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NBA 2K13 - Playstation 3
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$16.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on March 13, 2013
After playing this for the past few months, I must say that I enjoy the latest installment of the 2K series. My favorite mode is Career mode, formerly called My Player mode. They still have my player but its not a mode, it is actually your player, which you can edit or buy things for it. Skills points are now called VC points and I can understand the hate for them. The points they give you are peanuts compared to 2K12. Besides reaching milestones the only other way to get plenty of VC points are to buy them, which is ridiculous. I cant believe you have to buy accessories like clothes and other things with the VC points. Seriously, there is no reason we should have to buy headbands, hats, sleeves, arm pads, shirts, or tank tops. These things were free on 2K12, also on career mode they added Social Media, which is actually Twitter but its not called that. It is the same thing though, you get to choose an @ name, and you basically receive feedback from players, fans and analysis. Everyone critiques your game. Its a nice addition to the game. Create A Legend is exactly like Career Mode, the only difference is you can pick anyone from the current rosters or pick anyone from the classic teams that are featured on the game. Once again you have to earn VC points to upgrade your attributes. As far as My Team goes, you have to pick the players they offer. Don't expect any All-Stars to be offered though, they are basically bench players and little known players so you have to work your way up. If you want the bigger players you have to buy get them with VC points, see a trend here? Everything is mostly about VC points. I suggest playing some exhibition games in My team mode to build up your points.

Besides that the Playoffs, Season, and Association modes are pretty much the same as 2K12 so I have no issues there, I still enjoy these modes. Game play is smooth and I had no glitches at all so far, not to mention that the graphics are great. The controls are a little complicated, well as far as combination moves go. You have to press all these buttons just to pull off a great move. Once you get the controls down pack, everything should be good. Now about the soundtrack, it was a bad idea to put played out songs like "Run This Town", On to The Next One", and even Jays 2003 Pump It Up freestyle. I appreciate the classics, but none of the songs besides "Mercy" even came out within the last year. Most of the came out in 2008/2009. Other mostly came out in the 90s and early 2000s like Mobb Deep (95), U2 (2001), Nas (1994), Daft Punk (97), etc.. the thing that was so special about previous 2K games was that the soundtracks had mainstream and underground songs that people weren't that familiar with so we got to discover new music. Newer songs would of made the game feel even more fresh. Oh yeah the editing of the songs were horrible, why not just put the official edited version of the songs instead of blanking out the curse words? Missteps aside, 2K13 is a very good addition to the series but please get rid of those VC points and bring the skills points back next time around. 4.5 Stars
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on March 25, 2013
If you're looking for a basketball game, you really don't have many options. Luckily the 2k franchise has been doing NBA sim genre right for many years. There's not many games that you know will be solid from year to year, but this game always delivers.

There's enough changes from last year to warrant the upgrade. They switched the mechanics of the dribbling to the right stick - it takes some getting used to to really do the moves you want to do, but it gives so much control over the ball handling. Plus you can still shoot from the right stick if you use a modifier button, which makes it seamless to transistion from dribble move to shooting/layup/etc. It does get a little confusing - there's many times I thought I was driving to dunk when i'd just end up doing a spin move wide open in the paint. But when you get it right, it feels that much more gratifying.

The inclusion of Jay-Z is pretty cool, in that he seemed to pick good songs to be included in the soundtrack. Its funny that most of these songs are censored way beyond even a radio edit - full sentences are just omitted like they never existed.

The signature skill is a fun inclusion. I remember how madden tried to do it once a few years ago and it was a mess, but this game does a good job of balancing their effects against their upgrades, etc. You can really start to customize players with the signature skills, which I liked.

One thing that i'm not happy about is how they scaled the point allocations for "my career" mode. You gain less points from goals throughout games and through the season, and even training doesn't yield too many points. But you can get thousands of points for just a few dollars from the online store. it's clearly tailored to steer you towards purchasing points online. And I did. I'm not happy about it but it was worth it to make my player dunk on everybody.

It's still far and away the best bball sim i've come across. The price has dropped since the latest round of sports games have came out (baseball, etc) and with the nba playoffs coming up, if you haven't gotten this game yet and you're a bball fan, you might as well get it.
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on March 31, 2013
Career modes is very entertaining and improved on from other 2k editions..only downfall is they lifted voices and comments and questions you hear straight out of last years, while adding voery little extra to it in that regaurds..controls are.a deff improvement from last year and the olympic teams are a welcome additions..though I dont think.any of us will be to distraught if they remove justin beiver and crew along.with there rediculas team rating which puts them higher than some nba teams..i mean come on they are not in any way close to the skill leveals of even some of the worst nba players let along better than some... XD.altogeather fun game worth the price now that the games come down to the 39.99 level which seems a more appropriate price for an improved game that seems somtimes like a DLC for 2k12 .i think with some seriouse effort on addding a higher quality commentary and voice options for the create a player while finding ways for the developers not to become stagnent and learn to push there selves to go the extra mile in voice and commentary development ( like oblivion and skyrim ) will even keep the game feel very fresh even if they had very little game play changes ... Well here is hoping nba 2k will have very seriouse competition from another developer sometime soon so they cant rely on old tricks and lazy tactics to pull them throgh year after year until they feel like they will finally cave in and change gameplay altogeather for a fresh feel to what can seem like a ground hog day video game with only roster upgrades to get us through times...but if your still reading this.and wondering if you want to have this game or not id say yeah its worth it certainly more than Madden would be.
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on December 4, 2012
The game is fun to play online, with friends offline, and MyPlayer can be fun too, but when playin against a computer controlled team, their shooting is way too consistent, which ruins modes like Association. You can put the strictest and most well-timed defense on a computer controlled team and they will often still make contact shots. The game has too much of an arcade flow.

