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on June 6, 2014
I enjoyed Riley and Chelle but I have to say that this one was a little too drawn out for me. I have no problem with books that don't have major conflict but the Riley's reasons for not wanting to be with her were too manufactured for me. Would a man who spent 12 years as a Marine Recon guy really think he's still a bad guy because he was stupid as a teen? I honestly don't think so. Her brother still being such an overbearing prick when she's almost 30 was a little ridiculous too. And how would assume you are like your bi-polar mother when you have never exhibited any symptoms?? However, the relationship b/w Riley and Chelle was sweet and hot. I really like her because she didn't roll over and give up when her douche fiance drops the bombshell before Katie's wedding. She was a strong heroine. Riley was great too except for his stupid reasons for not thinking he's good enough for her. I know it sounds like I didn't like it but I did. Not as much as Jason and Katie because this could have had some of the internal monologues shortened or cut and been much better. Going to keep going with the series.
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on October 20, 2015
*Another Steamy romance USAT NYT by bestselling author Melanie ShawnMelanie Shawn, in book 2, in her "Crossroads" hit series ....(18+).........As Maid of Honor in her best friend's wedding Rachelle "Chelle" Thomas, was trying to get through her emotions, as she was told by her fiance earlier that day that he had gotten his eighteen-year old secretary pregnant and it was all over between them. Since the new bride Katie Sloan, wouldn't be returning to her old apartment in San Francisco, she offered it to Chelle so she could have time to think and sort things out but when days went by and family and friends didn't hear a word from her, Jason Sloan, Katie's new husband made a phone call and called in the troops. Special Ops Marine, Riley Sloan was finally leaving the military behind after twelve long years and as he drove through California, he was very much surprised to hear from his brother Jason. Why? Wasn't he on his honeymoon? But when he heard the distress in his brother's voice and the one name, he hadn't heard in years, his heart nearly stopped. Chelle? Without hesitation, Riley drove straight to San Francisco to see not only the one girl that always haunted his dreams but the only girl he could always talk to. Once known as the bad boy, of Harper's Crossing, Illinois, along with her brother Eddie and Riley's best friend, he knew whatever he did back then, Chelle would always see the good in him and he could tell her anything. When Chelle finally woke up and saw Riley sitting on a chair just staring at her, she truly believed that she must be dreaming or her fantasies she had most of her life regarding Riley Sloan had just come true but when fantasy turned into reality, she is confronted with the most sexiest, and handsomest man she ever laid eyes on because Riley the boy is now a drop-dead gorgeous man. When Riley saw Chelle sleeping so peacefully, he couldn't believe that the girl he once knew was now a breathtaking woman but as much as he wanted her, he knew it could never happen between them because of two facts. He was on his way to Louisiana to open a new bar along with his two Marine buddies, and secondly and most importantly, she was his best friend's little sister and rule number one "hands off"! But as hours ran into days, it wouldn't take long for either one of them to break their own rules before heading back to Harper's Crossing. When Riley is faced with his own demons and the wrath of Eddie Thomas, he feels compelled to act drastically on a hasty decision and leaves town for good. Did I just make the biggest mistake of my life? When Chelle is also confronted with her own surprising dilemma, it doesn't take her long to realize what she must do by taking a huge chance on her decision knowing full well she may be making the biggest mistake of her life. Will Chelle be Riley's last? Or will they end up together forever?...thank you....♡♡
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on November 29, 2013
Ok. Yes this one also took me a couple of days to read, but it was much better. Both Riley and Chelle(Rachelle) we're hurt and lost souls just looking for happiness. They both had issues they both had to come to terms with within themselves. Chelle was jilted in a big way by her then fiancé and Riley, well he was just coming out of the military for good. With her breakup she needed to get away from home for a bit and since her DFF was married and had an apt still in San Francisco she went out there to recoupe. While she was still wallowing in her grief and not responding to anyone in the outside world, she did not expect to see or hear from the one man who truly owned her heart. Yes Riley Sloan. Two beautiful people finally getting a happy ending. I recommend you read the series as they are centered around the Sloan Brothers.
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on September 12, 2015
Ok, so there were really only two reasons I bought this book. The first was that one of the other reviewers said that it begins with Katie and Jason's wedding and two it was only 99 cents. The book does start with the wedding as promised. The secondary characters once again did not play a very big part, not much chance to get to know them. No real draw to purchase the next book, which forme is good because I probably won't. Chelsea and Riley were great, but once again in this series it just seems like something is missing. My personal opinion is that the time frame in the books is some of the cause. The first book basically takes place over 4 days, this one is about 6 weeks only because we jump 4 weeks in the last chapter. I guess it is difficult as the reader to really relate to the romance when it is so fast, also not a lot of anything else there. Overall, not a bad read but not a great one either.
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on June 9, 2014
I loved the main characters, Riley and Chelle. honestly though, I wish that there was more interaction and conversations with the characters then the monologues. The story is told from Riley and Chelle's POV, but it got exhausting reading about what their thoughts were. So much so that I started skimming over it. Getting the background stories on all the others characters (from prev books), wasn't really necessary. I didn't read about Bobby and Sophie or Jason and Katie, but after reading this book I don't feel the need to read them either. The author went overboard instead of 'teasing' you wanting to read those stories too. POSSIBLE SPOILER, don't read! Also the reason why Riley didn't have much self-worth was a bit lame-a quick call from his dad just solved the problem and proof! now he now knows he wants to be with Chelle. SPOILER OVER

