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on April 18, 2014
First, I am a gamer that loves racing, especially racing simulation games, and I cannot express how disappointed I am in this particular game. I have played the EA NASCAR games and did thoroughly enjoy the most recent Activision release, Inside Line. It felt like it was trying to be a good simulation of NASCAR racing, but had some bugs. I was willing to overlook those issues as it was an early attempt for a new company making a NASCAR game. Unfortunately, they have not only failed to improve their offering, but have taken a step back.

First off, the AI, which was arguably the weakest point in the past Activision games, has seemingly gotten worse. While I do appreciate they tried to make the AI more aggressive, it seems to result in less of "putting their nose under you / giving a slight bump into a corner" effect and more them simply racing as if you didn't exist. On restarts occasionally, the car just above you will wobble back and forth. I thought originally it was simply them creating AI spinning their tires, but when it happened 3 times on subsequent restarts to the exact same car relative to my position in the starting lineup, it's obvious it's an AI failure.

The game modes are almost entirely the same. Career mode has gotten a bit of a polish, but the other modes show almost no effort into improving. One of my favorite modes, offline multiplayer racing with a full season, including standings, is not present, and with the marginally improved, yet still buggy and not satisfying online racing modes, one would think they would try to at least make offline split screening better.

One of my favorite features from the older EA games makes it's return, still with the same lack of thinking that made me hate the mode on the prior game, the highlights section. Re-racing scenarios that actually occurred from the past and current seasons sounds exciting, but the mode feels like a marketing department created it. They tout on the product that they use telemetry data to determine where the cars were at that point on the track, so when you race it is exactly the same as it was on television. This may sound exciting, but you quickly realize how entirely awful the concept is. When EA created the scenario mode, the AI would take over driving, so even though the scenario starts the same way, depending on how you drive the AI is forced to compensate and each try is different. With using telemetry, it does not matter what you do, the cars are simply on a given path and cannot be moved. I attempted at one track to cut an entire corner, turned to the right, and hit another car at essentially a 90 degree angle, not a glancing blow but my entire momentum going into his driver door. The impact threw my car completely backwards, towards the infield, and his car did not move in the slightest. In another example, more depressing since I was actually involved in the race, I was going down a straightaway at Indy. I was alongside another car to the inside, and he was directly behind another car. Apparently in the real race, he did not have anyone beside him because, halfway down the straightaway, he pulled out to pass, throwing my car completely into the inside wall and ruining the two prior laps I had put into the race. The "avoid the wreck" highlights are completely ruined as each car does exactly the same thing every single time, making avoiding the wreck a matter of two runs. First run to see the path, second run to take the path. I can remember EA's highlights where, even though the car would wreck at the same time each trial, the AI driving would cause different things to happen, leading to organically fun avoidance tests.

Finally, the graphics feel more "arcade-y" than the old series. The colors seem to bright, the bloom and spectacular lighting effects too intensified. I've been to races, both day and night, and the colors are not that vivid. I understand wanting a game to look good, but when you are trying to imitate real life, there is something to be said for discretion and subtlety.

The few positives I can find in this are mostly inconsequential. The main menu, rather than feeling like a lazy susan in the middle of a garage, now is condensed into one menu, making for much nicer navigation. The car views now include a view which has the camera in the exact same position as the view in which the wheel is shown, but with the wheel removed. This is different from the closer to the windshield view, which is still present, and is a welcome addition, although one wonders why "remove wheel" wasn't simply a graphics option. The career mode is deeper, although certainly not to a level of depth I would expect from a game that, based on it's split screen and online multiplayer disappointments, seems begging to be a single player racing game.

Overall, I would be ashamed to have my company's name on this particular product. If I put this into my Xbox and was not told anything about it, I would have guessed it to be a beta version. If you haven't played an Activision NASCAR game before and really, really want to, I can't say I wouldn't give it a go, but I would recommend Inside Line still. If you have played Inside Line, this will feel like a bit of a step backwards. The entire game has a feeling of a college student who has taken someone else's research paper, tried to copy it in their voice, but made multiple spelling and grammar mistakes, and turned it in. They took last year's game and somehow, with a cheat sheet to work from, somehow made it marginally worse. I am typically not this harsh on reviewing a game, but in this case it is particularly bad.
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on April 16, 2014
This was a good buy. Decent price. And it shipped very quickly. I bought it as a gift for my brother and he absolutely loved it.
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on April 17, 2014
This would be probably the best Nascar game out there since 06. But right now the game needs to be patched, it has Freezing Problems, Sound Issues, and sometimes the AI are harder than what Difficulty you put them on....The AI does run into you a lot, so you have to know what's around you. Sometimes you get stuck on the Loading Screens, but that's usually when your sound problems get to you. Some of the Art Designs on the cars are done poorly....just waiting for the patch now.
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on July 20, 2015
I own both this game and NASCAR Inside Line and to be honest, there's not a huge difference, in my opinion. The menus and such look pretty much the same, albeit in different colors, and they play very similar. Don't get me wrong, I really like both games, but I'm not sure I would have bought this game had it not been for a few factors. First, I picked this up on Black Friday so it was really cheap. Secondly, I wanted to race with the new Chase Grid format. I don't really know if Inside Line updated to include the grid, but I don't know why it would have. There are some upgrades though. I think it looks slightly better and the difficulty is a slider from 0%-100% instead of just easy, medium, etc. The load times don't seem to be nearly as long, although I haven't timed them.

