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on December 16, 2010
Having an aging VCR and Hi8 video collection, I wanted to convert these tapes to a digital format that I could burn to DVD's. After several weeks of research, reading every review I could find on video capture devices, I settled for the EZgrabber2. Notice that I said settled. If you perform the same research, you'll find most devices on the market today are dated, (some I researched have old or no web support at all), have both negative and positive reviews (Its tough sorting out the technical savvy of the reviewers)and most don't specify if they will work on Win7 64 bit OS systems. As for the EZgrabber 2, most reviews were positive, one said that it did work on Win7 64 bit OS systems and for $30 I could give it a try without hurting my wallet. Please note, I would have spent up to $200 if I found a device that I had confidence would work with my system. The truth is, I found no such device on the market today. Allot of devices may work with Win7 64 bit OS systems but finding that info is near impossible. The included instructions for EZgrabber2 were vague, especially since it was not updated for Win7 64 bit OS systems. Using the included CD, my first installation attempt failed. I went to their website and downloaded the drivers for Win7 64 bit OS. It installed properly and now works flawlessly. The included software is adequate for producing simple transfers. I gave it 4 stars because it works and deducted 1 star because the CD and instructions need to be updated.
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on March 28, 2011
I got this capture device to be able to record videos from my Xbox 360 for Machinimas (movies/shows made using a video game). This works great! Simple to install for Windows XP, just plug it in and install the driver from the CD.
It comes with TWO programs for recording. On is for recording everything onto your computer in various file formats, such as: AVI, MP3, MP4 and several more. The other program lets you record and build a menu for a DVD. You can choose a background picture for the DVD menu as well as drag different clips around to make a "Scene Select" or anything else you want. Very useful if you plan on transferring your VCR tapes to DVD.
The quality is much better than I expected and there isn't much difference between this and the 15 inch standard definition TV I play on. There is a extremely small blur if you go fullscreen, but even then it's barely noticeable.
To get the best picture quality I would suggest putting the file format to something like AVI. It may take up more space but you get a cleaner video.
I have tried some other capture devices, and without going to the Super HD capture devices and their ridicules prices (maybe in the future), this is the best capture device your can get. Great for machinimas, gaming montages, showcasing, VCR to DVD transfer and more. I would buy one if I didn't already.
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on November 30, 2010
I have sets of VHS tapes that needed to be converted as VHS decks disappear. This one does all that I need even though it takes some time. I'm using XP SP3 with the 900 updates on an Intel core duo.

Your VHS deck needs either the red-white-yellow outputs or S-Video out on the back to plug in the cable. Then just plug in the USB cable into your computer.

You only need the honestech (HOnest Technology) software even though it comes with a video grabber program also. Start the honestech, start playing the VHS, and on the Capture menu, click the Record button. In options you can select normal, good, & best for capture quality. It will start to convert the tape into an mp3 file at real-time speed, so you either watch it or set the timer to shut off if you know the length of the recording, and do something else.

Once it's finished, you can go into EDIT and add chapters or remove clips. You then go to RECORD where you can edit your opening menu page and start your recording. The actual burning is faster than the vhs to mp3 conversion. You probably could just keep it in mp3 format and play with it in another video editor.

It's easy and I can now play the old tapes on a DVD machine. That's all I wanted and that's what I got with this package. It will also convert to other video formats but I haven't tried those.
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on December 18, 2012
Don't be that guy who takes this thing out of the box, puts in the installation disk and then says, ":/ This isn't working..." Just dont be that guy. This product is going on 3 years old so it has been updated.

Out of the box, I could have been that guy - the guy who frowns and 1 stars a product - but it didnt happen. I saw this first advertised on youtube and gave it a chance. The reviewer on youtube pointed out that the software out of the box is pretty lame and is pretty old (I mean it says to use w Vista and XP) and to just do a google search to find the companies website and download the newest software and drivers. I went from :/ to :D

Downloanding the new software and drivers: If you went through the boot disk, youre going to have to uninstall that software. First, plug the unit into your pc. Second, download the driver. Third, download that new software - HINT: It should be ONE TOUCH GRABBER not EZ GRABBER!!! Finally restart your pc.

As for a super computer, Im using my girlfriends laptop and its no where near super. It has an Intel dual core 2.0 with 3 gigs of RAM I think w a 400 GB HDD so its totally not super.

Uses: I use this thing to upload video from the handycam to regular video formats - lost the installation software and apparently toshiba is too cool to keep drivers around - but mainly to play video games on my PC - Yeah! Change your drawers. Video games on my PC. Not only can u plug your NES into this bad boy but then you can take video footage and screen shots, put some B/A music in the backround and show your friends how dzl u r at video games. I even saw ppl hook theire xbox's up to it.

Overall This is a 5 star device and be wary that this says for XP and VISTA - but also go to the manufactures website and check out the drivers and updates. I think theres even on for Mac OS.
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on December 10, 2012
I was actually very hesitant to buy this because of the very mixed reviews, in fact all the capture cards that I looked up online seemed to have half people hating it and half loving it. I don't know if the naysayers legitimately had problems or if they were technically inept, but thankfully enough it turned out for the better.

I especially want to review this for other people who are in my situation. I am experienced in video editing and handling video files so I'd like to think I am knowledgeable. I bought this capture card with the intention of converting old family VHS tapes to a digital file and use my video editing program to put them together and burn DVDs.

