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on April 2, 2010
A likable, amusing tool that pretends to be a game. However, as others have mentioned, the pedometer included is NOT suitable for the DSi so those of us with the "i"s have to manually plug in the information, which is quite easy. I found the pedometer too large and the clip too tight to be of practical use to me anyway. It's also overly sensitive unless you place it properly. I would recommend using a different pedometer - preferably something that has a well designed clip and a safety clip so you don't end up inadvertently dropping it into a toilet or some similar mishap. Yes, you'll have to 'tap up' your step tally manually but I suspect manual entry is probably just as fast and maybe even easier than trying to pry the game's pedometer off (with it's absurdly tight, solid piece clip), removing the rubber plug, fitting it into the device, etc. It's too bad this game didn't come with a tiny pedometer like the 'Personal Trainer: Walking' game, which is surprisingly small and beams the information directly into the game card (but doesn't have a display on the pedometer.)

The 'game' has various items designed to motivate you, make you more aware of your eating and exercise habits, and to challenge you -- ever so gently -- in a friendly, nonjudgmental way. There's 4 daily objectives the game would like you to meet: 1) The Pedometer, for which it will give you a target # of steps it would like you to accomplish for the day. 2) The Challenge section, in which YOU select which challenges you would like to try to complete, usually in the next 24 hours. The game wants you to do one challenge a day but you can select up to 6, if you wish. Challenges might include something as simple as putting a grocery list on your refrigerator to walking for an hour to Minute Challenges, which are quick exercises, like doing x amount of push-ups or jumping jacks. If you don't complete a challenge, no big deal. You can always select others that are more suitable to your lifestyle. 3) Physical Activity challenges you to be physically active for a certain amount of time for that day. The choice of your activity or activities is entirely up to you, from high-energy sports to doing housework. (The more energetic the activity, the more 'food credit', you might say, you will get.) 4) Then there's Food Balance, in which you log in what you ate and drank for the day (choosing a similar item if the actual item isn't listed.) As with the Physical Activity section, you can choose either a quick entry or a more detailed entry. (I recommend using the detailed entry unless you failed to keep track of what you consumed for the day and need to take a wild guess.)

The actual goal is to balance your food intake with your energy output so you can accomplish whatever weight goal you are aiming for (gaining, maintaining, or losing weight.) Thinking about dessert? Check to see if you can 'afford' it by seeing just how much of a food allowance you still have left for the day. Still want that dessert? The program will help give you an idea of how much more physical activity you're going to need to do before your caloric output matches your input.

Your guide along this journey to a healthier body is a stick figure who manages, somehow, to be quite charming even when he/she is wagging a finger at you or giving you a scowl. But no matter your trangression, your little stick figure guide is always supportive and enthusiastic and you can't help but smile at it sometimes. The program also includes Coaching sessions, which you 'earn', that instruct you about health strategies, quizzes to test your health/nutrition knowledge, tips about food and exercise strategies (some of which were excellent), and a few other odds and ends.

This is not a highly scientific, detailed program. It's a quick and easy tool to help you accomplish your weight goal. Sometimes it's a little too simplified but it's also quite clever BECAUSE it keeps things simple. Navigating the screens can be a bit tedious at times but they obviously did their best to keep everything straightforward and, let's face it, there's only so much you can do with a tiny unit like the DS(i) and a small screen. All-in-all, I'm finding this program a fun and easy way to keep track of my eating habits and a very useful tool for helping me avoid taking in more than I'm expending. If they come out with another, perhaps 'fuller' version, I'll be more than happy to snap that one up too. Maybe a larger, more detailed program for the Wii that can communicate with a simpler program for the DSi so we could have a more thorough tool AND portability? I can only dream. <sigh>
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on March 5, 2014
To be honest... I've only had this product in my possession for a couple of hours and I'm already unhappy with it. But to be fair, it's more the poor quality of the pedometer; I expected too much from ubisoft apparently.

