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on August 19, 2011
I was not expecting a lot from a free book, and an author I had never heard of. But I am very glad I downloaded this book and I enjoyed it a lot! The story is interesting, romantic, and alittle bit different. In different I mean it is not your typical "boy meets girl, conflict, big misunderstanding, truth revealed, boy and girl get together" romance novel. But in this book, that is a good thing! There are a couple of different storylines that go on and both are enjoyable. My only advice....don't be impatient and skip ahead a couple chapter to find out what happens. I did this and wish I hadn't (I can be am impatient reader). You will be happier just to go with the story and you will not be disappointed!
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on September 19, 2011
Have you ever wondered what happens to your favorite hero and heroine after the epilogue is long read and the book left on your shelf (or in this case my Kindle)?

Well, wonder no more! Ms. Hawkins takes us on a journey once more to visit this dynamic couple and their offspring. And what a journey it is! I laughed, I cried and just when I thought I figured it out, BOOM, she throws me off the scent!

I have enjoyed this book so much it's not even funny! If you like Medieval Romance, this one's a MUST! If you liked THE TEMPEST (I loved it) then what are you waiting for?! You need to get it! NOW! You'll be glad you did! I promise!

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on July 16, 2011
this is a great historical romance, and held my interest start to finish. i was given a review copy, and enjoyed the whole book. i chose which man i thought she should marry, then the other, and then the first,and then the second. i peeked ahead 1000 locations, and then went back and continued reading, and changed my mind again. masterful writing! all came out right at the end. now i have seen there is a previous book in this series, so i need to put it on my wishlist, so i can find out what led up to this story.

like father, like daughter? can't wait to see!
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on August 25, 2011
This was a very nicely done medieval romance! There are so few out there that actually take into account that a medieval woman (at that time, someone of 15) would behave. Many try to force modern ideas into their characters, and the author did a great job of giving us Evelyn's world and why she is so quiet, almost docile. Underneath, she has her own mind and wants, yet, according to that time, she has to keep them to herself. The men of the triangle, Rene and Simon, are both wonderfully written heroes, and though Rene is just a big child and Simon can be a jealous beast, their other qualities are very likable and charming, leaving us little choice but to feel for them.

I definitely recommend this read to those out there looking for a historical romance that is fairly period correct.
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on October 10, 2012
At its heart, "My Lady Gisborne" is a beautiful love story about Sir Guy of Gisborne's youngest daughter, Lady Evelyn Gisborne. She has much to learn about love--as does her long betrothed but never met fiance Simon, Marquis of Laroque.

And Simon will discover that the dynamics of the Gisborne family are almost as challenging as going to war as the experienced soldier he is. The grown Gisborne children are nothing if not like their commanding father Sir Guy and their calming and wise mother Lady Cassia--deliciously so. They are all spirited individuals and an amazing and loving family.

"My Lady Gisborne" is a riveting tale of intrigue, deception, loyalty, honor, and love. Author Charlotte Hawkins is a masterful storyteller--weaving engaging descriptions of people, places and events as her story unfolds. You will be as hooked as I was and want to read this tale straight through.

For Charlotte Hawkins' series of tales about the Gisborne family, read:

"The Tempest" (The Gisbornes, book 1)The Tempest: A Guy of Gisborne Story (The Gisbornes, Book 1)

"The Gisborne's" (a novelette bridging to the next story)--this may be read on Charlotte's Wattpad site

"My Lady Gisborne" (The Gisborne's, book 2)My Lady Gisborne: A Love Story (The Gisbornes, Book 2)

"The Baron's Lady" (The Gisborne's, book 3) is a work in progress, but may be read on her Wattpad site
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 17, 2013
I recently re-read this book and truly enjoyed it. I liked the old fashioned style and behaviour of the characters. The H is so honourable and gorgeous, I totally loved him. The h is gracious and I love the way she loved the H. Although this book is not completely clean, the love scenes are so tastefully done and are in the framework of marriage. I highly recommend this book
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on February 20, 2014
Wonderfully written. I read the first book in the series, The Tempest, a while ago. It was good, but this book is even better.
This one starts with Guy of Gisborne being greeted by his younger daughter, Evelyn. Guy and Lady Gisborne have been happily married for several years, as of the finished of The Tempest. This is a story about their children's lives. The characters are strong and loving.
You don't have to have read the first book to enjoy this one. The first book was a fan fiction on how Guy's story should have turned out. This book is a great piece of historic fiction that stands on its own. The is romance and action and a family drama that is entertaining until the end.
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on June 22, 2014
The only thing that spoiled this story was the unnecessary explicit sex of the one couple...Simon and Evelyln..totally unnecessary! The story in whole was a wonderful rendition of life in the middle ages, how a man rose to nobility in character and circumstance in that time period, and their true love with Gods blessing of children and then the stories of their children growing into adults, all intertwined. War which is always a constant, life in this time period: medicine/use of various plants and herbs, description of life in a manor/castle and the various positions. All in all....a good read even if some parts skipped over.
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on December 23, 2011
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to others. Although not very fast paced, it is riveting none-the-less. The historical details in this book at good as well as interesting and adds to the plot, rather than the too much information that many authors do when writing historical novels.

My Lady Gisborne is about Sir Guy of Gisborne's children, specifically his youngest daughter Evelyn. This book is the sequal to The Tempest: A Guy of Gisborne Story (The Gisbornes, Book 1) and shows just how much our favorite villain has changed and been redeemed and yet is still in many ways Sir Guy of Gisborne. Evelyn is faced with a predicament, as she is drawn and attracted to a thief, yet has been promised to another. Her betrothed appears cold and without heart, pushing her even more towards the thief who listens to her and understands. If she chooses the thief, it will shame and disgrace her family but if she decides to obey her father's will, will she ever find love?
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on October 23, 2014
it was such a pleasure to revisit The Gisbornes to read about the joy and happiness they feel loving one another and the ones who join their family, I greatly enjoyed this second novel and already I want to read it again.

I am happy to read about the Gisborne daughters falling in especially Evelyn's story of two men pursuing her, I am happy to write the she made the perfect decision but I won't spoil the thrill of finding out for yourself, I am totally hooked on this family and I can't wait to read more in the future.
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