There weren't any extensive instructions though and the program the capture card uses is very minimalist. I would had hoped for more detailed options in capturing and video file conversion but I can tell this was intended for less knowledgeable consumers. I was also disappointed that the card did not communicate with Adobe Premiere so I could just use its capture program but beggars cant be choosers, especially for the price.

Long story short, after a lot of trial and error if you set it to capture with the DVD setting it creates great quality mpegs that I can then bring into my video editor. Because of its over simplicity and lack of communication with other video programs and capture programs I give this a four star.
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on January 20, 2013
Well, I have mixed feelings about this product. On the plus side, the video it records is overall very clear and of better quality than I would expect from how much I paid. It comes with an installation CD and the updated drivers are available on the Mygica site. On the negative side, however; the CD I received with my EZgrabber was not recognized by my computer (when I first popped it in, it asked me what I would like to do with this "blank disc"). I am running a Windows 7 OS. Not a huge deal, I thought, because the drivers were easy to find and download from the website. So I did that, and everything seemed to run pretty smoothly. I plugged in the device after installing the downloaded drivers and reading the instruction manual that was included. When I first used this to capture footage from my Wii U via AV cable, the video and audio appeared nicely on my computer screen. When I pressed the record button, however, this deafening static sound resonated from my computer's speakers. I have used this to capture footage from my Wii U and Xbox 360 respectively as I learned that the static would come and go at random intervals, and simply edited out the parts where the static interfered. This is do-able--however, it's very annoying and inconvenient, and should I end up recording a crucial moment of gameplay only to have the static ruin the shot, it will render it, for most purposes, somewhat useless.

If it weren't for that issue, mainly, I would be very happy with this product.
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on February 19, 2014
I am a PC gamer who does videos for the internet but was asked by a team member If I could record console games to put on the channel, So I bought this. First of all, the quality is good for the price. Secondly I don't have but one complaint. I want to say that I have a gaming Computer with Windows 7 Ultimate x64 OS because I have been hearing the OS makes a difference. Now when I go to play the games, everything works fine, however when I hit record The screen becomes distorted to the point that you can't see it, I continued to record and then looked back over and saw that it recorded flawlessly and was not affected by this. I guess this would be okay for transferring VHS to DVD or for things that don't require you to watch the screen but it needs a bit more for my purposes. Playing around with it I have found that 2 things will help. the first is that you buy some AV splitters and run it to your tv as well as your computer so you will be able see what you are doing. The second requires additional software. With me being a gamer, I have purchased a couple of screen capture software and found that some of them will compensate for this; Instead of pressing record from the grabber you record from the software. Now all and all this suits my needs because I have all the additional stuff needed. I would recommend this for people who are just recording VHS and stuff but will not recommend it to gamers who don't want to buy additional stuff.
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on January 11, 2013
Came very very fast. While installing the drivers, I was slightly uneasy at the fact that the driver is titled "Generic Beijing Audio/Video Driver", but the legitimate and branded CD with instructions put my suspicion at ease. Installation is quick and painless, one for the EZgrabber2's video driver and the other installation for the EZGrabber video program. The capture device is small, light, and actually has a power switch, so you can turn it off even while it's plugged into your computer!


The video quality is as good as you're going to get through a composite RCA input, and the lightweight EZGrabber program makes watching and listening to anything pumped in through the input a breeze. Very nice product, definitely exceeded expectations and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a capture card to record machinimas or gameplay without breaking the bank.
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on October 13, 2011
The Mygica EZgrabber2 USB 2.0 Video Capture Adapter Device is easy to install and easy to use. One set of cables plugs into your VCR's analog video and stereo audio outputs; the USB 2.0 cable end plugs into your computer. I use the included software to digitize VHS cassette video into Windows Media Video (WMV) files; DVD direct creation from VHS cassette video apparently is possible. The device also can digitize analog stereo music from music cassette tape players.

The device's video digitizing process apparently includes video level and color balance corrections; IMO the digitized video has better apparent fidelity than my original VHS cassettes. Quickly changing video scenes sometimes cause momentary digital video frame flicker (digital video sync loss); I consider occasional frame flicker acceptable in a low cost video capture device.

Three software applications are included on CD-ROM: "honestech VHS to DVD 3.0 SE" operates the video capture device and allows video editing and DVD creation. "EZ Grabber" is a digital video file viewer. "Dyyno Broadcaster" implements an Internet video channel from your computer to the Dyyno ISP; after you open an account with the Dyyno ISP, your family and friends can view your broadcast video on the Dyyno website. My computer's response (3.1 GHz clock dual core CPU chip running 64-bit Windows 7 Home Professional) slowed noticeably after installing all three software packages, and during shutdown my computer signaled termination of additional background processes. I had not activated Dyyno Broadcaster, but Windows Task Manager showed Dyyno Broadcaster operating in the background. I uninstalled Dyyno Broadcaster and my computer's response improved noticeably.
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on March 15, 2012
I'm confused by the reviewers who say this will not work in W7.
I have installed the software on two W7 PC's, one is a laptop and one is a desktop, both are W7 64 bit.
The DRIVERS are listed as CHINA with a date of 05-03-2009, so they have been around for a while and they work fine.
I purchased this to enable me to set up security cameras using my PC's. For this function it works great.

There is one problem I have noted.
When recording video with a camera directly connected, the video is not viewable while I was recording. The display shows a picture that appears to have lost HORIZONTAL SYNC. I tried all the different available modes but they all worked the same.
However, even thought the recording was not viewable while active, when I stopped recording and watched the resulting video it was fine.
This makes it very difficult to record something when you cannot see what is being recorded.
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