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on December 18, 2013
I ordered two clocks for my 3 year old twins, prior to transitioning them to toddler beds. Upon shipment I noted one analog clock did not work and returned to Amazon with no issues. Received second clock.

The light portion of the clocks is amazing--it really made things easier for my kids. Many reviews describe the business of the buttons on the back, and while there are many, the directions make it easy to use. I love that the clock has a separate setting for overnight and nap. This is a feature other clocks were missing, and it makes a huge difference for ease of use (not having to reset each time they sleep). Using blue for sleep and yellow for wake was very intuitive for my kids: they immediately associated it with the night sky and the sun. Perfect. This clock also works with batteries only, which was a must for my son who loves buttons. It enabled us to put it on a high shelf, away from small hands.

After two weeks, we noticed the clock we kept was not working in the front (the light, digital clock, and all other features were fine, just the analog portion was not working). One day later, the newer clock's analog face stopped as well. Further, even though we keep the lights off during the day, the batteries die after about two weeks. Best to plug in if you can.

PROS: great system, battery option, lots of buttons but easy to figure out. Extra features like music and time out light.
CONS: drains batteries fast, analog clock just does not work

For the price of the clock, I really expect all the features to work consistently. I'm willing to look past the battery issue because the light is on all night. But the thing should work. I'm keeping them because the pros (helping my children, and ergo me, sleep) outweigh the cons, and I'm not sure I'd be happy with a clock that does less. I just wish the analog face worked, so we would have the added benefit of learning to read it.

UPDATE: After several weeks of ownership, one clock started flashing numbers after I changed the batteries. I contacted White Dove directly. They got right back to me, and walked me through addressing the issue. I took that opportunity to clear up a few of my technical questions. First, we've been switching the clock off during the day, and it's not clear this causes issues. We did it primarily for my son's clock, to avoid draining the batteries even faster. This apparently can affect the performance of the analog feature. Additionally, though I didn't think this was clear when I purchased it, you really aren't supposed to rely on battery-only for any length of time. The batteries drain even faster than we realized (we've been changing them when it stops completely working). Using battery-only can affect general performance issues, like the analog, but also the time keeping of the digital clock and other functions. We have noticed both the battery-only clock and the one we plug in lag behind on the digital clock, probably due to a combination of using only batteries and switching it off. White Dove reported using batteries can cause a general decline in performance as the batteries die quickly.

All of this said: we still use them happily. If you want to sleep train and can look past the general functional issues, I'd get it. It's not a perfect product. But the features are better than the other ones out there. And if you have a toddler who is going to play with it, try to take it apart, etc (like I do), you can make it work with a big package of batteries. It's the best choice for that scenario.
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on February 27, 2014
I purchased My Tot Clock based of the recommendation of my sister who had been successfully using it with my nephew for a while. We were having issues with DD staying in bed at night and waking at early hours in the morning and coming in to our room. She had previously been sleeping until 7am or later and suddenly she was waking up at 5am. When the clock arrived, she was very excited. We talked about the colors and what they meant and she caught on almost immediately. The thing about the clock is that it gives me something to redirect to. If she does come down earlier than she is supposed to, I can ask her what color her clock is and she knows that she isn't supposed to come down until her clock is yellow. It has REALLY helped. We no longer have 5am Saturday wake ups and are able to sleep in until 7 again! Yay! It has not been particularly helpful with getting her to stay in bed at bedtime, but that is a work in progress.

The Tot Clock allows you to set for sleep time, wake time, and nap time. It also has "encouragement" and "timeout", but we have not used either of those. You can set the sleep time for certain times of the day. Nap time is a duration and you have to press the nap button to turn the clock to light blue (DD calls it green, but I think it's supposed to be light blue). We have ours set for 2.5 hours. We don't use the music feature, although the first day, the music came on and DD loved it. I just didn't want it waking her up in the morning unnecessarily. She often sleeps through the clock turning yellow now. I can see that the music would be particularly useful as an alarm if your child needed to wake for school or daycare.

The only negative that I can see is that the clock face is kind of bright. There is a way to adjust the nighttime "blue" (DD calls it purple) to a darker setting, but it is still really bright; especially for a child who previously slept in a totally dark room. We have sort of solved this by turning the clock away from her so she can still see what color it is, but it's not shining directly into her face. You can turn the nighttime setting to where the light is totally off and then turns yellow at wake time. We have not done this as I prefer to have a color to redirect to. It doesn't appear to be affecting her sleep, but she did complain about the brightness a couple of times when we first started using the clock.