Immediately after removing from the package I tried to connect the clip to the pedometer and some of the connecting pieces snapped off, but I was still able to get it to connect. Upon tried to clip it to my pants (they're yoga, so they're thin at the waist), the rest of the connecting pieces broke off. The clip is NOT bendable whatsoever, so even if it did not break partially in the beginning, it was inevitable. The second problem with the clip is that the reset button is raised, so it is very easily pressed... It reset TWICE on me within the hour. So my question is, if the pedometer is a big part of how this game works, how will this game be useful to me with all these issues?
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on January 21, 2010
I got this little game and thought "what the hell, i'll give it a go". I've had it for 3 weeks and have lost 23 pounds. I make list and I hate for unaccomplished task to stay on my list. This game gives you challenges to accomplish and check off each day, like walk up 10 flights of stairs, walk 2000 steps more than usual, make a list of necessary grocery items and carry it with you. I was upset at first when I got it because the pedometer that comes with it only interfaces with the DS not the DSi that I got for Christmas. I thought the game was going to be totally useless but it will let you enter in your number of steps manually. Here's my disclaimer about the extreme weightloss... I've had cancer 3 times. A lot of my weight is from steroids, but I DO NOT have a naturally high metabolism. I have been sedimentary for many months and started volunteering in September one day a week. Since I got the game I have stepped up my volunteering to 4-5 days a week. When I volunteer I'm on my feet most of the time and moving around so THIS also contributes to my loss. That being said, this little game really makes you aware of how much food you're eating, how much you're moving and the little games on there are awesome. I've learned a lot and seem to learn something new every day. I just love it! Can't wait to see how far I can go!
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on July 31, 2009
This is definitely not for people who are already pretty close to a healthy weight. This is PERFECT for beginners who have a long way to go. I've just started, but I think I've got a pretty good handle on the way this game will play out. As you enter your weight, the little stick figure will get bigger (if you're...bigger...). Mine started frowning and her stomach was starting to knock the scale over. It's a little sad to look at, but it's not untrue. It will tell you to drink a glass of water, then take a five minute walk (500 steps), then put your salt shaker in the cupboard. The steps, at least at this point, are very small, but these, done over a period of time, will have a huge impact. I'm a nurse and not an idiot, so I KNOW how to lose weight, but we all need someone pushing us. In fact, I used to work at a weight loss clinic. It wasn't the program so much as the accountability.

Pros: It starts out small. I quit most weight loss plans early because I try to tackle too many poor lifestyle habits at once. It didn't say "drink 64 ounces of water today and every day for the rest of your life." It just said to go drink a big glass of water. One of my physical challenges was to do ten lunges. I'm out of shape enough that it got my heart rate up, but it wasn't enough to wear me out. It wasn't enough to discourage me from doing it tomorrow. The interactivity of it will be a huge benefit. I have a shelf full of work out DVDs that would probably work wonders, but I don't have any ongoing encouragement to put them in. Results are never immediate, so it helps to have someone (even if it's a stick figure) to encourage you and even reward you for coming back. In fact, I might actually pull some of those DVDs off the shelf so that I can get in some of the physical activity the game asks me to do.

Cons: Like some other reviewer mentioned, the game does not give enough options for entering food intake. For example: my first day, I had two pieces of pizza. Pizza is listed, but it's not specific what kind of pizza. Thin crust frozen pizza is undoubtedly lower in calories than the doughy, greasy pizza I had from Papa John's. You kind of have to pick and choose from what's available and come up with the closest thing you can. It's a little frustrating, but relatively minor. For more accurate tracking, I'd check out [...]. If this program let you enter in an unlisted food by calories/fat/etc, it'd be a huge improvement. The other significant con is that there aren't enough personalization options. One challenge was to drink a glass of warm milk before bed. The challenges are all optional, but it'd be nice to input food allergies/intolerances (like a lactose intolerance) to prevent those challenges from appearing. Along the same lines, it encourages walking, which is GREAT if you don't live in an area like mine. When it told me to walk 500 steps, I walked the hallway of my apartment complex ten times. It's not entirely safe in my neighborhood, and I'm not going out there by myself. Case closed. It also encourages you to walk to the grocery store. Not gonna happen. I don't feel like ending up on the evening news. What I'll end up doing on the days I don't work will be to drive to a safer area.

I'll update this if I have any new observations while using it. Good luck!
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on November 4, 2008
I've been working on losing weight for 6 years and had reached a standstill. I don't have anyone around me encouraging me on so this has been great. The little stick figure greets me each evening and gives me tips and gets excited when I meet my challenges.

It figures out what your metabolic rate is and how much food to exercise that you need to lose weight.

It comes with a pedometer that attatches to the game boy advance slot on the DS and it collects the info into your file.

The steps are counted and you see your little figure walking on the screen. She has landmarks that she passes. Like I just finished walking the distance of the Panama canal. Every time you reach one you get a pictue of her infront of the site and it is kept in a scrapbook.

I love the way you enter your food. You drag and drop the items into the stick figure and she chews them. LOL She helps you to balance you intake and output of energy.

