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NBA 2K14 - Xbox 360
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$14.60+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on October 22, 2014

Good Graphics - sweat looks like sweat, skin looks like skin, the game looks like the actual game.

MyCareer - Although the voice options are limited (I don't want to sound ghetto or ghetto-er), I actually kind of enjoy the silly dialog. The game is a lot more immersive due to the random convos from players and coaches, as well as your agent.

Offense - Once you figure out the controls you can do pretty well, even with an entry level player with no VC spent. If you drop some $ on VC though it makes the game more enjoyable... which is also a CON. I am sick of paying for a game and then feeling compelled to pay more money to get the most out of said game.

Gameplay - This game succeeds at making sure you play the game as it was meant to be played. Don't try and be the only man on the court or you will fail. If you distribute the ball and play smart, you will get plenty of chances to shine and will gain the respect of your teammates. Over all this game is extremely fun, and I have a hard time putting the controller down.


Defense sucks. Normally not peoples favorite part of the game, 2k isn't helping things at all. It's hard to maintain position, and guarding even 'sucky' offensive players can be challenging. They could take me to the rack 75% of the time. The offensive players feel like they have a forcefield around them and they are covered in vegetable oil to boot. The best option is to play the lanes but don't sag off too much because they will drain the open shot. The only plus side to defense now is steals... they require some thought now and are much more rewarding.

Assists - Maybe it's just me but my shooting guard gets twice as many boards as he does assists. It's an ongoing joke that my passes actually lower my teammates shooting % because even though the pass could be right on the money, they still find a way to miss the shot. Even layups. Even open layups. But... they will then proceed to get their own rebound and jam it or lay it up. I'm just sitting there like "wtf man, my assist." I could have 12 passes leading to points and only 3 assists. It happens regularly.

Defense again - Who the heck designed the little coverage arrow thing? Transition defense sucks because it will literally tell you to guard everyone on the opposing team, depending on who is furthest away. This affects your rating because no matter who scores it was YOUR MAN and you ALLOWED INSIDE PASS and you also ALLOWED PLAYER TO SCORE. "wtf man, my ratings" Sorry it's international caps day. It's just frustrating playing the best you can in a given situation and then getting punished for it.

Illegal Screen - Anyone who played 2k14 will know what I mean when I say that Illegal Screen is the new Kicking... It gets called at least 8 times per game on 12 minute quarters.

There are plenty of cons, but don't let that fool you. The Pros outnumber the cons by a long shot, I am just too lazy to list every little thing. I would buy again.
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on January 10, 2017
It's a great game worth the price. In my opinion this is a better game than the later games, as it has that classic arcade feel with fast paced action. The shooting is much better than later games and it's a classic game that I think many would love. Along with NBA 2K11 this is probably the best 2K game ever released in my opinion, even though many always buy the new 2K every year for updated rosters (which in my opinion is a tragic waste of money). The only downside I have is that the cover of this used game I bought was slightly cracked, but that's a fairly minor grievance.
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on January 6, 2014
Receiving the package?
- The game comes in a nice regular shipping box. Once you open it, there is bubble wrap or from other reviews, something to hold it steady so nothing gets damaged. The game itself is brand new, just like if you were to open any other new game.

Playing the game?
- The game its self is really good. The game play flows thoroughly which makes it a lot of fun. It loads great in the beginning. The game modes are great. If you like to play offline, Association is pretty good. My player is always fun because you just make your my player better by playing and adding his stats. And then there is LeBron. If you like LeBron, playing his story mode is fun. If you don't like him, I still suggest playing it because its interesting
- If you like playing online, Team up is fun if you play with friends. If you don't, it is not as fun if you do not get the ball. Head-to-head is fun, you just have know how to play. And blacktop. That requires a My player. If your player is not good enough, you might not like it at first. But it is all about making your My player better.

- Everything is great depending on your likes. It does not freeze, And if you have a bad connection, It will frustrate you online. Overall, it is really good. 4-5 stars*
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on July 4, 2014
I popped in 2k14 for the first time and was immediately impressed. The soundtrack is varied and always kept my foot tapping to the beat, and the menus and rosters are updated well as expected. The graphics, while similar to 2k13, are improved along with the presentation and frame rate. Now about the gameplay. It takes a second to get used to the new controls, but once you master them you will be having a great time. Defense is MUCH IMPROVED since 2k13. In 2k13, I would set my controller down in defeat when I see KD or Lebron driving toward the basket, knowing I`d get caught in a posterizing animation. But in 2k14, I confidently attempt a block, knowing I can succeed knowing the ball through the stands if I time my block correctly. 2K outdid themselves this time.
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on October 6, 2017
We get NBA games every year when they come out. This one is great.
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on August 5, 2017
my son could not get this game to play so he ordered another one.......total bumber
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on June 10, 2015
Played for a few days and haven't felt the need to go back. Game forces you to watch the same post game interview after EVERY SINGLE game...at least a minute of completely wasted time. Let us skip past this!!!
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on February 4, 2014
I wanted to include something in the Christmas X-box and this was recommended. My grandson is a great fan and player of basketball and loves this game. There isn't a whole lot to choose from in X-box games for 13 yo boys that meets a grandmother's approval. This was the perfect gift!
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on August 27, 2017
Excellent product
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on August 21, 2017
my grandson love this game
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