All in all, I really recommend this clock. I do think the additional features make the extra dollars worth it. We looked at the other toddler clocks as well and I'm really glad we went with this one. A well-rested family is a happy family. :)
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on May 24, 2014
My wife read a lot of reviews and really wanted to use this clock to teach our boys when it was and was not OK for them to get out of bed in the morning. After a few nights of use, though, we ran into several issues. The batteries do not seem to be able to maintain the time or allow the clock to function without the wall adapter for power, and the clock stopped working entirely after being knocked off of the dresser a few times.

Great concept, but not nearly resilient enough to survive toddlers.
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on January 29, 2015
I'm writing this review now b/c my daughter has been using the clock for over a year. This clock helped my 2 yo adjust to a great nap and bedtime routine. She was able to settle into the yellow and blue colors that indicate when she should be awake and able to get out of bed and then when she should be in her bed and sleeping (or at least playing in her room quietly). We used to experience a continuous stream of interruptions during nap time and at night as she got out of bed to engage us again. Now, she is trained to listen to the colors of the clock and stay put until she knows it is time to come out. It was life changing for our daytime productivity and our night time sleep! Now if she has to go to the bathroom or gets scared she knows it does not matter what color it is...she can get up!

That said, the green encouragement light and red "time out" lights are ones we never use. We feel it is inappropriate to punish a child by putting them in their room b/c we want that space to be a peaceful place, so unless I want to drag the clock to another area, it doesn't work. Similarly, I don't use the green light b/c I'd have to go get the clock and place it where she is playing in order to give her the extra time. It seemed more of a bother than it was worth.

Last points...
The songs and readings are not ones we liked so we don't use those either.
And then super out for the cord! It frayed where it comes out of the clock and now we can't use it anymore. It seemed like it should have been MUCH sturdier considering the cost and we've only had it for just over a year. I'm assuming you can't just get a cord so I'm thinking we'll have to figure out something else soon!
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on May 14, 2014
I bought this product about a month ago for my 3 year old son who has started not wanting to take naps and he gets up in the middle of the night. The clock has worked GREAT for nap time. I set a 1 hour rest time. He usually ends up falling a sleep during nap time, but on the days that he doesn't sleep, he is very proud of himself that he stays in his room until his clock turns yellow. It hasn't really made a difference for the night time, but the clock does what it says it does.

I would love it if the clock had a back plate that closed over the buttons. I read this suggestion in the reviewed prior to buying and it would definitely be a nice feature. The placement in my house is a little inconvenient because I have to find a place so high to be out of his reach but we made it work. Otherwise, I would have rated it a 5
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on June 9, 2014
We've had this clock for 1 month and so far it's great! You can turn the lights all the way off if you want to. (Sometimes my son prefers not to see the yellow light during the day.) The blue night light has 5 levels of brightness. We keep it on the lowest and it has not been a problem. We're not using the music cartridge or any of the sounds, and we haven't used it for nap or time out, but I could see how those functions would be nice if you wanted them.
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on August 6, 2014
We got this clock because my 2yr old daughter was having a hard time putting herself back to sleep during the night (she suddenly lost that ability even though she has had it since birth, ugh). She would wake up, come in my room wake me up and make me sit in her room until she fell back asleep (anywhere from 5 min to an hour and a half!). 3 am is not the time to have a cry it out battle and we tried everything to get her to stop doing this, but nothing worked- until this clock. We got this clock and let her play with it a bit. I explained that blue means night night and yellow means wake up and that she could not wake me up when it is blue. She understood it quickly. It helps her fall asleep because it is a visual boundary saying bed time, not just mommy and daddy. She still wakes up during the night (once a night versus 3-5 times a night), and she still comes to get me, BUT I can now show her the clock, tell her to come and get me when it is yellow and she will say okay and go back to sleep on her own. I no longer have to sit in her room and wait for her to fall asleep. It gives her something visual to focus on. I am glad to have only once a night 5 min wake up compared to what we were doing before. We have only had this clock a little over a week and it has already paid for itself in my opinion. Not only does she sleep better at night, but she sleeps in past the previous 5/530 am she was doing (7-730am!) (she is finally getting the amount of sleep she is suppose to be getting) I think more time will produce even better results.