I know it sounds like I'm bashing the game, but I'm really not. I just think that people should know what they're buying. It kind of falls into the Madden category where you pay (full price) every year for basically the same game with updated teams and rosters. The bottom line however is that I have fun playing it and I will continue having fun until a new one comes out for the Xbox One.
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on April 9, 2014
I have heard a lot of people talking about having issues with the game freezing up and having to send them back or return far this one has only done it once. All in all it has worked just fine.
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on March 13, 2014
Too buggy, buy the previous installment if you really want this type of game

-at Daytona the cars are more stuck to the track, you can bump and get bumped within reason and still keep it under control. Makes for way more fun bump drafting. Using a couple replays was able to win first race in career mode, had a blast. Was able to use wireless wheel
-Potential, with a couple critical fixes it could be a great game, those blocker bugs are preventing me from knowing

-was unable to use the wireless wheel with the second and subsequent races as you need to select a paint scheme before each and every race other than the first and this screen won't let you use the wireless wheel to select the scheme HUGE bug!
-tons of wheelspin on restarts from or near the front at homestead, charlotte and other tracks, even with traction control turned on
-underpowered at the start of the race, starting at the back at Daytona or Talladega you'll lose contact with the draft of the field. Only way to get a better finish is to be the cause of the caution. Tip: don't skip qualifying at these tracks
-getting loose at Darlington and saving it down the front straight caused the yellow to come out and I was moved from 5th to 43rd with 2 laps to go, a caution wasn't needed and if one did come out there was no reason to put me to the rear of the field, no black flag was shown.
-at Darlington, starting near the front it's impossible not to drop half a dozen spots on the start and restarts
-qualifying is not 2014 style, the only thing that is 2014 about this is the paint schemes
-restarting the race at Darlington had the engine sounds volume cut by ~80% for the race
-season non-career mode Dover, pitting at Dover causes the game to crash while in the pits or shortly after exiting the pits
-season non-career mode Charlotte, if a yellow comes out the game gets into a state where you can't go into the pits and the race doesn't restart, everyone just rolls around under caution until the rest of the laps run out
-replay at bristol showed me driving some other paint scheme
-started 43rd (as I skipped qualifying, had been 3rd fastest in practice) yet there were tons of cars behind me at the start?!
-finished 42nd, though voice over said i finished 12th. Could only pass one car in the race though I had previously had a great practice?!
-numerous useability problems, completely inconsistent user interface. Some places you have to move the focus down to the bottom of the modal dialog in order for it to allow you to press the A button to continue, yet the green round A button is shown on the screen the whole time. Clearly violates the human interface guidelines of xbox.
-win with Austin Dillon and you can see strange graphical glitches of triangles shooting down out of his eyelids

The previous iteration was much more consistent quality wise and did support the wheel with the exception of the paint and replay screens, so it was completely playable with the wireless wheel. This iteration of the game is unplayable in career mode with the wheel. I enjoyed the previous Eutechnynx Nascar Inside Line, this version is a dozen bug fixes away from being a shippable product.
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on September 4, 2014
Concept is great. Support is lacking from live xbox pkwy. Individual servers were promised (like Forsake 4 ). Game lags.
frustration level due to loss of players during live play. league play is impossible due to connection issues. You try to run a race at 10% or more with 10 or 12 players losing connection before race is finished. This game has a great potential format with a loyal following but as it is an embarrassment to Nascar for allowing their name to be used on such a poorly produced game. Patches have been applied that usually make game play worse instead of better. With proper servers this could be the best game on the market. Single player play is unrealistic. Players controlled by game go four wide in turns.
this does not happen in real life.
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on February 1, 2015
I waited till the price dropped to purchase this game and glad I did. I already had Inside line and like it. Figured this game would have more options but its pretty much the same game with a few driver changes. The game play itself to me isn't as good either. Cautions don't come out when they should, cars control is awkward and almost impossible when your around others cars, very unrealistic tight racing (39 cars 3 wide the whole race) ect. Very disappointed. I would recommend inside line or NASCAR 09 before I ever would this one.
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on April 4, 2014
Five Stars because the wait was worth it. I have had little issues here and there with NASCAR Games over the past decade or so. I can only recall of two previous games that I felt were methodical and went in-depth with graphics, sounds, and the overall game play. Now, with NASCAR '14-it has seemed to bring those two great games, back into one. I love the graphics. Car's look and travel on race courses like none other before. I now base the set-ups I need to go fast on how the car pivots, and rolls through turns that have bumps and grooves. I love that. I like the % adjustability of the AI cars. Makes the competitiveness not so lop-sided. the Paint booth is the best I've seen since the PC days on a NASCAR game with all kinds of new options to explore yet. Deep Silver really knocked this one out of the park and I can't wait to see what's in store for them next
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on January 15, 2016
The game was great but I managed to find the game outside of the case when I received it. It didn't have any scratches and it was probably a simple mistake, probably not even Deep Silver's fault. I'm not going to give them a lesser rating for something like that.
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