly, knocking Raymond out of the boat. Despite his son's efforts, Pete wasn't able to save Raymond. He drowned that day. And my husband and I had the enormous task of going back to Alabama to bury yet another Spears. Another loss. Another to miss so very much. Our flight back to Seattle was from Pensacola, Florida, then to Miami and then on to Seattle. A long, killer of a flight to say the least! I NEEDED a book to read. I need help with my grief and supporting my husband's grief. I found this book and it really soothed me and lead me along my path of mourning. It gave me a glimpse of heaven and a reassurance that I will see all those I love again. I encourage anyone who has lost anyone to read it!
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on January 4, 2016
I just have to say, I just finished reading this amazing story and have used up numerous tissues.

I have truly been so very blessed to have read this book and would very much recommend it to, well, everyone.

The loss of a child is a heartache and agony I thoroughly understand, and will always live with, but I feel sooo very blessed to know that my little man is very well and so very loved, as are all the babies and children any of us have lost. Honestly though, "lost" is a misnomer, 'cause no one is lost who goes to Heaven. Not a one, especially not these little ones.

Read, enjoy, and be inspired and blessed. 😌
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on March 2, 2014
I cannot know what, exactly, Mr. Besterman experienced. However, I am confident he did, indeed, experience something far outside the realm of what we would call "normal". In other words, I do not think for a minute he made this story up out of whole cloth just to scam people, or sell a book. Nor do I think it was just a dream or some kind of hallucination. He remembers way too much fine detail for him to have just dreamed this in my estimation. People simply don't recall dreams with the kind of precision used to describe this experience.

What DID actually happen to this guy? I don't know.

If God and heaven do exist, and I personally think they do, then I do not find it impossible to believe that God could on certain occasions throughout history give a few very lucky people a glimpse of that reality. People who read the book and dismiss the story because they don't think it jives with the exact biblical description of heaven are missing the point. If in fact God were to show someone a glimpse of heaven, it would then be up to God to decide what He wanted that person to see and experience. What Mr. Besterman claims happened to him is so far beyond our human concepts it is mind boggling, and besides, the bible never gives a blueprint telling us in complete detail what heaven will be like anyway.

So, who might appreciate this book? First, you have to believe in the afterlife, then you have to believe that God might choose to show someone that afterlife if, in fact, it does exist. If you can't accept those two faith-based premises, and they are without a doubt faith-based, then the book is almost assuredly not for you.

Naysayers will doubtlessly relegate this story to the ranks of yet another crackpot Bible-thumper's apologist fairy tale, and sarcastically dismiss the believers as knuckle-dragging, delusional Neanderthals who cannot accept reality, ragging on the book because the author is a Christian, and that alone ought to give one pause.

Often, it is simply assumed that anything that comes out of a professed Christian's mouth or reinforces a Christian world view must be inherently false at best, or shameless propaganda at worst.

But quantum physics is showing us that what we think is "reality" is not always what it seems. I say, let the author tell the tale as he believes it actually transpired. After all, it is HIS personal story. If someone else wants to write about their own similar experience and has an entirely different spiritual take on it, then that is their right as well. In other words, don't just write the guy off because he is a Christian, or just blindly accept everything he has to say for the same reason.

Did the events in this book really occur? Mr. Besterman thinks they did, and he makes a persuasive case that he was not "imagining things". Does that "prove" anything? Nope. The existence of God cannot be proven. Nonetheless, I found the book to be an interesting and entertaining read.
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on January 3, 2014
I have been reading a chapter per day of this book to the seniors who join me for "Bible Reading." All of us living in an assisted living facility, and when I heard several residents lamenting the fact they could no longer read their Bibles. I began reading it to them every day -- sometimes twice per day. One of the nurses suggested this book, so I purchased it. All of us know our arrival in heaven is quickly approaching. This book, "My Journey to Heaven: What I Saw and How It Changed My Life," has brought all of us such comfort and peace. I cannot recommend this book as highly as I would like because I am limited to five stars, but it deserves so much more. If you ever wondered what heaven will be like, you need to read this book. You will be filled with such joy. Also, if you have lost a child or any other beloved family member, then you definitely need to read this book.
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