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on November 1, 2012
Once again, a good piece of television programming succumbs while the hog-wall'er, bitch-slap, scripted reality world continues to spin out of control with overly fed tow truck drama queens, pawn shops seeing more action than a mid-town police station at 11:30 at night, over wrought cooking/contestant/dancing/prancing/etc. nit-wittery and Scooby-Doo ghost hunters. I don't watch much television because, after an hour of cringing at any overt banality that currently enthralls and keeps the masses in a stupor of stupidity, my whole body cramps up.
This show had more than a one note tune going on. Christian Slater filled out the Henry/Edward character very admirably and the supporting cast was, pretty much, top-notch, as well. Once introduced to the show, I was hooked and loved the tension built upon the uncertainty of who would manifest at any inconvenient moment.
Smart, tense, well scripted with enough of a salt shake of humor to insure enough pathos to find Henrys'/ Edwards' dilemma compelling enough to continue watching each episode.
Ah, well, .... more time to read a good book.
Continue enjoying your pop-pablum crap, folks ...... "I do believe there's a 'squatch in these woods, ...." . Feel free to step in that 'squatch.
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on April 30, 2012
This was a fun little series that was cancelled before its time. It is interesting to see similar (but less exciting) dual-life concept shows still popping up in television today ("Awake", "Lone Star", etc). Most of the fun in this tv series comes from the "fish out of water" scenarios as domestic Henry often "wakes-up" in the middle of Edward's spy missions and vice versa as Edward "wakes-up" in Henry's domestic life. Henry stumbles through Edward's dangerous spygame life using his nice-guy personality to somehow win over informants and KGB spies alike while maintaining national security. Similarly, Edward puts his spy knowledge to good use in Henry's life (for example, Edward's carefully honed bedplay skills are put to good use with Henry's wife to inadvertently help save his marriage and Edward's encouragement of his son's martial arts abilities help him bond with his son). Both Christian Slater and Mike O'Mally do a fairly good job of differentiating each personality so that we can tell who they are playing despite the lack of external cues. For example, at the start of the episode or an act break, Slater would have to manage to convey which character he is playing (Edward or Henry) often without any exposition or visual cues. The audience must tell strictly from the characters' facial expressions and body language alone. This is not always successful, but for the most part Slater and O'Mally do a fantastic job and some of these episodes are a real testament to their acting ability.

Episodes are currently (as of April 2012) available on Hulu in the US but if you are looking for something to watch on the go (an overseas business trip) or want to introduce a friend to a fun little series as a gift (and then discuss potential outcomes of the unrequited cliffhanger ending) pick it up and give it a go.
Trivia: It may be also interesting to watch a young(er?) Taylor Lautner (aka "Jacob from Twilight") pop up now and then as Henry's son.
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on April 24, 2009
Christian Slater has had a knack through his career of landing in too many so-so movies. It is nice to see at this stage of his career he turns in one of his best performances. The supporting cast is good with Mike O'Malley being especially interesting. The budget seems to be decent.

Like the somewhat similar British series Jekyll the most interesting aspect of the series is the conflict between two apparently separate people inhabiting the same body. Edward, the Bond-like spy, is ruthless, and Henry, the family man, has never handled a gun. They do not seem to care much for each other but as they only have one body they find they must work together to stay alive. Everything was fine until Henry, previously unaware of Edward, discovers Edward's existance in the first episode. That they now switch back and forth at any moment is the tale.

The last episode appeared to be working its way to a conclusion, but in the final two minutes they throw a curve. The show is good, worth watching on its own, but it would be nice to see a second season.
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on December 17, 2012
I liked the look of this one while it had it's run, wish it had lasted longer. The "look" of the series was always very good and the writing seemed pretty good too. Similar to Joss Whedons' "Dollhouse" in that the character "Edward" has a dual identity as "Henry" imprinted in his mind, activated when he's off duty. I was never really sure who, or what Edward worked for- some shadowy Government, or private, agency?- but the stories were interesting and always had a good look to them.
Christian Slater did a good job portraying dual roles as Edward and Henry, I'd have loved to see how that one would've worked out. Judging by my memory, and the air dates Amazon lists, NBC didn't give the series a lot of respect- they certainly cancelled it quickly. Probably had too big a budget and wasn't an instant ratings success.

I've rewatched episodes 1-6 & 9, all good. The first 6 at least have a young Taylor Lautner in them (the packaging makes a point of emphasizing "Twilight") he's good but miscast as he doesn't look anything like the rest of his "family".

Even if you don't like My own worst enemy it's still better than most of the trash out there.
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on November 10, 2011
Yes, the concept is tricky; but it was ably smoothed out after the first episode. Everything was improved (they were five stars start to too-soon finish.) So MY OWN WORST ENEMY joins FIREFLY and a long list of other too-good-for-the-Networks.

MY OWN WORST ENEMY is, er, was a great series. Their quality showed in every episode - their international locations and consistently fine components (noted in the title, above)would have found an audience eager for such quality. And Slater was a charismatic, forceful lead; at the same time, believable as a domesticated wage slave and a covett operative. I hope Network management reads the comments of disappointed viewers; for MY OWN WORST ENEMY and the many prematurely axed shows which have been inappropriately turned into history.

Methinks that Network canceling executives have a very dim view of their viewers. Foolish, too. Considering start-up investments of producers and Networks, this bad
taste by TV execs is wasting so much money; no wonder America is in a recession.

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TOP 50 REVIEWERon September 18, 2010
I really enjoyed this show. It started off a bit slow - I was lukewarm about the first couple of episodes, but by the 4th episode it really hit its stride. A lot more character development than is typically seen in the spy vs. spy genre, and it grapples with the always interesting concept of the inherent duality in everyone. But, there's also a lot of action (with excellent production values) and tech so it can be enjoyed on that level as well.

As you know, the series was cancelled, so it ends with a non-resolved cliffhanger. Still, it's well worth getting especially if you're a Christian Slater fan. His performance as "both" the stars of the show is excellent, and the supporting cast is also quite good (for the most part - a couple of the performances are just adequate).

It's a shame that this was cancelled - I would absolutely love to see another season! But, even though the storyline does not have a resoultion, it can still be enjoyed.
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on July 4, 2013
What an AMAZING show. I found out about this show by browsing through Amazon's TV section and I had to buy it because of Christian Slater. I devoured the 9 episodes in less than 2 days and was extremely disappointed. The producers really should have concluded the show properly for their fans. Now I have to imagine my own ending. The show is phenomenal but the DVD isn't worth the cheap price because of it's disappointing and abrupt ending. I'm upset that I bought this and fell in love with it just to be let down. I'm not going to return it but I wish I hadn't bought it in the first place.
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on March 17, 2013
My own worst enemy is very well written. It is sad that they ended this tv show so soon. I'm keeping it in my collection because it's one of those shows you will watch over and over and each time get something new out of it.
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on September 5, 2012
I don't want to give too many spoilers but this was a really interesting little series, two totally distinct personalities in the same body and they discover and then communicate with each other by leaving video messages........One of the personalities is a meek, mild Mr.Nice Guy and the other is a "rockem sockem" secret agent who would make James Bond blush.........the fun really starts when the "secret agent" personality spends the night with the "Nice Guy" personality's's too bad that they didn't continue the series.
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on November 27, 2016
It was interesting show. It's too bad that it only got a few episodes. I hate when networks try something different and then the show doesn't get good ratings so it gets cancelled and then we get stuck with the usual doctor and police procedurals.
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