Furthermore, dunks cant be blocked or even interrupted for the most part. Also, my copy of the game freezes from time to time. Not a major problem in itself, but annoying enough to mention.
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on November 26, 2012
the rosters/updates for them are horrible! here it is 11/26 and they STILL don't have correct rotations/rosters... its becoming a joke now... also the player ratings on some players is a joke... they have guys like Drummond a 59 to start but still have Arenas at a 77... its horrible im so glad they have roster shares because there is some very good ones uploads by other players... they just don't seem to care about this, to me this is a very big part of the game... if they don't care about them, why do they shove the NBA today down your throat? its not today because there is still players missing from the game.. if you think im just being a whiner look at the 2k forums for roster discussion, there is many other people upset about this... some even made a list of players missing... to me this wouldn't be a big deal but they pride themselves so much over it... also i fee the teammate grade online and in myplayer needs some tuning... you lose too much for such little things like if a shot gets blocked... u honestly lose like 2/3's of a bar for this... it like yes i soon as i shot this i knew it was gonna be blocked my bad... and if your match up scores you lose too much, dont they know that there is not NBA game where there is zero points scored? i not mad they take points but the dont really account for how much d you play... if the guy is wide open then yes take a chunk away, but if im on him the whole play and he scores maybe take a smaller amount off... But other than these two things i feel this i an awesome game that i would highly recommend... graphics are great, gameplay is "almost" spot on and the announce crew is fun and very realistic! Also the myplayer is improved again and is actually fun now with twitter and now you collect VC credits instead of the points like prior career modes.. whats good about the credits are they can be collected over all game modes so you can really boost your players skills quickly if you play online or in other modes... oh and did i mention JAY-Z has his own soundtrack in this game! I love this game and play it daily, besides rosters this game is as close to perfect as you can get!

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on August 20, 2013
This is by far the best NBA 2K game. I love it. Even if you don't know the sport, this game will be fun for you and your friends. First, there is the normal quick game mode. Not only is it fun to play with a friend, but it is fun to play online. Not only can you play as every NBA team, but also play as legendary teams. There is a wide variety of teams to play as, for example, the MJ era Bulls, Hakeem Olajuwan's rockets, James Worthy's Lakers, allen Iverson's Sixers, Shaq's Lakers and Magic, as well as many other teams.

The MyCareer mode is awesome. Once you set up all of the logistics, you play in the rookie showcase, get three interviews, and get drafted. (and the other players getting drafted aren't made-up characters with names like John Smith, they are real rookies like anthony Davis and Damien Lillard, just to name a few.) once you get drafted, all the fun starts. You play games an at any point you can check your Hall of Fame Progress, until you retire.

All in all, i absolutely love this game. The only bad thing is that as the new season draws nearer, the rosters become more out of date. However, since it is becoming outdated, the price will only drop.
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on May 15, 2017
does the trick Delivery soon, something good, have the effect. Very good seller. Thank you. My colleagues are very like. Oh come again next time Beautiful, affordable, great packaging It was as a gift for a friend. It is so inexpensive,as described, works perfectly, very useful.They love it.very happy shopping at a time Exactly as advertised, speedy delivery, great price, excellent warranty much better than I was expecting!
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on September 14, 2017
The video game is fun to play. BUt the graphics couldve been better.
I recommend it!
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on January 31, 2013
i never used the product from Amazon. I purchased it as a birthday present for my nephew and it was shipped fedex post. They kept updating the delivery date and after I did some research on the internet there seemed to be a lot of negative comments about that shipping method. Numerous comments referenced that they not only waited weeks for delivery but in some cases did not receive their items at all. fearing that I would have a similar experience, I purchased another one so I would have it for his birthday. It did come after his birthday and Isent it back. Amazon had already reinbursed me when i notified them that I had not received it yet. This is the first time I have ever had a problem receiving an item in a timely fashion from amazon. i now stipulate that I do not want anything I order to be forwarded via that shipping method. However, i assume that the game would warrant 4 or 5 stars since my nephew seems to be enjoying it.
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on May 27, 2014
Pleasantly surprised, this game came brand new in original packaging as a bundle. Has both NBA and MLB 2K13 in same case. It was not stated that way but its a nice bonus. Not sure if they are all coming that way or if we got some limited edition or something. Again factory sealed, brand new, discs play flawlessly.
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