There are other colors that can be used for time out, nap, and timing an activity (I think it would be great to use as a teeth brushing timer in the near future). It is really easy to program. I have the bed time timer set for a little bit before bed time, just in case we ever need an early night. I currently plug it into the wall, but I am glad that it has a battery option for power outages and travel. Overall this clock has saved my sanity and helped us all get a better nights sleep!
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on June 26, 2014
We bought our Tot Clock when our daughter turned 14 months (two weeks ago). We were having a problem with her waking with the sun, which is pretty early in June! In less than a week, we have made major progress in getting her to sleep until a more convenient wake up time (and ensure that she gets 11-12 hours sleep overnight).

The clock was easy to set up. As we get close to bedtime, we point out the clock, and tell her that the clock is still yellow, and so she can still play. As soon as it turns blue, we tell her that when the clock is blue, it is time to lay down and close her eyes. Of course, the first few days, she woke with the sun, and we would go into her room, and remind her that it is still sleep time while the clock is blue, and we don't get out of bed until the clock is yellow.

After only 2 days, she understood the routine. And while she didn't always go back to bed, we'd hand her a couple books and say that if she wasn't tired, she could read in bed until the clock was yellow... AND SHE DID IT!

Now after 2 weeks, she still wakes sometimes before the scheduled time, but we have had several mornings where she sleeps through to her wake up time. And those mornings when she wakes early, half the time we don't even have to get up to soothe her, but rather we hear her quietly babbling until the clock turns yellow.

And she loves it too. We praise her when she waits for the clock, and she applauds herself with joy. The mornings are so much more fun when everyone is well rested.

We still haven't tried any of the music/noise/story features of the clock. We also haven't tried the discipline or encouragement features of the clock yet either, because she is still a bit young for time-outs and is a very good listener anyway. I highly recommend this clock.
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on May 21, 2014
Bought a second tot clock for my son who is now two. My girls (4 years old) have had theirs since two years old. This has become an essential part of our household. All the kids know they are to stay in their rooms until 7 AM when "the clock turns yellow." After a few days of training they do just that! It's a relief to be able to predict what time I will be waking with the children.

Recently this has also come in extra handy with the four-year-olds at night, as well. We have their clock set to "turn blue" at 8:15. But, their "bed time" in usually around 7:30. This gives them time to unwind and play together in their bedroom, and they know that when the clock turns blue and starts playing music, they are to settle down and turn off the light. If the music stops (30 minutes later) and they haven't turned off their light, they know they are in big trouble! This has taken soooo much of the whining and fighting out of bedtime - it's not mommy that's putting them to bed, it's the clock.

We also use the red "time out" function occasionally, and the green "positive timer" for TV/iPad time. All in all this clock has been really great for our home and takes a lot of struggle out of bed time and wake time.

As for what age to start the clock - well my oldest daughter "got it" at 18 months old. My son didn't understand the clock at 18 months so we took a break and tried again at about 22 months, and then he got it within two days. So, I'd say most kids can understand what the different colors mean by two years old. Heck, my son still doesn't know his colors, EXCEPT for yellow! We can very clearly hear his little voice from down the hall at 7 AM - "The clock is yellow, Mommy! The clock is yellow!"
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on June 27, 2014
We used the Onaroo Teach Me Time with our first child, decided to try My Tot Clock for #2. Glad we did.

MTC has a significantly expanded feature set, which we are not likely to fully use - however it was easy to configure and use right out of the box - with a second display for configuration and settings on the back of the device. Candidly, it's overbuilt - but that's what makes it so easy to use.

In less than a minute, we were up and running with our preferred schedule - and our early riser has been giving us a break in the AM. We also casually mentioned the "time out" feature to our 3-yo... she immediately understood that she *never* wants to see her clock turn red. Nice. That alone was worth the price of admission.

The add on modules also add cost and introduce a play aspect that might be a mixed message for some kids (is an alarm clock a toy or a tool?) - I think it would be interesting if MTC was offered in two versions - a "basic" model with no expansion / play features, and a "loaded" model with more built-in content included for the purchase price.

I give 4 stars for a great product saddled with some extra features and complexity that we likely will not use.
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