On the positive side, superb editing, and great use of words. everything flowed nicely and you did get a sense that these two really cared about each other.
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on February 1, 2016
Wonderful romance about young love that blossoms after the two grow up. Chelle has grown up a d is engaged to another man, until he is caught cheating on her. Riley has left the Corp and is headed home after he visits with a fellow team member. In the meantime, Riley is asked to check in on Chelle as she is recovering from her recent breakup. Will their young love blossom after being apart so many years?

Great romance, parts are, in my opinion, R rated.
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on September 5, 2015
Riley was completely stubborn and believed in a truth that just wasn't there. It didn't help that Chelle's brother Eddie was being an over protective jerk about things too.
Chelle has loved Riley for fifteen years. He hasn't been around for most of those. She nearly made the mistake of marrying a weasel of a man that thankfully showed his true colors before it was too late.
Their romance was a bumpy road and filled with sadness when it didn't need to be.
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on August 21, 2013
Seldom do I really connect with the h. Anymore it seems authors write these mousy virgins with no backbones who just whine & boo hoo around...ughh. Thank you Melanie Shawn for writing Chelle to be so relatable! I would take Chelle as a friend any day of the week!

Riley & Chelle have known each other for a long time since Riley is Chelles brothers best friend. She always loved Riley but he never showed any type of feelings for her other than friendship. He could open up to her like no one else but kept it platonic.

Cut to years later Chelle leaves town to get away from her two timing fiancé. Riley gets a phone call from his brother to check on Chelle since he is in the area & she hasn't communicated with her friends in days so naturally everyone's worried.

The story really starts when Riley & Chelle reconnect. I loved seeing Rileys internal struggles & Chelles self perseverance. I really enjoyed both characters but love love love Chelle!!

The only downfall for me is the drama, or lack there of. Most of the drama is internally & not much action. It's a very sweet romance.

Great book, awesome relatable characters, easy lighthearted read with a HEA! Excited for the next book in the series!
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on June 13, 2017
Chelle, was really amess on the day of her diamond best friends wedding. A friend to the rescue and a mad dash to drunken stupor. But not when Riley came on the scene of knight in shining steel.
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on March 2, 2017
This is the third book in this series that I've read and it was just as good as the others. I love the characters stories and everything about this series. I would recommend it to anyone who loves stories set in small towns about family and friends working and loving together.
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