I highly recommend this item.
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on January 30, 2010
I'm a 21 year old female. I thought I was overweight, but this game says I'm on the borderline. I thought it was because of my exercise style that I was overweight, so I started exercising more. However, it says that my exercising and metabolism and everything is at 100%. However, it says I need to start eating in the morning instead of at night and that is why I became overweight. I haven't tried this new tip, but it says I'm gaining 4 ibs daily just because I eat more at night than in the morning. Also, it says I eat too little. So, I'm going to make the switch and see what happens. Modify this review within a week if anything changes. However, once I save up money I'm also planning on getting a few other exercise games to try to help with the process.

update: i have owned this game for a year or more... the pedometer is really noisy... used it around campus and got a lot of complaints. Then it keeps saying I'm under-eating... can't get the perfect balance in nutrition????
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on July 28, 2008
This cute, little game provides playful, positive enforcement of healthy lifestyle behaviors that should help most people make improvements gradually. Its major emphasis is on getting you to move more, an essential factor in sustained weight loss and long-term health. Focusing on easy adjustments, such as a gradual increase in daily step count, this product should fit into the life of most American adults. It accommodates a wide variety of pre-existing fitness levels, allowing you to count nearly any movement from housework to karate in your daily minimum of 30 minutes of exercise.

The way it tracks your calorie intake each day is particularly friendly, and a great improvement on most fitness programs I have tried for handheld devices. Tossing aside detailed lists of foods that make recording intake a time-consuming chore, you select foods from categories based on average number of calories for average-sized servings. Nearly any food can be accounted for, even when eating out.

The program is educational in a friendly way and provides customized feedback and suggestions based on your preferences and the results of mini-assessments. You have daily objectives and challenges to meet - some are playful and funny. But every objective met is rewarded in terms of miles traveled to interesting sights.

There are some downsides and places where the game can be improved. The provided pedometer is a little bulky, but you can substitute any pedometer you prefer and enter your daily step total by hand. The food lists also do not give you feedback on nutritional value of choices. The program itself reminds you to eat a diverse diet, but you could live on junk food with this game and still make your objectives. Finally, as another review mentioned, there is no way to correct mistakes, and I have yet to find a way to review details about food or exercise in a day.

Overall, if you have DS already and want to lose weight, I recommend this program.
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on July 15, 2008
I pre-ordered this game back in December 2007, so you can imagine how excited I was to receive it. At first, I loved it. I had no idea how sedentary I was until I tracked my steps with the pedometer. I thought it was very cool that the pedometer hooked up directly to the DS and uploaded the steps automatically. I found the challenges cute and helpful. I found myself moving around alot more to get my steps in. It has been a pretty good motivator, but 2 weeks later I have not lost any weight.

The lack of weight loss, however is not my complaint. The pedometer itself is chunky and obtrusive and yesterday the clip on it broke. When I first received it, it was extremely difficult to clip on my waistband. I think that a spring-loaded clip would be much more durable, but the clip on it is basically immovable. The good news is that you can still input your steps in the game manually, but now I get to shell out some more money on a new pedometer.

Since I pre-ordered this item, I only paid $29.95 on it, but I still think I paid too much. Even though I'm still planning on using the game as a weight-loss aide, if I were to do it all over again, I would buy a pedometer (the one I just bought to replace it is Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer with Advanced Omron Health Management Software, but you can still use a cheap, run-of-the-mill pedometer), wait until the price of this game goes down to about $19.95 and reconsider buying it even then.
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on September 25, 2008
Pedometer clip is hard to attach to any but the thinnest clothes. Pedometer resets itself all the time - I assume the reset button is too sensitive and I am bumping it. The food and exercise input is not exact enough for anyone who is obsessive, but it will at least keep you accountable. This is a GREAT use of the DS and I hope Ubisoft redesigns the pedometer reset button and I would be happy to get a "My advanced weight loss coach" that is more exact with calories and has more sophisticated trivia questions and such for those of us who are lifelong dieters and are looking for a database/log of food and activity but don't need to be told that fried Chicken has more calories that celery....Oh, and my biggest gripe of all is that Ubisoft has no easy way to leave them feedback, so I had to come over here and gripe.
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on February 15, 2010
Completely aside from the game, I first have to say that I was VERY disappointed with the pedometer that is included. I have had this for less than a month and the pedometer clip is already broken. Before that the battery kept falling out and it was almost impossible to track steps with (I solved that problem with electrical tape). Very lame, I am completely unimpressed with the quality of the pedometer. That is why I can not give this game a higher rating.

Even if your pedometer broke, you can enter your steps manually instead of putting the pedometer into the gameboy slot. My pedometer (both battery and clip) is currently held together with electrical tape until I can find one that I really like.

The game itself is very cute with a little stick person that hops around giving you encouragement and tips. It can be very helpful with advice about eating right, cutting back on salt and sugar, getting active and being conscientious about keeping track of how much you eat in comparison with how active you are.

I very much like the challenges section, which works along with the coaching section to give you new food and exercise ideas.

As far as the game goes, I think it's a very helpful companion tool. Great if you have something to use it with, like Wii Fit or SparkPeople (I use all three!). Alone I don't think it's in depth enough, I wouldn't rely on it as my only source of weight loss help/advice.
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