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3.6 out of 5 stars
MySQL Certification Study Guide
Format: Paperback|Change
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on July 9, 2005
This book is perfect for preparation for the MySQL Core Certification exam (I haven't taken the Professional exam - yet). If you are looking to get certified, this is the book. There were a few areas that I felt should have been covered in more detail. The one thing that bothered me (and the main reason I can't give this title 5 stars) were several topics where the text just mentions certain (relatively obscure) features, saying more information would be presented about the feature in the exercises at the end of the chapter. Of course, the exercises are the mock exam questions, and while the correct answers are all well-explained, it seems odd to mention a topic, only to say that it will be covered in the questions without preparing me with adequate information up front.

MySQL seems to consider the passing criteria as a trade secret. I could find nothing that told me what percentage I had to get right on the exam to pass. When I took the exam, I received feedback that I had passed, but no score. Of course, this makes it somewhat difficult to use the practice tests to guage your progress. If I was getting 85% correct answers on the practive test (which I was), what does that mean? I finally just bit the bullet and took the test, and it all turned out fine. But it sure would have helped my self-assessment to know where I was.
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on September 1, 2004
I bought this book since I needed to get a better grip on MySQL, since I got tasked with migrating our data at work from an MS SQL Server that's no longer under support to a new MySQL server coming on line. The book was a pleasure to read, a rarity among technical books. I decided to pursue MySQL Core Certification after reading the book. My tactic was to re-read the first half of the book (the "Core" part), doing about half the exercises. Also, I scribbled notes on data types, etc. (about 10 pages' worth of notes). I'm happy to say that was enough to allow me to pass the Core exam today. The one thing not really covered in the book in adequate detail is stuff on using MyODBC. It's true that the database data used in the book is not given to you, you have to enter it yourself if you want to replicate examples. However, that did force me to get pretty familiar with CREATE DATABASE, CREATE TABLE, INSERT and it was labor that probably was a good thing, ultimately.
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on October 12, 2016
The book condition was very much better than the description
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on January 5, 2005
This book is not only an excellent source for prepping for the Core and Professional exams, it's also great for teaching good MySQL usage in general. This should be no surprise: Paul DuBois is the main author, and anyone even remotely in touch with MySQL know his reputation.

Now that I'm certified, I will soon be teaching courses in MySQL. I plan to use this book as course material, and I would strongly encourage other instructors to do the same.

Many authors and publishers never follow up on a book once it has been published. Not so here: In the best of Open Source tradition, the authors are extremely keen on following through on the book and have published thorough errata (in the few places it has proved necessary) for the book on the MySQL web site. This shows a commitment to their work rarely seen in other places.

Other reviewers have pointed to a lack of sample data. This is not correct. True, some data is missing but for the most part the data used is the "world" database freely available for download from the MySQL web site. This fact is admittedly somewhat hidden in the introductory pages, and easy to miss.

Some also complain that the exercises are not in the same (multiple-choice) format as you will see on the exam. At first it does look strange, but after completing my studies I fully support the authors' choice in doing what they did. You get a much better knowledge of the subject areas with the format chosen, and learn a lot more about the many inticacies of working with the software.
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on July 7, 2004
In the run up to my 'Core' MySQL exam I believed I could survive on exisitng material (the online mannual and other books). However I purchased this book thinking it would be a good decision and was glad I did.
Firstly, there are many options and arguments for commands/utilities and the book points you in the right direction for exam relevancy, e.g For utility X, options, Y and Z are important.
Secondly, the exam questions at the end of each chapter are excellent. They are a genuine test and challenge of your Mysql knowledge.
(...). It has also pointed out that perhaps the exam questions in the book should be multiple-choice, however as per the 'candidate guide', exam questions may appear as text box's for you to enter commands.
Overall, this book which was an essential purchase for me and without it I would not have passed the challenging exam.
N.B The book is split in two parts, the 'Core' certification and the 'Proffesional' certification. I took the 'Core' exam which is the first half of the book. I have not yet read the second part.
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on August 5, 2005
This book is clearly written. It guides you through all the essential things you should know when preparing for the MySQL exams. The exercises at the end of each chapter are very useful in understanding what each chapter is about. These exercises give the reader a good insight to what extent he or she understands what has been dealt with in the book.

Perhaps one minor point of criticism. The many examples in the book make use of several databases and tables. It should have been convenient if the SQL-queries to make these databases were listed in the book.
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on February 23, 2005
I got this book because I wanted to prepare for the MySQL Core Exam. I found the book to be very useful in studying for the exam and would recommend the book to others that are attempting to pass either exam.

I also found the section of the book dealing with the Professional Exam to be very worth my reading even though I am not planning to take that exam. As a programmer I found a lot of good information on improving the performance of my queries and making the database work better.
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on May 2, 2006
It is a good book for learners but not for examination. A lot of questions cannot be found from this book. For example, select 1/0.

The questions on each chapter is useful. However you will not find any one in your examination. Except MC, some fill-in the blank questions are available. In addition, you do not allow to review all the questions due to time limit.

Thus focus your effort on

1. JOIN (how to rewrite into subqueries)

2. Email address of Mysql support.

3. No of OS is available for mysql

4. Syntax on SELECT e.g IN/ON, GROUP vs HAVING vs WHERE

5. What is transaction

6. What mysql features can use in transaction

7. implicit data conversation (e.g. INT, STRING)

A lot of questions has over 1 answers. Pay attention on it. Finally, the examination fee is too high. I think MYSQL AB needs to lower the price to promote the product if she wants to capture Microsoft market.

Thomas Leung

Hong Kong
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on June 26, 2004
I'm giving this book just 1 star because there is no sample data available. I like MySQL and like the idea of open source but this is a stange inconsistancy. I doesn't make sense. Two thumbs down!!
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